7 Best 15 Lb Weighted Blankets Ideas [2022]

Sleep is a necessity for optimal functionality. So if you’re having trouble with it, are a side sleeper, and weigh about 100 – 150 lbs, consider a 15 lb weighted blanket. Some key features of weighted blankets are; they tend to be heavier and smaller than the regular ones, are therapeutic, and weigh between 10 – 30 lbs. 

But don’t fret about where or how to start the search for your ideal 15 lb weighted blanket. We’ve scoured the depths of Amazon to give you all the details you need to know about the best 15 lb weighted blanket. 

How a Weighted Blanket Works 

Your blood pressure elevates when you’re agitated or stressed. And so, to calm you down and lower your pressure, a weighted blanket provides relief through deep touch pressure therapy.  It engulfs you in a hug-like grip that makes you feel warm and cozy. 

The blanket’s weight gently bears down on your chest to reduce the fast heart rate leaving you calm and drowsy. However, it’s not advisable to use a weighted blanket if you snore or have sleep apnea. The reason is that any weight will disrupt your breathing patterns. 

Other conditions besides insomnia that stand to benefit from a weighted blanket include anxiety disorders, restless leg syndrome, ADHD, and autism. But before you settle on a weighted blanket, check to see whether there are other remedies you can use to solve your sleep issues. 

For instance, healthy eating and drinking can be ways to alleviate your sleep issues. The other is regular exercise and a positive attitude to reduce stress and anxiety. Still, a weighted blanket is a better solution to sleeping pills if nothing else works.

neatly made bed in modern neutral room

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket

The best bedroom temperature for deep, intoxicating sleep is 18 degrees celsius, although anything between 15 -19 degrees celsius is workable. A weighted blanket should help you achieve this based on the factors below.


Always pick a weighted blanket that’s about 7 – 12% of your weight. For kids and elders, use their exact bodyweight, then add 1 or 2 pounds. Still, your personal needs and experience are the best pointers for your ideal blanket. If it suffocates or leaves you in a heavy sweat, opt for a lighter one. 


Weighted blankets are either knitted with yarn or come as duvets with tiny plastic poly pellets, glass, or plastic bead fillings. From these two options, you can choose what appeals to you. Regarding fillings, the glass ones are the most popular due to their durability. Something else to check is the weight distribution. The weight should spread even as fillings are sewn in squares to keep them in place. 


Besides the fillings, weighted blankets have layers of fabric and padding to cushion the fillings. Your weighted blanket’s fabric should be soft to touch, comfortable, and breathable. Padding includes cotton, fleece, Tencel, bamboo, and more. Some weighted blankets also come with a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance, w.


The best 15 lb weighted blanket should give you adequate cover from head to toe without hanging over your bedsides. If it hangs on the bedsides, the pressure won’t spread evenly over your body, and it’s also likely to slip down the floor. To find the accurate fitting for your bed, check your mattress size.  Each blanket comes in dimensions that correspond with the appropriate mattress size. 

Further to this, you should know that the weighted blanket phenomenon is now picking up, and here’s what you need to know:

  • Don’t shop by brand because there’s no industry leader in this sector. Only rely on the factors above, your knowledge of self, and your physician’s (or therapist’s) advice as your shopping guide.
  • Ensure that it’s washable or easy to clean and maintain without fading, shedding, or deforming. Most manufacturers have discounted offers for removable covers. Also, ensure the cover consists of comfortable and breathable fabric.
  • You’ll likely get hot despite applying cooling effects to your space due to your body temperature. Sometimes the type of mattress material can be the reason, especially if it’s latex or foam. In such a situation, pay heed to the materials by going for a weighted blanket made of natural fibers that wick moisture.

7 Hot Picks: Soft, Comfortable, and Versatile 15 lb Weighted Blankets 

Our review features the best 15lb weighted blankets by materials, weight distribution, maintenance, and innovative features.

Best for All Seasons: Weighted Idea Twin Size 15 lbs Weighted Blanket

woman sleeping peacefully in bed with grey blanket over her

Why do we recommend this awesome 15 lb weighted blanket? Because of the premium materials used to make it for your maximum comfort. Starting with the overall cozy fabric, you’ll be delighted by its breathability, which makes it ideal for all seasons. The fillings consist of premium non-toxic beads and stitching that ensures the fillings stay in place. 

