5 Best Floral Sheets Ideas To Freshen Up Your Room [2022]

Do you dream of going to bed covered in delicate blossoms? Does the idea of sinking into soft, flowery sheets instantly fill you with a sense of calm?

For many, floral sheets are the epitome of feminine comfort. Whether you prefer big, bold blooms or petite buds, you can’t beat the nostalgic and beautiful vibe they deliver.

In years past, you’d have to scour estate sales and thrift stores to find those delightfully vintage sheets you adore. Now, it only takes a few clicks. Many online retailers, including Amazon, have scores of floral sheets available for purchase, suitable for any personal style.

Not sure how to start your shopping spree? We’re here to help. Today, we’re sharing a few of our best floral sheets ideas to help inspire your next sweet slumber.

Why Should You Buy Floral Sheets?

Are you used to sleeping on simple, solid-colored sheets? While these have a certain type of minimalist appeal, there’s no denying that they aren’t exactly bursting with charm. This is especially the case if your bedroom is already toned down and neutral.

If you’re thinking about a change, we’re here to suggest swapping your plain white sheets for a floral set instead! Here are five reasons why it’s time to make the switch.

Liven Up Your Bedroom Decor

botanical sheets on unmade bed

Let’s face it. We’ve been inundated with Pinterest images and home design shows that showcase bare-bones, pared-down bedrooms. To a certain extent, these spaces are serene. They are calm and tranquil, providing a much-needed escape from the chaos of the outside world.

However, these bedrooms are majorly lacking in one key element: personality.

If you can’t let loose and express your personal style in your own bedroom, then you’ll be hard-pressed to do so anywhere else. This is your space to decorate, so lighten it up and splash some color onto it! Floral sheets feature many different hues, so it’s easy to find a set that matches your furniture and accessories.

Embrace Farmhouse Chic

In the past few years, two words have completely overtaken the interior design vernacular: farmhouse chic. An umbrella term that’s come to embody everything antique, rustic, and perfectly patinaed, this style is everywhere.

Thankfully, you don’t have to outfit your entire home in secondhand furniture or signs that read “Farm Fresh Eggs” to get that coveted style. Floral sheets are a fantastic way to add the right amount of throwback appeal.

In the 1960s and 1970s, bedrooms around the country were decked out in all types of florals. During those decades, the pattern wasn’t just limited to bedsheets. It was common to find comforters, pillows, and even window coverings swimming in tea roses or geraniums.

While we aren’t suggesting that you embrace this decor to the extreme, floral sheets are a low-key way to up the retro vibes in a decidedly 21st century way.

Simplify Your Cleaning

Now, let’s talk about a more practical reason to reach for floral sheets: the busier patterns make it easier to mask spills and stains! With a light-colored, solid set, you’ll immediately be able to tell if you spill a little wine in your bed, or if your nighttime skincare products rub off on your pillow.

While florals won’t completely take away your cleaning duties, you might be able to disguise any minor imperfections, at least until laundry day rolls around!

Enjoy a Versatile Style

multicolored floral sheets on twin bed

Sure, florals are feminine. However, they can also be eclectic, contemporary, romantic, or even edgy. If you’re worried that they’ll clash with your personal style, don’t be. You can use floral sheets as the basis of your bedroom decor, and add different patterns, colors, and accessories around them.

They’re an especially easy (and economical!) way to bring color into an otherwise bare-bones space. While minimalist decor is ever-popular, it can look flat and lack personality. Floral sheets are a low-commitment way to add a fun splash of color without investing in long-term changes that you might regret down the road.

Enjoy Budget-Friendly Style

It doesn’t take much money to score a great pair of floral sheets. As mentioned, pre-loved sets are readily available at many secondhand shops and antique markets. However, you don’t have to sacrifice style for cost. Even brand-new sheets are usually economical and easy on your wallet.

Why is this the case? Floral sheets usually have a simple, repeating pattern that’s easier to mass-produce than other, more intricate designs. You can find entire linen sets for much less than you’d pay for a high-end designer motif.

