11 Best Blue Sheets Ideas For A Good Night’s Rest [2022]

What’s the best bed sheet color for a mom? Blue of course! Why? Well, blue is a soothing and cooling color. 

For moms, sleep is never enough. When you’re constantly running the gamut of the day’s activities with kids in tow, it can be hard to find time for yourself. But before you can invest in your own wellness and mental health, you need a good night’s rest.  

The best blue sheets are an affordable solution that will help you get better quality sleep so that when morning comes around again, you’ll have more energy to face all the challenges life throws at us during these busy times.

This blog post has reviewed some of the best blue sheets available in terms of durability, functionality, and versatility. We’ve also broken down some of the essential factors that you should consider when purchasing blue sheets.

Best Blue Sheets: Our Top Picks

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Blue Bed Sheets

neatly folded navy blue sheet set

If you’re in the market for blue sheets that are soft and easy to care for, your search is finally over. Introducing the Amazon Basics super soft blue sheets.

These 100% polyester microfiber sheets are versatile enough to be used all year round and offer excellent comfort from top brands at a great price. Made with happiness in mind, these sheets are machine washable and tumble dry low so you can humanely take care of your old clothes without causing too much environmental strain on mother Earth. 

With deep pockets up to 16 inches high, this product even offers sufficient coverage for sleepers who may have trouble getting into them because they’re short or unable to jump effectively. 

Buying one of these is the safe bet for people who want everything upfront before they commit-without spending more than they need or worrying about quality labels that are often misleading in this area until it’s too late. A good night’s sleep isn’t just easy, and it basically feels effortless on AmazonBasics lightweight, super-soft easy-care microfiber blue sheets.


  • They provide all-season comfort
  • They are wrinkle-free
  • They are lightweight


  • Some customers have complained about the sheets being thin

SONORO KATE Bed Sheets Set 

mattress with no background made with blue sets and pillows

Say goodbye to wrinkles and tedious tasks like ironing, and hello to cozy, soft, and comfortable bedding. These luxuriously plush SONORO blue sheets not only feel divine against the skin but will last a lifetime. 

With a deep pocket that fits mattresses up to 16″ deep with elastic around the fitted sheet, these sheets also grip tight, giving you an exceptionally snug fit. Easy on the wrinkle-free fabric means no more tossing clothes in the dryer for hours after every trip home; just one quick shake-out refreshes clothes in seconds.

With added stretch and durable elastic, these fitted blue sheets are designed to grip comfortably for all sleepers of different shapes. These blue bed sheets are stain-free, shrink-free, or wrinkle-free; get ready for luxurious bedding.


  • They are durable
  • They do not shrink, wrinkle or stain
  • They are made of soft fabrics


  • They are expensive

Elegant Comfort Luxurious Blue Sheets

rendering of bed in elegant room with royal blue sheets

These elegant comfort luxurious blue sheets will make you never want to leave your bedroom. The soft and durable weave creates a lasting softness, breathable and incredible. You’ll be thanking us for this purchase in years to come with its resistance against shrinkage and fading. These microfiber yarns are fine, long, and strong like silk but brushed with perfection at the end. 

With their vibrant colors that won’t quickly fade, we’re sure you’ll love how energizing it is when all of your nice blue sheets go so well together in your room. This hassle-free process ensures the ease of keeping them looking delightful for many years. Make this investment now since they can not only look good – but feel good too.

Elegant comfort, incredibly soft, and machine washable ultra-micro-fiber sheets create a comfortable night’s sleep. With their blend of breathability, cool to the touch fabric, and resistance to shrinkage and fading, these luxurious bedding sets will make your bedroom tranquil waters.


  • They are comfortable and soft
  • They are stain-resistant
  • They are long-lasting


  • Some customers have complained about the color not being as pictured

Egyptian Cotton Blue Sheets California-King Size 

light blue sheets and pillows on bed

Feel like you’re sleeping on nothing but pure silk. Our premium Egyptian cotton blue sheets are not only silky-soft. They are breathable, durable, and environmentally friendly. Plus, with our high-quality craftsmanship and deep pockets that will fit your mattress perfectly well without the need for constant adjusting, these sheets are set to give you a lifetime of comfort in just one buy.

High-quality material and eco-friendly practices make these blue sheets worth their price tag. Egyptian Cotton helps regulate your body temperature throughout the night, keeping you cool during summer while still feeling like silk to touch. You can prolong them by washing them in cold water with gentle soap.

So go ahead and buy these Egyptian cotton blue sheets for the best quality there is. At first glance, you will know these are different because our thread count on each square inch lies at 800, which makes it one-third better than the average 250 that other brands use for their sheets.


  • They are comfortable
  • They do not shrink
  • They are fade resistant
  • They are durable


  • They are pricey, which is largely attributed to their construction

Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets Set Queen Blue 

light blue sheets and pillows on bed in trendy room

The bedsure bamboo sheets are made of 100% Viscose derived from bamboo without any added fillers, which is more secure. They wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. These skin-friendly sheets for people with night sweats will give you perfect restful sleep, like never before. 

