4 Best 10 Lb Weighted Blanket Ideas For Extra Relaxation [2022]

Do you have a child with anxiety, sensory processing disorder, or autism spectrum condition? If so, then the best thing they could ever use to help them relax is a weighted blanket. 

Weighted blankets come in many different weights for those who need them most- including 10 pounds! 10 lb blankets are best suited for kids between 11- 13, weighing between 70- 100 pounds.

 Are you looking for a great product that will help take care of your little tike’s sleep? We have compiled our favorite products here so that you don’t need any guesswork when choosing what’s best suited just for your little one.

The best 10-pound weighted blankets are the ones that can withstand your 12-year-old’s emotional breakdowns. These 12 products from Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart have been carefully evaluated for their effectiveness, durability as well as versatility.

4 Best 10lb Weighted Blankets on Amazon

Ourea Weighted Blanket for Kids

woman sleeping peacefully under grey weighted blanket 1

Wish you could wrap your little ones up in a hug 24 hours a day? Well, now you can with an Ourea weighted blanket for kids. All kids go through periods of stress, so it’s important to try and give them the comfort they need at any time of day or night. 

The Ourea weighted blanket for kids is just the right way to let your little one drift off into peaceful sleep. Filled with glass beads, it’s safer than other options on the market.

And besides providing all-night comfort, the Ourea will also help reduce wake-ups throughout the night. Keep your little one calm with this beautiful design of colors like light grey or sapling green, whichever color suits their personality best.

Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Kids

neatly folded pink blanket

You know that feeling when you just need to have someone next to you, but no one is around? Whether it’s preschoolers who want their mommies or grownups just looking for comfort with the job finally over, the most important relationships in life start with a snuggle. 

Well, let’s introduce the Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Kids – a top-notch bedding aid for kids of all ages.

With 100% natural cotton and non-toxic glass beads (that will never leak), bright colors available (blue, grey, pink, or green), plus reinforced stitching and more filling than other brands on the market, it’s really hard not to love this product. 

The weighting helps mimic a sense of being held while still allowing movement while also acting as a natural stress-reliever while sleeping or for sensory therapies. Weighing 10lbs at 40″ wide x 60″ long, it makes the perfect gift idea for family members young and old alike. 

Cleaning has never been easier as this weighted blanket comes with corner ties that help you attach it to your duvet cover. You can choose to either machine wash or hand wash

Made of super soft material, this long-lasting, heavy quilt for children will make going to sleep a breeze!

Roore 10 lb Weighted Blanket for Kids

close up of child reading book with weighted blanket over lap

We all know that when she’s feeling overwhelmed, just one hug can calm her down. Now you can give her the cuddles whenever she needs it with a 10lb Weighted Blanket made for kids! 

The blanket is available in 4 colors; blue, red, pink, or teal, so no matter what her favorite color is, you will find the perfect option. 

The big 41 x 60-inch size is perfect for a growing child and can fit kids from 80 to 125 lb making this a must-have addition to your home.

It features hypo-allergenic, odorless, and non-toxic heavy glass beads, which are compartmentalized to ensure the weight is evenly distributed.  You don’t have to worry about slipping because concealed zippers and ties hold the blanket in the cover securely.

Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Kids

young child sitting up smiling with blue blanket wrapped around him

There are all sorts of benefits to weight blankets for adults, but this weighted blanket is designed specifically with kids in mind.

 Made from premium durable materials, the Dual-sided fabric will keep you warm and cozy throughout the year. It has an unrivaled design that disperses weight evenly across your body. 

This Bedsure Weighted Blanket for Kid is filled with micro-beads, so it’s comfy enough for any sleep position – no matter how uncomfortable your mattress may be. This weighted blanket will have you sleeping soundly within minutes of getting in bed, without having to rearrange yourself every few minutes/hours. 

This isn’t just a plush cover for warmth either – you can rest assured that it’ll last longer than many other products because of its quality build. It comes with a cover, so you don’t need to wash it now and then which extends its lifespan.

4 Best 10lb Weighted Blankets on Wayfair

Bell + Howell Pleasure Pedic Glass Bead Weighted Blanket

woman sleeping peacefully under dark grey weighted blanket

It’s one of the best weighted blankets on the market. So what are you waiting for? There’s never been a better time to pick up a Bell+Howell Pleasure Pedic Glass Bead Weighted Blanket today. This smartly designed blanket will allow you to feel safe and free from any mental or physical pressure that once came about due to your anxiety. 

Even if it’s just too hot inside, this dense, robustly made bedding product will be sure to have an effect on your body temperature. 

