11 Best Luxury Mattresses on the Market in 2022

When you walk into a mattress store, you may think all the mattresses look the same. In fact, that may be closer to reality than you realize.

Brick-and-mortar mattress stores made their money by selling as many mattresses as possible and, lucky for them, there weren’t too many other options. Today, however, buying a new mattress is as easy as logging onto your computer. You may find a handful of options at your local mattress center, but you’ll find dozens of choices online.

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puffy mattress

Puffy Mattress

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Dreamcloud Mattress

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So, how do you choose when there are so many options?

If you’re looking for the best of the best, you need a luxury mattress. A luxury mattress is made with the best materials to ensure comfort and durability. You spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping, so we can’t blame you if you want to make sure you get the most out of it!

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of buying a high-quality mattress and give you some insight into modern mattress materials and construction. We’ll also give you some tips for choosing the right mattress for your needs and show you our top picks for the best luxury mattress.

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What is the Best Luxury Mattress?

  1. Best Overall: WinkBed 
  2. Best Budget-Friendly: Saatva Classic
  3. Best Memory Foam: Puffy Lux 
  4. Best Latex: Zenhaven by Saatva 
  5. Best Pocketed Coil: DreamCloud
  6. Best Organic/Natural: Birch by Helix
  7. Best Hybrid: Bear Hybrid
  8. Best Dual-Sided: Layla Hybrid
  9. Best Plush: Helix Midnight Luxe
  10. Best Medium/Medium-Firm: Leesa Legend  
  11. Best Firm: Loom & Leaf by Saatva

Why Pay More for Luxury?

Many people assume that a mattress is a mattress. While it may be true that there isn’t a significant degree of difference between different models of the traditional continuous coil mattress you’re probably used to, it isn’t true of all mattresses. Today, more than ever, there is a wide variety of mattress types to choose from.

Gone are the days when your only choices were between firm or soft and pillow-top or no pillow-top. The question you may be asking yourself now, however, is what makes for a high quality luxury mattress and is it worth paying more to get one?

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a luxury mattress: 

  • Better support. Your mattress is more than just a surface to sleep on. While this may be its primary function, there are secondary functions that shouldn’t be ignored. Support for your body and spine is important and a luxury mattress will be more supportive than a cheap one.
  • Reduced joint pain. In addition to improved support for your spine, a luxury mattress is more likely to incorporate pressure-relieving materials to soothe stiff and sore joints.
  • Greater comfort. Comfort is a matter of preference, but while cheap mattresses are made with the bare minimum, a luxury mattress is designed with comfort (and durability) in mind. Whether you choose the best luxury soft mattress or a firmer option, you’ll get to enjoy that comfort longer than you might when sleeping on an inexpensive mattress.
  • Better sleep. When your spine is supported and you feel comfortable, you’re more likely to get a good night’s sleep. A luxury mattress is more likely to be designed with thought given to various aspects of sleep quality including temperature regulation, spine alignment, and pressure relief to ensure that you get the best night sleep possible.
  • Improved health. Though your mattress may not directly affect your health, the amount and quality of your sleep does. A better mattress supports a better night’s sleep which can definitely improve your health, even if it doesn’t magically resolve all your issues.

The benefits of a luxury mattress seem obvious, don’t they? But what makes a luxury mattress? Read on to learn more about the materials from which modern mattresses are made and how they impact the quality, support, and durability of the mattress.

Understanding Modern Mattress Construction

The quality of a mattress really comes down to the materials used in its construction. It matters how the materials are utilized, of course, but you can’t make a luxury mattress from cheap materials. To understand the different options on the market, you need to know how modern mattresses are made.

Here are some of the best materials found in modern mattresses

  • Foam – Memory foam is a unique material that sinks under your weight, conforming to the contours of your body and relieving pressure. It offers strong motion isolation, but it tends to respond fairly slowly and can sometimes sleep hot.
  • Latex – Similar to foam, latex conforms to the body, but it doesn’t have the same degree of sink and it may respond a little more quickly to movement. It is naturally temperature neutral and generally more durable than memory foam.
  • Coils – Coils are the bread and butter of the mattress industry but there are several modern configurations. The number, arrangement, and gauge of the coils affects the firmness, feel, and durability of the mattress.
  • Air – Modern air mattresses are designed better than the one you probably slept on in your childhood, though they still tend to deflate a bit over time. Air mattresses are adjustable and can often be used for years because they don’t sag – you simply refill them as needed.

