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Best Pillow Brands (2021 Picks)

Identifying the top pillow brands before moving on to determine the pillow you should be buying can help you make the perfect pillow choice. Knowing which brand offers the kind of properties you are looking for in your pillow, helps narrow down the choices for you.

There are innumerable pillow options out there, all of which advertise their pillows to be quite literally the best among all. Since advertisements are never to be trusted, you can instead rely on our unbiased findings about the best pillow brands to make an informed choice. Our reviews are based on years of research and testing so you can take our word for it.

11 Best Pillow Brands (2021 Picks)

  1. Pacific Coast Feather Company
  2. Parachute
  3. Pillow Cube
  4. Pillowtex
  5. Down Etc.
  6. Down Lite
  7. Layla Sleep
  8. Latex for Less
  9. Coop Home Goods
  10. Snuggle-Pedic
  11. Luxe Pillow
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Pacific Coast Pillow

Pacific Coast Feather Company


Top Rated Pillow Companies

1. Pacific Coast Feather Company

When looking to upgrade your pillow to a high-end luxurious one, the down filled options tend to be your bet. With Pacific Coast’s guarantee of the best down bedding products in the market, you rarely need to look elsewhere for a high quality luxurious pillow. They are known for making use of the largest down clusters with a sufficiently higher fill power to create loftier, fluffier and some of the softest pillows in the world.

Pacific Coast Feather Company

Pacific Coast’s pillows are sometimes mixed with a certain amount of Resilia feathers, carefully selected for their quality, to create a slightly firmer pillow which is ideal for back and side sleepers.

To ensure that their down pillows meet the global standards for health and safety, Pacific Coast makes it’s down and feathers go through a variety of processes to give you a Hypoallergenic and durable product. Their pillows are therefore extremely safe to be used even by the most allergy-prone individuals and even come with an Allergy-Free warranty.

Moreover, Pacific Coast has quite literally revolutionized the way down has been used in crafting pillows. They are often seen making use of multiple chamber designs in their attempt to craft pillows that cater to your unique needs and varying sleeping positions.

Durability is often a concern associated with down pillows; one that Pacific Coast has undoubtedly mastered. Pacific Coast makes use of Barrier-weave fabric down proof fabric in almost all of their pillows ensuring that the filling doesn’t escape the cover. This guarantees that your pillows deliver higher value for your money with a long-lasting loft and fluff, that imparts a fitful and ultra-comfortable sleep experience for years to come.

2. Parachute

When it comes to crafting a pillow with particular attention to details, Parachute is second to none. The popular pillow brand deals majorly with down and down alternative options, known particularly for their superior quality and premium comfort. Their gusseted pillow in particular is quite popular among people who sleep on their side.


What’s more is that Parachute does not simply brag about the superior support and comfortable loft of their American made pillows but actually delivers on their promises. A consistent loft and resilient structure is maintained in Parachute’s pillows through their wide border pillow gussets and high quality construction.

This practically means, with most down and down alternative options by the Parachute brand, you won’t find yourself lying on top of an amorphous shaped pillow with uncomfortable lumps. Your Parachute down medium firm pillow is guaranteed to feature a firm yet plush support that keeps your spinal alignment in check as you drift off.

Parachute’s down pillows are known for their extraordinary fluff and loft. This is partly made possible due to the superior fill power of the premium European down clusters used in their pillow fillings. This also accounts for the slightly resilient support that keeps your head from sinking in as you lay your head on Parachute’s down pillows.

Since their down and feather filling is guaranteed to come from certified Responsible Down Standard suppliers, you can rest assured your dream for a luxurious softness does not come at a cost to the wildlife. If you want

In case you were looking for anything but down, their down alternative options are equally worth giving a go. They feature an uncompromising quality on their hypoallergenic microfiber fill pillows that provide the plushy support you need. Since their pillows are available in three different firmness options, you can choose whichever suits you best according to your individual sleeping position.

3. Pillow Cube

The Pillow Cube, unlike most other popular pillow brands, is simply not designed for everyone. It has a limited target audience with a knack for delivering top-notch comfort particularly to side sleepers all around the globe. So if you are a side sleeper looking for a comfortable nightlong sleep, Pillow Cube is your best bet.

