8 Best 1200 Thread Count Sheets [2022]

A person’s bed is one of the most personal places they will spend time, and it should be treated with care. A good quality bedding set is necessary for any bedroom, including sheets like 1200 thread count sheets. These are luxurious enough to make people feel like royalty while also being affordable enough that anyone can buy them. 

They’re made from long-staple cotton fibers that are spun into yarns then woven together to produce an even fabric surface that feels soft. The weave on these sheets reduces pilling, shrinking, and wrinkling by evenly distributing tension on the fabric surface so there aren’t any weak spots where threads could break or wear out prematurely. 

This blog post has reviewed some of the best 1200 thread count sheets according to durability, cost, and functionality.

Best 1200 Thread Count Sheets: Our Top Picks

5-Star Hotel Quality 1200 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets 

Experience these luxurious,5-star hotel-quality 1200 thread count sheets tonight and say goodbye to all your other everyday sheets. These sheets were made for a high-quality sleep night after night with great color choices and a superior 1200 thread count construction. Let them stake their claim in your bedroom and change the look of your entire space with just one simple purchase.

Rescue yourself from ordinary cotton percale or polyester blends when you can have luxury at an affordable price instead. Take note of the easy-care properties that provide liveliness, so it doesn’t fade out, wrinkled corners to keep it looking crisp, the wrinkle-resistant design that keeps things neat.

Revel the new softness of these linen blend fabrics for unmatched comfortability. With 100% natural Supima cotton yarns and exceptional customer satisfaction guaranteed – it’s easy to see why so many people love them.

White Cotton Sheets folded neatly with packaging behind it that reads "Threadmill Home Linen"


  • They are silky and soft
  • They are durable
  • They match easily with other bedroom decors


  • Some customers have complained that the sheets are scratchy

Comfort Linens 1200 Thread Count & Deep Pocket King Size Sheet 

Take this brand-new set of sheets home and sleep on the absolute softest, most luxurious fabric imaginable. Dare to be different with those crazy king-size bed sheets in your room. These Comfort Linens 1200 Thread Count sheets are made from 100% best-quality fabric woven using impeccable strands, which are traded by only the best Egyptian cotton fields globally. 

With an elastic fitted sheet for a comfortable fit on today’s 18″ mattresses, you’ll never have to worry about constantly tucking your comforter halfway around it or dealing with stretched-out corners. 

Plus, these durable flat sheets will last wash after wash without sagging at the bottom like cheaper brands tend to do. Soft as can be and ultra-breathable, these centuries-old nightwear essentials are perfect for a memorable sleep time.

Remember, this is a king set which includes one flat sheet 110 inches wide by 102 inches long and one fitted sheet 78-inch wide by 80-inches long, as well as two pillowcases, each measuring 20-inch wide x 40 inches long. Machine washable, but it\’s not advised that you iron these high-quality, Comfort Linens 1200 Thread Count sheets.

close up of stitching on taupe brown sheets


  • They are soft
  • They are breathable
  • They are easy to clean


  • They are expensive

BLUE NILE MILLS Egyptian Premium Cotton Deep Pocket Sheets

Give your bedroom a royal linen upgrade with this BLUENILEMILLS 4-piece 1200 thread count sheets made of long-fiber Egyptian cotton for a luxurious feel and beautiful drape. Impress them on Christmas morning with romantic colors, love letters printed on fresh sheets, or even plaids that offer your partner some guilty pleasure. 

Tailored from premium materials to exceed quality standards, these durable pieces are as breathable as they are soft. Get the perfect fit by opting for deep pockets or twin sets.

They won’t shrink either, so you can dry on low heat after laundering for the best results. Single-Ply means that there is only one strand of yarn per thread for maximum durability, elasticity, strength, and quality. Enjoy your new set while these come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

light blue sheets folded neatly and stacked with pillows


  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They are breathable
  • They are long-lasting


  • Some customers have complained that its material is heavy

Egyptian Bedding 1200-Thread-Count Queen Sheets

Do you love luxury? The best of the best? Well, look no further. This Egyptian cotton set is stunning and the softest we’ve ever felt. These pieces come with a fitted sheet and two pillowcases that will leave your bed looking crisp and comfy year after year. 

Elastic all around the fitted sheet set gives it a snug fit on any mattress up to 14-inch deep so you can enjoy effortlessly wrinkle-free style night after night. We know what you’re thinking: how much is this fancy king-size sheet set going to cost me? Don’t worry, because we don’t want anyone giving up on such luxurious sleep because they are affordable.

