Best Affordable Pillows of 2022

Cheap products aren’t good and good products aren’t cheap. That being said, there’s a difference between cheap and affordable. The term “cheap” may technically mean inexpensive, but it comes with a connotation of poor quality. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a fortune to find a decent bed pillow.

If you’re looking for the best inexpensive pillows but you don’t want to end up with something uncomfortable that falls apart or goes flat after a few weeks, this is the list for you. We’ve compiled a shortlist of the best affordable pillows you can buy.

How Much Should You Spend on a Pillow?

Though some people need to sleep more than others, the average person spends about one-third of their life sleeping. If you’re going to spend that much time in bed, you might as well be comfortable. The wrong pillow can not only keep you from falling asleep, but it can affect your sleep quality. It could even leave you sore, stiff, or achy in the morning when you wake.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune on a pillow, but high-quality materials are important to give you the restful sleep you need to function properly. You could easily pick up a $10 pillow at a discount store, but you shouldn’t be surprised if it falls flat after a few weeks or if it doesn’t deliver the support you need. We recommend spending somewhere between $15 and $40 on a decent pillow.

Best Affordable Pillow Reviews

You could easily spend a couple hundred dollars on a set of new pillows, but pricey pillows aren’t always worth the cost. We don’t recommend buying pillows secondhand to save money, but neither do you need to break the bank on something new.

We’ve assembled a list of the nine best affordable pillows, all priced under $35 each. Check them out!

Fern and Willow Premium Down Alternative Pillows

Fill: Down Alternative

Cover: 100% Cotton

Size: Standard, Queen, King

Do you love the feel of a down pillow but want to avoid allergies or environmental concerns? Down alternative is a great option. It feels like down, but it’s made from premium gel microfiber which is ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

This Fern and Willow pillow comes in three sizes (standard, queen, and king) and is sold in a two-pack which makes it even more affordable. For less than the price of one premium pillow, you get two high-quality pillows that come with the added benefit of being adjustable. While these pillows offer a plush level of comfort, you can adjust the filling to meet your individual preferences – simply massage the pillow to redistribute the filling into the desired shape.

In addition to being adjustable, this pillow is easy to clean. The down alternative material is completely machine washable which means you never have to worry about accidental spills. If the material starts to clump, simply throw the pillow in the wash and it will come out like new. Just be sure to let the pillow air dry instead of putting it in the dryer.

Sleep Restoration Gel Fiber Filled Pillows

Fill: Gel-Infused Down Alternative

Cover: 100% Cotton

Size: Queen, King

Nothing is worse than spending the night tossing and turning because you can’t get comfortable. If you’re a hot sleeper, the wrong pillow can trap body heat and leave you sweating all night long. This gel fiber-filled pillow is a great solution and it’s affordably priced.

The Sleep Restoration Premium Gel Fiber Filled Pillow set is uniquely designed for hot sleepers. Filled with gel-infused down alternative materials and encased in a 250-thread count, 100% cotton cover, this pillow is designed to wick away body heat. This cooling pillow is also incredibly easy to clean – simply throw it in the washer and let it tumble dry on low heat.

Available in queen and king sizes, this pillow set is sold in a pack of two which makes it highly affordable. Not only is this pillow affordable and easy to clean, but it is made with quality in mind. The gel-infused down alternative material delivers a plush, bounce-back level of comfort that never falls flat and it is finished with an attractive sateen cotton striped cover. Plus, with its double-edge sewing design, these pillows are made to last.

EnerPlex Memory Foam Pillows

Fill: Shredded Memory Foam

Cover: Bamboo

Size: Queen, King

Are you tired of your pillow going flat over time? Cheap fill can compress, leaving you sore and achy in the morning due to lack of support. Shredded memory foam is a comfortable, supportive fill material that keeps your pillow usable for years at a time.

