10 Best Silk Comforter Ideas For A Luxurious Sleep [2022]

A silk comforter is a luxurious item that will make your bed feel like the best place on earth. As such, you want to be sure that you’re getting one of the best options on the market. 

When you’re looking for a new silk comforter, it’s essential to know what you want. Are you looking for something that will keep you warm during the winter? Something lightweight and breathable? Or maybe something with some natural fibers such as wool or cotton? Whatever your preference may be, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to silk comforters.

Our review features some of the best silk comforters ranked according to durability, budget, and functionality.

Types of Silk Materials for Comforters

You know what they say about variety. Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics in existence, and while it might be hard to find at your local store for some people, there are different options available if you look around. Here are some of the best types of silk comforters you can choose from:

Charmeuse Silk 

Silk is a luxurious fabric often used in bedding and clothing. The natural elasticity of this type makes it perfect for sheets, pillowcases, or anything you would sleep on that needs some sort of stretchy material to keep its shape over time. It also has an interesting texture because the front side has a satin sheen while the backside feels more coarse against your skin with less shine than what’s seen up-close – kind of like confronting two different worlds mashed together.

Mulberry Silk

It’s no wonder that Mulberry silk is considered one of the most luxurious textiles in existence. Silk from this fabric has been around since at least 2700 BC, and it continues to be used as a symbol of luxury today. The fiber comes from cocoon excretions after feeding only mulberry leaves to silkworms during their lifetimes; because these insects don’t eat anything but what they’re bred on, it makes them uniquely sensitive ecosystem manipulators who produce some seriously top-quality threads.

Tussah Silk

Tussah silks are the result of eating oak leaves and other plants with high tannin content. This causes them to be more white than gold in color, though there are still some hints at their original bouquet on these fabrics, which is characteristic of this type of silkworm material. The filaments themselves have thicker threadings that make them stronger than standard silk.

Habotai Silk

Also known as “china silk,” this lustrous fabric has a smooth surface and can be used in any project to add that touch of class. This classic material will never go out of style because it’s economical, versatile, and durable.

Duppoini Silk

Dupioni fabric is a plain weave crisp type of silk produced by using fine thread in the warp and unevenly wound strands from two or more entangled cocoons. This creates tightly-woven yardage with highly lustrous surface qualities similar to shantung but slightly thicker and heavier due to its higher slub count on each side-toiler.

Best Silk Comforters: Our Top Picks

LilySilk All Season Silk Comforter

bed made neatly with white silk comforter

Soft and luxurious, the LilySilk All-season silk comforter will be your new favorite accessory for all seasons. These silk comforters are made to last by sewing with 100% long strand mulberry silk which resists breakage and has a durable construction that lasts years.

The duvet stays warm in winter and cools in summer without overheating, thanks to the breathable quality of silk so that it won’t itch or irritate your skin. Thanks to this great duvet, keep your body temperature regulated throughout the seasons and enjoy breathing easy year-round. You can also rest assured knowing this duvet is eco-friendly: producing natural materials means no harsh chemicals – just lovely softness you can feel good about night after night. 

The silky-smooth fabric drapes elegantly on your bed, making it easy to care for. You no longer need to hate your down duvet in this freezing winter because of allergies; you’ll love this one instead.


  • It does not cause allergies
  • It’s durable
  • Offers great comfort


  • It’s not machine washable

CUDDLE DREAMS Silk Comforter

bed made neatly with striped white silk comforter

Dream of a fabric that is as light and close to your skin as silk? Dream no more. A perfect companion for those who crave comfort and sensuality, the Cuddle dreams silk comforter has you covered.

This super puffy and luxe comforter will become your latest bedtime companion, keeping you cozy and warm every time you sleep. The silk filling layer by layer is hand-tacked to avoid mess and slips, and that doesn’t just ensure a luxurious stay, but it also provides warmth without feeling heavy or bulky. 

