5 Best Lavender Comforter Ideas For An Elegant Room [2022]

A lavender comforter is a perfect choice for creating a relaxing, calming effect in your bedroom. Lavender is a subtle shade of purple often associated with elegance and femininity. If this is your preference, we have some handy tips to guide your selection and purchase decision.

Amazon has comprehensive offerings from where we’ve drawn our pristine selection. We’ll also guide you on a comforter’s best features to look out for and how to style your space with a lavender comforter.

Duvet vs Comforter 

It can be pretty hard to tell the difference between a duvet and comforter except for some subtle differences like;

  • Comforters don’t come with or need covers to be functional. As long as you spread it on the bed, it’s good to go. Duvets come with and must have a removable cover for easy cleaning and maintenance. However, a cover isn’t a significant differentiator because it’s also recommended for comforters; some even come with it.
  • Comforters have a quilted design to ensure the fillings stay in place. Some duvets have some type of stitching design, but most are a loose fluffy bag of fillings. Plus, they have fill power, thus softer than comforters.
  • Comforters are more oversized than duvets because they tend to fall to the sides. Duvets are often the size of the mattress, hence the reason you should always buy them according to your mattress size.

How to Choose the Perfect Comforter

It’s good to get a comforter in your preferred color, but there are other essential factors on functionality to consider, like the type of sleeper you are. Selecting the best comforter largely depends on this. Remember, your ideal body temperature stands at 98.6 degrees but can range between 97 to 99 degrees.

For sleep, the ideal body temperature is about 65 degrees because as you become drowsy (due to melatonin release), your body temperature also drops by two degrees. And as you sleep, your temperature keeps dropping and only rises when you’re about to wake up. 

As a result of this fluctuation, your sleep environment should be pretty cool to ensure you enjoy a deep, restful slumber. A regular sleeper thrives in such an environment, but this can be a nightmare for hot and cold sleepers. If you’re a hot sleeper, it means you tend to overheat and sweat profusely, so you need a comforter that keeps you cool. 

In contrast, a cold sleeper either doesn’t retain heat or is sensitive to cold air, thus requiring a comforter to keep sufficiently warm. The features below are excellent for making the appropriate selection.

coupling sleeping peacefully while embracing in bed

Filling Type and Quality

There are assorted fillings for use in your comforter like down, cotton, silk, and wool, amongst others. They all have distinct qualities catering to various needs. It’s therefore essential to know which filling type works for you. That’s in terms of warmth, comfort, sensitivity, and ease of cleaning. In general, choose the filling type that’s bound to guarantee you restful slumber. 

Fabric (Shell) Type and Quality

High-quality fabrics are distinct for their tight weaving and high thread counts. But this isn’t a conclusive measure of premium quality; it works if the weaving technique and fiber are superior. To make your selection based on the thread count, stick to anything between 200 to 600. Such a fabric ensures the filling stays intact, is soft to the touch, and breathable. 

Fabric Weight 

Further checks would involve you referring to tog ratings to determine the perfect fabric weight. Tog stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade.’ It’s a unit of measure often used in the textile industry to calculate the thermal insulation or thermal resistance of a unit area (of fabric). So, the higher the tog, the warmer the fabric. 

If you’re a hot or warm sleeper, this should help you reach a decision. Still, tog ratings aren’t conclusive due to moisture-wicking fabrics like wool and polyester qualities, so what to do?  Go with lightweight, medium, extra warm, or all season for your final selection.

purple box stitch comforter on bed

If you’re sourcing the comforter for a couple, consider their combined weight. If their weights are closer, they can use any fabric options, especially those with moisture-wicking qualities. If their weights are miles apart, a lightweight comforter with wool fill is the best option because it’ll keep them cool all season. 


Construction refers to the general design, which is essentially layering and stitching. The construction design pays heed to the even distribution and reinforcement of fillings. This is achieved through a selection of patterns and double stitching. 

Further, it ensures the durability of your comforter as nothing falls or comes apart even after regular washes. The most common construction designs are baffle boxes and sewn through. Baffle Box is more popular for being durable. It involves sewing in checkered style thin strips of material on the shell’s top and bottom. 


A comforter is pretty large since it flows to the sides of your bed. Indeed, this is one of the features that lend to its appeal.  But be sure to get a size that complements your mattress and bed size.  If you need a cover to go with, you’d have to get one customized because it’s hardly possible to get covers in that size.