Pillow Cube

The complicated problems of side sleepers have rarely been accounted for before Pillow Cube came up with their revolutionary pillows. With their particular attention to an ergonomically designed pillow, side sleepers can now wake up feeling refreshed and lively every morning. You can say goodbye to those annoying neck, shoulders and lower back strains once you start using the Pillow Cube.

Understanding of the simple phenomenon for the need of spinal alignment in side sleepers, has led the Pillow Cube to adopt a modern form and iconoclastic shape. Unlike most traditional pillows, the Pillow cube’s pillows are shaped like a cube. This helps the pillow to effectively fill in the gap between your shoulders and neck for the perfect spinal alignment.

The Pillow Cube doesn’t have a lot of pillows out in the market as yet. With their attention to detail and a knack for solving challenges faced by the side sleepers worldwide, they don’t need to release many pillows in order to get your attention either. The Pillow Cube and the Pillow Cube Pro are their two famous pillows that have gained massive respect and popularity within a very short time.

The diverse sizes of the Pillow Cube provides valuable insight into the amount of research that must have gone into studying the ergonomics of side sleeping. Pillow cube comes in three different heights, each one to cater to a group of individuals with specific shoulder width and build. The Pillow Cube pro is ideal for sleepers who tend to roll on their sides while the basic Pillow Cube is good for quick travel naps.

4. Pillowtex

Who knew luxury would be affordable until Pillowtex came up with a wide range of pillows that combined luxury with affordability. If you are looking to get some good quality down pillows without spending a lot, Pillowtex is a decent option for you. Pillowtex offers a wide range of pillow types, including various filling materials. So whether you have a personal preference for the fluffy down and feather pillows or the relatively resilient latex and memory foam ones, Pillowtex has got you covered.


Pillowtex’s duck and goose down pillows feature premium quality which is somewhat similar to the Pacific Coast’s ones, however at a considerably lower price. They make use of high fill power down clusters, to deliver a sleeping-on-the-cloud like experience. If, on the other hand, you are seeking a soft yet firmer support from your down pillow, Pillowtex’s range of products featuring a feather and down duo will be an ideal fit for your needs.

For individuals with an allergy to down and feathers, Pillowtex also has a wide variety of memory foam, latex and down alternative options to choose from. The company’s memory foam pillows are known particularly for their remarkable molding properties, used best to provide hypoallergenic and resilient support.

Their latex pillows on the other hand tend to feature medium firm support, which sits ideally with back and side sleepers. They are in fact modeled precisely for individuals who tend to toss a lot in their sleep.

Pillowtex features pillows that are modeled after the one’s found in luxury hotels. Therefore if you wish to recreate the luxurious look and feel of a hotel suite, Pillowtex will not disappoint; neither by its quality nor by its price.

5. Down Etc.

Down Etc. is known for their hotel collection pillows that can help you add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. With their diverse variety of pillows featuring varying levels of firmness and plush support, you are sure to find the right pillow for your particular sleeping position.

Down Etc.

The famous brand features a collection of premium all-down or feather pillows as well as those consisting of a combination of both. The down and feathers used are subjected to a thorough cleaning process, thereby achieving higher quality and safety standards.

The company has however expanded its target market by adding down alternative options as well to its list of assorted pillow collection. Finding a luxurious pillow that matches your sleeping habits well is therefore made easier with the diverse pillow variety that Down Etc. offers.

Down Etc. caters to all individuals; even those who are experiencing natural allergies towards down or seeking a relatively firmer down alternative pillow. Their 100% combed polyester pillows offer a superior plush that competes with down’s softness. Featuring the ability to mold themselves to your neck’s natural curvature, these pillows are a safe bet for individuals experiencing shoulder or neck pain.

The brand’s fun pillow category is as fun to browse as it is comfortable to use. Designed to accompany as you sleep, travel or even play ball, these pillows are meant to be more functionally diverse than your ordinary pillows. As a side note, they make for amazing gifts that you can give to a friend, relative or even your partner!

6. Down Lite

For anyone looking for a good pillow company that simply wouldn’t compromise on the quality of its products, Down Lite is your go-to option. Featuring a range of pillows designed innovatively to help you sleep better at night, Down Lite’s pillow collection is revolutionary, to say the least.