Smooth, silky texture brings a luxurious feel to your home – wrap yourself in these 100% pure bamboo bedding any time of day or night; indulge your senses with the most soothing bedding set on the market.

Deep pockets and silky bamboo fabric give you the perfect night’s sleep. They have a reinforced band around them for additional gripping power to keep your sheets from sliding off the mattress.


  • They are soft 
  • They are durable
  • They are comfortable


  • They do not feel cool to the touch

Bedsure Queen Bed Sheets

dark blue sheets on bed in moody room

Want a hassle-free set of bed sheets that will not disappoint? Say goodbye to pulling and tugging at your fitted sheets. Never worry about making your bed in the morning. Bedsure’s fitted sheets are engineered for ultimate luxury and thoughtful design so you can save yourself the struggle.

Wrapped yards of stitching work hard to allow this premium fabric microfiber sheet to slide right over any mattress up to 14″ high effortlessly. 

Rest easy knowing when night falls, these bedsure queen bed sheets will surely give you hotel-inspired comfort with their  90″x102″ flat sheets for added warmth on even colder nights. 

With sumptuously soft surface material, no more annoying non-sticky or stiff polyester – drink it all in with ease.  With elegant ruffles and decorative edging exclusive only to them, we’re sure you’ll love coming home time and time again. Snuggle in tight because your bed is the best place on earth.


  • They are made of premium material quality
  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They have an elegant look


  • Some customers have complained that these sheets are not stain-resistant

100% Organic Cotton Queen Light Blue Sheet Set

light blue sheet set and pillows stacked with essential oil diffuser

These sheets are Fairtrade certified. Incredibly soft and durable, they will look good as new wash after wash. Made from 100% organic cotton with such a rich color that your bedspread or comforter does not have to match – these bedsheets can always be the accent of your room. 

No chemicals on these organic bedding items mean you’re free from respiratory irritants like those found in conventional products, which are great for the environment and your health. Hemp and flax fibers on this sheet set offer natural antimicrobial properties: they defend against bacteria & fungus on contact – so load up, we know you’ll love them.

This two-tone light blue set will bring a sense of calm to your day, being slightly more relaxed than white while bringing out the beauty of all shades of blue in your space. Relax with Terra thread home’s blue sheets knowing you’ve contributed to helping our environment.


  • They are environmental friendly
  • They are durable
  • They are smooth and super comfortable

Mosheng Bed Sheet Set

blue sheet set stacked neatly

Brush away those sleep-ruining pesky bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens with these Mosheng bed sheets. These deep pocket fitted sheets with elastic all around, not just the corners like other sheets to fit mattresses up to 16″ deep, will be an excellent addition for your cozy place. It comes with two pillowcases and one matching duvet cover and fits standard, queen, and king-size beds.

This 100% 1800 thread microfiber set is wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant. They also do not pill or ball, which means you never have to worry about them again. An environmentally friendly dyeing process ensures no chemical smell from the fabric, which will keep skin healthy.

Feel confident knowing that there are backup measures to ensure quality assurance. Mosheng maintains their sensible prices by offering an easy return service if you are not completely satisfied.


  • They are fade and wrinkle-resistant
  • They are long-lasting
  • They are comfortable

LIANLAM Queen Bed Sheets

navy blue sheets on neatly made bed

LIANLAM has an ultra-soft double brushed microfiber fabric that won’t wrinkle, fade or stain for your comfort. These LIANLAM queen-size sheets have deep pockets to fit 16-inch mattresses and are resistant to dust mites with a hypoallergenic design. Whether you have sensitive skin or have conditions like eczema, these Lianlam furniture bed sheets will create a healing environment. 

The 14″ deep pockets will fit mattresses up to 16 inches wide, protecting them from dust mites. Lovely LianLam queen blue bed Sheets offer you the tranquility and peace of mind that only luxury can bring: 100% Fine brushed microfiber polyester materials feel soft, smooth, and resilient, much like your favorite cotton without the itchiness or need to be ironed. 

These sheets offer extra softness, fit, breathability, and durability to all mattresses up to 16 inches in depth. Choose the best sleep environment for you and your partner with LIANLAM bedsheets that won’t crack or fade after continual use. Complete your perfect nighttime routine with LIANLAM’s 1800 Series Ultra-Soft double brushed microfiber fabric.


  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They are easy to clean
  • They are durable


  • Some customers have complained that these sheets are extra thin

Lavish Home, Blue Brushed Microfiber Set

blue sheets on bed in clean room

Get the perfect night’s sleep with the Lavish home blue brushed microfiber sheets. The pillow-soft brushed fabric is woven for breathability but has enough durability to withstand wear and tear. These sheets come in a breezy blue color that adds style to your bedroom while providing restful sleep.

Why not relax under your breezy blue sheets, made of breathable fabric that’s soft and comfortable? They’ll stay as warm in winter or cool during hot summers. Machine wash cold with low tumble dry for ultimate convenience; resistance against fading, so they look new forever.