And since the spun silk is naturally soft, lightweight, and breathable, this isn’t just right for winter seasons but spring, summer, or even autumns too. Oh, cuddle up with this delectable cloud of comfort while we recite the other benefits: its compact size makes it easier to store away in winters; it stays cool despite the heat outside; it keeps skin’s moisture levels stable while providing 360-degree coverage.


  • It is soft and lightweight
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is suitable for all seasons


  • Customers noted that it loses its softness over time

Mommesilk Mulberry Silk Comforter

bed made neatly with white silk bedding

The Mommesilk Mulberry Silk Comforter is a 100% long strand silk floss that causes no breakage, prolonging the life of the silk duvet. The fabric and filling material is without harmful chemicals. Sleep comfortably and at ease with this luxurious light silk comforter durable for years.

There is a short zipper on the side of the quilt for mulberry silk floss to fill it in for authenticity inspection, along with eight corner taps to keep your silk quilt or blanket insert in place. It has a lightweight design and easy care – air clean it in a ventilating place recommended while machine washable for your convenience.

The adjustable body heat regulating fabric provides extra coziness when things get chilly at night–so much so that you may find yourself rolling over happily into sweet dreams instead of crinkling up in discomfort. Get your Mommesilk mulberry silk comforter today.


  • It is durable
  • It is easy to clean
  • It helps in regulating body temperature


  • Some customers have complained about its inner not being filled.

SilKicah Mulberry Silk Comforter Twin Size

rolled up white comforter with brand label shown

This silk mulberry quilt fills you with luxury and optimum comfort- and it won’t let you sleep on the cuff. This silky comforter will always be secure under any cover with four corner tie loops and four side ties for securing in place. It’s also allergy-free, thanks to its seamless construction that allows airflow. 

You’ll enjoy a temperature regulating sleep with the hypoallergenic properties of Silk Mulberry Comforters. Sleep soundly knowing your comfy bedding is made from delicate craftsmanship and designed especially for maximum breathability & exquisite beauty.

SilKicah mulberry silk comforter comes in a standard twin-size bed (W 64″ x L 80″). Forget about rolling over onto some lumpy mattress; this luxurious layer of quilted silk is perfect for an incredible night’s sleep. 


  • It is warm and lightweight
  • It is soft and comfortable
  • It is durable


  • Some customers have complained that the threads keep coming off

ZIMASILK Mulberry Silk Comforter

corner of all white patterned silk comforter on bed

You deserve the best sleep. Our luxurious silk charmeuse ZIMASILK mulberry silk comforter will not only keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, but it offers unprecedented comfort for your casual lifestyle. The comfy silk filling maintains its weight evenly distributed while shifting with your movements at night or during naps.

Our machine-washable 100% pure long-strand Mulberry silk is both breathable and smooth against the skin, offering natural health benefits for body care. This natural softness also wards off dust mites, so you can rest easy all day knowing your PJs are prepared to fight allergies.

Say goodbye to bulky blankets that bunch up in the middle of your bed, trapping you inside a warm pocket during winter nights and a hot sweatbox during summer. The high breathability of this bedspread makes it more effective than cotton sheets or polyester duvets which often trap heat-dissipating air within their fibers, so your body is unnecessarily working harder to cool itself off throughout the night. 


  • It is lightweight
  • It is comfortable due to its perfect design
  • It is long-lasting


  • Some customers complained that it has a strong chemical smell.

Chezmoi Collection Nobility 7-Piece Flocked Floral Faux Silk Comforter Set

black and white floral print bedding

Give your bedroom a makeover affordably and with style with the Chezmoi Collection. Lavish in one of our incredibly excellent color options – aqua, burgundy, violet, or white. This seven-piece bedding set includes a comforter, two pillow shams, and three standard bed skirts to pull it all together. 

Our floral patterned Chezmoi Comforter reverses colors for two looks in one beautiful set. Made from soft polyester that is easy to care for and has hypoallergenic qualities perfect for sensitive sleepers. You get everything you need at one low price, so start revamping your bedroom today.

