30 lb Weighted Blanket Ideas For Restful Sleep [2022]

Weighted blankets are a specialized mental health tool that has become hugely popular over the last few years. These heavy blankets are said to promote a feeling of calm and help you get to sleep quickly and easily every night, so you feel well-rested the next day. Sometimes it may happen that you and your partner would both benefit from a weighted blanket, so you will have to invest in a special, heavier blanket to accommodate you both. That means you will need to buy one of larger dimensions to suit a king or queen bed and ensure that it is of an adequate weight so that you will both feel the effects. A 30lb is the heaviest weighted blanket you can get, and this is the perfect choice to share as a couple. This weight is also suitable for people that weigh between 300-350lb.

When looking at blankets of this size, it’s almost essential for them to be made from a specialized 7 layer design that improves durability and comfort. It features double covers and double-layer microfiber fill, which makes the blanket comfortable, and it is then weighed down by either plastic poly pellets or small glass beads, so you get the best of both worlds.

What Makes a Good Weighted Blanket?

There are a few elements to take into consideration when buying a weighted blanket. First, you need to consider the weight, which should generally be calculated as 10% of your body weight, unless you are sharing. Then you want this weight to be distributed well, so you get good coverage and equal pressure across your body. Many weighted blankets sport a quilted design that creates little pockets for the beads to be housed. This ensures that the weight is spread evenly, and the beads won’t be escaping any time soon.

Once you’ve got those two factors down, the most important element to focus on is comfort. Whether it’s simply good quality cotton or reversible designs with two different fabrics, you need to decide which suits you the best and makes you feel the most comfortable. Lastly, you should take into consideration your blanket’s appearance. Yes, this is purely aesthetic, but if you are using this blanket as a duvet or on your couch, it’s nice to have something that fits in with your decor and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Luckily there are many options available that not only work but look good into the bargain.

A weighted blanket needs to be comfortable and efficient at the end of the day, so these are the most important things to keep in mind as you shop.

woman sleeping peacefully in bed with taupe bedding

The Health Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

The benefits of weighted blankets aren’t just an old wives’ tale. They have been scientifically proven to treat several mental illnesses through a process called deep tissue stimulation. Basically, this works on the same principle as a hug or baby swaddle, where the pressure causes a soothing effect and helps you get to sleep. This stimulation causes a chemical change in your body that has several effects. It allows you to get to sleep faster by stimulating your body to produce more melatonin. It also raises your serotonin levels which improves your mood and decreases your cortisol levels is the hormone responsible for stress. Due to this effect on your hormones, weighted blankets were created, with the aid of scientific research, to help treat several conditions, including anxiety, depression, autism, insomnia, and ADHD, just to name a few.

How to Clean a Weighted Blanket

On a day-to-day basis, you can spot clean your weighted blanket with a gentle stain remover or mild detergent to prolong the time between your washes. Some blankets are hand washed and air dry only, while others you can take to the dry cleaner for a deep clean.

Luckily, the 7 layer design that all these 30lb blankets boast means you can wash it safely in the washing machine without damaging your machine or your blanket due to the way the weight is distributed. However, it should always be washed cold in a gentle setting.

To be completely sure, you should always consult your blanket’s tag before cleaning in case it has any special instructions.

To assess these blankets today, we are going to be looking at their size, appearance, fabric feel, and how well they work for two people.

Now, without further ado, let’s have a look at these 30lb blankets.

Best 30 lb Weighted Blanket: Top Picks

Exclusivo Mezcla King Size Weighted Blanket

neatly folded grey blanket

We’ll start on the more affordable side with this Exclusivo Mezcla weighted blanket. This blanket has a pretty simple design that does the job without any bells and whistles.

The simple blanket is weighted down with premium glass beads housed within a subtle quilted style for even coverage. You can choose from one of four colors; light grey, dark grey, navy, black, and white, so you can pick which color matches your style. As we spoke about before, this blanket has an innovative 7 layer design that means that it is super durable and able to withstand weight over time. Since this blanket is 80×87″, it is ideal for two people to snuggle up under in comfort.

This blanket should be hand washed or in a machine on a gentle, cold wash.


  • Affordable


  • Simple design
  • Limited color options

ROKDUK King Weighted Blanket

grey and burgundy reversible blanket rolled up neatly

Next, we have the ROKDUK reversible weighted blanket, which stands out with its two-toned design. This US-designed product comes in 8 two-toned color combinations, making it far easier to match your weighted blanket to your bedroom decor.

