Kristina Vaughn
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There is nothing that Kristina loves more than a fresh smelling, minty clean pillow. Her intricate knowledge of penny pinchin’ cleaning and decluttering tips make life a lot easier when you have got a grueling schedule. Kristina specializes in tricks to tackle those tough wine spills, long lasting pungent odors, mildew and bacteria growth, invasion of bed bugs, and all those other troubles that destroy your precious bedding. Her inexpensive cleaning strategies for luxury bedding and tips on using just the right products make up her extensive knowledge of organizing and frugal living.

Kristina’s interests lie in proper, fool-proof bedding care that extends its life and saves money in the long run. She has just the remedies for pesky bed bugs, sanitizing non-washable bedding, and keeping your expensive pillows and mattresses stink free. She enjoys educating people on the easiest home-solutions for the toughest bedding troubles.

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