12 Best Down Comforter Covers For Quality Sleep [2022]

Down comforters have you counting geese instead of sheep, and you won’t believe how much better you sleep. The best down comforter covers will help you protect your “geese,” making your comforter last longer; choosing the right one is about fabric quality and possible home care.

The last thing you need to worry about is design because covers come in countless designs and colors. I can get lost in searching for the best covers, but what matters to me is that they’re in the same quality league as a down comforter while I’m still able to clean them at home. Dry cleaners can be expensive.

Counting geese is about chasing a dream; it’s not about chasing geese, which I should say bite like little demons. You might say that dry cleaners bite you as hard as those aggressive birds, but when it comes to my top picks, I’ve made sure every cover is an ode to the bird that flies you into dreamland.

My favorite one is an Egyptian cover that matches my comforter’s quality, and it’s not rocket science keeping it like-new. You’ll also find some helpful tips about keeping your quality covers in tip-top shape.

woman relaxing sitting in bed on phone

The Benefits of a Down Comforter

Before finding the best cover, you should know why you must own a down comforter if you don’t have one yet. Other than feeling like you’re wrapped in the comfort of feathers, drifting into a realm of calmness where you invent dreams, you’re also benefiting in these ways:

  • Down comforters are breathable and lightweight (reducing body moisture and perspiration)
  • The feathers offer consistent and evenly spread filling
  • You don’t feel weighed down, but you’re warm enough (it’s a bonus in winter)
  • Down comforters don’t clump (if you wash and dry them correctly)
  • They help you sleep better
  • The fill is biodegradable, eco-friendly, natural, and compostable
  • They’re soft enough to make anyone feel cradled in the arms of a cloud
  • Down comforters are durable enough to last 15 to 20 years if you care for them properly
  • They range from affordable to expensive

Bonus Advantage: Everyone knows down comforters keep you warm, but not everyone knows they also regulate your body temperature, meaning you can use them all year round if you buy an all-season comforter. Down is one comforter filling that can warm you up and cool you down, and another cooling fill is wool.

Why You Should Cover Your Goose

Whether you’ve invested in a goose or duck-down comforter, the fact remains that it’s a quality piece of bedding you should look after. The benefits are far too great to treat your geese like anything but gold. Keeping your down comforter protected from everyday life is the number one reason to cover it.

Down comforters are washable, but you don’t want to put them through a rigorous wash every week. Having two sets of covers is the best way to avoid overworking the feathers. Firstly, it takes longer to dry than a regular comforter, and secondly, washing comforters every week isn’t always possible.

Using a cover keeps your comforter in the best shape for years, and you get to change your covers weekly, always keeping your bedroom fresh and clean. Using a down comforter without a top sheet or cover will make unnecessary work you can easily avoid. Moreover, your bed will have a new design each week.

How I Pick the Best Covers

Fortunately, washing a cover is a simple task, no matter which fabric you use, but choosing the right fabric for a down comforter is the holy grail of protecting your fill. Some materials are more challenging to wash at home, so my top picks will include the best fabrics for home care and comforter protection.

Some fabrics I’ll include in my best comforter covers are:

Cotton and linen are better for warmer weather, but flannel is a great option for cooler months. The different weaves of cotton can also be used in varying climates. For example, brushed or jersey cotton weaves are better suited to cooler months, whereas sateen, sheen, percale, or silky cotton weaves are better for warmer months.

Bonus Tip: The cotton fabric also comes in thread-count variations, but you don’t need to worry too much about it. Some covers are made from long-staple cotton, which means their thread count will be lower, but they’re still quality covers with desirable softness, durability, and breathability.

Best Down Comforter Cover: Number 1!

Washed Cotton Comforter Cover

Washed dark grey comfoter set on bed in cozy room

The Washed Cotton Comforter Cover is my favorite because it matches my criteria for an excellent cover while also having the bonus of being available in various shades of gray. Color experts Pantone chose ultimate gray and brilliant or optimistic yellow as the color combo of 2022, and it’s the most fetching modernity right now.

The comforter cover is also made of washed cotton, which is slightly more durable than regular cotton. Should you not want the gray option, it comes in various colors, making this cover a versatile choice for any bedroom. The double zipper closure also makes it easier to change the cover when you wash it.


Fabric: Cotton (washed weave)

Colors: Charcoal gray, dark gray, light gray, smoke gray, white, yellow checkered, blue checkered, coral pink, gray checkered, gray dot, mustard yellow, taupe, silver-gray, and yellow.

