6 Best Grey Sheets Ideas For A Relaxing Room [2022]

If someone asked you to name the most comfortable room in your house, which space would that be? If your first response isn’t your bed, then there’s a problem. We get it – you can style your outdoor space or your living room all you want, but the bed is a vital part of your house, which should be a comfy haven.

The idea of having a comfy and cozy bed is that you aspire to get to a bed that will guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep in preparation for the next day’s work. And having such a bed goes beyond a luxury mattress or a robust bed frame. You need the right bed sheets!

Your choice of bed sheets determines the sleep environment you create for yourself. You might be surprised at the diversity of bedding available on the market, and that’s why you need to know how to choose bed sheets, types of bed sheets, and even our top picks for the best grey sheets. Keep reading as we have covered all that in this simple guide!

Understanding the Different Types of Sheets 

Weave, ply, thread count. Do all these terms have any relevance when it comes to the type of bed sheets to purchase? We know your goal is to create a relaxing, warm, and comfortable space where you can calm down from the day’s work. But given the numerous bedsheets types you have to choose from (plus all the industry’s jargon), it wouldn’t be surprising if you headed home with a bad choice.

With the right bed sheets, you can be assured of getting all the zzz’s you so much need, not to forget a calm and peaceful sleep. So, we have done all the legwork for you and highlighted the several types of sheets you can find on the market. With this, you will be able to pick a piece that’s perfect for a relaxing night’s sleep.

Cotton Sheets

“This is a cotton sheet,” you probably have heard this statement many times when shopping for sheets in the past, and maybe you didn’t give it a second thought. Your favorite t-shirt is made from it; cotton is the most common material for making bedsheets. 

Cotton sheets are superior in that they are breathable, easy to remove any stains – say bye-bye to stubborn stains, and above all, this material stays cool. With cotton sheets, you are up for peaceful nights’ sleep because the material softens over time and is long-lasting. 

Bamboo Sheets

If you are the environmentally conscious type, then bamboo sheets will be an excellent choice for you. Such sheets are made from bamboo cellulose before the fibers are weaved into the bamboo rayon. 

Unlike most other bed sheets such as linen and polyester, the jungle plant sheets are incredibly soft and wrinkle-resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about the sight of wrinkles on your bed every time you spread it. Additionally, bamboo sheets are breathable, hypoallergenic, and durable. 

couple making bed with grey sheets

Polyester Sheets

Are you on the hunt for wrinkle-resistant and easy-to-wash sheets that don’t come with an expensive price tag? The polyester type would be a perfect bargain. Whereas most pure polyester sheets tend to be a bit rough, you will find polyester blends quite soft and more comfortable.

If your favorite bed sheets are the ones that require no ironing or steam, opt for polyester. However, it’s worth noting that despite being inherently water-resistant, polyester material will absorb grease and oil, so you should be ready to deal with tough stains. 

Linen Sheets

For a country feel, the linen bed sheets will be your friend. If you are a hot sleeper or have various allergies, these airy sheets will be highly beneficial. They are hypoallergenic and have a natural cooling feature. 

On the downside, linen sheets are pretty stiff. Additionally, over time and washes, these types of sheets lighten up.  

Satin Sheets

Looking for that elusive alluring feel, get it from satin bed sheets. These types of sheets are designed using synthetic fibers. If you want to ramp up your room with a bit of a romance theme, consider satin sheets. 

Also, be careful when choosing the type of satin material for your sheets – you can opt for knitting or woven satin. If you are looking for some roughness in your bed, go for knit satin sheets. However, for a smooth feel, woven satin will be a perfect choice. 

Silk Sheets

Silk sheets would be a perfect addition to your bedroom décor. Made from natural fibers, such sheets are pretty expensive. So, if you want a luxurious piece on your bed, you can opt for silk bed sheets. 

Silk sheets are advantageous too. They are naturally hypoallergenic, but you will need to take care of these pieces. Nevertheless, if you manage to pass the care aspect, you will enjoy having rich and cool sheets that add a sense of romance to your room.  

Microfiber Sheets

If you love polyester sheets, you will definitely fall head over heels with the microfiber types. Usually, microfiber sheets are made from finitely woven polyester material. 

Usually, if you are looking for bed sheets for your kids, choose microfiber ones because the material does not stain. Additionally, these sheets are way soft compared to polyester though they aren’t as breathable as the cotton ones.

Best Grey Sheets Ideas: Our Top Picks

In the ever-changing world, getting the best sheets for your bed isn’t a casual purchase experience. The situation is even worse with the many varieties of sheets available on the market. 