5 Hot Picks: Soft, Fluffy, and Warm Lavender Comforters 

1. Bare Home Lavender Comforter: Best for Accent and Colorcloud-like

purple box stitch comforter on bed with white brick wall behind bed

What gets your attention about this lavender comforter is the attempt to tick all the right boxes, which it does. Starting with the shell covering made of microfiber with polyfill. This fabric is exceptionally soft, warm, and breathable. Add to this wrinkle-free and easy to clean. The construction, in turn, aims for a sturdy finish by employing reinforced box stitching to secure the fillings firmly.

You can machine wash in cold water then tumble dry in low heat but pay heed to the instructions not to bleach. The color is a perfect lavender and fits your styling needs. Further, the size suits a twin-sized bed. You’ll also be pleased to know it comes with pillow shams with envelope closures to secure your pillow inside.


  • The fabric has a superior affirming quality; silky soft, fluffy and warm.
  • It doesn’t have pungent chemical odors.
  • This lavender comforter delivers promised value for the price.


  • This comforter could be heavier than expected, and you should also look out for lint after washing.

2. Elegant Comfort Lavender Comforter: Best for All Season

rendering of reversible light and dark purple comfoter on bed

If you’d like another option for the twin size, check out this lavender comforter. It features a premium microfiber shell and fillings made of double-brushed microfiber grains. This to ensure you stay comfortable and enjoy it for a lengthy period. The construction is another feature to note as it consists of elegant diamond double-needle stitching and piped edging aimed at firmly securing the filling. 

Cleaning and maintenance are manageable; you can machine wash and tumble dry at low temperatures. There’s also no point in worrying about its condition after washes because it’s strain, shrink, and wrinkle-free. 


  • It’s soft, lightweight, and sufficiently warm for all seasons
  • It consists of premium materials and construction
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain


  • There could be incidences of filling leaking through the fabric or shifting around.

3. 3-Piece Lavender Comforter: Best King Size

periwinkle purple comforter on bed

There are still tons of ideas and inspiration, as evidenced by this king-size lavender comforter. The shell consists of 100% microfiber polyester and a filling of  100% hypoallergenic poly fiber. What you get from these is a soft, hypoallergenic, breathable, and lightweight comforter suitable for use all year round. To ensure the filling stays put, it features a classic baffle box stitch design. 

Other exciting features include; corner tabs to help anchor the comforter in the removable cover, reinforced pipe edges, and matching pillow shams. Cleaning is easy because you can machine wash in a gentle cycle with cold water then tumble dry as per instructions. 


  • It consists of high-quality materials and construction.
  • This comforter withstands regular washes without deforming.
  • It’s the perfect fit for a king-sized bed.


  • This comforter could have incidences of poor fiber quality and running or fading color.

4. Printed Lavender Comforter: Best for Teens

purple comforter with sprakly heart design

The print pattern on this lovely lavender comforter is pretty appealing. The reversible shell is hypoallergenic, soft, warm, and snug. The exterior dotes metallic silver love hearts, while the interior complements the lavender hue with the same but solid brushed color. It comes in four pieces that consist of a full/queen size comforter, two pillow shams, and a decorative pillow.

The construction has a hidden bar tack technique to secure the fillings in place. Cleaning and maintenance requires you to hand or machine wash in cold water on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry on low heat. Tender care is critical to prevent fast wearing and deformation.


  • It has a plush, velvety feel.
  • The metallic heart motifs and lavender color are very appealing
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.


  • It’s delicate; hence cleaning shouldn’t be regular to avoid fading the motifs and color.

5. Evolve- Lavender Comforter: Best Luxury 

lavender comforter on neatly made bed

This elegant lavender comforter comes with a promise of delivering restful sleep for your peace of mind. You can see this from the 100% polyester and silk cotton alternative fill with a down-like cloud feeling. The shell consists of a premium, soft, prewashed microfiber fabric with a crinkle effect. 

The shell’s exterior has an elegant box stitching construction to ensure the even distribution of the filling. All these fantastic qualities make it an ideal lavender comforter for all seasons. This comforter comes in three sizes; twin, full/queen, and king sizes. You should either hand or machine wash in cold water and tumble dry at low temperatures to keep it clean. 


  • This comforter is soft, warm, lightweight, and almost cloud-like due to the premium fillings and shell.
  • The dusty lavender color and pattern are elegant and appealing, plus it doesn’t have lint, and fur doesn’t stick.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.


  • It can deform if you don’t adhere to the cleaning instructions.

Comforter Fillings Option: Down and Down Alternatives

Fillings give a comforter its softness, fluffiness, and warmth. So any comforter that meets this threshold is good to go. Below are examples of some of the common fillings.