Now that you have a better understanding of what materials are used in modern luxury mattresses, you may be wondering what else you need to consider. Read on to receive some helpful hints.

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Luxury Foam or Coil Mattress?

The first question you need to answer now is your preference for a type of mattress. If you go with memory foam or latex, all you really have left to decide is your preference for firmness. If you choose a coil mattress, however, there are a few more factors to consider.

For example, think about the type and number of coils as well as their gauges and arrangement.

There are three primary coil types used in mattresses: continuous coils, pocketed coils, and hourglass coils. A continuous coil or Mira-coil is made from a single wire curved in S-shapes to create an interlinked coil structure. Pocketed coils or Marshall coils are individually wrapped in some kind of textile. Hourglass coils come in two types: Bonnell and offset. Offset coils are made with a hinge-like top to reduce noise – they conform to the body better than Bonnell coils but are more expensive.

Something else to remember is the more coils there are, the better your weight will be distributed and supported – it also plays a role in motion isolation. You should also consider the gauge or thickness of the coils because that affects durability.

You can find coil mattresses at every price point, so you’ll need to dig a little deeper in your research to determine whether the cost is justified. Pocketed coils are generally the best option in terms of durability, motion isolation, support, and pressure relief.

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What to Look for When Shopping for a Mattress

Finding the perfect mattress can be tough and the reality is there may not be a single best option. It’s all about knowing what’s out there and what features are most important to you. If you aren’t quite sure what you need just yet, you may want to ask yourself some questions to start figuring it out.

Here are questions to ask yourself to figure out what kind of mattress to choose

  • What are your primary concerns when it comes to sleep? Do you experience joint pain or back pain? Do you wake up with stiff joints? How important is pressure relief?
  • How do you typically fall asleep? Your sleeping style will play a role in determining the best type of mattress as well as the ideal firmness level.
  • What firmness level do you prefer? It’s important to choose a firmness level that will be supportive, but you have some wiggle room when it comes to preferences.
  • How long do you want the mattress to last? A high-quality mattress should last you a good 8 to 10 years with proper maintenance – expect to pay a little more for quality and durability.
  • Do you have a preference for eco-friendly materials? Certain foams are made with polyurethane and some mattresses contain synthetic materials. If you want to make an eco-friendly choice, consider a natural or organic mattress and pay attention to certifications.
  • What is your ideal price range? You should expect to pay more for a luxury mattress than you would for a low-quality mattress, but you can still find luxury mattresses in a vast price range.

By now you know more than you ever thought you’d know about mattresses. The only thing left to do now is to pick one! Read on to see our top picks in different categories – hopefully this list will help you get started in narrowing down the options.

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The Best Luxury Mattresses

To word luxury is subjective, so our definition may not line up completely with your own. To make sure you have a wide variety of choices to consider, we’ve done our best to provide an extensive list of options, each tagged with a specific feature. If you’re looking for a mattress of a particular style or firmness, you’ll find our top picks below along with others.

Here are our top picks for the best luxury mattress: 

WinkBed MemoryLux


Best Overall: When you want to pull out all the stops and choose the best of the best, it’s hard to do better than WinkBed. Luxury comes from a combination of premium materials put together in a carefully crafted mattress that delivers long-lasting durability and customizable comfort. The WinkBed also comes with a 120-night trial period and a full replacement lifetime warranty.

Engineered for a restorative sleep, the WinkBed features dynamic specialty foams layered over supportive innersprings to deliver the most restful night of sleep you’ve ever had. This mattress features a Tencel cover over a two-layered Euro pillow top, quilted with gel-infused Hypersoft foam. Below that layer of foam, you’ll find an individually wrapped coil support system as well as the Extra-Edge support system. This combination of materials brings together the best of both worlds, delivering the support of coils with the comfort of foam. You even get to choose from three levels of firmness or the HD option.

