Best Boho Comforter Ideas For Adding Bohemian Touch To Your Room

I love boho. Since I set up my own home, I included elements of this eclectic style in all of my rooms. It is fun and vibrant, and each item I choose has a story to tell. 

When it came to decorating my guestroom, I instantly knew I wanted more boho. So I went with a boho-inspired theme. I wanted a great boho-style comforter to become the focal point of the room. I started browsing online, getting the lay of the land of comforters, and I was astonished by how many boho-themed comforters and duvet sets are out there. 

While this was great and I had a huge range to choose from, I wanted to be sure I bought something that would offer me value for money, a great design, and that something special. I also didn’t want to spend all of my savings on just a comforter as I had a whole room to decorate too.

As I worked through the many options, I began to create a guide for myself to keep track of what I saw, what I was interested in, and why. Ready to go shopping with me?

Sneak Peek

slightly messy taupe and neutral comforter on bed

I really love a base-color comforter as I can then mix and match to create my own unique boho experience. Because of that, and due to the great quality of the SexyTown pom pom comforter, I ended up going for this option as my overall best boho comforter.

Best Boho Comforter Buyer’s Guide and Selection Criteria

A buyer’s guide lists what the buyer wants, giving them a checklist of items so they can calmly and objectively shop. Our eyes are great at getting sucked in by temptations, and the two biggest temptations are looks and price. Often, these two elements can be misleading, so you should consider the whole buyer’s guide, just as I did. 

Consideration One: Design

Also known as “looks,” you want a pleasing comforter to look at. It needs to have great eclectic design elements or textures, fabric layers, and artistry to make it a great boho comforter. 

While considering the visual appearance, you should also keep in mind what other décor items you have. Would it go well with that blue Ming dynasty vase you inherited from your granny? Can this textured boho comforter go well with the leather woven rug you bought at the outdoor spring market? 

Remember, the comforter is part of the décor scheme. It isn’t the only item in that scheme. 

Consideration Two: Quality

white and yellow boho comforter with small patterned details

Very importantly, the quality of the comforter is something to keep in mind. If the seams are going to pop or the filling lumps to one side, you won’t like the comforter much. I know from experience to look for the following markers of quality:

  • High thread count
  • Boxed seams
  • 100% cotton or a high percentage blend (although I have found some amazing 100% polyester comforters before)
  • A high loft count filling or a quality fiber that will retain shape
  • Manufacturer’s guide to washing (or not washing) the comforter

Consideration Three: Rating 

Other consumers are often the best way to see if a comforter is worth it or not. These are real people who have ordered, received, and used the comforter I am looking at. Their review or star rating gives me a real idea of what to expect from an online purchase. 

Often, a customer review may help me buy a bigger comforter if the cut is a bit small, but the quality is still good. The information from buyer reviews and ratings can also help me understand what to avoid. Some comforter manufacturers may indicate a comforter is washable, but then it ends up lumping. Knowing this, I can prepare and avoid washing it, choosing to rather take the comforter to the dry cleaners. 

Consideration Four: Cost

Okay, so I’m not a trust fund baby. I work for a living, and I want my money to be spent wisely. Cost is not about the cheapest comforter I can find. Rather, cost means I want to know I get my money’s worth. While I will happily pay a bit more, I need to know that I am going to get good use for my investment. 

I don’t mind spending a bit on quality and style, but this is also a guest room comforter, so I don’t want to walk past that room daily and feel resentful that I spent a fortune on a comforter that I won’t be using for myself. So, I want to find that balance between what I can pay and want to pay. 

Consideration Five: Care

grey patterned boho comforter with artwork above bed

This is something to really keep in mind. If the comforter you choose is quite elaborate, you may end up paying quite a fee to have it cleaned at professional dry cleaners. Some comforters don’t even recommend being cleaned with dry cleaning or washing (which begs the question of how you are supposed to clean these!). 

A big consideration is how I keep the comforter clean and hygienic. If it’s washable, I want to know how, what temperature, and how often I can wash it. This may be something I need to glean from the customer reviews as manufacturers often don’t share this bit of information. 

Knowing the comforter I am looking at buying is care-friendly is a big bonus, and it can help make your life a lot simpler. 

Boho Style Explained

For those who have been living under the proverbial fashion rock, boho is a style that has taken the world by storm. It isn’t a new style, though, as it has its origins in the French Revolution. The original idea behind boho was to combine elements, layers, and decorative arts to make a new and exciting style that amalgamates all the different styles used in making up the décor scheme. 