The luxurious Egyptian Bedding 1200 thread count queen sheets are sure to please whichever needs you to have for them: be it comfort for a good sleep or breathability in the summertime, these amazing sheets will exceed your expectations.

cream sheets on elegant bed


  • They are comfortable
  • They are built for longevity
  • They are wrinkle-free


  • Some customers have complained that these sheets are not warm

HOTEL STYLE, 1200 Thread Count Sheets

We all know that feeling when you get home, take off your clothes and crawl into bed under the comfort of HOTEL STYLE sheets. Whether it\’s pre-sleep time for a good night\’s sleep or post-shower time to pamper yourself, this limited edition offer is sure to get you in the mood for dozing off after laying down on smooth liquidy soft, breathable material that feels like custom water droplets against your skin. 

Hotel-style 1200 thread count sheets are made from a soft blend that has improved softer feel and moisture-wicking properties that keep you feeling cool in the summer. These limited edition bedsheets will enhance the quality of sleep, even when all else fails. They also come hypoallergenic and machine-washable for easy care.

The soft material provides a sense of warmth that is unmatched by other materials. Not only are these sheets great for cutting back on static cling, but they\’re also wrinkle resistant so that you can rest easy.

HOTEL STYLE 1200 Thread Count Sheets in package with label


  • They are wrinkle-resistant
  • They are comfortable and soft
  • They are hypoallergenic


  • Some customers have complained that these sheets fade after washing

SUPERIOR Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Imagine your first night of sleep on Superior Egyptian cotton sheets. Close your eyes and feel the luxurious comfort as you sink into a hotel-quality sheet set that provides more quality per penny. You deserve it. At this price, you can’t afford to try them out for yourself. 

Since ancient times, Superior Egyptian cotton sheets have been known as being exceptionally soft and silky smooth, unmatched by any other variety of cotton because only the longest/more delicate fibers are used to produce these world-class sheets. They’re amply elasticized with 15″ all around, so even oversized mattresses work just fine without having to worry about the tug.

Get the best rest of your life with these Superior Cotton sheets sewn from 100% Egyptian cotton that has been specially combed for the finest, longest strands. They’re also lightweight, durable, and easy to care for. Choose from our stylish colors such as sage green or navy blue even add some personality with pink flamingo designs – because why not? Go ahead and satisfy your need for the most comfortable sleep time ever.

sheet sets folded neatly and stacked in assorted colors


  • They are durable
  • They are easy to clean 
  • They are lightweight


  • Some customers have complained that the sheets are not soft

Egyptian Bedding 1200 Thread Count (4) Piece California King Size White Stripe Bed Sheets

Wake up in style. Don’t settle for the run-of-swindle. Try these luxurious Egyptian Bedding 1200 thread count 4-piece California king bed sheet sets. These bedsheets are made from Egyptian cotton and guaranteed to be wrinkle-free. This set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases that perfectly fit a 20″ x 40″ pillow. 

Your mattress will never slip out of its boundaries again, thanks to fully elasticized corners on the fitted sheet. You should also know that these sheets can last for years if you take care of them by washing them in cold water and placing them in the delicate cycle when they need to go through the dryer. 

Sizing is perfect for a king-size bed (10″ x 10″), and the fitted sheets are elasticized to fit mattresses up to 18″. These four pieces can be conveniently machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on low heat. With a convenient zippered package for easy storing, these long-lasting sheets will be unique.

White Stripe Bed Sheets


  • They are wrinkle-free
  • They are fade resistant
  • They are long-lasting


  • Some customers have complained about the comfortability of these sheets

Luxurious Six (6) Piece Sheets

Treat yourself to the luxuries of 1200TC Egyptian Gizal cotton with these luxurious six-piece sheets. This set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and four king pillowcases for your entire bed. Fits mattresses up to 14″ – 18″ deep with elastic all around the fitted sheet. The high-quality fabric washes well and provides warmth during cold weather or coolness in warmer temperatures. 

Luxurious flat sheet and pillowcases have a 4″ Hemming reinforced so they will never fray after multiple piles of washing which means this product will last you years without complaint. It also arrives at your door wrapped up in a beautiful zippered gift package, so it feels like opening presents on Christmas morning every time you purchase them.

They’re wonderfully soft to touch so that they don’t scratch skin like cheaply-made ones might. The elastic ensures secure placement on your bed and ensures your fitted sheet stays in place during use, so there’s no worry about it sliding off.  With such clean design lines, these linens will fit any bedroom decor beautifully with their timeless marques.

cream sheets on elegant bed


  • They do not scratch
  • They are affordable
  • They are durable
  • They are lightweight

How to Choose the Best 1200 Thread Count Sheets

Check the Finishing 

We know that most sheets are treated with chemicals to keep them from shrinking and losing shape, but if you have chemical sensitivities or allergies, this may not be the best option for your family. Fortunately, there’s a handful of manufacturers who offer pure-finish 1200 thread count bedding, which means no such treatments were used during manufacturing. 