These shredded memory foam pillows from EnerPlex are sold singly or in a two-pack. They’re a little more expensive than the previous two picks, but still priced under $30 each. Choose from queen or king sizes and enjoy the cooling comfort of memory foam in pillow form. While these pillows are designed to deliver a slightly higher level of firmness and loft, they are adjustable. Simply add or remove filling to achieve the desired level of firmness and comfort for your sleeping style.

In addition to being adjustable, these memory foam pillows are breathable and easy to clean. Unlike solid memory foam, shredded memory foam support airflow through the pillow. Combined with a breathable bamboo cover, these materials help keep you cool and comfortable at night. To clean the pillow, simply remove the outer cover then throw everything into the washing machine and tumble dry on low heat.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Cool and Comfy Pillow


Fill: Hypoallergenic Polyester

Cover: Cotton

Size: Queen, King

Whether you’re outfitting the guest room or stocking up on extra pillows for yourself, you may not be ready to spend $30 on a single pillow. If you’re looking for something affordable that still offers decent quality, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Cool and Comfy Pillow could be a good option.

Available in queen and king sizes, these pillows are priced under $20 and come with a 3-year warranty. Filled with hypoallergenic Suproloft polyester, these pillows deliver the optimal combination of softness and comfort. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike find these pillows both comfortable and supportive. Plus, they are very lightweight which can be a benefit for combination sleepers who tend to change positions throughout the night.

Because the Suproloft polyester material is hypoallergenic, these pillows are a great option for people with asthma and allergies. Each pillow is encased in a 300-thread count cotton cover designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable all night.

Zen Bamboo Premium Allergy-Friendly Pillows

Fill: Gel Fiber

Cover: Bamboo

Size: Queen, King

Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? If you wake up sniffling and sneezing, your pillow could be the problem. These Zen Bamboo Premium Allergy-Friendly Pillows are a great option for allergy sufferers because they are filled with allergen-friendly gel fiber filling and encased in a bamboo cover.

These pillows come in queen and king sizes and are sold in a handy two-pack. Perfect for all sleeping styles, these pillows are filled with premium gel fiber which has a down-like feel but is completely allergen-friendly. This filling is plush for comfort with a bounce-back quality to ensure it never goes flat. It is completely free from harmful chemicals and resists dust and other allergens.

If you’re looking for an affordable pillow that delivers on comfort and quality, try these Zen Bamboo pillows. In addition to being filled with premium material, these pillows are encased in a luxurious jacquard bamboo cover. This breathable material complements the cooling properties of the gel fiber filing to help keep you cool at night.

Snuggle-Pedic Original Shredded Memory Foam Pillows

Fill: Shredded Memory Foam

Cover: Kool-Flow Bamboo

Size: Standard, Queen, King

Whether you’re a hot sleeper or simply looking for a little more support than a down alternative pillow can offer, shredded memory foam might be the ideal solution. These shredded memory foam pillows from Snuggle-Pedic come in three sizes and are made with premium materials to deliver a cool and comfortable night’s sleep for all sleeping styles.

These Snuggle-Pedic pillows come in standard, queen, and king sizes and are proudly made in the USA. Filled with shredded memory foam that is GreenGuard Gold Certified, these pillows ensure that you’ll rest easy each and every night. A proprietary mix of shredded memory foam delivers buoyant support while Kool-Flow technology makes night sweats a thing of the past. This cooling pillow wicks away body heat to keep you cool and dry all night long.

In addition to delivering cooling comfort, this pillow provides exceptional support. Developed by a chiropractor, Snuggle-Pedic pillows are designed to deliver exception support for the head and neck to keep you pain-free. Plus, Certified GreenGuard Gold materials keep you safe from air pollutants and allergies so you can breathe easy and sleep well.

Coop Original Travel & Camp Pillow

Coop Pillow E

Fill: Memory Foam & Microfiber

Cover: 100% Polyester

Size: 19×13 inches

Hikers, campers, and frequent travelers often struggle to get a good night’s sleep because it’s difficult to pack a decent pillow in your carry-on or backpack. Even if you’re sleeping in a hotel, you can’t always count on the pillows there being right for your sleeping style. The ideal solution is to bring your own and the Coop Original Travel & Camp Pillow makes it easy.

