How to Find the Best Dog Weighted Blanket [2022]

Did you know that more than 70% of dogs display some form of anxiety? While we may think that troublesome thoughts are limited solely to humans, researchers reveal that our canine companions can feel nervous, agitated, or even depressed right alongside us.

Since the original weighted blanked debuted in 1998, these comfy accessories have grown to encompass much more than home decor. As functional as they are beautiful, they’re also effective soothing mechanisms. The weight from these blankets is scientifically proven to help induce feelings of calm and tranquility, which can combat our anxious racing minds.

You may already know how powerful a weighted blanket can be, but have you considered if your furry friend could benefit from one, too? Today, we’re sharing how to find the best dog weighted blanket so you can wrap your four-legged buddies up in the cozy comfort they deserve.

Why Do You Need a Dog Weighted Blanket?

cute dog on couch under a blanket

A weighted blanket is a special type of blanket that’s filled with a variety of materials. When laid across or on top of someone, it can induce a relaxing effect on the user. This sensation is achieved through a process called Deep Touch Pressure, or DTP.

Designed for therapeutic purposes, you can find these in many different styles and designs. Some of the most popular types of fillings include:

  • Plastic poly pellets
  • Steel shot beads
  • Glass beads
  • Sand
  • Rice, beans, and grains
  • Rocks and river stones

While the above inserts are ideal for humans, most weighted dog blankets are filled with non-toxic PVC pellets only. Other than that, they’re made nearly identical to ones that you’d put on your own bed. The outer shell of a weighted blanket can be made from cotton, flannel, fleece, or another soft material.

Have you noticed that your pup has been acting a little more irritated lately? There are many ways our best friends can let us know that something’s bothering them. A few of the most common anxiety-related traits in canines include:

  • Heightened sensitivity to noises
  • Shaking or quivering
  • General fear
  • Fear of certain surfaces
  • Fear of heights
  • Aggression
  • Lack of attention
  • Impulsivity
  • Compulsive behavior

While these can be attributed to a range of factors, one of the most prevalent ones is separation anxiety. In short, this occurs when your pup feels isolated and alone. It’s especially common in pets who are left alone for long stretches of time while their owners are at work.

Dogs who suffer from any type of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can also show similar symptoms. If your dog was a rescue pup or experienced any type of abuse before entering your home, it’s not uncommon for them to act jumpy or nervous, even if they’re safe now.

Certain breeds will display these traits more than others. For instance, rough collies and mixed breed dogs are more prone to exhibit fears of heights and surfaces. At the same time, smaller-breed dogs like miniature schnauzers are more likely to demonstrate aggression than some of their larger counterparts, including Labrador retrievers.

When you lay a weighted blanket across your dog, it has a similar effect on them as it would on a human. The extra weight feels like getting a hug or being swaddled, which can help them feel less alone. In addition to relieving their stress and anxiety, it can also help them sleep more soundly at night.

As they relax under the weight, their bodies begin to release feel-good hormones, including serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals initiate in their brains and then travel throughout their body, calming their nervous system and helping them de-stress.

How to Find the Best Dog Weighted Blanket: Key Features to Look For

blankets folded stacked and wrapped in ribbon

Are you ready to start shopping for your beloved furbaby? As a pet parent, you know that there’s arguably no height you wouldn’t scale to keep your pet safe and comfortable. That’s why it can be overwhelming to survey the sheer number of weighted dog blankets on the market.

Below, we’ve shared some top features to consider as you begin your research. Prioritize the ones that are important to you and use this list to help guide your selection!

Non-Toxic Materials

If your pup is restless one night, then you may be tempted to cover them with your own weighted blanket to offer some reassurance. While this is a generous thought, it could do more harm than good. Rather than letting your blanket pull double duty, it’s best to go ahead and buy one that’s made especially for dogs.

Why? You want to make sure that it’s filled only with non-toxic materials. As mentioned, non-toxic PVC pellets are a go-to choice that you can feel good about. Non-toxic glass beads are another great alternative.

As far as the outer layer goes, look for a material that’s soft but durable. If your pup has sensitive skin, then you should also double-check that the material won’t cause unwanted irritation. In general, 100% cotton is a fine material that washes well, lasts for a while, and doesn’t cause agitation.

Pellet Distribution

Have you ever watched a dog “make” its bed? In addition to being the lengthiest nighttime routine on the planet, it’s also one of the sweetest. This strategy involves pawing at covers and blankets until they’re arranged in a precise, cozy manner, and then sinking into them for sleep.