Down Lite

Similar to Pacific Coast and Down Etc., Down Lite specializes in providing a variety of high quality down and feather pillows. The down and feather filling used by Down Lite is innovatively treated to enhance function. More importantly, Down Elite’s down and feathers go through a Rest Assured® process which ensures the filling is thoroughly cleaned before being used.

Moreover, Down Lite’s Activ-dri™ down is treated in a way to help it repel water and dry faster, thus making your pillow 3 times easier to maintain. Where most other companies suggest their clients to bear with the odor that accompanies down, Down Elite utilizes an antimicrobial treatment to get rid of that odor as well.

Contrary to what the brand name suggests, Down Lite also offers down alternative options. They have in fact launched an entire collection of pillows made using the exclusive Primaloft down alternative fill. Primaloft competes with the softness of down, without requiring you to frequently re-fluff your pillow. Primarily used for space missions, this down alternative option has proven its use as a remarkable pillow filling time and again.

Perfect down to the last detail, Down Lite does not forget about the role of your pillow fabric in delivering a great sleep experience. They have therefore launched their My Temperature™ pillow fabric known for its ability to regulate and balance your body temperature to ensure a fitful sleep during the night.

7. Layla Sleep

For those looking to break out of the traditional softness accompanied by down and feather pillows, Layla Sleep has an entirely different experience to offer. Lofty, light and highly breathable, Layla Sleep has manufactured pillows that offer a new level of comfort for a restful sleep during the night.

Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep has released two pillows to date; the Kapok Pillow and the Shredded Memory Foam one. Both of these products are revolutionary in the way they utilize the characteristics of the fillings and enhance them to craft a remarkable cooling pillow that works for all individuals.

Layla kapok pillow offers a supportive plush that is soft to the touch yet resilient enough to cradle your neck and keep your spinal alignment in check. It has been made using a mix of Kapok fibers and reactive memory foam to allow for an unrivalled moldable character. The pillow is also able to hold its shape for a considerably longer time period.

Layla Sleep’s revolutionary kapok pillow makes use of CuTEC®, a copper infused yarn, within the pillow. This helps to deliver a superior cooling effect while rejuvenating your energy by replenishing your skin’s dead cells.

Layla Sleep’s memory foam pillow is slightly different from the kapok pillow in that it makes use of open cell memory foam and poly fiber fill instead of Kapok. This unique filling combination is responsible for your pillow’s superior moldability as well as unrelenting support. The polyester pillow fabric on the other hand allows you to sleep cool throughout the night.

Both these pillows offer customizable fill options that allow them to be used comfortably by all types of sleeping positions. They recreate the comfort of the luxury pillows featured in hotel rooms, to help you tap the same level of comfort in your own home.

8. Latex for Less

The Latex for Less brand came about with an aim to reduce the high costs traditionally associated with a latex pillow. With their two remarkable latex pillows available online, the company has successfully delivered on the supreme comfort of latex, that too at a considerably lower price.

Latex for Less

Unlike most other latex pillow manufacturing companies, Latex for Less sources its natural latex from a single source. This helps them in delivering a consistent quality in all their latex based products. Since there is never a compromise on the quality of the pillow you receive, the pillow’s cost is only reduced by cutting down on the company’s overhead costs.

Latex for Less partners directly with farmers, and eliminates the middleman to source their organic and GOLS certified latex. Furthermore, these organic pillows are manufactured in-house in the USA, which helps the company in ensuring a consistent quality throughout. When you buy from a local brand, you are therefore also supporting the brand’s motive of contributing to the national economy.

The brand offers two ultra-comfortable latex pillows; the shredded natural latex and the solid natural latex fillings. While the former provides a highly moldable pillow that competes with down for its fluffy and cozy feel, the latter tends to offer a slightly firmer support to help alleviate neck and back pains.

Latex for Less has adopted a very strict policy against the use of non-natural latex derivatives in their pillows. All the materials that they use, from the 100% organic latex to the organic cotton which is used to craft the pillow covers, come with quality guarantee. You can therefore rest assured that your pillow upholds all safety and health standards.

9. Coop Home Goods

The Coop Home Goods brand aims at delivering state of the art pillows that tend to adjust to your unique sleeping preferences. Their highly innovative pillows are therefore revolutionary in terms of their adjustable designs that ultimately works for all sleeping positions.