A beautifully designed flocked floral comforter set exquisitely made with vibrant, bold colors will have your bedroom look like royalty. Comforter sets are comfortable, durable, and beautiful; all items in our rich silk feel quality come machine washable for easy care, making them perfect year-round companions at home or on the road for traveling. 


  • It has an elegant design
  • It is machine washable
  • It is very comfortable


  • It’s perfect for adults only

Madison Park Genevieve Hotel CollectionFaux Silk Comforter

creme and brown geometric silk bedding 1

This Madison park faux silk comforter will make anyone feel like they are on vacation. The neutral color scheme provides an easy path to accessorizing your bedroom. The comforter is made from faux silk material that will quickly look luxurious around you while you sleep at night. 

Even more, the decorative pillows help complete this set by utilizing the same colors as the comforter and pillowcases. If you’re looking for a more subtle bedding set, this one is definitely it.

The fabric consists of 100% polyester making it soft, durable, and easy to clean, while its solid but slightly textured surface creates excellent breathability without compromising sleep quality.


  • It is warm and comfortable
  • It is easy to clean
  • It matches easily with other bedroom decors

Satin Silk Comforter

pink silk comforter and sheets on bed in trendy room

This twin-size Satin silk comforter will provide you with a comfortable, stylish, and breathable way to sleep. This set is designed to fit twin beds, with one duvet cover measuring 66″ x 90″ and the corresponding pillowcase being 20″ x 26″. 

The material of this luxurious comforter features a shimmering satin-like feel that will instantly elevate your bedroom decor. Additionally, this set comes machine washable for convenience!

Comes with concealed zipper closure, concealed corner ties design for extra protection. Prized for their breathability and softness, silk comforters are perfect all year long – great to give your bedroom an elegant touch if you’re not big on patterns.


  • It does not bleach
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is soft and comfortable

White Silk Reversible Modern & Contemporary Comforter

neatly folded white silk comforter

Our 100% natural White silk comforter is breathable and hypo-allergenic. Unlike other traditional cotton products, our bedding does not make you too hot during the summer or cold during the winter.

They help regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in winter and cool in the summer while wicking away moisture for a more comfortable night’s sleep, especially if you suffer from night sweats. 

These fashionable yet functional products can be machine washed with a 5-year warranty and certified asthma & allergy friendly™. They are made from all-natural materials, so there are no structural down or feathers inside, linked to an increased risk of asthma or allergies.


  • It is breathable
  • It is hypo-allergenic
  • It is machine washable
  • It is long-lasting

Dotan White Modern & Contemporary Comforter

close up of white silk comforter with orange piping trim

Get a cozy, silk touch by sleeping on this beautiful and contemporary comforter. Our Dotan white modern and contemporary comforter is certified 100% pure mulberry Silk with no skin irritants or substances out-gassing for your sensitive skin. 

Stay dry and crisp all night long while keeping away moisture from the body and reducing humidity to ensure you don’t overheat at night. The light, airy loft bounces back, allowing an easy conformability to you, feeling like nature’s fluffy down but without feathers getting in the way of your natural beauty.

This delightful silky soft comforter also has a gorgeous stripe pattern on each side of its attractive color neutral gray design, giving old-fashioned inspiration to create a pleasant bedroom addition.


  • It has a soft feel
  • It is durable
  • It is lightweight


  • It is only available in white 

Why You Need a Silk Comforter?

Silk bedding is the superior choice for people who want to sleep soundly. With its luxurious feel under your body, silk feels better than cotton or even other fabrics because it doesn’t make you feel hot during summertime nights as those artificial fibers do. Here are some of the best reasons why you should opt for silk comforters:

Temperature Regulating

Silk is a material that’s perfect for all four seasons, especially when you need to decide between warmth and coolness. For example, during the winter months, silk keeps its wearers warm while still being light enough not to make them wear too much weighty clothing. 

