Kristina Vaughn

Kristina is an expert on effective and out-of-the-box cleaning methods that make life easier and less messy. She extensively researches on innovative new cleaning strategies that could save time and energy, especially when you have a tight schedule. Kristina reviews new products in the market and determines whether they are worth the money to make the shopping and cleaning experience completely worth it. Whether it is cleaning non-washable materials, getting rid of bed bugs, and making your bedding insect-proof, Kristina has just the concoction for you.

Washing Body Pillows in a Washing Machine

How to Wash a Body Pillow – Dakimakura Cleaning Guide

Washing your body pillow the right way, without damaging it, might sound like a strenuous task. With all those indecipherable symbols on your pillow’s care label making you anxious, you might find it impossible to fully follow those instructions. However, you just can’t keep hugging an unclean and unhygienic pillow to sleep everyday; especially when

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