If you plan to use a weighted blanket with your pup at night, consider how much wear and tear it will encounter. Even if it’s not lying underneath their body, they’ll still scratching, picking, and stretching the fabric at every turn.

For this reason, look for a manufacturer that sews the interior pellets into little pockets, rather than simply opening the blanket on one end and adding the filler.

This way, you can prevent the pellets from shifting around as your doggie tosses and turns. This keeps the weight uniform so it can deliver its full effect. Reinforced stitching also helps ensure that the inner parts of your blanket stay where they should be. Otherwise, they could break free and spill out, which could create a choking hazard.

Colors and Sizes

You need a dog weighed blanket that’s both attractive and practical. After all, this accessory will likely be on full display in your bedroom or living room, and you want to make sure it coordinates with the rest of your furnishings. Once you’ve found a color range that you like, it’s time to make sure that the blanket is available in the sizes that you need.

While this isn’t usually an issue for most pet owners, you may encounter some roadblocks if your pup is especially small (think Teacup Poodle) or enormously large (think Great Pyrenees). Most manufacturers will clearly list the dimensions of their blankets so there’s never any question about the size.

A blanket that’s too big or too small for your dog won’t deliver the intended benefits. The same goes for one that’s too light or too heavy. To be effective, it should be suited specifically for their weight range.

Ease of Maintenance

You may not want to think about your pup having an accident or making a mess on their new blanket. Yet, the reality is that these spills can happen. For that reason, you need a weighted blanket that you can easily spot treat and clean. This means that finicky materials such as linen or silk are out!

If you really want to protect the blanket, then look for models that come equipped with an extra leak-proof lining. This way, the interior of the blanket will not become compromised, even if the outer shell gets wet. If you anticipate that you’ll need to clean yours frequently, then look for ones that you can pop in the washing machine as required.

Extra Design Features

A basic dog weighted blanket will serve its purpose and keep your dog feeling snug and secure. However, there are some that come with extra amenities that make them just a little more efficient. One example is a locking hoop mechanism. These blankets feature durable hoops on each corner that allow them to fit onto your dog’s bed.

You may also prefer a blanket that’s been designed in partnership with a veterinarian or animal trainer. These usually contain special materials, such as hypoallergenic covers, and are specially formulated to deliver optimum DTP.

Breed-Specific Safety Considerations

several different dogs of various breeds altogether

While these coverings can be ideal for many pups, they aren’t for everyone. For instance, does your pet suffer from any type of respiratory issue? If so, then the weight of a heavy blanket could be too restricting. This especially applies to dog breeds that have characteristically flat faces, such as Pugs and Bulldogs.

These dogs tend to have short noses and a compact skull architecture, both of which can lead to breathing difficulties. Experts also believe they may have a genetic mutation in their DNA that makes them more prone to respiratory symptoms.

If your buddy has any type of shortness of breath, it’s best to skip these blankets and look for other soothing mechanisms instead. From exercise and physical contact to massage and even music therapy, there are plenty of ways to bond and relax together!

4 Top Options For Dog Weighted Blankets

Now that you know the top features to look for, it’s time to start shopping! There are plenty of online and brick-and-mortar retailers that offer specialty products designed just for your pampered pooch. Reference the features above and think about which ones are most important to you.

As we shopped for the top five options to share, we looked for those that shared a few main criteria. These include:

  • Affordable price point
  • Strong five-star reviews
  • Various size options
  • Ease of maintenance

The dog weighted blankets detailed below all offer incredible quality and durability. Browse these options to narrow your selection and help you choose the right one!

Pawfect Blanket Weighted Dog Blanket

collie dog on bed under blanket

Pawfect Blanket is a line of blankets made just for pets! In addition to the Pawfect Blanket Weighted Dog Blanket, you’ll also find premium play blankets, waterproof blankets, reversible throws, and much more!

We love this blanket for its super-soft, minky texture. Thicker and more plush than cotton or fleece, this fabric is designed to hold up against years of use, and won’t cause skin issues or allergic reactions. It’s also water-resistant and repels droplets with ease. A breathable, pure cotton layer beneath it adds an element of temperature control.

The weight in this blanket comes from noiseless, hypoallergenic glass beads, which are evenly distributed throughout. A third microfiber layer surrounds the beads and adds an extra degree of protection and plushness. It also keeps the beads from leaking out of the blanket.

