Best Faux Fur Comforter Ideas For A Good Night’s Rest [2022]

Faux fur is one of those fabrics for comforters you do not see very often. Quite a shame, because they are amazing! They have a lot of advantages over some other more classic fabrics sleeping comfort-wise, and they give a completely different vibe than regular comforters. This article is all about introducing you to these amazing duvets – the other word for comforters – and help you pick one that is amazing.

Why is getting a great (faux fur) comforter so important? There are a couple of good reasons for that. First of all, there is no place on earth where you spend more time than the small space that is your bed. You spend about 40% of your life in bed, so being comfortable is pretty important to make sure you have a good night’s rest. A comforter that is just perfect for your bed and body is going to help you sleep.

Sleep is extremely important for your health. It affects just about everything. From your muscle repair to your neurological functions. Getting a night of good sleep will help your body stay fit and healthy. A duvet that helps you sleep better and deeper is a great tool to have in your life and one of the best investments you can make.

Since a faux fur comforter can last for about 15 to 25 years – meaning it will touch your skin for a total of 5 to 10 years! – doing a bit of research isn’t a bad idea at all. In this guide, I am going to explain to you exactly what a comforter is, why they are important and the different fabrics you choose from besides faux fur, and how they all compare. 

At the end of the article, I am going to recommend to you some of my picks, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions about comforters, both faux fur and normal ones. 

What is a Faux Fur Comforter? 

Let’s start out with what a comforter in general is. A comforter consists out of two separate parts. The first is the pouch or sack. The second is the filling, which is also called the down.

The pouch can be made out of faux fur, but also cotton, microfiber, satin, polyester, and many other materials. The pouch is what is going to touch your skin if you do not use a cover and is going to determine a lot of the features (softness, breathability, insolation) of the comforter.

grey faux fur comforter on unmade bed in cabin room

The fillings of the comforter are another very important component. They are going to determine the weight and insolation of your comforter. They also play a major part in how warm or cold your duvet will be in the winter and the summer. 

Getting material for the pouch and filling that is perfect for you is going to have a major influence on how well you will sleep. So try to consider all the pros and cons. No worries, I will go into them in-depth! 

What Should I Take Into Account When Picking Out my New Comforter? 

Allergies and Hygiene

As I mentioned at the start, you spend up to 40% of your day in bed, and the comforter you are picking will last up to 25 years. So that is going to be 10 years of that comforter touching your body. 

You will need to make sure you pick a comforter that does not cause you to sweat too much and one you have time to clean and take care of. You do this by picking a comforter that is not too warm and one that can be washed easily if you do not have the time. If you sweat a lot or you live in a very warm climate, buying faux fur might be a bad idea unless you pick a light and cooling filling. 

Allergies are also a major point of importance when you consider a new comforter. Faux fur is hypoallergenic, so that means you (probably) won’t be getting an allergic reaction like red skin or an itchy feeling when you use it. 

Quality of Sleep 

Having a comforter that is the right size and the right weight will definitely help you sleep better. This is going to have a major effect on your health. So you will need to make sure you pick the right one. Sleeping is going to improve your concentration, memories, and athletic performance. 

The fabrics, the fillings, and the climate are all going to have an effect on your sleep. So make sure you take this all into account. I will help you as much as I can to make the right choice and also give a couple of my expert recommendations. 

What are the Fillings I Can Choose From for my Faux Fur Comforter?

Overall two fillings are most often used with faux fur. However, one of these is much more prevalent than the other. Synthetic filling is used for the large majority of faux fur comforters. This is since these kinds of comforters try to avoid using anything that comes from animals. So the second kind of down (another word for fillings) the geese and duck feathers, are pretty rare to see. However, there are some on the market so I will discuss it anyway in this chapter. 

Synthetic Filling

This is by far the most common filling for faux fur comforters. Another word for this is regular down. These are synthetic fibers – often made from polyester – that are used to fill up the comforter. This is a lot cheaper than duck and geese feathers and is very easy to clean. The only downside to it is that it does not insolate as well, however, faux fur is really good at insolating, so it evens out. Another major advantage of synthetic filling is that it is very durable. You can easily wash it in the washing machine on the maximum setting and at a high temperature. Overall, the synthetic filling is a great filling to pick. It is cheap, easy to clean, and pretty light. 

tan faux fur comforter draped over chair

Duck and geese feather

This is made from real feathers. So this is going to be a lot more expensive than synthetic filling. There is a massive price difference when you shop for comforters with this filling. Most of the time the cheaper filling has not been ethically sourced, so I would suggest you try to avoid this. Geese and duck feathers are very light and insulate your body’s heath very well. It is a great filling to have in the winter. It will keep you nice and warm. However, this is going to be too hot in the summer, so you won’t be able to use this duvet year-round. 

