5 Best Star Wars Comforter Ideas To Brighten Up Your Bedroom!

I had heard about the whole Star Wars phenomenon, but nothing prepared me for the “force” that dragged me into my local linen department.

I was confronted by printed representations of space ships, master Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, and a host of other brave figures of the resistance against the evil empire. Except, while looking at all the thematic bedding, I felt quite overwhelmed and smaller than an Ewok. 

How was I going to choose the best Star Wars Comforter from this dizzying array of options?

Drawing in a deep breath, I finally focused and knew what I had to do. Like any other linen choice, I had to look at the basics, and choose what made sense. Master Yoda would be proud of how clear my thoughts became just then. I knew what to do and how to choose. 

If you’ve been swept up in the phenomenon that is Star Wars, you may also have opted to start looking at taking your fascination or obsession to your bedroom and battle the droids in your dreams. With these great Star Wars comforter ideas, you can do just that. 

Join me on this journey of discovery and may the force be with you too. 

What to Look at in Choosing a Star Wars Comforter

While you may believe that choosing a great Star Wars comforter is mostly about selecting the best scene from a movie or having a giant print of your favorite character on your bed, there are a host of other considerations to choose from too.

So before you grab the cutest baby Yoda comforter for your child or the hottest Rey print for yourself, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Outer Fabric

The outer fabric of a comforter should be made from high quality and medium to high-density thread count weave material. Fabrics like polyester and cotton are popular choices as they are usually fully washable and can resist stains and water damage better than velvet or some microfibers. 

Inner Lining or Filling

darth vader star wars comforter and pillowcases on bed

Most people opt for a goose-down filling, but this may not necessarily be the best option for a comforter. Duck down is much more affordable, and it offers the same level of insulation and airflow as goose down does. Unless you are buying a pure white comforter, you won’t see the difference between a goose and a duck-down filling. 

Goose down is white, which is why it’s traditionally been used as a filling for comforters and duvets. However, in our technological era, other alternatives may be worth a look too. 

Polyester batting has also made a comeback, and while you may think this screams cheap import, there are a host of new weaves and weights that may make you reconsider. 

Overall Quality 

When choosing from the range of comforters on offer, you should evaluate the outer shell, inner or filling, and construction quality. Check sewing to make sure the comforter is well made. Buying a comforter with quilted pockets helps to ensure the filling remains evenly spread. 

If you choose a printed comforter, featuring a design such as Star Wars, be sure to choose an option that has quality outer materials and a high-density print. 

A higher fiber count will give the print more contact points, and you will have a better picture and more even shading in images with high digital resolution. This will also ensure there is a minimal fade of your chosen theme when you wash the comforter. 


A common mistake that people make is to buy a comforter that is too small. While you should measure your mattress and buy a comforter based on measurements, you shouldn’t simply buy a comforter of the same measurement as your bed. You need to go bigger. These are some common measurements and the accompanying comforter sizes to consider:

  • Double Bed

Mattress: 54” x 75”

Comforter: 84” x 88”

  • Queen Size Bed

Mattress: 60” x 80”

Comforter: 88” x 100”

  • King Size Bed

Mattress: 76” x 80”

Comforter: 102” x 100”

  • Crib

Mattress: 28” x 52”

Comforter: 28” x 48”


Your comforter will need to be the right weight for your use. If you are selecting a comforter for your child, you will want to opt for something lightweight enough to be comfortable for little bodies. However, you may consider a heavier comforter if you want it to function in the same capacity as a weighted blanket. 

Be sure to take a weight that will be comfortable for you. By choosing a comforter that is heavy and lacks good airflow, you will find that the comforter will be boiling hot in warmer weather. 


darth vader and stormtroopers comforter on bed

Since you will be sleeping under your comforter, you should look at whether you can wash it or not. If your comforter is a neutral shell, you will need to get a cover. Be sure to opt for a washable cover. If the comforter has a printed shell or theme such as Star Wars, you need to ensure the whole comforter is washable. 