Besides using it on your bed, you can curl up with it on the couch while watching TV or reading. Teens and young adults can also use it because their average weight tends to be about 100 – 150 lbs. It comes in 48 x 78 inches which suits a full or twin-size bed for a single person. Regarding maintenance and cleaning, it comes with a removable cover and is only washable by hand.


  • The fabric, padding, and fillings are premium, comfortable and durable
  • It features fine workmanship, as seen from the superior stitching
  • The padding is microfiber without any glue added to hold it together


  • Check instructions to ensure you get the right weight and fit for your bed or usage needs.

Best Dual Sided: OMYSTYLE 15 lb Weighted Blanket

couple sleeping peacefully in bed under grey blanket

A dual-sided 15lb weighted blanket like this one has valuable advantages. It features a cool and warm side that you can flip as you please. This particular blanket balances both sides with cooling Tencel fabric, which is 100% natural fiber ideal for hot sleepers. The other side features thick short plush material that keeps you warm in winter. Its 80 x 87 inches size can fit a queen-sized bed but is more suited for a king-size or couple.

Afraid of leaked fillings? There is no need to worry because it has small pockets reinforced with high-density stitches and double thread sewing to prevent leakage. Furthermore, it features two breathable layers of cotton between the polyester padding and the shell fabric. This helps with body shape adaptation and temperature control.

The maintenance instructions include hand washing, machine washing, and tumble drying on low heat. But the best recommendation is to spot clean and flat dry.


  • It’s dual-sided to help enhance your comfort.
  • Maintenance is hassle-free since you can clean and dry by machine
  • The cover comes with a zipper for ease of use 


  • It’s pretty heavy, so be clear on what’s suitable for your needs.

Best Queen Size: Adult Weighted Blanket

neatly folded grey blanket 1

Finding the ideal queen-size weighted blanket can be a task. Thus, look no further for the perfect queen size because this 15 lb weighted blanket has it all. It is exactly 60 x 80 inches and consists of a luxurious outer shell, breathable inner layer, and high-density glass beads. The surface has small pockets to ensure the glass beads fillings are evenly spread and remain in place at all times.  

The fabric is breathable, thinner, and softer without reducing its overall weight, making it perfect if you’re a side sleeper.  Regarding its maintenance, you can hand and air dry or machine wash with cold water. But to ensure it lasts, buy a duvet cover to protect it from dirt and vagaries of weather. 


  • It’s the perfect queen-size fit.
  • There’s no fear of leakage or uneven distribution of fillings.
  • The fabric is high quality, soft and comfortable 


  • It’s pretty heavy, so countercheck to ensure you get the best weight and size for your needs.

Best Eco Friendly: Luna Adult Weighted Blanket

woman smiling wrapped up in grey blanket

If all you want is a sustainably made, eco-friendly 15 lb weighted blanket, consider this one. The benefits are inherent if you’re prone to allergies or are a hot sleeper. It consists of 100% breathable cotton fabric on the exterior and an overall innovative design. The design features seven layers to support the even distribution of weight to your body. The inside also has a breathable cloud-like fabric to regulate your body temperature. 

The design further ensures the blanket and cover hold together. This is evident from the eight inside ties to fasten it to the cover. The micro-glass beads fillings reduce weight shifting to ensure weight spreads evenly over your body. Maintenance is easy and includes hand or machine wash with cold water and air or tumble drying on low heat. 


  • This blanket consists of 100% sustainable eco-friendly materials 
  • It features an innovative seven-layer design for enhanced comfort
  • It’s tough, versatile, and durable


  • It may appear thin and lightweight, so be sure to pick it if it caters to your needs.

Best Knitted and Weight Distribution: Handmade 15 lb Weighted Blanket

oversized knit cream blanket

Sometimes all you want is handmade stuff, and this 15 lb weighted blanket gives you that option. In case you’re wondering how it achieves the 15 lb weight, it’s done by adjusting the chunky yarn’s diameter and knitted blanket’s diameter. 

The ultimate weight comes from the chunky yarn, which consists of 100% hollow fiber, so it’s sturdy and durable. The even knitting ensures the weight distributes evenly to provide you with the desired all-around weighted cover. 

Regarding its breathability and ability to regulate your body temperature, it has big loops that guarantee sufficient air circulation.

Besides your bed, it looks good and is functional on your couch or car. You can use it while reading, relaxing, or even out camping or at picnics. It’s soft to the skin, plus it’s ideal for any skin, with no irritation. It doesn’t shed, and you can keep it clean by hand or machine wash and only dry at low temperatures. 