This travel pillow compresses down to 10-by-6 inches and expands to 19-by-13 inches. It weighs just 36 ounces, including the travel bag, which makes it easy to transport whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or on foot. It has a comfortable, supportive shape and contains a non-toxic blend of cross-cut memory foam and microfiber. This combination of materials makes the pillow easy to compress but also ensures that is expands for optimal comfort and support.

In addition to soft but supportive filling materials, this pillow features a 100% polyester liner and comes with a breathable Lulltra fabric pillowcase. Made with a 60/40 blend of polyester and bamboo-derived viscose rayon, this pillowcase is ultra-durable and breathable. The pillow, pillowcase, and cover are all machine-washable for easy cleaning convenience.

What You Should Know About Pillow Fill

When shopping for a new pillow, there are several factors to consider. It’s easy to shop by price, but you need to know what you’re getting for the money – not all pillows are created equal.

The quality of a pillow really comes down to the materials from which it is made. Not only do you need to think about the cover on the pillow, but you really need to consider what type of filling you’re going to choose. Some pillow fill is soft and plush while other materials are more supportive. The option you choose depends largely on your sleeping style and your personal preference.

Here’s a quick overview of some common pillow fill options:

  • Memory Foam – Typically memory foam pillows are made with shredded memory foam rather than solid foam because the shredded material tends to breathe better. Memory foam offers excellent comfort and support.
  • Polyurethane Foam – Also known as polyfoam, polyurethane foam is used in both mattresses and pillows. It’s generally more affordable than memory foam and it comes in different levels of firmness. Like memory foam, it can be solid or shredded.
  • Latex – Similar to memory foam in terms of feel, latex is an eco-friendlier and more breathable alternative (albeit more expensive). Latex pillows are great for people looking for a “natural” option.
  • Down – This material consists of the undercoating of a bird’s feathers. It is incredibly lightweight and soft, not to mention incredibly long-lasting. The trouble with down (aside from being taken from birds) is that it can be very expensive and it may bother people with allergies or asthma.
  • Down Alternative – If you’re looking for something similar to down, down alternative is a synthetic material that is great for asthma- and allergy-sufferers. It feels like down but is usually made from some kind of polyester microfiber.
  • Polyester Fiber – Commonly known as Poly-Fil, this material is lightweight and incredibly affordable. While Poly-Fil is cheap and easy to clean, it does tend to clump over time and it isn’t particularly breathable compared to other options.
  • Buckwheat – If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, buckwheat pillows are available. These pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls which are the outer casings of buckwheat kernels. This pillow material conforms to the shape of the body, and it has a bean bag-like feel that some people like.

If you’re not sure what kind of pillow you want, don’t feel bad about buying a few to test them out – many retailers offer a money-back guarantee. Think about your sleeping style before you buy and know that if you’re a side sleeper, you’re going to need something a little firmer with a higher loft than someone who sleeps on their back or stomach. You might even consider an adjustable pillow so you can customize the firmness and loft according to your individual preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a decent pillow cost?

Pillows can be found in just about any price range, depending where you shop. While you can certainly pay as little as $10 for a pillow, it’s probably not going to be the best quality. We recommend spending between $15 and $40 on a decent pillow.

What is the best inexpensive pillow?

The best cheap pillow is largely a matter of personal preference when it comes to fill, loft, and firmness. Look for a pillow that is made with quality materials like shredded memory foam or down alternative and a decent cover.

How do I choose a good pillow?

When shopping for a pillow, consider your sleeping style to determine the ideal loft and firmness. Side sleepers require a higher loft than back and stomach sleepers. If you’re not sure how much loft is best, consider an adjustable pillow so you can alter the loft according to your comfort.

Are expensive pillows worth it?

It depends. Some pillows are expensive simply because they have a brand name attached to them while others are pricey due to higher quality materials. Take the time to do your research to determine whether a higher price is justified or stick with one of our recommendations for affordable pillows above.

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