Creating a boho style is not difficult, but it can quickly go wrong too. Layering decorative elements does not translate to lumping everything you can get your hands on together into a chaotic end result. Instead, the boho style works best when you find a few base colors to unify everything with. 

I like to start with two to three base colors. Good color combinations are brown, gray, and red, or white, tan, and sky blue. Neutral colors are popular, but you don’t have to go boring. Adding in one or two vibrant spice colors can really make the room pop. 

Once the colors are sorted, you can begin layering elements. I like to add a great comforter for the bed, pick up the tones or design elements, and then add in shawls that I drape, shams, scatter pillows, and luxurious sheets—the result: a bed that feels like an adventure in sleep. 

How to (Not) Ruin a Comforter

multicolored and multipatterned boho comforter and pillows

You are about to buy a great boho comforter, and it may cost you quite a penny (or not if you want to opt for a more cost-effective option). What you don’t want to do is make the mistakes that ruin a comforter. Avoid doing these:

Don’t Store in Plastic

Your comforter is a “living” thing. It breathes. Therefore, you should never store it in a bag. Storing a comforter in plastic will lead to unhealthy smells forming, the filling lumping, and the fabric pulling unevenly. As soon as my comforter arrives in the mail, I air it out. If it’s a sunny day, even better. I drape it flat over my washing line, fluffing it regularly and turning it over every 20 minutes or so. 

When I have to store the comforter again, I prefer to bundle it on my linen cupboard shelf or place it in a cotton pillow casing. 

Keep It out of the Sun

Okay, I know, I just said to air it in the sun. In this instance, I am referring to those lovely rays of sun that bake down on your guest bed day in and out. Over time, the comforter will fade or bleach in the area where the sun falls—the result: a comforter with a tan. 

I suggest using a voile curtain or lace curtain to diffuse the sunlight or close your curtains when the midday sun is strongest. This will add years to your comforter’s life. 

Don’t Sleep on It

Comforters are made to sleep under. When you sleep on them, you reduce the lift of the filling, and your boho comforter will soon become an oh-no comforter. If you do need to sleep on your bed during the day and don’t want to make up your bed, then make sure you roll the comforter away, using a fleece blanket for warmth instead. 

Don’t Eat on It

womans hand holding a bowl of oatmeal in lap

While you can wash most comforters, you want to limit this as much as possible. Each wash will reduce the comforter’s color and life expectancy. Instead, only wash your comforter when you need to. If you are going to be eating on your comforter, you may need to wash it more often. A careless wine spill or pizza fingers can quickly result in the comforter being washed weekly, which is not ideal. 

Don’t Wash or Dry Without Information

Comforters are high-quality but delicate items. You shouldn’t wash your comforter unless you have the right equipment and time. Washing should be correctly done, and drying needs to not only dry the outer but also the comforter inner. 

If you carelessly stick your comforter in the wash with your towels and other bedding, you are asking for disaster. A quality comforter also can’t be dried by pinning it to the laundry line with your other washables. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a lumpy one-sided comforter if you do this. 

Ways to Care for Your Comforter

Caring for your comforter should always include consulting the manufacturer’s care instructions. If it is washable, it will probably be only in lukewarm or cool water on the mildest setting of your machine. Since a comforter is basically a giant sponge, you would also want to add a little laundry detergent as possible. 

While some sources claim that adding half a cup of white vinegar or a couple of tablespoons of salt to the wash will help prevent color fade, I can’t vouch for that. Instead, I recommend that you wash your comforter all on its own. If you are worried about color fade or bleeding between two color block areas, then use cold water wash only. 

When you place your comforter into the machine, it is a good idea to roll it into a ball. This helps to reduce pilling and helps even out the comforter. If the comforter is washed while folded, you will end up with lines where the filling has separated. 

Drying your comforter should be done with a tumble dryer on the lowest setting. This will take time, so be patient. While the comforter is drying, you need to time it. Every 20-30 minutes you need to open the dryer, take out the comforter, fluff it, give it a good shake, then return it and continue drying. I also like to add some clean tennis balls to the dryer as this will help bump out any lumps that may be forming. Wool balls also help. 

Now you know what to look for, how to care for it, and just what makes a great boho comforter idea, let’s go shopping!