Style: Modern

Closure Type: Double zipper

Sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Items: An illuminated yellow flannel fleece throw and two funky yellow throw pillows

Best Feature: The color potential is impressive, but the washed cotton is also highly breathable


  • The gray options are solid colors (but it works well to match them to other decors)

Best Down Comforter Covers: The Runners Up

The runners-up aren’t less prevalent in my books than my first choice. Choosing my number one was about setting the color-combo of 2022 apart from the other options, but I love all the coming covers. Most people have two comforter covers to change from time to time.

I have more than I’ll admit, and you can have as many as you want, especially if you love changing your decor as much as I do. The reasons for change are countless. Maybe you want a different color, or you might use other fabrics by season. Either way, you’ll find a few great options among the runners-up.

Emberly Tufted Comforter Cover

Taupe Patterned 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set on bed

The Emberly Tufted Comforter Cover is a texturized choice with a jacquard embroidered pattern for that extra feel of elegance and comfort. It almost feels French-country, and it would easily match most solid-pattern throws, pillows, and sheets. This comforter is a multi-dimensional beauty in most bedrooms.


Fabric: Chenille cotton (tufted weave)

Colors: White ivory and taupe

Style: French-country and farmhouse

Closure Type: Button and corner ties

Sizes: Full, queen, and king

Season: Fall and winter

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: Adding swing wall lamps above your headboard would give more dimension to the jacquard pattern, making it feel like a welcoming space

Best Feature: The texture adds dimensions, making it look sleek and sophisticated


  • The cover might shed in the first few washes because of the tufted pattern

Luxurious Aqua Comforter Cover

Linen Light Blue 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set on bed rendering

The Luxurious Aqua Comforter Cover is a beautiful choice for minimalist bedrooms where you don’t want your bed to feel too busy. Sometimes, a quieter or peaceful space promotes better sleep. The pastel-like color is also easy to match with most other lighter yellow, pink, and green shades.


Fabric: Celine linen (silky and soft feel)

Colors: Aqua

Style: Modern, minimalist, and chic

Closure Type: Buttons

Sizes: Twin, queen, and king

Season: Warmer months

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: Add a black sheet to emphasize the minimalist feel of the bedroom while contrasting the pastel-like aqua color

Best Feature: The comforter cover is hypoallergenic, breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and fade-resistant


  • The light aqua color gets messy quickly

Country Vibes Comforter Cover

Patterned Cotton Duvet Cover Set on bed

The Country Vibes Comforter Cover is a step away from the plain covers I shared because not everyone loves solid shades. The asymmetry of the geometric patterns on this comforter cover is beautiful. The bold yellow jumps at you, while the subtle integration of stripes, dots, and triangles on the front of the cover is pleasing.


Fabric: Organic cotton (plaid weave)

Colors: Geometry plaid yellow, spring bloom white, marble blue, white gray checkered, squared plaid gray, fall leaves gray, and blue flower

Style: Country, farmhouse, and chic

Closure Type: Zipper and corner ties

Sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: A plain, light green percale weaved sheet to accent the yellow

Best Feature: Breathable and certified 100% natural cotton


  • You can only match such a boldly patterned cover with solid colors (furniture, sheets, pillows, and throws)

Dakota Comforter Cover

Southwest patterned Yellow Standard Cotton 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set on bed

The Dakota Comforter Cover is a gorgeous and sophisticated addition to your bedroom. It has a robust earthy feel, and it would match well with other neutral and earthy colors. It feels mature and elegant, and the embroidery centers the cover on your bed, calling you to visit the space you most desire: dreamland.


Fabric: Cotton (plain, muslin weave)

Colors: Yellow with brown and beige embroidery

Style: Modern and rustic

Closure Type: Buttons and corner ties

Sizes: King

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: A beautifully hand-woven area rug will fit into the room if you\’re going rustic

Best Feature: The cover is a lint-free, wrinkle-free, non-pilling choice


  • It only matches well with other neutral and earthy colors (some bright red or orange shades are also earthy tones)

Waffled White Comforter Cover

Black and white moodern bedroom vignette with clean white bedding

Admittedly, you must be brave enough to have a white cover over your down comforter, but the Waffled White Comforter Cover is reserved for you if you have no kids, pets, or tendencies to get into bed without clean feet. No color bedding looks more elegant and sleek than white, but it comes with a caution.


