12 Best Rainbow Comforter Ideas For Kids and Adults [2022]

The Best Rainbow Comforter Ideas aren’t found like the pot of gold at the end of a natural phenomenon, but searching for them only requires a little knowledge about quality and whether they’re all-weather or not. Matching them to other bedroom decors can be tricky, but it’s not improbable.

Bringing brightness into your bedroom is also not reserved for kiddies. There are numerous shades, patterns, and fabrics to choose from, some being more adult than child-like. Don’t worry about washing the bright-colored comforters, either. I have some incredible tips for you.

I love a little color in my bedroom, and I often change my linen, but I’m not as afraid of change as others. Rainbows ironically match my chameleon home styling techniques, and I’m about to help you find one that fits any bedroom.

Why Would You Choose Rainbow Comforters?

I’ll admit that rainbow colors are an acquired taste, and some people think they’re only suited to children’s bedrooms, but strange is what strange does. Rainbow comforters are a gateway to showing just how eclectic and abstract your interior design can be. Besides, why wouldn’t you want to sleep under a rainbow?

No, you sadly won’t find a leprechaun hiding gold, but a few reasons stand for these colorful comforters. Rainbows represent so many positive things in folklore, spirituality, and psychology, and Celtic mythology believes that rainbows signify good luck and fortune.

The spiritual meanings of rainbows are hope, promise, and new beginnings. Famously associated with Noah and the great flood, a rainbow represents hope that the storm is gone. Psychology also believes that rainbows represent peace, serenity, calmness, optimism, and relaxation.

If you think about it, a rainbow shows after stormy weather, meaning it brings hope after an emotional upheaval. Rainbows also represent equality, and some minorities use the symbol to represent a community of equals. Feeling like you’re part of something eases your mind and installs calmness.

Norsemen believed that rainbows were the bridges on which fallen soldiers would venture to reach Valhalla. Greek mythology also explains how rainbows are passages to other realms. Again, this means you\’re kitting your bed with a bridge to dreamland. So, why would you want rainbow comforters on your bed?

They install hope, positivity, calmness, and dreaminess, acting as a bridge to dreamland.

How I Choose the Best Rainbow Comforters

Believe it or not, there are countless rainbow comforters from which to choose. I had to narrow my search for the best ones by considering two factors: durable home-care quality and seasonal versatility.

Seasonal Versatility

Not everyone wants to change bedding weekly or monthly like I do, meaning I needed to find all-weather comforters you can use in winter and summer without sweating your sheets wet or shivering like a beaver. Some comforters are still usable as long as you have something warmer underneath in winter.

Durable Home-Care Quality

Quality is not a linear factor regarding comforters; however, quality is seen when a comforter survives a machine wash. That only happens if you stick to the best fabrics. Some fabrics to choose from include:

  • Microfiber (only on a cold and gentle wash cycle)
  • Cotton
  • Faux fur

Other fabrics are harder to wash at home, so these are my machine-washable quality fabrics for the best rainbow comforter ideas. Combine quality with versatility, and you have the winners.

The Winning Rainbow Comforter Idea

multicolored heart print rainbow comforter on bed

Okay, this might seem a little feminine, maybe young, but I love the Rainbow Hearts Comforter because it’s what you expect to see from the medley of colors, but it’s not blatantly rainbow, and it’s also not only for teenagers. The patterns are beautiful as hearts fade into more hearts with each color of the rainbow.

It’s a bright comforter with shimmering metallic mini hearts over the rainbow. The Boho-style comforter suits women, men, and children because no color is more prominent than the next one. It’s also breathable, smooth, lightweight, and works for all seasons if you use a warmer spread underneath in winter.

  • Available Sizes: Twin – 66″ x 88″
  • Style: Boho
  • Fabric: Machine-washable – 100% polyester with 100% microfiber filling
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: A light blue sheet will work well to remove the high-level of feminine qualities


  • It’s bright, gorgeous, and versatile
  • The colors are fade-resistant (on a cool wash)
  • The fabric is shrink-resistant


  • The comforter is badly wrinkled in the vacuum-sealed packaging when it arrives
  • You can only use low heat to wash and dry it

More Fabulous Rainbow Comforter Ideas: My Top 11 Alternatives

There are so many gorgeous rainbow comforter designs, and I hope my list of top picks brings you as much joy as it does me when I look at these lively, hopeful, and happy colors. Rainbow comforters can also display bold colors in different patterns, and you might find a lighter shade that works better for you.