We dare not omit its advantages over other products: endurance and durability- you can rest assured of those qualities since it features dense stitching. 

With a material that is easy to clean and reverses, this weighted anti-gravity blanket has everything you could possibly need (or want!) This sleek fabric will promote ultimate relaxation every time, whether you’re feeling stressed or not. You deserve nothing less than an incredible sleep experience.

Kathy Ireland Weighted Blanket

child sleeping peacefully under grey weighted blanket

The enchantment of getting a hug whenever you need it.  Take that retreat feeling everywhere you go with this weighted blanket. We all know the joys of those snuggles, and now we can bring them with us anytime, anywhere right in our laps, as if they were never gone in the first place.

 The Kathy Ireland Weighted Blanket is perfect for achieving calmness when someone experiences anxiety or panic attack or other related disorder like Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 

Such disorders are harsh realities to live with, but therapeutic touch has proven beneficial when used correctly. 

The Kathy Ireland Weighted Blanket is available in charcoal grey and silver to suit any décor; we’re not sure what’s better, but we are confident of how it feels and how trendy it looks.

With square cells that ensure an even distribution of the weight on the blanket, this blanket’s stitching makes it leak-proof. The glass beads are odorless, non-toxic, and they’ll provide gentle pressure around the body like getting a bear hug.

Wyona Calming Sleep Soother Weighted Blanket

2 neatly folded grey blankets

When we look for a good night’s sleep, we want to feel safe and snug, so naturally, we go for something that won’t let us down. That’s why it is important not only to choose the right mattress but also the right blanket.

I challenge you to find one more perfect than this beautiful Wyona Calming Sleep Soother Weighted Blanket. The best part? Unlike most of the other blankets on the market, this weighted blankie is machine-washable.

Not forgetting taste (we wouldn’t dream of it), this awesome blanket comes in four awesome eye-catching colors: blue, grey, lavender, and navy. 

This nifty little device features beads for the perfect weight inside the blanked added concealed zip corners so it won’t come loose while you slump or toss around in slumber. 

It also includes a removable cover for both kids and adults with fun dotted patterns included on the fabric.

Weighted Amedee Premium Anti Anxiety Cotton Blanket

neatly folded pink and grey reversible blanket

It’s time to say goodbye to those overwhelming, restless nights. That’s right, folks, your good sleep days are finally here.

Introducing the Weighted Amedee Premium Cotton Blanket – an anti-anxiety blanket with our magically weighted beads that will soothe and calm you as you drift off into a blissful night of sleep. 

The premium stitching and new colors mean you need to upgrade your mattress companion just in time for colder months coming. The micro-glass bead fillings will keep you nice and snuggly all year round with their subtle yet rhythmic pressure on your body that projects peace and helps relieve stress (promotes better sleep). 

4 Best 10lb Weighted Blankets on Walmart

NEX Charcoal Weighted Blanket

woman sleeping peacefully in couch under grey weighted blanket

The weighted blanket that’ll give you a hug from under the covers as you try to asphyxiate your significant other with your massive arms, the NEX Weighted Blanket, is made for those of us who need them at night. 

Forget about all those heavy pillows and bedding because this ten-pounder comes equipped with hypo-allergenic beads evenly distributed to keep any uneven weight distribution a thing of the past. 

Keep your back healthy by maintaining good pressure on it through deep touch pressure stimulation and keeping it flexible while you sleep. Whether at home or on vacation, just don’t forget that duvet cover; good luck washing something so big without toppling off a ladder.

Gymax 10 lbs Cooling Weighted Blanket

woman sitting up in bed smiling under pink weighted blanket

Does your partner kick off the blanket at night? We get it. Lucky you, though, we’re here to help. Give them this amazing and unique kind of weighted blanket and watch as they suddenly feel like a baby, bundled up in their bed and comfy all night long.

Sleep is the time for rest and growth. The weight of a heavy blanket can significantly impact sleep quality, making it difficult to relax and achieve REM cycles. 

To prevent sleeplessness due to weight, this Gymax 10 lbs Cooling Weighted Blanket allows you to reach an even state of tranquility without any unwanted noises from shifting blankets. 

Beads are strategically sewn into individual pockets so that they don’t rattle or rub together during movement or activity at night, ensuring uninterrupted sound sleep all year round, through summer’s heatwaves, winter’s nights with freezing temperatures; or any season in between. 

You can easily add your favorite duvet cover over this cool cotton, breathable cotton fabric, which settles nicely against your skin.