Purchasing the best bed sheets remains an elusive subject for most people, especially when the homes double as offices and beds have turned to desks. 

Here’s a review of some of the best grey sheets you can consider during your next purchase. Our review features the most comfortable, softest, affordable, elegant, and durable grey sheets.

1. Best Luxury – Wooflinen Stone Washed French Linen

woman sleeping peacefully in bed on grey sheets

If you are looking for a bed sheet set that gives you the freedom to change its appearance with décor and moods, then you have one with the Wooflinen Stone Washed French Linen Sheets. These sheets are traditionally priced for their luxurious features. Their unique two-tone design will have you falling in love with these pieces.

On one side, the sheets are grey and the other white. It becomes easy to change your bed’s appeal depending on décor and mood changes with such variation. All you need to do is flip the sheets accordingly. Additionally, you will find these sheets extremely beneficial, especially if you are a hot sleeper – they are made from linen material; hence they have moisture-wicking and superior breathability features.    


  • Two-tone unique design
  • Breathable 
  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Moisture-wicking properties


  • Relatively expensive 

2. Best Bamboo Sheets – Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets

grey sheets on bed in clean room with faux plants

Ever wanted a pair of sheets that have outstanding temperature regulation abilities? The Bedsure 100% Bamboo Sheets are a unique type of sheets that will help you get a peaceful night’s sleep because of their temperature regulation abilities and exceptional buttery soft feel. Who wouldn’t want a set of sheets that combines smooth texture, soft feel, and hypoallergenic features?

The Bedsure 100% Bamboo sheets are designed from 250-thread count Bamboo viscose. They are designed to adjust according to your body’s temperature, insulating it if you need a bit of warmth and enhancing airflow, so you don’t have to worry about excess heat retention. 

Additionally, the sheet’s material can wick away moisture, keeping you entirely comfortable, especially if you are the kind that sweats a lot at night. 


  • Highly comfortable
  • Prevents excess heat retention
  • The sheets will keep you extra warm
  • Adjust to your body temperature
  • Smooth texture
  • Hypoallergenic 


  • Ideal for hot sleepers
  • Best for solo use

3. Best Microfiber Sheets – Mellanni Bed Sheet Set

very light grey sheets folded neatly

Is a silk soft feel on your skin the kind of feeling you want every night? The Mellanni Bed Sheet Set will be a perfect choice for you. With massive pattern options and an array of color choices, plus the smooth feel, these sheets stand out as an appealing option for you. 

When looking for that elusive luxurious feel without worrying about breaking your bank, these extra soft brushed polyester microfiber sheets will come to your aid.

Made from durable material, your sheets will serve you for a long time before you can start worrying about going back for others. The Mellanni Bed Sheet Set resists shrinking, staining, and fading. What a perfect combination of features. Besides, these sheets will repel dust mites and several other allergens, and they are also hypoallergenic. 


  • Allows free air circulation
  • Wicks away moisture
  • Wrinkle, fading, and stain-resistant
  • An array of colors for diverse décor choices


  • Some customers complained that the sheets are very thin


Best for Cold Sleepers: GCK Queen Size Sheet Set – 6 Piece Set

light grey sheets on elegant bed

Are you the kind that will prefer sheets to blankets? You must be a cold sleeper. If you thought there were no sheets for cold sleepers, think again because the Queen Size Sheet Set – 6 Piece Set is designed just for that purpose. Your search for very soft sheets ends here – this set is super silky soft, cool, and highly breathable, guaranteeing you a peaceful and refreshing night’s sleep. 

The comfort that you will get from these sheets will have you going for another set if you need to replace the old ones. They are designed to fit any bed size because they come with deep pockets and easily fit on any mattress size. Made from high-quality brushed microfiber material, these sheets give you the lighter difference – a delicate and soft touch.


  • Made from durable and premium material
  • Highly soft
  • Cool and highly breathable
  • Affordable 
  • Weightless 
  • Easy to fit


  • Some customers complained that the sheets keep a lot of heat

5. Best Soft Sheets – CozyLux Queen Bed Sheets Set 1800 Series

If every time you sleep at a hotel, you are tempted to stay much longer (or even carry the sheets as you check out), you need to upgrade your beddings. The CozyLux Queen Bed Sheets Set 1800 Series will do the honors. 

dark grey sheets on elegant bed

These sheets will give you that deep-pocket hotel soft and luxury experience that everyone craves when booking accommodation in any hotel. 

