Dr. Luke Sandoval
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Dr. Luke Sandoval is an esteemed researcher and specialist on the various levels and forms of sleep disorders. His vast knowledge of the psychological workings of the human mind and body as a result of sleep deprivation have garnered much praise from the academic and medical community. Dr. Sandoval has made numerous intellectual contributions in the realm of social, behavioral, and environmental causes of sleep disorders. As a distinguished scholar, he extensively researches on metabolic, cardiovascular, and other performance related consequences of sleep deprivation which have earned him praises.

Many of Dr. Sandoval’s interests include studying sleep apnea, anxiety induced restlessness, insomnia, narcolepsy, sleeping with physical injury, etc., and he dedicates his time in finding real-world solutions for these problems depending on the unique requirements of each patient. The everyday busy schedules, poor lifestyle choices, unhealthy nutrition, and lack of exercise all contribute to sleep deprivation and Dr. Sandoval’s goal is to educate on the importance of a balanced lifestyle to fix sleep disorders.

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