12 Best Full XL Sheets With The Finest Quality [2022]

The best way to end a long, hard day is by going home and curling up in bed with your favorite sheets. The only problem is that many people don’t know how to choose the right ones for their mattress size. 

After relentless searching, we found the best Full XL sheets. They are soft and breathable while remaining durable and leakproof. These sheets come in a variety of colors to match your bedroom decor.

In this blog post, we’ll go through what you need to know about different sizes of XL sheets so you can pick the perfect set for your needs. Our review features the best Full XL sheets in terms of weight, durability, and price.

Best Full XL Sheets: Our Top Picks

Bare Home Full XL Sheet Set

grey pillows resting on grey bedding

Go ahead, slip into the softest tonight. These Bare Home Full XL sheets with infinite stretch and durable elastic ensure a comfortable sleep experience from top to bottom. This sheet set is made from the finest quality microfiber yarns hydro-brushed for an unbelievable soft feel that lasts. 

Extra deep pockets grip and fit mattresses up to 15” – so they embrace your bed for ultimate adjustability, prolonging the life of your sheets with every turn of a sweat. 

Plus, their unique proprietary fabrication is lightweight and airy – perfect if you’re always running late in life’s mad dash. Snuggle up at night as you dream about all those little luxuries waiting for you when you wake up tomorrow.


  • They are not stiff, and they don’t wrinkle
  • They are available in many colors
  • They are durable


  • Some customers have complained that the sheets are a heat trap

SGI bedding Full XL Bed Sheets

white pillows resting on white sheets

Check out these 100% Cotton SGI bedding Full XL  sheets crafted with love. They will fit your bed perfectly so you can relieve tension in no time. 

Additionally, the fabric is sanforized (pre-shrunk), mercerized, and bio-polished, making it incredibly soft for even the most sensitive skin. The comfort never stops with these perfectly fitted cotton pillowcases that won’t leave your neck sore after a restless night of sleep on any surface. With SGI Bed Sheets luxurious material, you will be able to see what life’s like living easy every night. You deserve it, don’t you?

These cotton sheets will ensure that your restful night’s sleep experience is top-rated. They’re affordable for everyone to enjoy a luxurious feeling of softness and comfort that SGI bedding provides you with.


  • They are available in multiple colors, which will easily blend into your bedroom theme.
  • Luxuriously soft
  • They boast a 600 Thread count


  • Some customers have complained that it is not pure Egyptian cotton.

Bare Home six pieces Full XL Bed Sheets

grey sheet set and pillows

We believe that you deserve to enjoy quality sleep every night. Give your bed the perfect snug fit with these six pieces Full XL bed sheets. Designed for those looking for premium comfort and style, these incredible cotton sheets will be sure to soothe away any stress or tension from a long day. 

With a 15″ deep pocket on the fitted sheets & 54″x80″ dimensions, these sheets are designed for people of all shapes and sizes. Not only is the color palette excellent- available in over 200 different shades- but it also has been hand-picked by award-winning designers to reflect beautiful colors throughout your room that promote restful sleep moods. 

Don’t just purchase another addition of cheap sheet sets online. Invest in an item that will truly serve you for a long time.


  • They are stain and fade resistant
  • They are long-lasting
  • They do not have any chemicals and dyes.


  • Some customers have complained about the color not matching the color shown.

Full-XL Sheets Extra Deep Pockets

neatly folded grey sheet set

They say that home is where the heart is, and in your bed, these Full XL sheets with extra deep pockets will give you a comfy place to lay your head at night.  

Luxurious 100% long-staple cotton 500 thread count Sheet Set includes an 85-inch x 102 inch flat Sheet, 54-inch x 80 inches +15inches fitted Sheet, and two standard pillowcases of 20-inch x 30 inches. All materials are Oeko-Tex certified, so when you go to sleep at night knowing you’re lying on healthy cotton fabric quality. 

Add comfort with all-around elastic stretch up to 15 inches deep and the premium cotton guaranteeing bed sheets for maximum comfort. With a 500 thread count, it is very durable.


  • Available in many shades
  • Boast a 500 Thread count
  • Have an all-round elastic that allows stretching


  • Customers complained that the sheets wrinkled after washing.

Dawn 4-Piece Microfiber Sheet

orange and white tie dyed sheet set and pillows

The Dawn 4-Piece microfiber sheet is excellent for cozy sleepovers, children’s bedrooms, and rental properties. Add a touch of style to your bedroom with these 100% microfiber sheets that offer all the comfort you need. From soothing blue waves to retro tie-dye prints (and everything in between), there’s something perfect for every taste and every room. 

The soft baby pink color adds an extra touch of class while offering affordable luxury at a great value. These four pieces include one flat sheet and two pillowcases, so your bed is sure to look fabulous no matter what colors or patterns you choose. With four inches of the hem on all sides and generous pocket depth, this set fits just about any standard mattress set effortlessly – even large ones.

These soft microfiber sheets are durable with an extensive collection of colors, patterns, and prints—perfect for any bedroom from contemporary to country cottage! You can add anything from cute blue chevron sheets to tie-dyed ones in black and white. Just pick your style and enjoy your peaceful nights in total comfort.