This makes it harder on us when we want everything perfect every single time – so consider what type/quantity will work best based on preference before making any purchases, as well as how committed they’ll need to get to maintain quality standards over the long periods without having problems later down the line due to lackadaisical maintenance practices.

However, there is hope; some manufacturers offer pure-finish fabrics free from any harmful compounds during production, meaning you’ll get less chance at keeping your favorite linens wrinkle-free, but it might be worth sacrificing this luxury given how expensive dry cleaning costs.

Consider the Size of the Sheets

woman sleeping peacefully on side in white bed

The most important thing to remember when buying new sheets for your bed is that they need to be the correct size. It’s not enough just checking if it says “king, queen, or twin” because sometimes manufacturers will make these sizes differ depending on who makes them; don’t forget about the depth of the mattress as well. 

Ensure you measure both dimensions, including an allowance on how much shrinkage may occur after being washed regularly at home without professional dry cleanings, so there are no surprises later down the line.

Consider the Color

You might think you can’t change your sleeping habits, but with the suitable color scheme in place, it’s easier than ever. Experiment by scrolling through various hues before settling on one that makes you feel relaxed and ready for bedtime.

For best results, choose 1200 thread count sheets along with calming colors like golds or light grays- just don’t overdo it because too many bright shades of green may have an opposite effect where they stimulate rather than soothe sleepers’ eyesight during these crucial hours before lights are out.

The key here is finding what relaxes you the most: whether it’s soothing pastels like pinks, gentle grayscale shades like silver/grey hues, vibrant greens, whatever your favorite sounds and feels.

Check the Texture of the 1200 Thread Count Sheets

1200 thread count bed sheets are much more than just an ordinary mattress cover. Extraordinary comfort, quality texture, and smoothness – these things can all be found in 1200-Threaders. 

With so many different materials available for making your perfect set of linens, it’s hard to find the best one out there, but luckily we’re here with some advice on how. Cotton may seem like a safe bet at first glance because who doesn’t love their comfy old t-shirts? However, aestheticians have known silk as among nature’s most luxurious fabrics due to its lack of stretchiness, which leaves little room between fibers, allowing them better breathability while also ranking lower on shrinkage rates than other types such as cotton.

Other types such as polyester offer more durability than both these options by virtue of only existing in threads rather than strands which means there’s less risk against wear & tear occurring quickly from frequent washing sessions.


Jacquard and damask weaves are the most lavish type of weave that can give a bed an expensive, luxurious feel. These fabrics have special looms that create distinct stripes with simple designs or patterns like checks or plaids. Still, they also come in more ornate varieties, such as lace-like textures for weddings where you want something light yet durable enough to last through even very active children running around at playtime.

You also have pinpoint weave made by weaving two threads over one and Percale cloths made from crossed yarns to provide more texture than sateen weave but without sacrificing durability at all.

Consider the Type of Your Bed

white bedding with modern lights and artwork above bed

The type of bed you choose should be based on how big your mattress is. Mattress types include twin, full size and California king sizes with other options for more than just these three choices like adjustable bases or headboards if desired.

These measurements refer to standard designs in each category. Still, they can vary slightly depending upon the manufacturer, so make sure when shopping around that the size works well with all aspects before finalizing any purchases.

The length is as important as the width.

Precise pocket size is very helpful in preventing sheets from being too short. Hanging on the wrong side can happen with a 1200 thread count, but it’s easy to fix if you know how much your bed measures. 

Simply measure from top-bottom using a standardized ruler or measuring tape for both standard and profound. Still, the types of pockets available on different brands’ product labels; then choose accordingly so that no more wardrobe malfunctions occur due to insufficient space between mattress edges when tugging one end free after turning over at night during restless sleep hours. The last thing anyone needs is another problem added onto an already busy day or week.

single white flower on white sheets


With so many options available, it may seem like an overwhelming or confusing task at first, but once you start comparing brands and features side-by-side, it becomes much more manageable. The best advice for buying new sheets? Do some research beforehand; read reviews from other customers who have tried out different 1200 thread count sheets before making any decisions because everyone’s needs are different.

You also need to consider budget, size of bed vs. size of sheets, and finishing to ensure a worthy purchase.

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