  • Pros: Patented AirCell foam for comfort and support, dynamic pressure-point relief, sleeps cool
  • Cons: Doesn’t have enough bounce for some sleepers, could be stronger in edge support

Saatva Classic


Best Budget-Friendly: The word luxury is often interpreted as “expensive” but that doesn’t have to be the case. The Saatva Classic mattress is the closest you’ll get to a cheap luxury mattress. It is surprisingly affordable for being made from high-quality materials with luxury in mind. Not only that, but you get free white glove delivery and a generous 120-night trial period.

The Saatva Classic comes in three levels of firmness, all of which feature a luxury hybrid construction. This mattress is built on a base of tempered steel coils to ensure maximum durability and breathability. On top of that sits a layer of individually wrapped coils with added perimeter edge support to prevent the mattress from sinking. Spinal Zone Technology provides additional support where you need it most and a Euro pillow top adds another degree of luxury.

  • Pros: Three firmness levels to choose from, luxury hybrid construction, breathable and supportive
  • Cons: Hybrid mattresses tend to be fairly heavy, less contouring/hugging than foam mattresses

Puffy Lux

puffy mattress

Best Memory Foam: Memory foam is one of the most popular materials for modern mattresses, known for its pressure-relieving benefits and contouring support. Our top pick for the most luxurious memory foam mattress is the Puffy Lux. This mattress delivers medium-plush comfort at a respectable price. It is rated 5-7 on the firmness scale and it offers balanced support and contouring for enhanced spine alignment.

The Puffy Lux features four layers of premium foam materials, including an exclusive layer of Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam. This mattress adapts to all sleeping styles and comes with a luxury cover, a 101-night sleep trial, and a lifetime warranty. As a multi-layer, all-foam mattress, the Puffy Lux is just what you need to relieve stiffness and sore joints so you sleep in comfort.

  • Pros: Designed for cooling comfort and support, climate-adaptive materials, strong pressure relief
  • Cons: Significantly more expensive than many models, may not be firm enough for stomach sleepers

Zenhaven by Saatva


Best Latex: As popular as memory foam is, it isn’t the best choice for everyone. If you’re looking for something natural that has a little more spring to it, latex might be the right choice. The Zenhaven mattress from Saatva is our top pick. This luxury mattress is naturally hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and free from harmful chemicals. Simply put, it delivers natural comfort.

Organic cotton and New Zealand wool add to the cooling benefits of natural Talalay latex in the Zenhaven mattress. This model delivers targeted spinal support with 5-zone technology, keeping your spine firmly supported where you need it without creating pressure in other parts of the body. Zenhaven features a dual-sided design as well, so you can choose the ideal level of firmness simply by flipping the mattress over. You’ll also enjoy free white glove deliver, a 20-year warranty, and a 120-night home trial.

  • Pros: Made from natural and organic materials, flippable design with 2 firmness levels, no off-gassing
  • Cons: Significantly more expensive than many models, neither side may be ideal for side sleepers



Best Pocketed Coil: Some people simply prefer the feel of a coil mattress. If you’re shopping for something a more traditional feel but you want all the benefits modern mattress materials have to offer, the DreamCloud might be the right choice for you. This hybrid mattress utilizes pocketed coils to ensure airflow, distribute body weight, and limit motion transfer for a cool and comfortable night of sleep.

The DreamCloud is a luxury hybrid mattress that features a supportive base of individually encased coils topped with contouring memory foam. The base consists of porous foam to increase airflow and reduce unwanted vibrations. Next comes the Edge Shield coil system, topped with a layer of low-motion transfer foam. A point-activated layer of high-density gel memory foam that relieves pressure comes next, all topped with a high-loft, quilted memory foam Eurotop and a cashmere blend cover. The DreamCloud mattress is surprisingly affordable and it comes with a 365-night trial and lifetime warranty, just in case you need more reasons to add it to your list of considerations.

  • Pros: Memory foam and encased coils, comfort and support, luxury materials and design, 365-night trial
  • Cons: Hybrid mattresses tend to be fairly heavy

Birch by Helix  


Best Natural: If you’re concerned about the quality of your mattress, consider choosing one made from organic and natural materials. The Birch mattress by Helix is the definition of luxury, made with a combination of organic cotton, natural wool fibers, and natural Talalay latex. This mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, free shopping, and a 25-year warranty. Plus, it’s entirely non-toxic and made in the USA.