What to Look For in a Set of Floral Sheets

woman reading in bed with blue and white floral sheets

Now that we’ve convinced you to give floral sheets a try, are you ready to start shopping? Before you begin browsing your options, take the time to create a short list of must-have features. This way, you can easily sort through the selection until you find the set that meets all of your criteria.

Thread Count

Floral or not, you want bed sheets that boast a high thread count. This feature measures the number of threads woven into one square inch of the fabric. It includes both warp threads that run along the length of the fabric, as well as weft threads that run side to side.

In general, the higher the thread count, the better quality your sheets will be. Usually, you can find this number right on the package, and it’s also listed in online item descriptions. Most of the time, sheets with a higher thread count will also feel softer and more supple. While you can find many high-quality sets in the 200 to 800 range, some luxury sheets boast a thread count of 1,000 or higher.

Coordinating Colors and Patterns

When picking out a set of floral sheets, be sure to keep your current (or future) color scheme in mind. How is your bedroom decorated and do you plan to keep that same aesthetic? Or, are you thinking about changing up the entire look based on the sheets that you buy?

Ultimately, your bed linens should coordinate with the rest of the decor in the room. While they don’t have to match it exactly, look for patterns or designs that incorporate other colors you’re already displaying in the space. For instance, if you’ve decorated in greens and golds, then look for floral sheets outfitted with sage green vines, delicate daffodils, or even yellow roses.

Fiber Content

Do you prefer the natural softness of 100% cotton? What about t-shirt sheets that feel as familiar and comfortable as your favorite hoodie? Then, there are silk, satin, and sateen sheets that offer a cooler and more lightweight texture.

If cotton is your go-to fiber, then you can elevate the look by opting for Extra-Long Staple (ELS) cotton. Common types include Egyptian or Pima varieties. While they are usually softer and more durable than their standard counterparts, keep in mind that these sheets may also come with a higher price tag. For a cheaper alternative that\’s equally soft but easier on your wallet, look for a cotton/polyester blend.

Correct Fit

You could buy the most beautiful floral sheets in the world, but if they don’t fit your bed, then they’ll spend their whole lives tucked away in your linen closet. To avoid this fate, be sure to measure your mattress before you buy.

As you do, remember that many standard sheet sizes, such as queen or king, don’t take into account the range of different mattress depths. If your mattress is particularly tall, or if you’ve heaped a special topper on it, then you’ll need to look for extra-deep fitted sheets that can accommodate the extra height.

Best Floral Sheets Ideas: Top Options

Most brick-and-mortar department stores and home decor marketplaces will have different styles of floral sheets for sale. However, it’s infinitely easier and quicker to shop online! When you browse the internet, you can enjoy instant access to a massive collection of sheets designed to meet every type of style. Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite sets, all available on Amazon!

Amazon Basics Pink Mini Floral Sheets

purple and white sheets with small floral pattern on bed

Amazon Basics is an excellent source for all types of home essentials. In this online store, you can browse everything from home improvement tools to back-to-school gear. The items are durable, dependable, and highly rated.

If you need a new set of floral sheets, then check out this Amazon Basics Pink Mini Floral Set. Made of lightweight microfiber, these sheets are deliciously soft but strong enough to last.

Available in sizes from Twin to California King, each set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases. The polyester microfiber material is refreshingly easy to care for and washes well in the machine. Plus, these sheets are made in an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, which means the facility follows strict safety and environmental safety protocols.

Featuring a light pink background with small, dark pink blooms and deep green stems, this set would look right at home in a little girl’s room but could also be dressed up for a perfectly feminine primary bedroom, too. Right now, a complete Queen set is only $19.99.

Linen Market Floral Patterned Sheet Set

4 Piece floral sheet set in packaging

There’s something so timeless about tiny flowers dancing across a crisp white bed sheet. You can find them on this Linen Market 3-Piece Sheet Set. The Soft Floral Pink pattern is sweet and sophisticated.