This option measures 86 x92″ and is perfect for two people. This option was designed with temperature control in mind, so you will be able to sleep in absolute comfort even when you are sharing with someone else. The fabric has a soft, brushed texture, so it will be comfortable on the skin as well as be cooling to prevent you from overheating. This option is a good balance between fabric texture and temperature control.


  • 8 two-toned color choices
  • Temperature controlled


  • Same fabric on both sides

Joybeast King Sized Weighted Blanket

blue quilted banket draped over sitting chair

This Joybeast weighted blanket is a super comfortable choice with a 100% cotton cover and a polyester fill. The cotton is made in a 100% Oeko-tex certified factory and is breathable and snug. The cotton adds an extra level of comfort to this blanket that will feel really nice against your skin.

This measures 80×87″ and comes in 9 different color options to suit any home. It is weighted down with glass beads that are guaranteed not to leak due to their state if the art professional screwing technique used when it was manufactured. The 7 layer design of this blanket provides you with a warm yet breathable blanket that will absorb sweat and keep you comfortable throughout the night.


  • 9 color options
  • 100% cotton cover


  • Simple design

Angelhood Weighted Blanket

navy blue textured blanket draped over sitting chair

At a bit of a higher price tag, this Angelhood weighted blanket is a luxurious choice with an indulgent reversible design with two comfortable fabric options.

The blanket is made from Oeko-tex certified material that has a microfiber Minky on one side and a 3D sewn dotted fabric on the other that feels incredibly cozy. Measuring 88×104″, this is the biggest blanket of the lot, so you do get more surface area and two different finishes for the increased price. It comes in grey, pink, blue, and a blue and grey combo, so the colors are limited yet versatile. The reversible design is weighed down with premium glass beads that are distributed in a quilting system of 4.7×4.7″ squares which means the weight is distributed well across the surface.


  • Reversible
  • Largest blanket


  • Can get hot
  • Limited color choices

Nightly Good Dream Bamboo Weighted Blanket

woman sleeping peacefully under blue box stitch blanket

If you like to shop sustainably, then this Nightly Good Dream weighted blanket is a great choice for you because it is made out of bamboo. The fabric is beautiful, shiny, and soft to the touch, so you can be eco-friendly in style!

This bamboo option has an elegantly quilted design in sleek diamonds that add to its appearance while spreading the weight efficiently. It measures 86×92″, so it is a similar size to the other blankets for a higher price tag which is worth thinking about. It comes in two different colors, grey and light blue, so the options are neutral, but there are not many choices to pick from.

Sustainability does come at a price, however, as this blanket sells for a considerable price. This blanket may be attractive and feel great, but this is a huge jump in price for a blanket. At the end of the day, you will have to decide if the eco-friendly factor is worth the extra investment when compared to the other choices we have put before you today.


  • Eco-friendly fabric


  • Only 2 color choices
  • Expensive

Best for Couples

The option that I recommend specifically for couples is the Joybeast King Sized Weighted Blanket. This blanket is decently large and, most importantly, breathable! When you are sharing a blanket like this, breathability is very important. This fabric has specifically been designed to make sure that this is the case. This is also a good blanket for warmer climates as it doesn’t have the fluffy side that can get a little too hot.

Best Value for Budget

The best option for a budget on this list is the Exclusivo Mezcla King Size Weighted Blanket. This blanket is very simple in design with no fluffy side or reversible feature, but it will do the job just fine. The design and color options are subtle and will fit in with any interior without interrupting your decor. Just because you are on a budget doesn\’t mean you have to go without the comfort of a weighted blanket, and this one proves that.


A weighted blanket is a great addition to your sleep routine if you suffer from any mental health issues or just struggle to get a good night’s rest. These blankets will wrap you in a soft cocoon while, almost literally, pushing the bad feelings and anxieties from your body.

Overall the Angelhood weighted blanket maybe a little more pricey, but it is ultimately my recommendation for a number of reasons. The extra cash provides you with a larger blanket, so sharing will be more comfortable, and you get a little more bang for your buck. It also has a really luxurious feel with two premium-feeling fabrics on each side that are soft and so comforting when you’re cuddled up underneath it. This extra fluff factor means that this blanket is also ideal for colder climates, so it can keep you calm and warm all night long.

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