7 Best Boho Comforter Ideas

Best Neutral Shade Boho Comforter Set

taupe boho comforter with pom pom detail

If you are venturing into boho, then going neutral is a safe bet. You can add vibrant colors and textures to really bring that old-world feel that is so sought-after with boho. The SexyTown Pom Comforter Set Queen Size, Ultra Soft Warm Bed Comforter is a real winner. It offers comfort, great textures, and an ideal base for the whole boho look you are creating. 


  • Available in five colors, ranging from white to light peach pink, and dark sea green. 
  • Pom pom edge adds an interesting detail
  • Matching pom pom edged pillowcases included
  • 100% stone-washed polyester microfiber
  • Good thermal control
  • Iron-free
  • Cross-stitched inner to prevent lumping or fill shifting
  • Coldwater machine wash 
  • One happy customer said that this comforter is “like sleeping with the clouds and love”


  • Not recommended for a pet-friendly home
  • Some customers note that it isn’t really oversized enough for a plush look
  • With plain color, the comforter can stain easily due to spills

What I liked about this comforter was the soft and fluffy feel. It was a great base layer for my boho look. With loads of plants and detailed shams and scatter pillows, it was a great option. For a guest room that doesn’t get used all the time, this is a fabulous option. 

Most Colorful Boho Comforter

multicolored and multipatterned boho comforter

Boho is colorful, and if you are unsure of which colors to use, then choosing a colorful boho comforter is a great way to bring in some color while giving yourself accent points to pick up.

The Nanko Comforter Set Queen Size, 3pc Boho Red Blue Colorful Retro Striped Pattern Print 88 x 90 inch Reversible Comforter Microfiber Duvet Sets Bedding Bohemian Exotic Modern Farmhouse wins as the most colorful comforter. With vibrant turquoise, red, and orange shades, the print is high quality and will help open your door into boho magic. 


  • Made from soft-touch brushed microfiber
  • Good climate control
  • Comes with alternative cover anchor tabs if you want to use this as a duvet inner
  • Set includes two pillow shams
  • Some customers reported the comforter has a removable outer shell


  • Some customers indicated that they only received the outer shell like a duvet cover
  • Fabric is somewhat thinner than some customers expected, but the quality is soft
  • Not suitable for pet-friendly homes

This colorful boho look can help you begin the layers of your bedroom décor. With a colorful starting point, you can focus on singular colors from the comforter that you can accent in matching tones for a balanced look. 

Top Mandala Print Comforter Set

grey boho comforter

The Mandala Comforter by GoodArtUk on Etsy is a great design choice for a mandala-printed comforter. When it comes to boho style, the mandala print is a firm favorite. While this is a plain black, white, and gray print, the reverse side is available in a range of colors for that splash that will brighten the room. 


  • 100% organic cotton sateen
  • Sateen finish for softness
  • Printed with sublimation technology 
  • Summer comforters are available at a fill of 80g/m2 siliconized filling
  • Winter comforters are available at a fill of 200g/m2 siliconized filling
  • Comforter comes with two pillow covers
  • Matching curtains can be ordered 


  • Winter comforter is not quite geared for cold weather as the fill is less than 300g/m2
  • Some customers remarked that the stuffing is not sewn in place, causing it to move around
  • Not 100% wash friendly as the stuffing does lump somewhat

I truly liked this comforter set. The print was high quality, and I enjoy the visual impact it has on the room. Matching the look with colored or textured tie-backs for the curtains and a few woven scatter pillows allows for the introduction of other boho elements. 

Best Textured and Patterned Boho Comforter Set

ivory and netural toned boho comforter with textured design

The Admir Ivory Standard Cotton 200 TC Traditional 3 Piece Comforter Set is a classic take on the layered, patterned, and textured look of boho culture. With a great overall design, this is a good option for a guest room where you don’t want your guests to feel too overwhelmed by an eclectic style. 


  • Includes two pillow shams
  • Textured geometric pattern
  • 200 thread count
  • 100% cotton
  • Sustainably sourced materials 
  • Machine washable
  • Available in three colors, ivory, blush, and gray


  • The inner lacks some lift, making for a flatter comforter
  • Lower thread count can lead to pilling 
  • Colors are not quite like shown in the sales picture 
  • Air dry only as the filling is heat sensitive 

I really liked the feel and look of this comforter set, but at the price point, I wanted it to also include the decorative pillows. Overall, this is not a bad comforter set to choose for a guest room. If this was for my main bedroom, I would want the thread count to be at least 300 to ensure durability, but for a guest room where it won’t see as much wear and tear, it should be fine. 