Fabric: Cotton (waffle and percale weave)

Colors: White (yikes!), cream, and gray (thank goodness for small miracles)

Style: Minimalist and contemporary

Closure Type: Buttons

Sizes: Queen and king

Season: Cooler months

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: Almost anything goes with white, but I love this red throw because it adds that touch of refined personality to your bedroom

Best Feature: The comforter is unexplainably soft, and it\’s wrinkle-free and breathable


  • The light color can become messy before you wipe your eyes out

Royal Black Comforter Cover

Black comforter set on bed

On the opposite side of the sleek white lies the Royal Black Comforter Cover with all its boldness and finesse. Black is another color that matches nearly everything, and it won’t get messy as fast as white. Black is also a modern color trending among more than those who wear gothic clothing.


Fabric: 550 TC Cotton (sateen weave)

Colors: Pure black (gorgeous!), blue, beige, chocolate, gold, navy, ivory, burgundy, white, taupe, sage, gray, lilac, and periwinkle (yes, that’s a color)

Style: Modern, minimalist, and chic

Closure Type: Buttons

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: Again, black is versatile, but hotel-quality Frette sheets amplify your elegant bedroom style

Best Feature: The cover can be washed at home and uses long-staple combed cotton for exceptional softness


  • Black feels gothic and dark to people who don’t know how popular it is in modern home designs (but the comforter comes in various colors)

Mountain Reversible Comforter Cover

buffalo check plaid red and black bedding with bear print on pillow

Moving away from the solid colors again, the Mountain Reversible Comforter Cover is an exceptionally cozy option. Why do we enjoy farmhouse interior styles? I feel comfortable, at home, and relaxed when surrounded by what reminds me of a peaceful ranch in the West. This comforter cover does that for me.


Fabric: 180 TC cotton (percale weave)

Colors: Scarlet and black

Style: Farmhouse, rustic, and countryside

Closure Type: Buttons

Sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king

Season: Cooler months

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: Keep it simple by accenting one color, such as using red bedside lamps with the scarlet cover

Best Feature: The cover is reversible if you want a solid black or scarlet option


  • You can’t match the cover to any linen, pillows, or furniture with patterns

Modern Plaid Comforter Cover

Blue and taupe checkerboard plaid comforter bedding set

The Modern Plaid Comforter Cover is another beautiful farmhouse choice, but it can also be used in contemporary designs. It’s a lightweight cotton cover that feels like kisses against your skin, and it’s far easier to match to other decors in your bedroom. You can choose the accented colors but stick to solid colors again.


Fabric: Organic cotton (plaid weave)

Colors: Lattice 1 (blue, beige, and white) or lattice 2 (white, light gray, and dark gray)

Style: Contemporary, farmhouse, rustic, and countryside

Closure Type: Zipper

Sizes: Twin, queen, and king

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover, 1 decorative pillow, and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: The boxed area rug fits the lattice 1 color if you’re brave enough to turn your room into a modern, geometrical space

Best Feature: The cover is hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free, ultra-cozy, and breathable


  • You can mostly match the accent colors, but you can’t add additional colors

Modern Simplicity Comforter Cover

Brown and Black Modern Bedding set on bed

The Modern Simplicity Comforter Cover reminds you that eccentric designs, wild patterns, and elaborate accents aren’t always necessary to create a beautiful, peaceful bedroom. This cover is also hotel-quality, and it’s opulent, easy to match, and grounding. Feeling grounded is one way to drift into dreamland.


Fabric: 300 TC cotton (sheen weave)

Colors: Taupe (grounded feel), white, linen, gray, chocolate, and blue

Style: Contemporary and rustic

Closure Type: Buttons

Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: It would look incredible with rustic bedside cabinets if that’s the style you desire

Best Feature: You can match the solid pattern with any of the two colors of the cover, and it has a higher thread count for extra durability and softness


  • The covers look plain until you match them to something rustic or contemporary

Feminine Flair Comforter Cover

Beige Comforter set on bed with pom pom details

Some comforters feel more feminine or masculine than others. The Feminine Flair Comforter Cover is a gorgeously tufted option for women who want that hint of glamor in the bedroom. The hand-curated pom-pom design is girly enough but also not overdone. You can also easily match the neutral hues.