It can help regulate body temperature in the summertime by providing extra insulation underclothes, giving us more flexibility since other fabrics may get hot or sweaty quickly in high temperatures outside. And though this fiber does repel water vapor due to how tightly woven it usually becomes after washing – there are plenty of ways around this obstacle.

Super Soft

Like a sigh of relief, silk is the perfect material for those looking to relax. The softness and smooth texture make this fabric unbelievably comfortable as it glides across your skin – making you want nothing more than getting into bed with alluring ease.

multicolored silk fabric pile


Silk bedding is an excellent choice for any skin type, making it suitable even if you have a sensitivity or eczema-prone complexion. The fabric’s natural hypoallergenic properties make silk the perfect material to sleep with. Silk will not only relieve your mind at night but also soothe any irritation from previous contact wounds on your hands and body overall.


Silk is a fabric that lasts longer than synthetic materials. It’s also luxurious, but you’ll have to pay upfront for it because silk doesn’t wear well over time when compared with cheaper options like polyester or Rayon, which can be more cost-effective in the long run. Plus, you get all of these benefits while waiting on your investment.

Gentle on Your Hair and Skin 

Silk is the new excellent way to wear your hair. It’s not just for silky smooth scalp massagers but also shines in soothing sensitive skin with all its benefits. 

Silk won’t pull or tug on strands if you’re concerned about irritating them during sleep time because they are gentle against our skin’s natural oils- so no more dry patches in bedtime either. Plus, if silk helps reduce breakage and frizzes, then that’s another plus too.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Silk Comforters

Consider the Comforter’s Size

You may be wondering what size comforter to get. You want to consider the size of your bed but also think about how much space it will take up—do you have plenty or not enough room? 

You can find four main sizes: Twin/Full (which is perfect for beds that are just big enough), Queen-size bedding sets offer more than one set, so they’re great if yoga pants aren’t your thing; King/California king provides ample coverage whether sleeping on the queen or full-size mattress. The specialty option would include extra-large twin xl covers, which allow someone who likes being cozy at night while still having some airflow underneath them. 

Some of the essential tips you can use when deciding the size of your silk comforter include identifying the dimensions and size of your mattress, consider measuring the thickness of the mattress, and finish by measuring the height of your bed. 


Silk comforters are typically made with two types of filling: natural (down, silk, bamboo) or synthetic. Natural materials provide warmth and comfort, while microgels create an ultra-soft sleeping surface perfect for side sleepers who tend to toss around during restful slumber.

Microgel silk comforter is the perfect option for those who want to feel like sleeping on a cloud without spending too much money. It’s worth noting that synthetic fillings can weigh heavier than down with their high warmth-to-weight ratio, so you may find yourself waking up more often during winter nights.

cat sleeping under silk comforter 1


There are many different ways to make a duvet, but one of the best methods is called “baffle box” stitching. This construction involves sewing cells together with space between them to loft and remain evenly distributed. Without these boxes, it would be difficult for your feather comforter or synthetic fiber filling material, which both need room to expand as they absorb heat from you during sleep time -to do their job correctly.

The “stitched box” is a popular method for making silk comforters. With this approach, the grid of ticking material is sewn directly through both layers and forms an interior layer that’s visible on either side as well- it has no down in colder zones but rather some cool spots to make you feel like you are cooling off.


You may have heard that silk is an excellent material for comforters, but you might be wondering why. It’s because of the lightweight feel and breathability it provides compared to other materials like down or polyester. 

Silk has natural moisture-wicking properties, so your body doesn’t overheat during sleep. The fabric also helps regulate the temperature to help with colds and allergies. Plus, its hypoallergenic nature makes it perfect for people sensitive to dust mites or animal dander – not something found in synthetic fibers. 

All these benefits make silk an ideal choice if you’re looking for a new comforter set this season. We recommend the Mommesilk mulberry silk comforter because it’s durable and perfect for regulating body temperature.

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