25 Lb Weighted Blanket Ideas You Need This 2022

Do you have a restless sleeper? Is your bed-mate tossing and turning all night long, leaving you awake and annoyed? Does the person next to you in bed keep shifting their position so often that they never get comfortable? If so, it may be time to invest in a weighted blanket.  

A weighted blanket is a type of blanket with added weight evenly distributed throughout the fabric. The extra weight provides deep pressure touch stimulation on top of any other blankets or sheets, which helps regulate sleep patterns. 

This new trend has been shown to help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and stop nighttime restlessness such as fidgeting or tossing and turning for some people.

Our guide covers various aspects – from what weighted blankets are to what things to consider when choosing one. In addition, we have reviewed some of the best 25 lb weighted blankets to help you find a blanket that is suited for your specific circumstance. Keep reading!

What Are Weighted Blankets?

There are ordinary blankets, and we have weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are the types designed to help individuals with sleep issues get enough sleep. If you have health conditions such as dementia, autism spectrum, insomnia, or anxiety, weighted blankets can help you sleep comfortably.

Perhaps, you are wondering whether these blanket types have any other benefits? Yes, they do:

  • Weighted blankets can reduce your insomnia by addressing your uneasiness at night.
  • These blankets help manage your anxiety issues by offering a comforting physical pressure on your body.
  • If you suffer from restless legs syndrome’s symptoms, using a weighted blanket will counter the associated symptoms, guaranteeing a peaceful night’s sleep.
womans hand holding a mug on a grey blanket

The Best 25 lb. Weighted Blankets: Our Top Picks

The market for weighted blankets is full of various types and brands of weighted blankets. You will find blankets made for light sleepers, hot sleepers, blankets for couples, and others for adults and kids. With all such variations, how do you find the best weighted blanket for you?

We have sampled some of the best weighted 25 lb blankets to give you a detailed overview of what to expect once you purchase any. Our review below focuses on various categories of 25 lb weighted blankets – from best overall, best budget option, to best option for hot sleepers. Read on.

Best Overall: Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket

If breathable cotton construction is the top factor you consider when looking for a weighted blanket, the Bearaby Cotton Napper might just be the best weighted blanket for you. With its innovative design, this great blanket will give your bedroom a sense of life. 

This breathable piece differs from any other blanket you might have had in your bed – unlike most other blankets that have a traditional duvet-style design and weighted beads for the interior filling, this masterpiece comes with a layer fabric design. With this feature, you can sleep all you want since the layer neutralizes temperature and allows even weight distribution.  

The organic cotton fabric and spandex material make this blanket incredibly soft, thus guaranteeing you all the comfort you need at night. Besides, you don’t have to worry about artificial fillers or any form of synthetic beads, as this blanket doesn’t feature such elements. 

Available in eight different colors, this breathable piece gives you the chance to pick a color that matches your room’s décor.

oversized knit grey blanket


  • Strong, resilient, and thick yarns for durability
  • Allows even distribution of weight
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Allows ample airflow, preventing overheating 


  • Not much insulation during cool nights

Best Value Blanket: Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket

If you are a hot sleeper, it is challenging to find a blanket that accommodates your needs. But not anymore, the Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket is designed for people like you – hot sleepers and weighing up to 250 lb. You can finally enjoy your sleep once more with this rare exception of a weighted blanket. 

If you are eco-conscious, this is the blanket for you. Its cover is designed from a mix of bamboo rayon and organic cotton. Besides, these two materials are highly breathable, allowing you to have a peaceful night’s sleep. In addition, the blanket comes with glass beads for additional temperature neutrality. Combining these features makes the Sweet Zzz a perfect option for you if you live in warmer climates or are a hot sleeper. It comes with a cozy cover that protects it from spills- and yes- it’s machine washable.  

grey weighted blanket rolled neatly on a bed


  • It is ideal for hot sleepers
  • Best for diverse weather
  • Comfortable
  • Made from organic materials
  • Includes a cozy cover


  • You will need to buy a duvet cover separately

Best Eco-Friendly: Baloo Weighted Blanket

Imagine having a blanket that you can use during any season – hot or cold? The Baloo Weighted Blanket will afford you this convenience. Sleep effortlessly in this beautiful blanket, and allow yourself to drift away into dreamland with the piece’s glass microbeads filling padded with cotton batting. With this blanket, you no longer have to worry about sleepless nights during the warmer months. Baloo Living Weighted Blanket offers you excellent breathability to ensure you remain calm even during hot nights. 

