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Best Husband Pillows with Arms for Reading & Watching TV in Bed (2022 Picks)

There’s nothing like curling up with a good book or your kindle before bed using a comfortable husband pillow.

Husband pillows are versatile multi-purpose backrest pillows that help to support your back while sitting upright. Also known as reading pillows, these bed rest pillows with arms are great for comfortably reading or watching TV in bed.

It’s pure bliss!

However, with so many different hubby pillows on the market, it gets tough to settle on one. So here we break them down and help you find the best husband pillow for your needs.

Top Husband Pillows for Reading & Watching TV in Bed (2022 Picks)

  1. Editor's ChoicePillowtex® Reading Wedge Bed Pillow
  2. Linenspa Reading Pillow
  3. Brentwood Home Wedge Husband Pillow
  4. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow
  5. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support
  6. BedLounge Husband Pillow
  7. Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow
  8. MittaGong Husband Chair Pillow
editors choice
Pillowtex backrest pillow

Pillowtex® Husband Pillow


Best Backrest Reading Pillows with Arms

1. Pillowtex® Reading Wedge Bed Pillow

Amply stuffed and luxuriously plush, this husband pillow offers the perfect support to lean on for your bedtime reading ritual. It’s higher stuffing provides superior comfort to your back while you continue to read a book, watch TV in bed, or simply rest on your back.

Pillowtex® Reading Wedge Bed Pillow

The high 90 Oz polyester filling, more than many of its competitors, has made it a market favorite because of its superior cushioned support and comfort.

The greater stuffing of the backrest pillow also prevents it from losing shape and sagging down. So, you do not need to continuously fluff the pillow to restore its original shape and support. This reading pillow is adequately stuffed to ensure that it doesn’t form lumps to develop wrinkles on the outer cotton cover.

The polyester fill of the husband cushion is hypoallergenic in nature and removes any chances of your allergies getting triggered, allowing you to rest comfortably. This bed rest pillow is an excellent choice for creating your own small reading or movie-watching space on the bed.

Made with 100% cotton, the pillow cover is super soft and smooth to touch. The pillow is made even more durable by adding a polyester lining inside the pillow cover. All these features make it the best pillow for watching TV in bed

2. Linenspa Reading Pillow

Made from a soft plush blend of shredded memory foam, the Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow easily conforms to your body shape and creates your own personalized cushioned fit. The high quality memory foam filling does not let the pillow sag so you can easily read your favorite books or continue to binge-watch TV shows while sitting up comfortably in bed.

Linenspa Reading Pillow

The Linenspa husband pillow’s superior backrest is great for the upper body and shoulder support for people recovering from injuries. Its smooth durable velour cover is super soft to the touch and can easily be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth to remove any food stains and spilled beverages.

Soft and comfortable, this super comfy backrest pillow comes with a carrying handle at the top that makes it easy to move around to different places inside your home. Its ideal size also makes it easy to pack or store away if you have limited space available at your place.

The Linenspa husband pillow comes in 2 different sizes to accommodate the support needs of different age groups. The standard size is perfect for children and teens for use during activities such as gaming, watching TV, and reading. In contrast, the extra large size backrest pillow is ideal for adults as its bigger size provides greater support for tall people and older age groups.

The extra large size also comes with an optional adjustable neck support that offers additional comfort to relieve any pain and discomfort in your upper back and neck region, making it one of the best husband pillows with arms.

3. Brentwood Home Wedge Husband Pillow

Ergonomically designed for optimal support and comfort, the Crystal Cove Wedge Reading Pillow features a sloping design ideal for your lumbar and upper back support. The gentle incline further helps to relieve your respiratory problems and improve blood circulation while you continue to rest, read, watch TV, or work long hours in bed.

Brentwood Home Wedge Husband Pillow

Handmade in the USA, this backrest pillow is free from toxic chemicals and dyes, including lead and mercury. It also comes with a removable and easy to wash cover which makes pillow maintenance a breeze.