Best Value Boho Comforter Set

blue and white striped boho comforter with pom pom details

With a full set included with the comforter, this is a real value for money deal. The Aadhya Standard Cotton Comforter Set is a real winner, offering value at a great price. The set includes the comforter, two pillow shams, and two decorative pillows. 


  • Available in three colors: blush, gray, and navy
  • 100% cotton (clipped jacquard) 
  • OEKO-TEX certified and free from harmful substances
  • Lightweight polyester filling 
  • Machine washable
  • Trimmings are well-attached


  • Sizing is somewhat smaller, and buying a larger size may be a great idea
  • Pillow shams don’t always match with the pattern

This comforter set is really cute. The clipped jacquard is soft and adds a nice touch to the overall appearance. The inner stays put thanks to the great sewing and design, which is a big plus. 

While I don’t know how this comforter will hold up to repeated washing in the long run, it does seem to be fairly good quality and sturdy enough. It breezed through that first wash and dryer session. Just be sure to use cool water and a low cycle for the dryer. With regular fluffing during the drying cycle, the comforter remained soft and airy. 

Best Patterned Boho Comforter Set

blue and black patterned boho comforter

Choosing a mandala pattern is an obvious boho choice, but you can just as easily opt for the more traditional patterns such as a Moroccan tile design. The Dehaan Microfiber Reversible 7 Piece Comforter Set has a great design with a Moroccan tile look that made me instantly think of the ancient backways of Marrakech. 


  • Great value for money as this is also a bed-in-a-bag
  • Set offers comforter, sheets, dust ruffle, and two pillow shams
  • Available in three color combinations: blue and chocolate, white and black, and gray (I recommend the blue and chocolate)
  • Comforter is reversible 
  • Machine washable 
  • 100% polyester microfiber for added softness


  • Sheets are somewhat thin, but this is no problem for a guest room
  • Some customers complained that the comforter became lumpy after the first wash, but this is easily solved with wool balls or tennis balls in the dryer to beat the lumps back into place

Some customers reported the cut to be a little snug, so you may want to opt for a bigger size than you need. Having read the reviews, I opted for a bigger size, and I didn’t regret it. The final fit was way more accommodating of my queen size bed. 

At the price, this comforter is a good buy, even if the sheets won’t be a long-term investment. Luckily, those are easily replaceable, and if you use them for a guest room as I did, then you won’t be washing them as often, so they should last longer. 

Most Stylish Boho Reversible Comforter Set

reversible purple toned boho comforter

Having a reversible comforter is about being able to change up the décor scheme by simply flipping over the comforter or folding back an edge for variety. The Amherst Boho Comforter Set 5pc – VCNY offers a stylish reversible feature. 


  • 100% microfiber polyester for softness
  • Paisley design on one side with abstract leaves on the other
  • Inclusive set with two shams and two decorative pillows
  • Two-color options: blush and gray, and multi-color
  • 250 thread count for a lightweight comforter that offers some tensile strength
  • Machine wash and tumble dryer safe


  • Customers noted that the cut is a bit small, so a larger size may be a good idea
  • Can be hot due to the polyester filling, so suitable for cold climates mostly
  • Colors are a little brighter than they appear on the sales image
  • Filling can lump when not correctly washed

This is a wonderfully eye-catching design, and I loved the way the comforter draped over the bed. I usually buy a larger comforter for extra luxuriousness, so I was happy with the way it covered the bed. The reversible comforter artfully creates décor options for a vibrant room.

The Final Comfort

Whichever your room style is, your bedroom needs to be a place of warmth and great expression. The boho style is all about expression, and by using color, texture, layers, and unique world culture elements, it is possible to really go to town and let your vibe show. 

A great comforter that fits into your boho-style room is an incredible investment. And if you are unsure about the different design elements, then opting for an earthy-hued comforter that meets the basic design requirements of boho is a safe choice. 

I can add in textured pillows to help make things more exotic, and even if I happen to have my stuffy in-laws over, I can tone things down again by packing away my global and cultural decorations. It’s a win, win, and I am sure you will enjoy this basic boho comforter as much as I have. 

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