If you are looking for a blanket for adults, this piece will be ideal. It comes in four different weights – from 12 lb to 25 lb, so if you weigh anywhere from 120 to 250 pounds, you can fit comfortably in this blanket. You will be comfortable sleeping in this blanket, as its liner and cover come with double-stitched baffles to ensure even distribution of weight across your body. 

white blanket folded with cotton plant resting on top


  • It\’s a low maintenance piece of blanket 
  • Completely machine washable
  • Ideal for adults of 120-150 pounds
  • Highly breathable
  • Temperature versatile
  • Offers decent insulation in case of a drop in outside temperature


  • Achieves a low rating for durability and fill distribution

Best Blanket for Couples: DreamCloud Serenity Sleep Weighted Blanket

Have you ever fought for a blanket with your spouse because it was too small to fit both of you? The situation is even serious where one or both of you have anxiety or sleeping issues. However, with the DreamCloud Serenity Sleep Weighted blanket, you don’t have to worry about such fights anymore. The large option measures 80 inches by 87 inches, ensuring that it covers you and your spouse fully. 

This blanket features a reversible cover with a smooth jersey on one side and a cozy Minky material. Additionally, this piece is infused with phase change material for enhanced cooling anytime you need it. If you weigh between 120 and 280 pounds, you can attest to how challenging finding your perfect fit of a weighted blanket is. DreamCloud serenity sleep weighted blanket solves this challenge as the large option is available in weights of 20 and 25 pounds. 

grey blanket draped over modern chair


  • Comfortable 
  • Allows exceptional cooling
  • Made from a combination of smooth and cozy materials
  • Includes a machine-washable cover
  • Ideal for couples


  • Not the best option for children

Softest Option: Layla Weighted Blanket with a Fleecy Top Layer

Imagine the soothing feeling of sleeping under a soft and comfortable blanket, but without having to worry about an expensive price tag? Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing night’s sleep with the Layla Weighted Blanket. 

Just a light touch on this piece, and you will know what a soft-weighted blanket it is. Comprising micro glass beads with polyester batting padding, you can be assured that your body will be cushioned well the entire night. The added battling boosts the blanket’s insulation abilities ensuring that the blanket is noise-free even as the beads shift from one end to the other. 

The 25 pound Layla blanket will be ideal for your large bed frame because it measures 80 by 87 inches so, you won’t worry that the blanket doesn’t cover you fully. This is a low-maintenance weighted blanket because it is machine-washable and can even be dried using your ordinary household machine. 

grey and black reversible blanket folded neatly


  • Machine-washable
  • Comfortable
  • Relatively affordable
  • High insulation abilities
  • Includes polyester batting padding for comfort


  • The 25 lb option is too large for kids

Best for Hot Sleepers: Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket

On the hunt for a chic and comfortable blanket ideal for hot sleepers? Look no further than the Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket. Designed from premium fabric, this piece will give you a comfortable night’s sleep because it comes with excellent temperature control features. So, whether you live in hot climate areas or you are naturally a hot sleeper, this blanket will help you stay comfortable and cool the entire night. 

You’ll love sleeping in this two-times stitched blanket, which is excellent for durability, too. This great weighted blanket is soft, and light thereby guarantees a quality night’s sleep. In addition, the included glass beads enhance even distribution of weight across your body at night so that you can calm and relax. 

Worried about taking care of this fantastic piece? The blanket is machine washable. If you want to use the blanket a bit longer, you should opt for handwashing and air drying.

grey blanket folded neatly


  • Temperature control
  • Durable fabric
  • Machine washable 
  • Two times stitching for longevity


  • Some customers complained that the blanket was small and barely covered the bed.

Best Weighted Blanket for Light Sleepers: Rocabi Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket

Are you the type that wakes up at the smallest sound? We get you – it can be challenging to get enough sleep. However, Rocabi Luxury Adult Weighted Blanket offers you a lasting solution. This piece is designed for light sleeper individuals like you. 

If cuddling is your way of finding sleep, you will have a great experience with this option. The blanket mimics a natural hug, thus promoting a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. Designed from the Minky material, this weighted blanket includes a velvety soft cover for extra softness and comfort. 

Rocabi Luxury Adult Blanket features heavy glass beads for exceptional and even weight distribution. Its inner side includes a weighted quilt designed from 100 percent organic and cool cotton. Besides, the blanket is made from 100% cotton, making the blanket highly breathable and comfortable.

large grey blanket with zipper folded


  • Includes a plush removable cover
  • Top-quality and durable 
  • Best for light sleepers
  • Made from 100% organic material
  • Comfortable  


  • Some customers complained that the glass beads do not stay in their pockets.

Best Budget Weighted Blanket: YnM Weighted Blanket

You want a blanket that can address your sleep issues. But, there is a problem, most weighted blankets come with a high price tag. So, where do you find a blanket that is pocket-friendly? Look no further than the YnM Weighted Blanket. This seven-layered blanket has garnered over 35,000 reviews, and it is for good reasons. 