Down are the most popular fillings for comforters due to their cloud-like floating effect. They’re fine feathers without quills that help to keep birds well insulated. Down fillings come from the down clusters of either goose or ducks, thus the reason they’re lighter and softer than other fillings. In general, goose down is superior to duck down because it’s lighter and has more fill power. 

If you have wool allergies or want a warm effect without the lumps or heaviness of wool, these are worth consideration. They’re also ideal for all-season, but you’d need to weigh in on the manufacturer’s guidance for care and maintenance. Their downside is that they’re not sustainably sourced. 

Fill power and weight are the parameters used to judge down’s quality. Fill power measures the amount of space occupied by an ounce of down (a type of filling). Occupying more space equals more fill power. 

Fill weight refers to the number of ounces of down are inside a comforter. These features work in tandem, so a proper balance between fill power and weight determines the quality of your comforter.  Where a lighter, fluffier, and warmer comforter is the standard. 

unmade bed with lavender comforter shown from side


Cotton fillings are the most popular down alternatives because they’re breathable, hypoallergenic, moisture absorbent, and easy to maintain as they’re machine washable. 

When applied to a comforter, these fillings give it a soft, sleek, and lightweight look and feel. They’re popular with summer beddings because they keep you warm without overheating.


Unlike cotton, wool fillings keep you warm without overheating because of wool’s moisture-wicking quality. If your bedroom’s cool and you’re not a warm sleeper, a wool-filled comforter can be the ideal bedspread. 

Wool fillings give your comforter a comfortable heaviness, are soft and suitable if you have sensitive skin. Perhaps the only downside to wool fillings is that they’re not easy to clean. Wet wool is pretty heavy and tends to form lumps over time.


Silk is one of the more luxurious fillings available because it’s the most breathable of all-natural fibers. Plus, it’s moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory, amongst other valuable qualities.  

Any silk-filled comforter is identifiable by its lightweight, which makes it useful for all seasons. It’s machine washable under particular instruction but likes down; it’s not sustainably sourced since it’s harvested from silkworms.

purple satin material


Since it’s impossible to source fillings from nature for the globe’s diverse needs, manufacturing helps. Synthetic fibers are now the more convenient filling for comforters. They’re molded to fit the client’s needs to be warm, breathable, versatile for all seasons, affordable, and easy to clean.

How to Decorate Around a Lavender Comforter 

Lavender is the best color to accentuate a bedroom because it induces feelings of calmness, harmony, and serenity. So, what colors blend with it, and how do you style your bedroom to complement them?

  1. Use a color chart to help you pick out the best colors to match with lavender. A quick check should pop you green, chocolate brown, yellow, orange, gray, white, and silver.
  2. Next, identify your bedroom’s overarching style; Is it rustic, farmhouse, retro, or an eclectic mix of everything? Figuring out the style helps you pick out appropriate decor accessories then map out the space.
  3. Mapping out the space involves understanding the layout and highlighting the focal or emphasis points. The ideal focal points of a bedroom tend to be the walls, bed, headboard, and ceiling. Once you have these sections worked out, you can focus on your decorating strategy, which could be:
  • Applying emerald green and orange to a decor accessory, painting, or tapestry on the headboard.
  • Adding a yellow lampshade to the ceiling.
  • Changing your curtains or dresser to emerald green.
  • Using an orange or chocolate brown bedside rug. 
  • Get colorful throw cushions or throw blankets for your bed.
  • Coloring your walls white, off-white, or gray or even adding colorful patterns to them with wallpaper.

The ideas are endless, and you can quickly check out pictures on Pinterest to create a vision board. Suppose you’re still having trouble visualizing your space, even with a vision board. In that case, there are several useful interior design apps you can use to create the desired effect. They’ll help you layout and test the best color matches applications to match your lavender comforter. 


Finding that coveted lavender comforter is an arduous task but worth the effort. Consider a removable lavender cover with matching pillow covers if you can’t find the ideal lavender comforter. Lavender is a pure and calm color similar to crispy white and dusty blue and the simplest way to bring a quiet and serene elegance to your bedroom. 

But apart from finding your best lavender comforter, ensure it matches your sleeping needs. If you’re a hot sleeper, get one with cooling materials, and if you’re a cold sleeper, get one with warmth-inducing materials.

Suppose we’re to make a selection of the reviewed lavender comforters. In that case, we’d have to go with: the Elegant Comfort Lavender Comforter. Care has been put into ensuring it serves you all season, as evident from the premium microfiber shell and fillings made of double-brushed microfiber grains. 

Another feature that endears us to this lavender comforter is the construction of an elegant diamond double-needle stitching and piped edging aimed at firmly securing the filling. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, and for all these reasons, we consider it the best lavender comforter on Amazon.

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