Jacob Rollings

Jacob is a pillow and bedding enthusiast who loves experimenting with new pillows and mattresses to help our readers make informed decisions. He possesses broad knowledge of quality bedding including comforters, bedsheets, mattresses, pillows, etc. Jacob experiments and tests new bedding accessories with meticulously researched and detailed, unbiased reviews to ensure that consumers get the most out of their investment. Having tested a variety of bedding items from mattress toppers, unique pillow fillings to comforters and more, Jacob’s know-how of the bedding industry runs deep and continues to expand.

Big Luxury Bedroom

What Pillows Does Hilton Use?

If you have ever stayed at any properties under the Hilton umbrella, you’re likely no stranger to knowing just how comfortable their pillows and mattresses are. Known for its hospitality and welcoming atmosphere, Hilton does not compromise in providing its guest with the cozy sleeping experience and tranquility each time. Their cozy, plush and silky

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Modern Bedroom with Cozy Bedding

What Pillows Does Hyatt Use?

Known for its unique and luxurious amenities, the Hyatt pays special attention to comfort and relaxation for its guests. We’ve tested nearly all of the best hotel pillows on the market and Hyatt’s cuts no corners.  Their hospitality is worth the applause but what really stands out is the warmth and welcoming ambiance that provides

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Man Sleeping on Cooling Pillow

Do Cooling Pillows Work?

Many people find it difficult to sleep properly when they feel too hot in bed. Experts maintain that the human body’s temperature must drop by a degree in order to sleep peacefully, and unless this happens, our body finds it hard to drift off to sleep. Studies have shown that keeping your head cool through

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