The Birch mattress delivers optimal pressure point relief thanks to a layer of natural Talalay latex which sits over a support layer of individually wrapped steel coils. On top you’ll find an organic cotton cover made from breathable, soft fabric with just the right amount of stretch. In addition to being breathable, this mattress contours to your body to create the perfect degree of comfort for your sleeping style. You’ll also be glad to know it’s free from polyurethane-based foam and both Greenguard Gold and GOTS Certified. Every mattress is made with sustainably sourced materials right here in the USA.

  • Pros: Hybrid construction for support and pressure relief, less sinking feeling than memory foam
  • Cons: Some may not like the bouncy feel of latex materials

Bear Hybrid


Best Hybrid: When you can’t decide between foam and coils, a hybrid mattress might be the perfect compromise. The Bear Hybrid is our top pick for luxury because it combines luxurious comfort with advanced cooling technology. Every detail of this mattress was thoughtfully planned to deliver the ultimate in pressure relief, contouring comfort, and lumbar support. Plus, the mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified for low emissions and is rated medium-firm, about 6 on a 10-point firmness scale.

The Bear Hybrid mattress transfers heat better than traditional memory foam to help you sleep cool throughout the night. This mattress is built on a thin layer of high-density support foam which serves as a base for the Quantum Edge coil system. This combination delivers superior edge support and reduces motion transfer. On top is a transition layer of responsive memory foam followed by a layer of premium comfort foam that adjusts to all body types. The top two layers consist of Hypersoft cooling gel foam and a hand quilted Celliant fiber top. It all comes with a 100-night risk-free trial and 20-year warranty.

  • Pros: Combines cooling and comfort, supportive for all body types, relieves sore muscles
  • Cons: May not be firm enough for heavy sleepers or stomach sleepers

Layla Hybrid 


Best Dual-Sided: If you’re going to pay more for a luxury mattress, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. The Layla Hybrid is the perfect choice because it is dual-sided, giving you two mattresses in one. In addition to its dual-sided design, the Layla hybrid mattress ships free and comes with a 120-night sleep trial. The only downside is that the warranty is only 10 years.

The Layla Hybrid mattress features a mixture of memory foam and coil springs to deliver the ideal combination of comfort and support. This mattress utilizes a unique Infinity Edge system of individually wrapped coils. The coils at the center of the mattress are 14-guage but there’s a double row of 16-gauge coils around the edge. On one side of the mattress you’ll enjoy the soft, plush comfort of a 2.5-inch of copper-gel memory foam while, on the other side, there’s a firmer 1-inch layer of copper-gel foam. Overall, this mattress delivers a cool and comfortable night of sleep.

  • Pros: Two-sided design with dual firmness levels, pocket coil supportive core, cooling and pressure relief
  • Cons: More expensive than the foam model, may be too soft for stomach sleepers, 10-year warranty

Helix Moonlight Luxe

helix midnight

Best Plush: If you like to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, you may prefer a softer mattress. The tricky thing about choosing a plush mattress is that you still need to make sure it delivers the right degree of support for optimal spine alignment. The Helix Moonlight Luxe is the best luxury soft mattress because it combines a supportive base of individually wrapped coils with the plush comfort of foam.

The Helix Moonlight Luxe is designed to cushion and cradle your body. The Zoned Body Shape Layer of coils is set over a supportive base of DuraDense Foam to make sure your body and back are properly supported. Over top you’ll find several layers of premium foam including high-grade polyfoam and Helix Dynamic Foam, designed to contour and react to your body and your sleeping style. This mattress is particularly well-suited to back and stomach sleepers who prefer a plush feel. It is rated 2-3 on the 10-point firmness scale and is topped with a breathable, quilted pillow top made with Tencel technology.