Mindful Design Adult and Kids Luxury Weighted Blanket

infographic of blue weighted blanket materials and construction

It’s not a secret that blankets can make you feel great, but now it’s time to level up. “Mindful Design” makes your sleep experience more restorative with this polyfill weighted blanket. 

Soothing your sleep with a weighted blanket is just one of the many benefits. Compared to heated ones, this one has a lightweight design, so you can enjoy scooting in bed without worrying about any side effects from being too warm. 

Serenity in the form of this soft and comforting response to stress, anxiety, and other conditions offers a place to relax when nothing else does.

Each purchase comes with this smooth poly pique cover that wipes off easily when cleaning up makes for convenience after time spent resting or reading beneath its calming embrace.

Now or Never Soft Weighted Blanket for Adults & Kids

woman sleeping peacefully on side under grey weighted blanket

If you’re the person that’s never comfortable, this weighted blanket might be a godsend. It comes with a comfy cotton feel and can provide calming benefits on the most stressful days. Don’t let anxiety keep you up at night when there’s an easy solution to your sleeplessness.

Cozy up and relax with this classic blanket — we don’t wait for “someday” to buy the things we really want. Now or Never Soft Weighted Blanket is as good as your favorite friend who can never leave you alone.

Comfort that’s also functional; it feels like floating on a fluffy cloud for hours at a time. Bring out those old camp vibes and be wrapped in nature’s best all year round.

How to Choose the Best 10 lb Weighted Blanket

Choose Between Glass Beads vs. Plastic Pellet Fillers

If you’re looking for a weighted blanket, there are two options to choose from: glass beads and plastic pellets. When choosing between glass beads and plastic pellets, think about the size difference. 

Glass-based fillers tend to be smaller than their counterparts, so they take up less space when packed into the finished product making it thinner. So, if you want a thin blanket made with less material, then choose those little beautiful glowing pieces of heaven (and don’t worry, they’re safe). 

But if your goal was something more bulky-looking, choose the plastic fillers instead since they fill up way more space in each square inch.

Fully Sewn vs. Removable (Washable) Cover

Weighted blankets can either be fully sewn or come with a removable duvet cover. A fully sewn means the cover is not removable and you’ll probably have to wash the blanket when it gets dirty. So here, you need to check the washing requirements, and whether it’s machine washable.

The one that comes with a removable cover means easier maintenance. You’ll only need to take out the cover and wash it rather than your heavy-weight blanket. The best thing? You can get as many covers as you want so you can conveniently change your room’s appearance or match your decor.

Which Size is Best For You?

infographic of bed and blanket sizes and dimensions

Weighted blankets come in different sizes, depending on your intended use. These include;

  • Throw Blanket

For one person, the weighted throw blanket is perfect for cuddling up on the couch. It’s great when watching your favorite show or just lounging around in general.

  • Twin Size 

Twin size weighted blankets are designed to feel like your favorite sleep companion, with the added benefits of warmth and support. They’re perfect for children in a twin-size bed, and they measure about 38″ x 72″.

  • Full Size

Full-size weighted blankets measure 50″ x 72″. If you prefer the extra warmth of an oversized blanket, this one will be perfect for your twin bedding set.

  • Queen Size

A queen size weighted blanket measuring about 60” x 80” will be perfect for your queen-sized bed, providing you with just the right amount of pressure and warmth to help ease away any stress while turning in early each night.

  • King Size

The king-size bed is a large, luxurious, and comfy place to sleep in, and it’s certainly designed to comfortably fit two. A weighted blanket measuring 88″ x 104″ will make it perfect for any couple looking to snuggle up in their own little world.

  • Child Size

The perfect child-size weighted blanket will fit the needs of your little ones. The young child should use a five-pound weight regardless of whether they are sleeping in an adult-sized bed or their own.

Price vs. Construction

The decision of whether to buy a weighted blanket can be challenging. Not only should you consider what’s affordable and practical, but also construction quality as well.

The higher-priced blankets offer more comfort and better support because they have individual layers with different weights in each square inch to provide an extra layer against your skin as you sleep but not too much pressure, so it feels like there’s nothing on top at all.

Of course, there are affordable options out there, but you can’t compare their effectiveness and durability with the higher-priced ones.

It’s up to you to consider whether to prioritize price over quality or vice versa. The best way out? Try to balance them both.


A 10 lb weighted blanket is the perfect way to help your child sleep through the night. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the best weight blanket for kids and adults alike and that it has given you some ideas about which one will work best in your home.

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