With pockets up to 10″, these fitted sheets keep their shape around any mattress size. Slip in under these soft, comfortable sheets for hassle-free convenience. Get the product’s stylish elegance right in the comfort of your own home.


  • They are durable
  • They match easily with other bedroom decors
  • They are soft


  • Some customers have complained about the color of the sheet.

CGK Queen Size Sheet Set 

navy blue sheets on neatly made bed in traditional room

You deserve a little pampering. Give yourself or your loved one these queen-size sheet sets and never settle for less than the best. These sheets are breathable, always cool by helping you sleep better, super silky soft, softer than Egyptian cotton and organic cotton. 

Best for any room in your house – bedroom, guest room, kids room, RV retrofit beds. And they’re lighter by far with a lighter difference, more significantly softer with a more subtle touch unique to CGK Unlimited sheets. 

You’ll even find these sheets work fabulously on old-fashioned mattresses like spring coils because each of the aforementioned qualities means more comfort, making them also easier on your back.


  • They are soft
  • They are comfortable
  • They are wrinkle-free


  • They are expensive

What Goes with Blue Bed Sheets: How to Style Your Bedroom

Blue Sheets and White Walls

There are many ways to style your bedroom with blue bed sheets, but one of the most popular color schemes is white walls and bright blue. This can make for either soft, delicate feelings in a room or a nautical vibe that\’s fresh at sea.

Sweet and Chic

We recommend using only white furniture and crisp, clean linens for an elegant touch of class! Include a chandelier light fixture as well – it’ll give off just enough shine to transform any space with blues into something truly special.

Coastal Vibe

The ocean is an endlessly fascinating place. It’s not just the salty air that invigorates us, but also all of its beauty and complexity.

Invite some more coastal vibes into your home with pale blue walls and all-white furniture. Top off your space by topping it in stripes for a cohesive look while staying true to its calming qualities.

Navy and White

The clean lines of this room are nicely complemented by the crisp, pure white color scheme. The bedding is all navy blue with accents that mirror what you see on your curtains and sheets – making it simple but not simplistic in its design approach.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Blue Sheets

Consider the Size of the Blue Sheets

Making sure you have the right size of blue sheets before purchasing them is a necessary step. Once they’re out of the packaging, it will be much easier to return any incorrectly purchased items rather than wasting time and energy trying that didn’t work for your mattress at all. 

Be mindful about which product measures are needed based on whether or not one has pillow-top style mattresses as those require deeper pockets, so keep this in mind when buying new sets from now forward. Carrying around an extra set isn’t practical anymore, especially if we want our guests to stay comfy.

Consider the Thread Count of the Blue Sheets

You know when you are in the store looking for a new blue bed sheet, and all of them look alike? Yeah, don’t do that with your blue sheets. 

It’s important to find ones with different thread counts because they will feel differently on each end-up being softer or firmer based on their rating; the higher number means better quality. You can always ask another person who has slept on both types before making any purchases.

trendy modern room with blue bedding

Consider the Material of the Blue Sheets

On a hot summer day, you’ll want to make sure that your bedding is cool enough. That’s why cotton blue sheets are great for those who live in high temperatures because they’re breathable and moisture-wicking – meaning sweat will be absorbed into the fabric instead of being released onto your skin, causing Perspiration Exercising Sickness (PES). 

Suppose it gets too much inside, though, during wintertime when our daily room temperature may dip below 76 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 Celsius). In that case, fleece or flannel might offer better relief from seasonal chill bumps on their own without needing an additional layer underneath like lighter-weight wool clothing does.

Consider the Weave Type of the Blue Sheets

Jacquard weaves and damasks are the most luxurious weaves that can give a bed an opulent feel. These special looms create distinct stripes with every stitch, making them perfect for any bedroom in need or rich manliness.

To complete your look, you’ll also want some simple sateen fabrics with a soft but not durable finish; pinpoint wools (made by weaving two threads over one), percales (utility carpets made from crossed yarns). These three versatile options will help to add color while maintaining their function as well.

Decide Whether You Want Flat or Fitted Blue Sheets

Fitted blue sheets are designed for mattresses. They have an elasticated edge which helps them fit around your mattress and keeps it in place, but flat blue-colored sheets can also be used as sleeping surfaces or just lie on top without needing any fittings at all. 

That means you might not need another set of bedding that takes up extra space in the drawers – so if comfort is what matters most to you, then go ahead with one type only or perhaps mix things up.


The best blue sheets are the ones that have a high thread count and don’t shrink or fade after washing. They should also be made of 100% cotton because it is softer than polyester and other synthetic materials, which can irritate your skin, especially if you suffer from allergies to chemicals. 

To ensure you get what you want, we recommend reading reviews online before making any purchases to know precisely what type of product will work for your needs. We hope this blog post has helped answer some questions about buying blue sheets.

We recommend the 100% organic cotton queen light blue sheet set because it’s durable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

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