1. Wajade Plush Rainbow Comforter

plush fuzzy pastel tie-dye rainbow comforter on bed

The Wajade Plush Rainbow Comforter is a lightweight shaggy option with a pale shade. It might feel warmer in summer, but it’s light enough to work. The quilted design under the faux fur is unbelievable. This fantastic comforter works for adults and children, and it blends into most color designs because it’s so light.

  • Available Sizes: Queen – 86″ x 90″
  • Style: Contemporary chic
  • Fabric: Machine-washable faux fur and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: A light-colored hypoallergenic, wrinkle-free fleece sheet


  • It feels like heaven, enough to make you cozy up and sleep
  • The colors can’t fade because they’re light
  • The fabric won’t shrink in the wash


  • It might feel warm in summer
  • It’s hard to fluff it properly without a drier (don’t hang it in direct sun)

2. Tie Die Rainbow Comforter

primary color tie-dyed comforter and pillow shams on bed

The Tie Die Rainbow Comforter is another Boho favorite. I’m sure you realize I love the style, but this hippie comforter looks like a splash of paint centering the colors of the rainbow. It works in adult and kiddie bedrooms, and the splash on what looks like a blank canvas makes it blend well into white backgrounds.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Queen / King
  • Style: Boho / Hippie
  • Fabric: Machine-washable polyester and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons (with something warmer in winter – like cotton sheets)
  • Matching Item: White Prima cotton sheets (with a higher thread count for cooler months)


  • The design is hypnotizing and easy to match
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • It has a vintage feel


  • It wrinkles easily if you don’t fold it right after drying
  • The pattern feels a little rough against your skin

3. Rainbow Galaxy Comforter

galaxy multicolored comforter set on bed

The Rainbow Galaxy Comforter is a psychedelic journey into dreamland, working better for adults. You feel like you’re star-gazing under a rainbow, which isn’t possible in real life. Rainbows and stars don’t show at the same time, but you can make the magic happen with this lovely comforter, and it matches most neutral colors.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Queen / King
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Fabric: Machine-washable 100% microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: A black sheet can make your bed the centerpiece of the room


  • The mesmerizing design is a showstopper
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • The fabric doesn’t shrink


  • It wrinkles easily
  • You can\’t use hot water or a drier to clean it

4. Dreamscapes Rainbow Comforter

close up of comforter with rainbows and clouds print and pink sheets

The Dreamscapes Rainbow Comforter is an attractive choice for girls and young teenagers with those touches of soft pink. The design is inevitably gentle, with small rainbows against a white background, making it easy to match any girly bedroom decor. The fluffy clouds make you feel like escaping to dreamland.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Queen
  • Style: Modern chic
  • Fabric: Machine-washable premium microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: A shag rug to create more warmth in cooler months (a white background can feel cold)


  • It’s hypoallergenic, breathable, and lightweight
  • The colors won’t fade easily in the wash
  • It looks comfortable and whimsical in your child’s bedroom


  • The white background can get dirty quickly in a child’s bedroom
  • Too much white can also make the comforter feel cooler in winter

5. Hypnotic Rainbow Comforter

rainbow tie-dyed comfoter and pillows on bed in clean room

I won\’t even deny it; boho-style bedding is fantastic. The Hypnotic Rainbow Comforter is another ode to the mesmerizing designs of hippies and Bohemians. This comforter suits teenagers and young adults better, though. It has a similar feeling to number two, but it feels more youthful and wildly bright and vibrant.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Twin XL / Queen / King
  • Style: Boho
  • Fabric: Machine-washable polyester and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: Use a dark gray or black area rug to balance the brightness from the comforter


  • The pattern is as wild as a cheeky teenager
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • It brightens a bedroom and feels cozy with soft fabric


  • The stitching isn’t as durable as you’d like
  • The colors are bright enough to blind the sun (they must be toned down)

6. Rainbow Children Comforter

multicolored comforter on bed with glittery stars and cartoon smiling rainbows pattern

