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Best Leg Elevation Pillows (2021 Picks)

Whether you are dealing with tired and achy legs or recovering from an injury or surgery, a leg elevation pillow offers excellent support for your legs by reducing pressure and improving blood flow in your legs. Not only that, it offers a variety of other health benefits as well including prevention of blood clots and deep vein thrombosis.

In order to make the most out of your leg elevation pillow, you must ensure that you are buying the right one. We have done the hard work for you and shortlisted some of the best leg elevation pillows in the market.

8 Best Leg Elevation Pillows (2021 Picks)

  1. Editor's ChoiceCushy Form Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow
  2. Runner UpRestorology Leg Elevation Pillow
  3. Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg Rest Pillow
  4. Milliard Double Leg Elevator Wedge Pillow
  5. EBUNG Leg Elevation Pillow
  6. InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow
  7. EBUNG - Gel Leg Support Cushion
  8. LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow
editors choice

Cushy Form Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow


Leg Elevator Pillow Reviews

1. Cushy Form Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

As the name suggests, this elevating leg rest pillow is ideal for anyone looking to recover from a debilitating leg, foot, ankle or knee injury. It is built ergonomically to keep your legs elevated in a comfortable position and allow your injuries to heal as you rest. If relief from back and hip pain is what you desire instead, using this multipurpose leg elevation pillow can prove to be equally effective.

Cushy Form Post Surgery Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

Similar to Intevision and EBUNG leg elevation pillows, Cushy Form Post Surgery Leg Elevator also utilizes a combination of dense polyurethane base and soft memory foam top to provide you with a plush yet supportive comfort. The materials used come with a guarantee of quality and are thus expected to stand the test of time.

The Cushy Form elevating leg rest pillow has been designed orthopedically, with an 8” elevation to help you recover from your injuries. By elevating your legs in the particular position, you enter a “zero gravity” alignment where your body makes use of gravity to help ease the venous pressure and make your blood circulation more efficient.

The better your body’s blood circulation is, the lesser blood stagnation will occur. This reduces the chances of you developing painful swelling in your feet and helps speed up post-surgical recovery.

This elevation pillow for legs is sized similarly to the InteVision Ortho Bed wedge pillow, and measures around 24x21x8 inches. This means the pillow offers a big enough surface to elevate both your legs at the same time. Doing so helps you position your feet at the same angle for a longer period, which is in turn extremely helpful in reducing discomfort caused by your injury.

What’s more, is its ease of maintenance and storage that makes it a superb choice. Unlike most other elevation pillows, the Cushy Form leg elevation pillow features a foldable design;  it can thus easily be stored within a closet or can be carried around with you as you travel. Since the pillow comes along with a removable cover that is machine washable, taking care of your leg pillow and cleaning it on a routine basis is never difficult for you.

2. Restorology Leg Elevation Pillow

The Restorology Leg Elevation Pillow is our runner up for best leg elevation pillow. This pillow is ideal for those recovering from an injury, experiencing swelling from pregnancy, or those who just want to kick up their feet. The Restorology leg elevation pillow helps reduce foot, hip and lower back pain, and can improve improves circulation.

Restorology Leg Elevation Pillow

This foam wedge pillow is extra wide, allowing your to elevate both of your legs – something many other wedge pillows we tested did not. It’s constructed at a 45 degree incline, which helps encourage circulation. It features a non-slip grip, which keeps the pillow in place, even as you adjust your legs. The pillow is made from breathable foam, keeping the pillow cool at night and comes with a machine-washable cover.

While this pillow is designed for leg elevation, it can also be used to elevate your head while reading or watching TV, lay upright, or even use as a lap desk for those days “work from bed” kind of days. With 4.6 stars and 4,700 ratings, the Restorology pillow has been given the “Amazon’s Choice” badge, for well-rated, well-priced products that are available to ship immediately.

3. Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

Looking for an efficient elevating leg rest to effectively counter your leg swelling or other injuries? The Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg rest pillow is made precisely for you. With its patented shape and an ergonomic design crafted by a Board of certified vascular surgeons, the pillow is well suited to improve your venous health to increase blood flow.

Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

Where most other leg elevation pillows allow your legs to slip off them, the Lounge Doctor effectively prevents that from happening. It is made using highly resilient open-cell foam and incorporates an anti-slip grip dot bottom to prevent your legs from shifting. The less your leg shifts, the faster it will thus heal.

Though made of foam, the Lounge Doctor’s leg rest is made ultra-durable with the help of its innovative cover. First off, it is fully zippered which means the fabric cover won’t shift from the pillow and your foam leg rest stays safe inside. Secondly, the cover’s fabric is moisture and stain resistant so that you return to a clean leg rest, which requires minimum maintenance.