Coop Home Goods

Memory foam’s medium firm support and resulting higher pillow lofts makes it a popular choice among side sleepers. This is why the entire Coop Home Goods adjustable pillow collection uses the innovative memory foam as the pillow filling. It is combined with a hypoallergenic Lultra fabric pillowcase to provide a highly breathable and comfortable surface to rest your head on.

In order to make their memory foam pillows comply with the health and safety standards, the company has its support pillows undergo various rigorous tests and certified by CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold. Whichever pillow from the brand’s diverse collection you choose, you can rest assured that your head relaxes on a surface that is environmentally friendly and entirely non-toxic.

The Coop Home Goods Original and Eden Pillows are two of the most popular offerings. Coop Home Goods the original pillow makes use of a blend of memory foam with microfibers to achieve the pillow’s characteristic medium firmness. The Coop Home Goods Eden pillow innovatively makes use of gel memory foam pieces to additionally deliver a superior cooling effect.

Coop’s body pillows make for the best cuddle partner at night. With its innovative design, it can be ideally used for all sleeping positions.

All Coop Pillows feature an adjustable design. Hence, whichever pillow you choose from their collection, it can comply with your unique body shape and sleeping positions. You therefore wake up feeling refreshed and energetic to take on the day.

10. Snuggle-Pedic

Having the ability to adjust your pillow’s filling to match your needs is one thing. On the other hand, being able to customize the entire pillow with tailored sizes, firmness, weight and support is an entirely different experience that you get to enjoy only with Snuggle-Pedic.


Building on the ideology that rejects the one-size-fit-all model, Snuggle-Pedic helps you create your own value pillow through their free customization policy. When you buy any pillow from the company, you get a 120 night sleep trial. During this time, you can always return your pillow to customize a new one according to your preferences.

Since all Snuggle-Pedic pillows are designed and tested by an experienced doctor, there is virtually no doubt that your pillow will ensure proper orthopedic support. All these pillows are made to achieve an ideal balance between comfort and support to ensure appropriate spinal alignment for all sleeping positions.

Snuggle-Pedic makes use of Hypoallergenic shredded memory foam which is CertiPUR-US certified. The resulting non-toxic and environmental friendly nature of the Snuggle-Pedic pillows makes them a good choice for people who love non-toxic pillows.

The company makes use of their Proprietary Cloud-Coated shredded foam, that combines the support of high density memory foam along with down alternative fibers adding a luxurious plush to your pillow. Their Hypoallergenic Kool-Flow fabric additionally delivers a highly breathable and allergen free pillow surface to sleep on.

All in all, Snuggle-Pedic provides some truly remarkable pillows that offer a comfortable sleep experience.

11. Luxe Pillow

The Luxe Pillow is one of the luxury down and feather pillow brands, combining superior comfort with a luxurious support. Though not particularly easy on your pockets, these pillows definitely provide fair value for your money. Designed innovatively with a structured core surrounded on both sides by additional chambers, Luxe pillows are the key to a supportive sleep.

Luxe Pillow

In their down and feather pillows, the inner core is made of premium feathers providing a resilient support, while the dual chambers consist of fluffy down clusters that give the pillows their characteristic softness.

The Luxe Pillow also claims to make use of certified Hypoallergenic down and feathers, that have gone through a rigorous cleaning process to ensure flawless quality. Owing to their strict policy for sustainable practices, all the down and feathers that the brand sources strictly adhere to Responsible Down Standard (RDS) practices.

Though largely a down and feathers pillow brand, Luxe Pillow also features down alternative options that are made with a Fiberfill of 100% polyester gel. The resulting pillow features identical microbial properties and similar softness that is expected of your down and feather pillows.

top pillow companies

There are plenty of online retailers that we couldn’t discuss in this guide. Some other noteworthy pillows from consumer reports include AmazonBasics down alternative pillow, Casper pillow, Casper original pillow, The Saatva Pillow, Leesa Hybrid pillow, Parachute down alternative pillow, Brooklinen down alternative pillow, Easy Breather pillow by Nest Bedding, tempur-pedic, Sleep Number, Sealy, Tuft & Needle, and Tempur cloud breeze.

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