  • Pros: Luxury features including quilted pillow top, great for back and stomach sleepers, soft feel
  • Cons: A little off-gassing at first, somewhat noisy due to the springs

Leesa Legend 

leesa orginal

Best Medium/Medium-Firm: Most experts agree that a medium or medium-firm mattress is the best option for lumbar support and pressure relief. If you’re not sure what firmness level is right for you, it’s a pretty safe bet to choose this level. Our top pick for the best mattress in this category is the Leesa Legend, a luxury hybrid mattress rated 5-7 on a 10-point firmness scale.

The Leesa Legend mattress is built on a quick-response layer of over 1,000 individually wrapped pocketed coils. This layer delivers edge-to-edge support with enhanced motion isolation for all body types. Next comes a layer of micro-pocket springs and exclusive foam which provides targeted pressure relief for the hips and shoulders. A recovery layer of contouring memory foam comes next, followed by a hole-punched layer of foam for breathable hug and bounce. On top you’ll find the luxurious Legend cover made with Merino wool, 100% organic cotton, and recycled fibers.

  • Pros: Great for lightweight sleepers, excellent pressure relief, dual coil design for edge-to-edge support
  • Cons: May be too soft for stomach sleepers, may not be firm enough for heavier sleepers

Loom & Leaf by Saatva


Best Firm: Whether you’re a little on the heavier side and need some additional support or you simply prefer the feel of a firmer mattress, the Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva could be the perfect fit. The handcrafted mattress offers luxury features like a quilted organic cotton covering and proprietary Spinal Zone Gel for breathable comfort and support. It all comes with a 120-night in-home trial as well.

The Loom & Leaf mattress by Saatva is a multi-layer foam mattress. This mattress is constructed on a thick layer of support foam with additional layers of deep-contouring foam for luxurious comfort and support. In the middle of the mattress you’ll enjoy the stability of eco-friendly memory foam topped with that cooling layer of Spinal Zone Gel for lumbar support. It’s all topped with an organic cotton cover and natural thistle flame retardant. Saatva spares no expense when it comes to constructing this mattress and it is often compared to Tempur-Pedic’s popular Tempur-Cloud Luxe Breeze model.

  • Pros: Made with premium materials, two firmness levels to choose from, designed for adjustable bases
  • Cons: Fairly expensive compared to many models, may be too firm for some users

You spend roughly one-third of your life sleeping which means you spend a lot of time in bed! If you want to make that time as comfortable and beneficial as possible, you may want to consider upgrading to a luxury mattress.

Luxury mattresses are typically made with better materials and designed for durability. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, supportive mattress for a few more years than you might with a cheaper mattress. You may also get to enjoy benefits like a pillow-top or a layer of cooling gel foam.

If you’re still not sure which mattress is the best option for you, consider what you’ve learned here and do a little more research on your own. When you’re ready to start shopping, our list of top picks is the perfect place to start to help you narrow down the options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes one mattress more expensive than another? – Generally speaking, the price of a product is a reflection of the production cost. The more a mattress costs the manufacture to make, the higher the price for the consumer. There are markups, of course, so the manufacturer makes a profit, but mattresses at the lower end of the price spectrum also tend to be lower on the quality spectrum as well. Add-ons like a pillow top or the use of organic materials frequently increases the price of a mattress as well.
  2. Are all luxury mattresses expensive? – No, though one person’s definition of luxury may vary from another’s. We’re thinking of the word luxury in the sense that the mattress is thoughtfully designed, made from quality materials, and built to last. Higher quality materials are generally more expensive, but there are certainly affordable luxury mattresses on the market.
  3. Do luxury mattresses have better warranties? – Each mattress company is different when it comes to warranty. If you’re going to choose a luxury mattress, however, you’re probably going to pay a higher price and might expect a longer warranty to protect your investment. The shortest warranty we’ve seen in mattresses we’ve reviewed is 10 years. A high quality luxury mattress is more likely to offer a 20-year, 25-year, or lifetime warranty.
  4. What type of luxury mattress is the best? – When it comes to the “best” mattress, it’s really a matter of your personal preference and needs. If you suffer from joint pain or back pain, the best mattress may be one that offers plenty of pressure relief – a memory foam mattress. If you need a little more support, a coil mattress might be what you need. It’s important to consider your sleeping style, body weight, and preferences when choosing not only the type of mattress but the firmness level.
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