With the seven-layer design, you won’t have to worry about your comfort anymore. This design includes 100% Okeo-Tex certified cotton for additional coziness all night. Enjoy a night of peaceful sleep with this Bamboo blanket with the ability to control temperature. If you are a hot sleeper, it is recommended to have your AC on. 

folded grey blanket


  • Seven-layer design
  • Affordable
  • Made from 100% Okeo-Tex certified cotton
  • Temperature control feature
  • Cozy 


  • Will require AC on for hot sleepers

Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Weighted Blanket

How Big Should the Weighted Blanket Be?

Weighted blankets are meant to calm your entire body by offering a hugging feeling. Thus, size is an essential factor to consider when buying a weighted blanket. The right blanket for you should offer your body full coverage. 

For the majority of people, that implies going for the twin-size blanket. However, if you are buying a blanket for your children, you should opt for kids’ weighted blankets, as these are always smaller in size.

Notably, weighted blankets have beads for easy weight distribution. So, the best blanket should not be hanging on your bed’s sides as this will make the blanket slide off to the floor at night.  If still, you are not sure what size to consider, look at your mattress. A twin-size weighted blanket would be ideal for a full or queen-size bed. On the other hand, a full/queen weighted blanket would be effective for a king-size mattress.

Availability of a Removable Cover

If you are excited to have a blanket that helps you sleep much faster by relaxing your body, you can easily forget to consider some small yet essential elements. For instance, how will you be washing the blanket? We got you there; probably that hadn’t crossed your mind just yet!

It is easy to clean weighted blankets below 10 pounds. However, anything above 10 pounds is a whole nightmare to clean. It is recommendable to engage a commercial washer and dryer. 

Better yet, a removable cover will go a long way into easing your blanket’s maintenance needs. The cover will protect your blanket from pet fur, stains, and other dirt, ensuring that you don’t have to wash the blanket more often. So, for the coolest option, consider a removable cotton cover. However, opt for the Minky material if you are on the hunt for something warm and cozy.

couple snuggling on couch under beige blanket

Hot or Light Sleeper

Whether you are a hot or light sleeper influences your choice of a weighted blanket. For instance, if you are a hot sleeper, you should opt for a weighted blanket that addresses your specific concerns. 

The majority of weighted blankets feature natural fibers like wool and cotton to assist you in getting a more relaxed sleep. Similarly, if you are a light sleeper, you want a blanket made from a comfy material that ensures you don\’t wake up often at every sound. So, yes, how you sleep will influence your choice of a weighted blanket. 

Plastic Pellets vs. Glass Beads

When choosing a weighted blanket, consider whether you want one that includes glass beads or plastic pellets for even weight distribution. Whereas such elements are ideal for optimal and even weight distribution, they differ in size and functionality. 

You will find glass beads to be the size of sand grains and are pretty heavy compared to plastic pellets. Additionally, glass beads will only use the relatively small space of your blanket because of their small size. Plastic pellets, on the other hand, are bigger, hence will make your blanket quite bulky. Other blankets use polyester fiberfill in place of plastic pellets or glass beads. 

Comfort Level

The 25 lb weighted blankets differ significantly in terms of comfort level. When looking for a 25-pound weighted blanket, you want something that will guarantee you a peaceful night’s sleep without compromising your comfort. The comfort level of the blanket is an important aspect you should consider when purchasing a weighted blanket. Therefore, focus on the material used to make the blanket, the interior components, beads pattern, and the availability of a duvet cover.  

woman sleeping peacefully under blue blanket

Weight of the Blanket

Having a weighted blanket in your bed can help you relax, calm, and get to sleep much faster. But your choice of the blanket’s weight can ruin everything. So, it is advisable to choose a weight that’s right for you. 

The majority of weighted blankets are 10, 15, 20, and 25 pounds in weight. You can as well get lighter options ideal for kids. Often, the recommended weight for your weighted blanket should be 10 percent of your overall body weight.


Getting quality sleep is recommended for a healthy life. If you don’t sleep well at night due to a medical condition such as anxiety or insomnia, it is high time you got yourself the right weighted blanket. The best weighted blanket for you should be soft, comfortable, and address the specific issue causing you sleepless nights. 

This guide discussed what weighted blankets are, their benefits, and how to choose the best weighted blanket for your bedroom. We also reviewed several brands of weighted blankets with the restriction on 25-pound categories. 

We are hopeful that our review will help you find a blanket that will help you sleep much faster and restfully. So, what type of weighted blanket under the 25 lb category did we find best? Our top pick was the Bearaby Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket. Besides being breathable, this piece comes in an innovative design and includes a layer fabric design. This blanket is incredibly soft and is available in eight different colors.

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