The Best Green Twin XL Comforter Picks on Amazon

Personalizing your dorm room is something students look forward to and imagine doing from the time they’re a kid. The right cozy, comfortable dorm room can be a sanctuary between exams, clubs and classes. As with any bedroom, the bed is key. We found the best green twin XL comforter options on Amazon to turn your dorm into your dream room.

When it comes to back to school season, leave yourself the fun parts and know that we can help you stay well-rested. We know that its important to have a high performing and easy to maintain comforter. With the perfect green twin XL comforter on your dorm bed you can decorate the rest of your room to create any style you can dream up.

Back to School Sleep Tips & Tricks

By now, everyone knows that sleep is important for your body’s recovery in all sorts of ways. Aside from the physical implications, poor sleep habits can cause issues with memory, thinking, concentration, and your mood. These are all factors that are critical for college students success.

The age old trope of all nighters in college doesn’t need to come true. While it’s tempting for students to use the wee hours of the night to catch up on work, getting in that good sleep routine is going to make time management during the day easier. Some of the other easy to fall into late night habits like snacking and TV show binging can prevent your body from getting good rest.

Just as important as all of your habits is keeping your dorm room as a sanctuary. Keep it clean, cozy and comfortable and make it a place you want to relax. While you can’t control the wall paint or furniture your school provides for your room, including your bed, you can make it your own with the right kind of decor and bedding.

Decorating a Dorm Room with Green

green dorm room decorations on desk

Dorm rooms are a blank canvas for young adults to display their creativity. For a lot of young adults, it’s their first time having full creative license over their space. While the walls come painted and the furniture is already there, there’s plenty of decorating and customization to be done. 

If you choose green as an accent color in your room, maybe it’s because it’s your favorite color – or maybe you know how extremely popular it is right now. And for good reason! Green is an innately positive color. Green means go, money is green, healthy plants are green. It is symbolic of renewal, growth, healing and a sense of grounding with nature. Plants (real or fake) are a great way to incorporate more of a sense of nature into your space and compliment green bedding as well. While it’s not necessarily neutral, there are so many shades of green that you can pair with other colors to stylize however you want. 

Different Types of Bedding Materials


For a lot of people, cotton remains king when it comes to bedding. Its a natural, extremely breathable material. Because the fibers are spun intentionally, you can get sheets or duvet covers in a wide range of thread count. As the thread count of cotton increases, so does the feeling of soft luxury. Cotton is not only easy to wash and maintain, even laundry newbies, but the materials actually get softer over time. Cotton will also last you a very long time. Think about your bedding like your favorite pair of high quality jeans… they only fit better the more you use them and know you’ll have them for years to come.

Cotton only comes with a few cons, but are worth noting. Because the materials are natural, any dye or coloring will eventually fade over time with constant washing and use. While breathable, cotton is also absorbent so it absorbs moisture like sweat during the night. If you are a hot sleeper, moisture wicking materials like microfiber have a different feeling.


Microfiber is a man-made synthetic material manufactured from polyester, or sometimes nylon. There are a couple reasons why microfiber is better for certain people. It has those moisture wicking properties, so your sheets aren’t going to absorb your nightsweats. Since it is a manufactured material, there are chemical processes it goes through that actually make it more durable. It even stands up to some harsh cleaning products better. This also means that the synthetic colors won’t fade the same way cotton will. Microfiber material is also extremely soft right off the bat, you don’t have to wait for it to go through months of washing cycles to have that worn in soft feeling (P.S. It also never wrinkles!)

If you’re a hot sleeper on a budget, microfiber might be the best choice for your bedding materials, but there are a few key factors to consider first. The nature of the material, being synthetic, makes it quite flammable, so if you do choose microfriber, you have to prioritize fire safety in the room. The other thing to consider when purchasing microfiber is that while you are saving money right off the bat for extremely comfortable bedding, you will need to replace it far more often than a natural material like cotton.

Down Feathers

Not unlike cotton, down feathers are a natural material that are tried and true filling for some peoples comforters. If you’ve ever slept in a bed with an ultra-luxurious feeling comforter that seems to never lose its fluff, it was probably filled with down feathers. It is known for regulating temperature the best as well. It’s an extremely lightweight material for all-season use since it’s a breathable natural material. Down is especially great for those cold winter nights and will last for a long time.

There are many benefits to this luxurious natural material, but it can also come with some questions. Is the down being ethically sourced? Or will it trigger your allergies? On top of a little bit of research, it’s also not the easiest to clean – you can’t just throw it through the laundry cycles. If you’re schedule is calling for an easier to maintain bedding, you may want to look into down alternatives.

Down Alternative

Just as there is a synthetic fiber for sheets in microfibers, down alternative is an increasingly popular synthetic filling. It’s more affordable than true down feathers and can be easily washed and maintained without worry. You don’t have to think about ethically sourcing natural materials or triggering possible allergies, either. The filling is also heavier in weight than down feathers, which is good for people who prefer heavier bedding.

Down alternative materials have their pros, but the price tag comes with its own short list of cons like anything else. Down alternative isn’t built to last, so while you may spend less up front, you will need to replace it more than a naturally filled comforter. Synthetic material is also never as breathable as natural feathers, so if you are a hot sleeper using a down alternative, make sure you find one that is the most breathable.

The Best Green Twin XL Comforters on Amazon

Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series Down Alternative Comforter & Duvet Insert

The Beckham Hotel Collection brand is extremely reliable when it comes to bedding. Faux goose feathers fill the box quilt microfiber shell. It’s machine washable and dryer safe, meaning you don’t have to think twice about bedding on laundry day. When you’re ready to switch up your style, this particular comforter can also be used as a duvet insert very easily. What makes this comforter stand out most is that while it is thick and plush, giving it that luxurious hotel bedding feeling, it is extremely lightweight. Some down alternatives can be a bit heavier in weight and difficult for the hottest of sleepers, but not this one! You get all of the comfort year-round. And if you don’t have full temperature control in your dorm room, having universal all-season bedding is very important.

Italian Luxury 2100 Series Goose Down Alternative Comforter

This Italian Luxury comforter is designed very intetionally with ultimate softness and luxury in mind. Ultra-plush down alternative is filled into a box quilt shell. This ensures even weight distribution and prevent lumps or losing that plushy loft over time. The microfiber shell is also known for being as soft as your favorite worn in T-shirt right out of the gate. It is also fade resistant and stain-proof. To boot, it’s super easy to wash and can just be put through washer and dryer cycles. Even a laundry newbie can maintain it without having to worry about special instructions or air-drying space.

Bottom Line

Sleep is crucial for everyone, and especially for students. While so much is out of your hands during those school months, you can control your bedding, so why shouldn’t it be a sanctuary? Get high quality bedding and start this semester on the right side of the bed. 

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