  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They are easy to clean- machine washable
  • They are available in numerous colors, prints, and patterns


  • They may not stretch enough to cover large mattresses.

Sheet Set Full XL Size 100 % Cotton Sheets 

grey striped sheet set

We love to yawn, stretch, and awaken – and so will your family. Start your morning with a luxurious complete cotton bedding set. With 100% long-staple cotton sheets, you’ll notice the difference as they become softer and more comfortable than ever before. 

Cotton is the best way to catch those zzz’s even on weekday mornings because quality matters most when it comes to dreaming sweet dreams. 

Sleep tight knowing that the high-quality fabric would stand up to anything you throw at it sometimes – think spills, machine mishaps, or just old age creeping in.


  • They have durable fabric and construction.
  • The color options are sure to match your room’s theme
  • They are machine washable


  • They are a bit pricey

800 Thread Count Sheets Full XL Size

white sheet set stored in pillowcase

You’ll love your new  800 thread count cotton sheet set fully stocked with beautiful, premium cotton bedding. With its high thread count of 800, this luxurious set is soft to the touch and has a sleek four-inch hem on fitted sheets and pillowcases. 

Add in the flat sheet that stretches up to 15 inches deep, and you’ll have no trouble sleeping soundly through the night. It even includes two beautifully made pillowcases so you can take care of everyone’s pillows while you’re at it. 

Don’t wait any longer for what might be the best Valentine’s Day or Christmas gift idea yet: these high-quality sheets are discounted just for today.


  • They boast an 800 thread count
  • They are thick and durable
  • Very soft and comfortable


  • Considerably pricey

Dreamfoam Bedding Full XL Brushed Microfiber Sheet Set, Charcoal

neatly folded grey sheet and pillowcase

Dreamfoam’s brushed microfiber sheets are perfect for casual comfort with quick and easy care. They come in different shades of charcoal, deep gray, ivory white, periwinkle blue, steel blue, pinkish orchid green, among others, to suit diverse color preferences. 

These made-of-premium-materials linens provide superb protection against abrasion.  Well known for memory foam cushions and pillows, Dreamfoam believes you deserve comfy bedding made from the finest materials. The lightweight construction doesn’t slow down the breathability.  

We also carry high-quality featherbeds that give additional loft when needed without all the irritation associated with feathers. Dreamfoam bedding products are made with high-quality materials so you can have peace of mind knowing that not only do they last longer (wrinkle-free, stain-free), but they’re also easy to clean because you don’t even need bleach. Sleep like royalty for less.


  • Lightweight
  • Made from premium and durable materials
  • They are easy to care for; machine washable


  • Some customers complained of poor stitching

Full-XL Size Bed Sheets Set by Nestl – Deep Pocket 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set 

neatly folded and stacked orange sheet set

Dearest Sleeper, have you had enough of thin, soft sheets? Don’t sweat it because you can now get the beautiful quality of these deep pocket XL sheet sets by Nestl. And wait till you hear this. Each full-sized bed sheet set includes one fitted sheet that’s up to 54″ x 80″, plus two pillowcases, each 20″x30″. 

Make your bedroom feel like a luxurious hotel suite with these new sheets. They are ridiculously comfortable, and the best part is they work on mattresses up to 16 inches thick without any problem at all. Say goodbye to restless nights because stretchy elastic all around will keep everything smooth and snug tightly in place through the night for a wrinkle-free look every morning.

These sheets are designed to make sure you wake up feeling great, without any sagging to ruin the experience. Stay on top of quality with these sheets by Nestl that come in an unbelievably soft fabric that will never disappoint you.


  • Easy use and care
  • Boast superior fabric quality
  • Luxuriously soft and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic

Full XL White Millerstown Extra Deep Microfiber Fitted Sheet

persons hands putting sheets on corner of bed

Experience the latest in bedding technology with the unique Hydro-Brush process for exceptional silk-like softness. The Full XL white millerstown extra deep microfiber fitted sheet will put an end to sheet corners popping off by morning with its 18-21 inch pocket. 

Ensuring your sheets are always warm, even during the coldest winters, allows for optimum sleeping comfort on chilly nights. Thanks to these breathable microfibers that can be used year-round when it comes to being cool this summer, you won’t have a problem. 

Now go ahead and enjoy dry washing using these easy care machine washable fit sheets that are wrinkle-free, so your life is not complicated anymore.


  • Available in colors that are sure to complement your bedroom theme
  • They are wrinkle-resistant
  • Soft and comfortable

Full XL Ice Blue Quitaque Ultra-Soft Microfiber Sheet Set

light blue folded and stacked sheet set

You are cordially invited to the ultimate relaxing experience. After years of tossing and turning on uncomfortable, dry sheets that barely breathe, you can finally enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep with ultra-soft microfiber sheets from Full XL. These wrinkle-free quitaque ultra-soft microfiber sheets are lightweight enough for even summer months while still being durable. 

These high-quality threads come double-brushed, so they’re more gentle on your skin than Egyptian cotton – no tugging of tightness. Rest assured, these washable machine sheets will last longer than any other brand out there because they are elastic all around, ensuring that they don’t shift or get tangled in bed if you sleep on your side or back. 