What makes this elevating leg pillow efficient is its ability to utilize gravity in an attempt to offer you relief. Its ergonomic design makes sure that your legs are elevated above your heart to lower the venous blood pressure by ensuring an efficient blood flow.

The Lounge Doctor leg rest offers a 40 degrees tilt to your thighs, which happens to be simply perfect. Any more tilt can cause kinking of your blood vessels which can thus make you uncomfortable. Similarly, your knees are bent at 20 degrees to relax the tendons. Any more extension can then again result in an obstruction of your blood flow.

Since keeping your lower leg flat can cause your blood fluid to pool and increase blood pressure, the Lounge Doctor thus provides a 15 degrees incline. This helps you take advantage of gravity and enhance your blood flow.

All in all, the entire pillow is contoured in a way to match the curves of your legs, which helps the leg rest to divide your leg’s weight equally across the pillow’s surface. You, therefore, sleep more comfortably knowing that the swelling in your feet will be gone within a few days.

4. Milliard Double Leg Elevator Wedge Pillow

The Milliard Double Leg Elevator wedge pillow is ideal for anyone looking to deal with the trauma of post-surgical procedures. By offering your legs gentle yet necessary support through the pillow’s sculpted leg channel, it ensures a speedy recovery. The gradual and rather comfortable incline of the pillow also enables it to be used to wind down after a tiring day at work.

Milliard Double Leg Elevator Wedge Pillow

The Milliard Leg elevator wedge pillow offers an ergonomic design to help you heal. This ultra supportive cushion is made of dense polyurethane foam, which accounts for a firm surface to rest your legs on. This foam is CertiPur certified; therefore in case you had reservations about the effect of the foam on your indoor air quality, rest assured it won’t have any sort of negative impacts.

The pillow’s surface area offers a wide enough space for you to elevate both your legs at a time. This provides you with a more comfortable leg elevation experience.

Moreover, the sculpted leg channels act as a guide for the placement of your legs. Even if you doze off while resting your legs on the said wedge pillow, your legs will be gently locked in place. These relief leg channels, therefore, prevent you from tossing your legs around by keeping them secure in place. This in turn helps prevent further injury or trauma to your injured leg while you sleep at night.

However, immobilizing and keeping your legs secured in a single position alone won’t do the trick. In order to speed up the healing process, the Milliard Double leg elevator wedge pillow elevates your leg at a gentle 45 degree angle. Doing so puts your leg slightly above the heart level so that your veins take advantage of gravity to pump blood. The more efficient your blood circulation is, the less blood will pool around the injured area and the faster the recovery will be.

5. EBUNG Leg Elevation Pillow

The EBUNG leg elevation pillow features a clever design that effectively caters to individuals suffering from knee and back pains. The said pillow combines an ergonomic and smart design with premium quality construction materials. The result is therefore a wedge pillow that offers superior comfort in addition to guaranteed durability, all of which comes at a remarkably affordable price.

EBUNG Leg Elevation Pillow

You can always count on the support from EBUNG’s leg support cushion to stick around. The pillow’s durability is attributed in part to its premium quality construction materials, which include a thick layer of high density foam along with a thinner and softer memory foam layer to top it.

The premium-grade polyurethane foam layer is responsible for providing the cushion its customary sturdiness and stable support for your legs to rest on. The 1-inch memory foam layer on top, on the other hand, provides a rather soft and conforming surface for your legs to stay put.

Whether you need a post-pregnancy leg support pillow or a foam wedge pillow that can be used every day while sleeping, for extra comfort and support, the EBUNG leg rest is simply your best bet.

In addition to the superior construction materials, the wedge pillow’s calculated thigh tilt makes it highly conducive for alleviating leg discomforts. Like most other leg wedges for elevation, the EBUNG leg elevator cushion also elevates your legs above your heart in order to maintain stable venous blood pressure and provide relief from swelling and other similar problems.

If you are one to travel frequently and wouldn’t want to leave your leg support pillow behind, the lightweight EBUNG cushion will prove to come in handy. Not only is it extra easy to store and take along, but it also requires minimum maintenance, thanks to its dust-proof removable cover. Add to it the fact that the cover is highly breathable with temperature regulating properties, making it one of the most sought after leg elevation pillows.

6. InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

If you are looking for lasting pain relief from your hip, back or knee pain, you shall find InteVision’s revolutionary bed wedge pillow design fit for your needs. Assembled using the highest quality of materials available, this elevating leg pillow provides you with a premium surface to rest your legs on.

InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge Pillow

Similar to the EBUNG leg support, the InteVision foam wedge cushion also features a revolutionary two-layer-design. It consists of a firmer base constructed using dense polyurethane foam to help provide a supportive surface to rest your legs on. In order to prevent the resistant support from tiring your legs and making you uncomfortable, this leg elevating pillow features a top 1” layer of memory foam. This provides you with gentle and soft support, enabling you to comfortably lounge on the wedge pillow for many hours continuously.

Between this two-layer design are built-in channels incorporated to enhance air circulation. The better the flow of air through the pillow, the less likely are your legs to get clammy and sweaty as you rest your legs on the cushion.

Like every other leg raise pillow, the InteVision leg wdge cushion also features a slight slope to elevate your legs. The trick is to bring your ankles and knees above your heart, to ease your blood circulation. The InteVision pillow creates a “zero gravity” spinal alignment, which helps relax your spinal cord and thus reduce backaches.

Saying that the InteVision leg elevation pillow is big is an understatement. The pillow features a generous size, measuring 8”x21”x24”. This big surface area of the pillow enables you to comfortably rest both your legs on it without being afraid of them falling off. Considering its size, the pillow weighs only 3.2 lbs, which means it is travel friendly and can be taken along with you anywhere.

The InteVision elevated leg pillow comes along with a machine-washable bamboo cover. This high-quality fabric is silky smooth to the touch, thus providing a rather soft and comforting surface for your legs. Being machine-washable makes it easier to maintain and clean on a routine basis.

7. EBUNG - Gel Leg Support Cushion

Would you want your original EBUNG leg wedge pillow to provide a cooling effect in addition to the superior support you are used to? Upgrade to the EBUNG gel leg cushion, which features smarter solutions for an effective leg pain-relieving experience while providing a superior cooling surface to keep you comfortable.

EBUNG - Gel Leg Support Cushion

Just like the original EBUNG pillow, this cooling gel leg elevation pillow for feet also features a high density premium quality polyurethane foam as its base. This acts as the sturdy support needed to keep your legs in place. The high-density foam also prevents it from collapsing under your body’s weight while enabling it to retain its shape for many years to come.

The softer memory foam layer on top in turn allows the pillow to conform to your leg’s contours and keep you comfortable as you rest your legs on it.

This elevated leg pillow in particular however stands out from most other elevated leg pillows and slightly differs from the original EBUNG pillow. This is attributed in particular to its ability to offer a no-sweat guaranteed experience with the help of an additional cooling gel layer. Placed on top of the super-soft memory foam, this cooling gel layer prevents you from overheating as you rest your legs on it.

To top it, the EBUNG cooling gel support pillow comes along with a hypoallergenic fabric cover that is ultra-breathable in addition to being hypoallergenic and dust-proof.

In addition to superb craftsmanship, the pillow’s design is orthopedically proven to provide pain relief with regular use. It features a soft slope to keep your knees slightly bent and elevated above your heart. This allows for better blood circulation and thus improves debilitating conditions such as edema and varicose veins among others. Having been made to conform to your leg’s natural contours, it thus also prevents the formation of pressure points and in turn effectively reduces instances of knee and leg pain. It also acts as an ideal pillow for hip pain relief since it’s advanced design takes pressure off your legs and hips making it easy to sleep with hip pain at night.

8. LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow

Did you know, the LightEase Leg elevation pillow can actually speed up the recovery time of your leg, ankle, or total knee replacement surgery by an astonishing 30%! The pillow is firm and provides superb support to help keep your legs in place as you gradually make your way towards recovery.

LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow

The best part about this pillow is its smart design that accounts for its versatile use. Whether you need a pillow to recover after a knee surgery or simply need something to relax your legs on while you watch TV or read a book, this knee elevation pillow has got you covered.

Worth mentioning is its thoughtful design that incorporates a contoured U-shape comprising a leg channel sculpted in between. This leg channel is wide enough to make space for elevating both your legs at the same time. The slightly higher edges on the other hand ensure that your legs don’t fall off as you drift off to a sound sleep. They also prevent you from tossing and turning your legs in order to immobilize your joints and help speed up your recovery.

Moreover, the inclined wedge design has also been orthopedically proven to be effective in improving your blood circulation and preventing the swelling of your injured joints.

Unlike the EBUNG and InteVision leg elevation pillows, the LightEase elevated leg rest pillow has been made entirely of memory foam. This high density luxury foam foam provides not only a soft cushion to your legs but also sturdy support enough to enable the pillow to hold its shape under your leg’s weight. Your LightEase leg pillow is therefore more likely to stand the test of time.

If that wasn’t enough, the LightEase leg elevation pillow is one of those very few wedge pillow designs that are long enough to fully support the entire length of your legs. It also features smart handles that make it easy to position your pillow under your legs.

Lounge Doctor Elevating Leg Rest Pillow
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