Besides being much more expensive than synthetic filling, it is much harder to clean. You will really need to take care of the filling and not wash it with very hot water. 

No matter the filling you pick for your faux fur comforter, you will also need to pay attention to how thick it is. A comforter with a synthetic filling that is twice as thick as one with a filling made of geese and duck feathers, is going to be warmer. You should also take into account the weight of the comforter. Some people dislike one that is too light. 

Getting a Faux Fur Comforter: Why (not)? 

So you are in the market for a faux fur comforter, or you are not sure yet if you should pick one above another fabric. Faux fur duvets are not that common, so it might be interesting to give you an overview of what is the good, the bad, and the ugly of these kinds of duvets. 

Durability – Faux fur is made out of synthetic materials. These last a lot longer than organic materials like silk or real fur. They are also pretty forgiving if you do something like wash it in the washing machine on a high setting. If you take care of your duvet made out of faux fur it can last somewhere between 20 and 25 years. 

Price – A faux fur comforter is pretty cheap if you compare it to the real thing. If you compare it to for example cotton and polyester, it is a bit more expensive. However, the prices really are all over the place since it is a pretty niche product. You also pay quite a bit for the design.

dark grey faux fur comforter material

Feeling – A faux fur comforter feels really soft on the skin. Since most of the other comforters are smooth, and this one is kind of like fur. So you can not really compare the feeling. It does feel really soft, however, some people think that it itches too much or feels distracting. So I would make sure you like the fabric before you commit to buying one. 

Warm – Faux fur is really warm. It insulates pretty well and since it is a synthetic fabric it does not breath like cotton for example does. That means it is going to get pretty hot under the sheets and sweat odors and bacteria will develop if you do not wash it often enough. 

Unique – Not many people have a faux fur comforter. So it is a pretty unique part of your bedroom and gives a certain style to the room. This can be a pro or a con. This really depends on the rest of the decor of your room and the design you pick. 

Faux Fur Versus Other Fabrics

Faux Fur vs Cotton

Cleaning – Faux fur is a lot easier to clean than you might think. While regular fur is really hard to clear, faux fur is completely different. You can easily wash it in the washing machine, and you can use the highest setting too. Since the fabric is synthetic is won’t use its softness. Cotton, while organic, is also pretty forgiving and becomes softer if you wash it. There isn’t a lot of difference between the two in cleaning them time investment-wise. 

Durability -Both these are going to last for decades if you take care of them. While fur does lose a bit of the hair and cotton loses color after a while, they remain perfect from a function point of view. If you aren’t too rough with the materials, faux fur and cotton can last up to 20 years. 

Price – Faux fur can be pretty expensive. You are definitely paying a premium for the design. There also isn’t as much supply as cotton sheets have. This all adds to the price of the faux fur comforters. Cotton is a lot cheaper than faux fur so make sure you take this into account for your budget. 

Insolation & breathing -Cotton does not breathe very well, however faux fur is even worse in that aspect. Faux fur also insulates the body a lot more than cotton does. A faux fur comforter is a very good duvet for the winter. Cotton is also a great pick for the winter. Out of the two, I would prefer cotton. It is just a little colder during the winter, but you can still use it in spring and fall. A faux comforter would be too hot on some days during those seasons. 

Feeling – Cotton feels pretty rough when you first use it, but after a couple of washes, it gets softer. The faux fur is going to be soft straight from the beginning. The feeling of faux fur and cotton against your skin is quite different, but faux fur is the softer of the two. However, some people do not enjoy the feeling. It can be a bit itchy too for some. 

Faux Fur vs Real Fur

Cleaning – While both look very much alike, cleaning them is night and day. You have to be very careful while cleaning real fur and use special products. You will probably have to dry clean it or do it by hand. Faux fur is very easy to clean. You can use a lot of products and you can just throw them in the washing machine. 

Durability – Real fur comforters are more for show than for use. You can use them, but they start to look less shiny and new after just a couple of years. The hair also starts to fall out quite soon. A faux fur can last for decades, even if you are pretty rough with it. So it is a much better investment. 

faux fur comforter on bed with faux fur walls

Price – While faux fur is pretty expensive. Real fur is much more expensive. The price is just not worth it, as it is very hard to tell the two apart both looks and feels wise. Depending on what fur you pick, the price can be many times that of faux fur of equal quality. 