The Rainbow Children Comforter comes in many patterns and shades to suit any child. You get smiling clouds, rainbow sunshine, rainbow waves, glittering rainbows, and candy rainbows among the ten different styles. This comforter, in any style, is suited to boys and girls up to the tween years. It’s child-like and feels happy.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Full / Queen / King
  • Style: Modern
  • Fabric: Machine-washable microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: Add this cute unicorn wall hanging for irony in the bedroom (probably best for girls)


  • It comes in 10 beautiful designs for children
  • It creates a warm, friendly, and dreamy space for your child
  • It’s lightweight and breathable


  • It wrinkles easily
  • The patterns might fade if you don’t wash it properly (see my tips below)

7. Subtle Hues Rainbow Comforter

multicolored pastel comforter on bed with subtle white starbursts

Returning to rainbows for adults and children, the Subtle Hues Rainbow Comforter is a beautiful, light, and inviting choice. The ombre design makes it feel like the rainbow is softly embracing your skin, and the shade of colors fit into most bedroom designs. Pastel colors wrap around light sparkles, creating a sense of calmness.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Twin XL / Full / Queen / King
  • Style: Chic
  • Fabric: Machine-washable polyester and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: A blush pink or baby blue bedside lamp works well


  • It’s available in 12 designs, 7 of which match rainbow colors
  • It’s fluffy, soft, breathable, and lightweight
  • It has a deep sense of calm about it


  • The pastel colors don’t match well with bright colors
  • It wrinkles easily, and the stitching is flimsy

8. Pom Pom Rainbow Comforter

pink bedding on bed with rainbow pom pom details

The Pom Pom Rainbow Comforter is an attractive choice for women and children, and no, you don’t need to be a cheerleader. The comforter is super feminine, but that works well if you’re using it in the right bedroom. The comforter is plain pink, and it’s the pom pom trimmings that look like a rainbow.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Twin XL / Full / Queen
  • Style: Modern chic
  • Fabric: Machine-washable polyester and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: This pink and white Bohemain area rug looks beautiful under the bed


  • It’s hypoallergenic, breathable, and lightweight
  • It’s also antimicrobial, meaning it doesn’t need to be washed as often
  • It works with most neutral and pastel colors


  • It feels a bit feminine (it won’t work in a shared bedroom)
  • You can’t match it to darker or brighter colors

9. Marbled Rainbow Comforter

marbled multicolored comforter and pillow shams on bed

The Marbled Rainbow Comforter is a masterpiece on linen. Anything with a marble design automatically looks more elegant and sophisticated, but bringing rainbow colors to the mix is unusual and bold. This comforter looks and feels abstract, and it would fit any adult or child’s bedroom.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Twin XL / Full / Queen / King
  • Style: Contemporary chic
  • Fabric: Machine-washable premium microfiber and polyester
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: Tease the elegance further by adding a silver 400-thread-count satin sheet


  • The pattern feels like it cuddles you
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • It’s a unique design with trending patterns (marble)


  • It wrinkles easily
  • The stitching isn’t as strong as you’d want

10. Striped Rainbow Comforter

raindbow striped comforter on bed with multicolored heart print sheets

Rainbow patterns are typically striped, but the Striped Rainbow Comforter is the simplest way to use the beautiful colors in your bedroom. It works for adults and children, and all you need to match it is to match one or two of the striped colors. You can match white and red or white and yellow to emphasize the primary colors.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Full / Queen
  • Style: Modern
  • Fabric: Machine-washable polyester and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: Use a red ottoman at the foot of the bed with white bedside lamps


  • The design is broadly versatile, matching any colors and furniture with solid patterns
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • Stripes are a classic


  • The fabric wrinkles easily
  • You still can’t use bleach on this comforter (none of them, for that matter)

11. Fantasy Rainbow Comforter

Best Rainbow Comforter Ideas 10
Best Rainbow Comforter Ideas 10

This comforter is for the kids again, or at least a young woman. The Fantasy Rainbow Comforter is a gorgeous creation of rainbow colors with unicorns. The two girliest concepts are rainbows and unicorns, making this a perfectly chic comforter for anyone who wants to get lost in the fantasy realm where dreams happen.