One of the best parts of shopping from this brand? You’ll have a range of different floral designs to choose from. If you don’t love the Soft Floral Pink option, then there’s also a cornflower blue variety. These would be ideal for a guest room or even a little boy’s bedroom. If neutral vines are more your preference, then take a look at the Burst Of Vines pattern, which is available in gray, light blue, and navy.

Looking for a truly bold motif? The Blossom Light Blue set is bursting with personality. Check out those big lavender-hued blossoms and that lemon-lime trellis!

The items are made of 100% double-brushed microfiber, and each set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheets, and two pillowcases. Currently, a Queen set costs $24.45.

Amrapur Rose Printed Bed Sheet Set

cream sheet set folded with pink rose pattern

Nearly 5,000 reviewers can’t be wrong. The Amrapur Microfiber Sheet Set is divine. These 100% microfiber floral sheets are available in two different color options: Rose or Blush.

Each set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Due to the ultra-soft microfiber, they feel like high-thread-count sheets that you may expect to find at a luxury home goods store. Plus, the discreet floral pattern is simple and understated enough to work in any bedroom.

If your mattress is a little on the taller side, then you’ll appreciate the extra-deep fitted sheet, which accommodates mattresses up to 18 inches deep and features elastic all the way around. You can snag a Queen set today for just $19.99!

Ruvanti 100% Cotton Floral Flannel Sheets

yellow floral sheets on bed

Think florals are only appropriate in the summertime? This gorgeous set proves that they can work in any season! When the weather gets a little cooler, swap out your airy microfiber sheets for Ruvanti 100% Cotton Floral Flannel Sheets.

While you may associate flannel with excess heat, these sheets will keep you warm without being as stuffy as traditional flannel bed linens. This is because they’re made of 100% double-naped cotton.

This means that the material was brushed on both sides, for a super-soft feel. While polyester is usually too thin to withstand this process, cotton flannel is not. In addition to making the sheets softer, double naping also helps the flannel resist piling, which is a common complaint of those who prefer to sleep on flannel sheets.

As a result, these sheets feel velvety smooth to the touch and are designed to keep you comfortable all year round. Each set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Due to the extraordinary quality of these sheets, the price tag is a little higher. Right now, a Queen set costs $49.99.

Bedlifes Flower Patterned Printed Bed Sheets

multicolored floral sheets on bed

Are you looking for a floral design that’s less sweet and more modern? If you’d prefer bright and bohemian blooms, then the Bedlifes Flower Patterned Printed Bed Sheets are for you!

The Spring Flower pattern is unabashedly bold, decked out in shades of coral red, deep teal, and burnt orange. The blooms themselves are far from the tiny buds we’re used to seeing on other sets. Rather, they’re full-fledged flowers, with stems and leaves attached. The result is a gorgeous pattern that evokes the feeling of walking in a summer garden bursting with color and life.

If this look is a little too adventurous for your taste, then you can tone it down a little by shopping the other floral sheets available from the Bedlifes brand. The Purple Floral set is simpler and more solid, anchored by light purple blossoms set against a dark plum background. There’s also an Elegant Flower set that features the same pattern but in shades of blues and greens.

Each set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Made from 100% microfiber, the sheets are breathable, wrinkle-resistant, and easy to maintain. A Queen set of the Spring Flower pattern is currently just $29.99, with an extra 5% coupon available!

Freshen Up Your Bedroom With The Best Floral Sheets

Few experiences are as peaceful and tranquil as strolling through a garden at the height of its blooming season. If you want to recreate this feeling at home, then floral sheets are a great idea. For less than $50, you can transform the look and feel of your bedroom, turning it into the calming oasis that it was always meant to be.

When you’re ready to browse your options, check out some of our best floral sheets ideas for inspiration. Most online retailers, including Amazon, have generous and easy return policies if you need to send anything back. Then, lie back and admire your handywork!

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