  • The design and overall style is aesthetically appealing
  • The yarn material is soft, doesn’t shed, and is ideal for all skin types
  • It’s comfortable, and the weight distributes evenly
  • Cleaning and maintenance is pretty easy, with an option for machine wash and tumble dry


  • Check for pungent chemical odor 

Best Cooling Features: YnM Weighted Blanket: Best Cooling Features

grey blanket neatly folded

This 15 lb weighted blanket stands out for its innovative design that features a seven-layer system. Remember, sometimes you can apply all the cooling effects to your space, but your mattress materials and body temperature are the stumbling blocks. Thus, these seven layers feature more glass bead fillings and fewer fiber fillings for better body temperature control. 

Plus, the design serves to offer better contouring for your body. The even weight distribution is achieved through 4.7 x 4.7 inches compartments, the extra two layers design, the superior stitching, and premium 100% oeko-tex certified cotton fabric.

To go with this blanket is a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. The cover is available in either breathable cotton, french linen, bamboo, or cozy mink. The cover also has interior ties to ensure the blanket fastens and stays in place. 

Cleaning and maintenance are easy since you can hand or machine wash, flat, or tumble dry in low temperatures. But to ensure it lasts, use a cover with it since frequent machine wash can destroy it.


  • It features an innovative seven layers design to maximize your comfort
  • The design consists of premium fabric and superior stitching 
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain as it comes with high-quality cover options


  • Beads tend to shift despite assurances from the manufacturer.

Best Fleece Weighted: Sivio Sherpa Weighted Blanket

reversible grey and white sherpa blanket

This reversible fleece and flannel 15 lb weighted blanket is pretty soft to the touch, fluffy, and cozy. It consists of nontoxic and eco-friendly ceramic beads fillings in polyester layers. It’s also innovative by way of a seven-layer design aimed to ensure your comfort. The superior stitching ensures the beads stay locked to avoid any leakage and keep them noise-free. 

More on the fleece, it’s fade resistance and smudge-proof, making it a better fabric than cotton. It’s also versatile since you can use it for travel, in your car and sofa. Because it doesn’t deform easily, you can spot clean, hand, or machine wash as you please and tumble dry at low temperatures. It comes in a 48 x 72 inches size ideal for a full-size bed or 60 x 80 inches ideal for a queen-size bed. 


  • It features premium quality fleece fabric and an innovative seven-layer design
  • It’s versatile and ideal for use in various areas such as your bed, sofa, car, or travel.
  • There are no limits on how to wash it because it doesn’t fade or deform.


  • Always check to ensure you get the correct size for your needs.

How to Use a 15 lb Weighted Blanket 

Some people don’t need any adjusting since it works perfectly for them from the first instance. However, to be safe and sure, first place it evenly on your bed and begin to experience it by covering your knees and feet only. 

This is to check how it weighs on you at the most minimal level, that is, whether it’s comfortable to get you to adapt. Our recommendation is to take naps with it before advancing into all-night usage at this early stage of use. 

If you can sleep over two nights without any discomfort, proceed to increase the cover by pulling it over your waist down to the feet, then examine the impact. If you enjoy peaceful sleep for another two nights without discomfort, then extend it over your chest to see how it works. 

Continued adaptation without discomfort or overheating could mean it’s the right fit for you.  It’s always best to lie flat on your back for even distribution of pressure, although it’s not compulsory. 

All in all, the real impact on your sleep patterns will be evident between 5 – 7 days. Consistent use over time should deliver the desired effect on your sleep patterns. If you’re not comfortable with your weighted blanket after a week’s trial, return and exchange it for a lighter one. Always ensure you purchase a returnable blanket or one that comes with a trial period or money-back guarantee.


As you can see, 15 lb weighted blankets come in all sizes, materials, designs, innovative features, and more. This wide variety gives you free rein to choose what’s suitable for you, your family, or your friends. But for a weighted blanket to be of adequate use, pay attention to its weight, its distribution, materials, and size. 

These seemingly little details have a vast impact on its functionality, plus you don’t want to waste money, while you could have easily referred to these details before purchase. Remember, a weighted blanket that’s more than 7 – 12% of your body weight can restrict blood flow and be detrimental to your well-being.

The Weighted Idea twin size 15 lb weighted blanket for all seasons is our top pick. It’s a wholesome design that attempts to cover all your needs at once. The premium fabric, fillings, and craftsmanship make it essential all year round. It’s also easy to clean and versatile for use in numerous places.

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