Insolation & breathing – Fur does isolate a bit better than faux fur. It also breaths better. However, that does not matter that much, the difference is pretty minor overall. You will have to find something else to use as a comforter in the summer if you live somewhere where the climate is hot. 

Feeling – Depending on the brand you bought, the feeling is going to be very close. While fur does feel somewhat softer and ‘real’, it is really minor. You will not notice the difference when you are going to sleep if you buy a high-quality faux fur comforter. 

Faux Fur vs Satin

Cleaning – Cleaning faux fur and cleaning satin could almost not be any more different. Faux fur you can throw in your washing machine and put it on the highest setting and be done with it. Satin you sometimes have to wash by hand or dry-clean it. So satin is going to take you a lot more effort maintenance-wise. 

Durability – Satin is not going to last as long as faux fur will. Even if you take great care of it. Faux fur will last you about 20 to 25 years. Satin on the other hand will last only up to 15 and that is if you take great care of it. So you will need to take this difference into account if you are planning on buying satin. 

Price – Satin can be very expensive depending on the quality and if it is silk satin. Faux fur is not as expensive (in most cases) but it does come close. If you take designer faux fur for example of very high quality, it will cost about the same price as satin.  

Insolation & breathing – Satin is a lot cooler in the summer and is perfect for that season. The fur on the other hand will be way too hot during the summer so I would advise you to avoid using it then. You can always buy satin and a faux fur comforter. The faux fur will be perfect for the winter and when that gets too hot you can switch to satin. 

Feeling – Satin is very soft, even more so if you have bought a high-grade silk satin comforter. Faux fur is very soft too, but it does not feel silky smooth. The difference is of having both against you while sleeping is very different. I prefer the feeling of satin, but faux fur is in no way unpleasant. 

These Are My 3 Best Faux Fur Comforter Ideas 

Since I realize, it can be very hard to find a perfect comforter on your own, here are some faux fur comforters ideas you can use as inspiration. All three of these that I recommend are high quality and affordable. So if you have no idea what to pick, any of these three is going to be a safe bet. 

Smoofy Faux Fur Comforter Set Queen 

grey faux fur comforter on bed in clean room

What I Like About This Comforter

  • The faux fur has a very soft feeling on the skin and feels really comfortable. 
  • The comforter feels light and is not too warm in the spring due to it being quite thin
  • It is made out of quality materials, that will last you a long time
  • Definitely a fair price for the quality faux fur you are getting

What I Do Not Like About Comforter

  • It is machine washable, however, you will need to wash it in cold water and in a separate bag not to damage it
  • The comforter is too thin 

Wajade Faux Fur Plush Rainbow Comforter Set

rainbow colored faux fur comforter on bed

What I Like About This Comforter

  • Made out of very high-quality material that feels very soft on the skin
  • Very easy to wash, you can just put this in the washing machine turned inside out in cold water
  • The filling is very nicely fixed, so it does not change position and stays at its place

What I Do Not Like About Comforter

  •  I am not a fan of the style of this comforter, it is a bit too flashy for me
  • The price of the comforter is maybe a bit on the high side.

Madison Park Zuri Soft Plush Comforter

blue and white striped faux fur comforter on bed

What I Like About This Comforter

  • Feels very soft and plushy without feeling itchy
  • Easy to clean, can be machined washed
  • Has a very nice design and a soft color that fitness pretty much any design

What I Do Not Like About Comforter

  • Some people say the size is off, and a kingsize is more like a queen size
  • The quality of the faux fur is not so good and it doesn’t feel as durable as the other two

My Final Thoughts About Faux Fur Comforters

Faux fur comforters are a great alternative for the real thing. They are amazing in the winter, and very easy to take care of. They last up to 25 years, so buying a great one from the start is crucial if you are planning to the comforter for a long time. Some of the designs out there look amazing and they really add a bit of style to your bedroom. While it is also made out of synthetic material like polyester it is much softer.

The price of a good faux fur comforter can be a bit expensive. Often you are paying for the brand name or the style of the comforter. The prices can be pretty similar to satin comforters so it won’t be cheap if you choose this style. 

Feeling wise, it is very hard to compare to classic comforters who are all smooth. You can use a cover for the comforter to have the same feeling, but then you are better off just buying a regular comforter in my opinion. 

Faux comforters should not be used in the summer. They do not breathe well and they are a bit too hot. 

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