Say hello to pleasantly cool evenings without pain in your neck when waking up on sore mattresses.  And don’t worry—these lightweight pieces will keep you cool through the night with breathable fabric that won’t make it hard for you to sleep soundly without tossing and turning all night.


  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They are durable and wrinkle-resistant
  • Lightweight

Complete XL Light Pink Bruyn Sheet Set

bright pink folded and stacked sheet set

This Full XL Light Pink Bruyn Sheet Set is the perfect way to update your bedroom. Choose from the Full XL light pink Bruyn sheet set selection of vibrant, beautiful patterns to find the perfect shade that will give your room that final touch. 

Machine washable bedding is a dream come true for people with allergies, never having to worry about dust mites and other allergens again – keeping you healthy and satisfied with these lightweight, cool sheets. 

These luxurious sheets are tightly woven, and double brushed on both sides, ensuring that the 100% microfiber sheets are softer and more durable than Egyptian cotton sheets. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors, these can transform any room into an oasis for wellness and serenity. Check out the Full XL light pink Bruyn sheet set today to discover just how fantastic sleeping can be.


  • They are easy to clean and care for
  • They are hypoallergenic
  • They are available in many colors


  • Customers found them to be a bit too thin

How to Choose the Best Full XL Sheets

Bedsheets are not just for keeping you warm. They also make your room look more sophisticated and expensive with their stylish patterns, colors, or designs. Consider the following crucial factors when purchasing Full XL sheets:

Know the Type of Bed You Have

The type of bed you should get will depend on the size and shape of your mattress. There are three standard sizes, which include twin (39 x 75″), full-sized(54×75″), and queen-sized beds that measure 60″ height by 80″. These dimensions increase to 72″ wide for California King mattresses with 84 inches in total laying flat.

Know the Height of Your Bed

The height of the bed is beneficial in preventing hanging Full XL sheets. Hanging sheets are caused by a pocket-size mismatch which can be solved with simple measurements. 

To get the ideal standard or deep type sizes for your particular style, simply measure from top to bottom on an unmade surface using either yardsticks or rulers with standardized markings like inch markers and centimeter increasers/decreasers printed on them. The different types available typically range 12″ – 14″ tall while 15″-22” depths fit into both “standards.”


It is essential to choose a Full XL sheet that complements your bedroom’s color scheme. You can make your bedroom feel like an oasis by choosing Full XL sheets that are 100% cotton. They’re designed not to fade quickly, so they can be layered on top of each other without having any adverse side effects like clashing colors or fabrics, making it hard-going when trying to build up an ambiance in one’s room.


For those with a high demand for comfort, Full XL sheets can provide optimum conditions. These soft and smooth surfaces help one sleep profoundly and make their bed look extraordinary to all who enter its chambers. Imagine how amazing your bedroom will feel when you’ve got this luxurious type of textile laying on top of you or next door in case anything needs to be said while sleeping; there is simply no substitute if quality has been taken into consideration here. 

Various materials are used when making these luxurious products, including cotton/polyester blends that provide superior stretchiness without sacrificing durability. Silk thread counts range from the 30s through 600s. Higher numbers represent more delicate quality fabric because they have been manufactured with more threads per inch (so they’ll look smoother), but this will depend entirely upon preference.


The most lavish weave known to man is Jacquard and damask, giving a bed the rich feel that it deserves. These weaves have special looms that create distinct stripes on any surface they touch- even your clothes.

Straight weaves are also available. These include solid sateen weave (made by simply weaving a single vertical thread over four to eight horizontal threads; this is soft but not that durable), pinpoint weave (made with two intersecting strings), and Percale which can be described as an all-over pattern created when multiple strands of yarns cross each other at different angles.

Thread Count

All Full XL sheets are not created equal. Some have as few as two or three threads per inch, which means they aren’t very durable and may pile up over time due to wear-and-tear from being washed frequently by your average person who doesn’t know any better. The higher quality Full XL Sheets come in different thread counts – 300+ varieties including Organic Egyptian cotton, Pima, or Supima cotton if you’re looking for something softest.


In this day and age, we’re all looking for ways to get our life savings worth of sleep. That’s why I argue that your bedtime is worth investing in; it can make you more productive the next day. If money isn’t something that has always been accessible or if, like me, you find yourself spending less than desired, consider getting an order from one or two cheaper vendors listed here because they offer excellent quality at affordable prices.

neatly made bed in trendy room with throw pillows


We’ve covered the basics of what to look for in sheets and some factors you should consider when purchasing Full XL sheets. These are our top picks, but we encourage you to do your research before deciding which sheet set is best for your needs. 

One last tip? Make sure they fit on your bed! If not, it doesn’t matter how good the price or thread count is; they won’t be worth anything if they don’t work with your mattress size. Now that you know all there is to know about buying a new set of sheets, go out and get yourself something great.

We recommend the 800 Thread Count Sheets Full XL Size because they are comfortable and durable- not forgetting the 800 thread count and the all-around elastic that stretches 15’’.

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