Made from extra-soft-brushed polyester microfiber material, these sheets come with a luxurious silk feel without attracting a high price tag. With these sheets, you go back to the days when you were eager to get to bed early because you are assured of a peaceful night’s sleep and refreshed mornings. 

Besides, this set of sheets is wrinkle-resistant and exceptionally soft to the touch; you can use them directly from the dryer.


  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Wrinkles-resistant
  • Easy to care
  • Premium ultra-soft double-brushed material
  • Highly breathable and comfortable 


  • Some customers complained that the sheets are not ideal for people who sweat a lot at night. 

6. Best Overall – Bare Home Microfiber Sheet Set

grey sheets on unmade bed in cozy clean room

When you thought you were all decked out – because you have the best bamboo sheets, the best luxury sheets, the best for hot sleepers – then boom, we introduce the Bare Home Microfiber Sheet set. Let’s face the truth – there’s something unique about microfiber bed sheets. They are resistant to wrinkles, are ultra-soft, and have that luxury feel to boost your bed’s overall appeal. 

This set of sheets stands out for its smooth and soft properties that mimic your favorite hotel sheets. They are made from microfiber material that lends them breathability and optimal softness features. 

Besides being made from premium ultra-soft double-brushed microfiber, buying these sheets won’t leave a significant impact on your finances. The Bare Home Microfiber Sheet Set is heavyweight, durable, but machine-washable, so you won’t have to worry about washing your sheets. 


  • It gives you value for money
  • Highly breathable and soft
  • Smooth and luxurious feel
  • Dust mites and allergens resistant
  • Wrinkle-resistant


  • It might be very heavy for hot sleepers

6 Essential Things to Consider Before Buying Bed Sheets

You spend most of your day between sheets. It is only natural you get sheets that you can’t resist crawling into. Your goal should be to make a worthwhile investment – get great linens on the skin and long-lasting.

Here are some essential factors to consider before buying bed sheets:

Understand the Fiber Content

It is essential to understand the fiber content of your sheets as this determines their comfort level, softness, and affordability. Usually, for affordable and soft options, you should go for 100% cotton sheets. 

If you want a touch of premium quality, you should opt for extra-long staple cotton material such as Pima or Egyptian because such materials are more durable and softer. However, you should be ready to spend a fortune on these premium materials. 

Thread Count

How the cotton sheets are manufactured differs from one brand to the other. The difference in the manufacturing techniques can influence the quality of the sheets. It is advisable to consider the thread counts of the sheets. Usually, a sheet of between 300 and 500 threads is excellent for strength and softness. Whereas a 200-thread count sheet may be a good fit, it may not be as comfy as a 500-thread-count sheet. 

many various colors of threads

The Weaves

The weaving of the sheets influences their smoothness. Whereas you may not know the impact of the manufacturing process on your sheet, you must know a few terms. 

When it comes to the weaves option, you have two choices – sateen and percale. The sateen weave is silky smooth, while the percale is a bit grid-like and crisp and light. 

Size of the Sheets

You don’t buy any bed sheets that you come across. Imagine buying a set of sheets only to find that they don’t fit your bed frame or the mattress. How disappointing can that be? For this reason, make sure to consider the size of your mattress before purchasing your sheets. It will help you avoid the inconveniences and cost implications of buying small or extremely large bedsheets. 

Return Policy

You can’t tell if the sheets you are about to buy will be a perfect fit for you unless you have tested them. Usually, most brands, especially those with internet-only sales, have return policies if the sheets don’t meet certain qualities. Thus, before purchasing any sheets, it is advisable to find out whether the brand has a return policy. 


For some people, the color of sheets is a minor aspect of the entire grand scheme of things—the reason is that you often cover your sheets with a duvet or a quilt. You are missing the fact that such essential décor elements have a significant impact on the entire space’s décor and appearance. 

It is advisable to go for the popular bed sheets colors, including grey, beige, light brown, ivory, or white. Although these are not the best for hiding stains, they are neutral; hence, they will fit any design and match various colors.


There you have it – an extensive review and buyer guide for the best grey sheets. Everyone needs bed sheets – whether you are a cold or hot sleeper. And whereas there are various reasons you need a bedsheet –from aesthetics to something to keep you warm at night, it would help if you are considerate with your choices. 

Bed Sheets come in different sizes, materials, and colors. Whatever sheets you get for your bed should not only match your budget but also be soft and comfortable enough to guarantee you a peaceful night’s sleep. Other factors to consider when buying sheets include thread count, seller’s return policy, and the weaves.

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