  • Available Sizes: Twin / Full / Queen / King
  • Style: Modern chic
  • Fabric: Machine-washable polyester and microfiber
  • Versatility Scale: All-seasons
  • Matching Item: Adding a white dressing table to the bedroom finalizes the chic style


  • The fabulous design is as feminine and vibrant as it comes
  • It’s lightweight and breathable
  • It comes in 20 designs, 4 of which are rainbow-inspired


  • It’s way too feminine to use in shared bedrooms
  • The stitching is flimsy

How to Wash Rainbow Comforters Without Fading the Color

Rainbow comforters are undoubtedly the hardest linen to wash if you worry about fading colors, and some comforters also shrink when you wash them at home. Cotton is famous for shrinking, but turning your Queen bedding into a Full set is easily avoided by using lukewarm or cold water, leading to the non-fading secret.

What is the first thing you do when washing laundry? You separate colors to avoid your dark clothes dying the lighter shirts. The problem with comforters is that you can’t separate the colors, and rainbow comforters have at least seven bright colors, which poses a question.

How do you prevent your brightly-colored comforter from fading? We got used to washing laundry in hot water to kill bacteria and get grease out of our shirts. We didn’t stop to think that washing laundry in cold water is the answer to prevent blended colors, and guess what? The clothes still come out perfectly.

Detergents are the secret to washing linen, cotton, microfiber, polyester, and faux fur in cold water. Use the right detergent, and you\’ll maintain your bright colors. Some products I use to wash bedding include:

You’re not done yet! A delicate wash also means the difference between ripped comforters and fresh linen. Use the most delicate cycle on your machine. Allow the detergents to do their work, and don’t choose an extra spin just to make it dry faster! Talk about drying your comforters; that’s the final secret I can share with you.

Never dry your comforters in a drier set to high temperatures. Use the lowest setting you can, and add a tennis ball. Yes, you heard me right. A tennis ball helps absorb the drier moisture, allowing you to run a shorter cycle. As a bonus, it also fluffs your comforters up again, especially the faux fur one.

Recommended Alternatives

Rainbow comforters aren’t easy to match regarding alternatives. A rainbow is unique, so you can’t choose another design that uses similar colors and shades. You can go bright and bold, but nothing sits like a rainbow on your bed. I’ll recommend a few different options based on varying reasons.

Kiddies Alternatives

Children love colorful and animated comforters, making them the most straightforward alternative if your kiddo doesn’t want the lucky, happy, and hopeful style. Kids love comforters with characters, familiar shows, and child-like wonder. Some good alternatives include:

  • Unicorns for girls
  • Star Wars for boys
  • Disney for boys and girls

Adult Alternatives

You might love the colors of the rainbow but didn’t see a comforter you liked. Adults can also have brightly-colored comforters. They bring spunk, attitude, and happiness to a bedroom. Some adult alternatives as bright as rainbows include:

  • Psychedelic comforters with hippie colors
  • Tie Die comforters with mesmerizing patterns
  • Boho comforters with bright colors and wild patterns

Seasonal Alternatives

Finally, you might prefer a comforter with warmer qualities to keep you from turning the thermostat up to full. I used lightweight comforters to make them more versatile. That way, you can use another comforter underneath. Either way, these are fantastic alternatives for colder seasons:

  • Twin weighted blankets to keep your warm
  • Purple weighted blankets to keep the colors bright
  • Weighted blankets from Target for better affordability

Best Rainbow Comforter Ideas: Final Thoughts

Rainbows are a bridge to better places, albeit not pots of gold, but places where we can dream peacefully in a happy and hopeful environment. I’ll admit that using rainbow bedding can be brazen, but bright colors are coming back to the spotlight in 2022, and they’re not just for kids.

A few of the rainbow comforters look better on an adult’s bed. Some look great on your little toddler’s bed, and that’s okay. For me, I recommend the winning rainbow comforter because it’s mature yet child-like, bold yet faded, eccentric yet beautifully expected from the gorgeous colors found in rainbows.

If you’re unsure about adding rainbows to your bedroom, consider a lighter shade where the marbled or pastel effect can match easily with other decors. If you have a child, especially a girl who loves pink and unicorns, you must get her a kiddies rainbow comforter today, and she’ll thank you forever.

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