The best part? The removable cover is 100% machine washable and cleans beautifully in cold water. Choose from a small, medium, or large size in three colors: brown, gray, or yellow. The measurements to follow are:

  • Small: 24″ x 32″ x 0.5″: Two pounds, designed for dogs under 30 pounds
  • Medium: 32″ x 40″ x 0.05″: Four pounds, designed for dogs under 60 pounds
  • Large: 40″ x 47″ x 0.5″: Six pounds, designed for dogs over 60 pounds

Right now, a small blanket is just $44 on Amazon! The medium is $49 and the large is $54.

The Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep Original Blanket

ulta soft small brown dog weighted blanket

Manufactured by The Dog’s Balls, the Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep Original Blanket is an Amazon bestseller, with more than 500 positive ratings.

Covered in ultra-cozy vegan fur, these round blankets have a 1.5″ pile that’s hard to beat and impossible to leave. The material offers excellent heat retention and unbeatable comfort, but it’s rugged enough to use on the go. Try bringing it along in the crate, kennel, or even the pet stroller!

The Sound Sleep Original Blanket doesn’t just feel great to the touch. It’s also completely reversible and machine-washable for convenience. Plus, the faux fur dries quickly so your pup is never without their precious cover for too long!

One of the best parts about this blanket is the wide variety of color options. You’ll have seven to choose from in this collection, including chocolate brown, ice white, and rose pink, among others!

Size-wise, there isn’t a small option, so this is a blanket best reserved for medium to large-breed dogs. There are no weight-specific measurements listed, but the dimensions are as follows:

  • Large: 28″ x 42″
  • Extra-Large: 38″ x 54″

Canine Coddler The Original Weighted Dog Blanket

cute brown dog wrapped up in blue blanket

The Canine Coddler advertises as a Dog Anxiety Relief Specialist. While many brands on our list also sell a plethora of toys, treats, and other pet accessories, this company has one singular focus: to help calm dogs of the anxieties that ail them.

In addition to Canine Coddler The Original Weighted Dog Blanket, the Amazon storefront also offers other products to relieve stress and anxiety in dogs, including special pet-friendly essential oils and calming chews.

This light blue blanket is made of a durable inner blanket, covered with a removable, machine-washable cover that’s super soft to the touch. Instead of glass beads, this model uses non-toxic PVC pellets to add weight. Those pellets are sewn into pockets to prevent them from sliding around or bunching up in the corner.

To keep things simple, Canine Coddler offers two blanket weights, as follows:

  • Small/Medium Dogs: Five pounds, designed for dogs under 50 pounds
  • Large Dogs: Seven pounds, designed for dogs over 50 pounds

Both blankets measure 36″ x 48″. Each one features a 100% money back guarantee, and a portion of all sales goes to help underprivileged families cover their vet bills.

Carrot’s Den Weighted Dog Blanket

cute fluffy dog wrapped in grey blanket with bone pattern

The Carrot’s Den Weighted Dog Blanket is made of a silky soft mink that any pup will adore. The material is similar to fleece, but feels much thicker and softer. In addition to that durable outer cover, it also includes an inner blanket made of 100% cotton. This blanket ties to the outer cover to prevent slippage.

The cover itself is one of the cutest we’ve seen, featuring a light gray background and sweet white line drawings of doggie bones, hearts, and paw prints!

Unlike some blankets, both covers are easy to clean in the washing machine, though the manufacturer recommends cleaning the inner layer less frequently. Like the Kya Pet Products blanket, you’ll also find a seven-layer design with this model. The innermost portion includes hypoallergenic glass microbeads, sewn into separate pockets (3.9″ x 3.9″ each) for uniformity.

You can choose from a small or medium blanket, both sized at a universal 36″ x 48″. Weight dimensions are as follows:

  • Small: Three pounds, designed for dogs under 30 pounds
  • Medium: Five pounds, designed for dogs over 30 pounds

If you need extra weight for a larger dog, then Carrot’s Den recommends folding the blanket over onto itself. Likewise, you can unfold it to decrease the weight.

Find the Best Dog Weighted Blanket Today

You’d do anything for your pup, so it’s hard to see them anxious. Whether it’s a sudden scare or they’re suffering from a long-term condition, there are products that can help.

Now that you know how to find the best dog weighted blanket, you can start shopping for the perfect way to soothe your little barker. Keep their size and weight in mind, and look for a hypoallergenic one they’ll feel comfortable snuggling under each night.

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