While this wedge husband pillow acts as an excellent backrest while you sit up in bed, some people may find it a little uncomfortable for their arms since it doesn’t have any arm rests. However, if you don’t read for long hours, this reading pillow is perfectly suitable for you.

Using open-cell technology and purifying activated charcoal, the high-density memory foam creates a cooling effect which prevents you from sweating as it dissipates heat and absorbs any buildup of sweat moisture from your body. With heat and sweat wicked away, the backrest pillow creates better airflow for a soft and cooling exterior to facilitate your body while you read your favorite book in bed.

4. ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

Featuring soft and luxurious premium cotton filling with a velvet-smooth fabric cover, the ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow provides maximum support and comfort to your neck, arms, and back while you read, play games, watch TV, or lounge around in bed.

ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

The ZOEMO Bed Rest Pillow with arms and a detachable neck roll pillow attached to the main pillow body, which is filled with premium cluster ball fibers to provide you with a comfortable cushioned support for your whole body.

This husband pillow also works well to provide lumbar support during pregnancy. It is a budget friendly option with a thoughtfully designed cushion with armrest that offers extra support while sitting up straight. The velour cover of the reading pillow is super smooth to touch and provides a soft fluffy surface for you to rest your back on.

5. Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support

Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support is made up of 4 different pillows that work together to strengthen the support system offered to your body while sitting upright. Whether you are bedridden due to an injury or simply love staying in bed for longer periods, this orthopedic support system offers maximum comfort to make your bedrest enjoyable.

Avana Kind Bed Orthopedic Support

The inner core of this husband pillow is made with a medium density foam, and the outer layer consists of memory foam, which conforms to the shape of your body to provide high levels of soft and plush support.

The curved S shape of the back wedge pillow supports the natural curve of your spine and ensures proper alignment by offering full support to your upper body and back. Besides ensuring your back remains in good posture, your head is also well supported by one of the four pillows, which acts as the headrest.

With adequate support offered to your whole body, the neck remains in an ergonomic posture, which helps to reduce any pain and discomfort felt in the upper back. The leg wedge provides adjustable elevation and relief to pressure points such as hips, legs, and feet to avoid any pain from forming in the lower parts of your body as well.

6. BedLounge Husband Pillow

Ergonomically designed to suit your ideal level of comfort and support, the BedLounge bed armchair pillow is made with premium synthetic down filling, two-inch fleece poly fiberfill and a cloud foam active inner core to provide that natural soft fluffiness for perfect back support. Whether you want to comfortably prop up in bed or simply relax in the living room, BedLounge offers you the perfect snug fit.

BedLounge Husband Pillow

This husband chair pillow is structured to ensure the proper alignment of your upper body with ultimate back and head support while sitting upright. It has flexible arms that can be spaced out or drawn inwards to allow your body’s customized fit and also be able to support different body shapes and sizes.

You can also lower or raise your headrest up to 12 inches, whatever height supports your neck best. This feature is especially important for taller people who can extend the headrest upwards to accommodate their longer height.

The soft lumbar pillow insert used in backrest adjusts automatically to offer the best-needed comfort and support for your back. The headrest can also be rotated to support your head and neck if you choose to sit in a more reclined position.

7. Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

The Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow offers the perfect level of comfort and support for your back and arms in your chosen resting position. It adjusts to your ideal reclining angle and eliminates any chances of you slouching and disrupting your body alignment while reading novels and watching movies in bed.

Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

This husband pillow offers optimal support to your back and upper body to support your upright sitting position while sitting upright. Made from a medical-grade material, it is also recommended for people who are prescribed bed rest and suffer from either acid reflux or heartburn.

It can also be used as a wedge to elevate the upper parts of your body to relieve pressure points and help you stay more relaxed while resting in bed. The Vekkia husband pillow also features armrests for additional support to your back and arms. The armrests have pockets which come in handy to store small things like mobile phones, books and TV remote.

The Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow with arms is customizable and comes with an extra 200g foam filling and a concealed zipper. You can easily adjust the filling by adding and removing foam to match the ideal level of comfort and support.

The reading pillow has a velvety soft cover which is removable and easy to wash. The pillow cover can also be spot cleaned with a damp cloth to get rid of any obvious stains.

8. MittaGong Husband Chair Pillow

MittaGong Shredded Foam Reading Pillow features sturdy build and strong support which makes it firm yet comfortable enough to sit up straight while you read or relax. The wide backrest is suitable for kids and adults alike which prevents chronic back pain from developing as a result of prolonged sitting upright position while reading a book.

MittaGong Husband Chair Pillow

Keeping your hands and arms in the same place without any support for an extended period of time can strain your muscles and cause fatigue. This husband pillow comes with armrests that offer elbow and arm support to prevent your back from getting fatigued under the pressure and natural weight of your shoulder and arms. The armrests have pockets as well which come in handy for safely storing your favorite books, TV remote or other accessories.

This backrest pillow with arms is stuffed with high quality shredded memory foam that creates incredible padding support for your upper body. No matter how much you weigh, it can easily conform to the contours of your body as you lean back while reading or watching TV. The plump foam pieces maximize the airflow and keep your pillow breathable.

It has a tall back that offers ample support to your upper body which ensures that your muscles and joints do not take a toll due to your poor posture. As a result, this prevents you from developing a postural hunchback when reading and watching TV while sitting upright on the floor or the bed.

With the help of this reading pillow, you can easily maintain an ergonomic posture and stop yourself from slumping over your laptop screen when working from bed.

man resting on husband pillow watching tv in bed

How to Sit Up in Bed Comfortably?

Anyone spending long hours in bed while watching TV, reading books and working from home is under the risk of developing pressure sores. By continuing to sit in the wrong upright posture for a prolonged period, your blood supply may get cut off because of unrelieved pressure in different parts of your body.

To maintain your correct sitting posture in bed, position a bed rest pillow against the headboard behind your upper and lower back. The hard surface of the headboard isn’t the most comfortable surface to lean on, especially when it fails to support the natural curve of your spine.

Placing a good quality husband pillow behind your back will cushion the headboard and also maintain your proper spinal alignment. It will also stop your body from hunching forward in search of support and also prevent you from developing an unhealthy posture.

Apart from having proper back support, you should also place a pillow under your knees, so the bend of your knees can take pressure off your hips to prevent any bed sores from developing in your lower back and hip area.

girl comfortably sitting up in bed

Why do they call it a husband pillow?

Husband pillows are also used by pregnant women as well as women that breastfeed. These pillows offer exceptional support and come with arms that would hug the user just like a husband would hug and support his wife, which is the reason why these sitting pillows with arms are named as husband pillows.

However, the husband pillows have a wide variety of uses ranging from reading books in bed to watching TV in your living room and enjoying your favorite TV shows.

How can I watch TV in bed comfortably?

In order to comfortably watch TV in bed, you need a backrest cushion that offers perfect support for your back and neck while you sit upright. This TV watching pillow pillow also comes with armrests which make it easy for you to stay in that upright position for longer periods.

You can also get an expensive bed rest pillow with arms and cup holder for additional features. This pillow can hold your cup of coffee or drink as well while you sit up in bed and relax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are those pillows with arms called?

The most common name for a pillow with arms is “husband pillow”. Husband pillows are also known as reading pillows, backrest pillows, bed rest pillows and dorm pillows with arms, to name a few. It is basically a mobile pillow chair that can be carried anywhere to comfortably sit upright.

How can I use my husband pillow?

Using a husband pillow is pretty straightforward. Simply place it on the surface where you want to sit and lean against the backrest. Use an armrest for extra support to your arms and shoulders. It’s recommended that you place your husband pillow against  solid surface like a headboard or sofa for best support.

If your husband chair pillow comes with a height adjustable neck support, make sure that it’s positioned correctly to support your neck and shoulders area.

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