Fabric: 180 TC cotton (sheen weave with pom-pom tassels)

Colors: Taupe and white

Style: Chic, contemporary, and minimalist

Closure Type: Buttons and cover ties

Sizes: Full, queen, king, and California king

Season: All-weather

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: A brown tufted headboard would accentuate the cover design for women who also want that contemporary flair

Best Feature: The cover is reversible and machine-washable (even with those pom poms)


  • It’s certainly better for a feminine bedroom (unless your partner doesn’t mind being your cheerleader)

Egyptian Navy Comforter Cover

Bedding with White and Dark Blue stripe print

The Egyptian Navy Comforter Cover is an incredible hotel-quality cover for men again, but you can use it as a woman. Blue is a versatile color, but I thought men deserved one dedicated to them because of the girly one I shared at number 11. This cover has a serene feel and blends well with other blues, grays, and yellows.


Fabric: 500 TC Egyptian cotton (sateen weave)

Colors: Blue and white, coral, Brooklyn blue, blue navy, Kellar yellow, aqua, and light gray (colors for men)

Style: Contemporary

Closure Type: Zipper and corner ties

Sizes: Twin, queen, and king

Season: All-weather but better in warmer months

Included: 1 cover and 2 pillow shams

Matching Item: The white and blue nautical color option will look great with gray sheets

Best Feature: The cover is reversible with watercolor prints, and the Egyptian cotton is remarkably soft


  • Your matching options will be limited to the pattern and colors you choose

Best Tips for Keeping Your Cotton Covers Like New

Covering your goose is about protecting the longevity of your comforter. Still, you also need to keep your covers looking good, especially cotton, Egyptian cotton, Siberian cotton, and linen. Some covers are wrinkle-free, but you’ll need to know the secrets of keeping all your covers clean and smooth.

Washing Egyptian or other premium types of cotton with these steps will ensure your quality bedding stays optimal:

  1. The best temperature for Egyptian cotton or other luxury fabrics is to wash them at 40° Fahrenheit on a delicate cycle. Don’t use the cotton or linen cycle because these are for clothing items, and they’ll rip your premium bedding apart. Your washing machines should have a delicate cycle and temperature control.
  2. You can either use no detergent when washing your linen or use delicate products for white or lighter bedding and Woolite Darks for darker covers. Get products that are anti-fading, stain-removing, and color-enhancing.
  3. You don’t need to add fabric softener, but if you want that fresh smell on your comforter covers, you can use delicate softeners like Frey Natural Liquid Fabric Softener. Don’t use powdered products on your cotton covers. You can also use Molly’s Natural Dryer Sheets if you use a dryer.
  4. Premium kinds of cotton should be air-dried when you can, but you can also use a dryer at a low temperature if you need to. Always throw a tennis ball into the dryer to help absorb the moisture faster for a shorter cycle. Don’t dry it completely if you intend to iron your cotton covers.
  5. Take your slightly damp cotton covers out of the dryer or off the washline, and use a second piece of dry cotton over the covers before ironing them at a low temperature. The second piece of cotton prevents burns, and it helps you keep the hot iron from pressing directly on your covers.

Recommended Alternatives: When Geese Can’t Fly

Many people still believe down comforters are reserved for colder climates, but that’s not true. Most of them are capable of regulating your body temperature and keeping you cool in warmer weather. You also benefit from reduced perspiration. However, if you’re looking for something completely “warm-minded,” try these:

  • Twin weighted blankets
  • 20 lb weighted blankets
  • Affordable Target weighted blankets
  • Heated weighted blankets
  • Affordable Walmart weighted blankets

Maybe you don’t want cotton comforter covers because they seem a little pedantic. In that case, you can consider other fabrics to cover your down comforter. Two other fabrics are commonly used, and they’re a little easier to keep fresh and clean. They also come in a broader range of designs. The two options are:

woman sleeping comfortably in cozy bed

Best Down Comforter Covers: Final Wrap

You might say I love my goose-down comforter too much, but I’m okay with that. I also have a weighted blanket, but I prefer the lightweight feel of feathers helping me drift into a realm where dreams come true. I’m not into weighted comforters, and I use my feathered beauty most of the time.

I also love that it doesn’t clump as much as microfiber comforters and lasts thrice as long. I cherish my down comforter enough to slip it into quality covers made from Egyptian cotton with beautiful weaves, even if it takes more energy to keep them clean. Trust me; I change my covers enough to be able to complain.

I have a variety of colors, but my favorite remains number one because of the color flexibility and the fact that it’s the combo of 2022. Gray is such a versatile color, and yellow just makes it pop. The other comforter covers all fall into my favorite spectrum because they’re home-washable and quality fabric.

If I could give you a final piece of advice, it’s this: get yourself a down comforter today, and make sure it matches the quality of the inner. You’ll still be thanking me in 20 years.

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