Most comforters are washable. The size will be a big consideration whether you will be able to wash the comforter yourself in your own washing machine and dry it in your home drier or if you will need to use the services of a laundromat. Here’s our complete guide on how to wash a comforter.

Queen and king-size comforters will probably challenge any washing machine without a large load capacity, so be warned before you try to stuff your lovely comforter into the small load area. 

When machine washing your comforter, you should ensure there is sufficient load space as it shouldn’t be crammed into the washing machine. This could result in the material pilling and the topstitching distorting. So consider whether you will be able to wash your comforter at home or if you will need professional cleaning services. 


Finally, the colors of your printed comforter need to be suitable for your home decor, and you will need to ensure the print and dye are colorfast to prevent fading and color bleeding. Some colors will also come with their own challenges: white comforters may need more frequent washing and black or dark toned comforters may fade much quicker. 

Another point to note about colors is that you will tire much quicker of bright colors and prominent designs than you will of softer colors and muted tones or designs. While Darth Maul may look epic on the display at the shop, you may begin to tire of seeing him on your bed every single day for the next few years. 

Basic Comforter Care Guide

If you opt for a quality designer comforter set, then the chances are that you’ve paid a substantial price for it too. This means you need to look after your comforter and ensure that it will last for a long time. 

  • Using a duvet cover for plain white comforters is a good step to head off spills and stains
  • Fluff the padding daily to ensure the comforter’s filling remains evenly spread
  • Clean with sunlight by hanging your comforter in full sun for a few hours once a week to kill off any bacteria and air out the filling
  • Don’t sleep or lie on top of your comforter to prevent compressing the filling
  • Wash infrequently to prolong the life span
  • Repair any damage before washing
  • Use a gentle cycle wash or hand wash with a limited amount of fabric cleaner
  • Dry in a drier with wool drying balls or tennis balls, and set on low heat
  • Check and fluff the comforter every 20-25 minutes until the comforter is fluffy and light, which indicates that it is dry
  • Store a comforter in a large cotton continental pillow casing, not in plastic
  • If the filling is fine down, which is also the most expensive filling, you should not hand wash it, but rather send your comforter to a professional dry cleaner to clean when necessary 

Buyer’s Guide: Criteria We Used for Our Star Wars Comforter Choices

characters from star wars comforter on bed

When looking at the thousands of Star Wars comforters on offer, we considered a range of criteria to ensure you can buy with confidence. Each of our category winners below is a great choice to add to your linen collection, but we also chose an overall winner, and you’ll be mad if you don’t follow the force and buy this right now! 

Which is My Winner?

Not wanting to give anything away, but spoiler alert: I finally chose the Star Wars Classic Twin/Full Comforter Set by Jay Franco on Amazon since it would fit in with my existing bedroom black and white color scheme the best. Plus, I didn’t fit under the Disney Star Wars Storm Trooper Black & White 4Piece Toddler Bed Set, which was uber cute! 

In evaluating these Star Wars comforter options, we kept the following in mind, and you should also tick these boxes when you choose a comforter:

  • Durability or Quality : All these comforters are high quality, will last longer, and justify their prices with the long service they will give you.
  • Filling : While these comforters cover a range of fillings, from down to polyester fibers, these are all high quality and will retain shape well with appropriate use—no blanket forts and bundle-beds at Christmas time, please. Keep your comforters on your bed, where you sleep under them. 
  • Reviews: Our choices of Star Wars comforters were all great hits with consumers, achieving at least a 4+ star rating. This ensures that these comforters have been tried and tested by the best possible testers out there—people just like you.
  • Design: The designs of these Star Wars comforters are something special and unique, and you can be sure that having these comforters on your bed will turn heads.
  • Care: A comforter needs to be washable since it will be an item of use in your home, so we were careful to only select comforters that can be either washed and dried or dry cleaned.

Best Star Wars Comforter Ideas Selection

While you could shop for a Star Wars comforter based on your favorite movie, we decided to go with a few different options. 

We also included the price point, ranging below $50 as $, below $80 as $$, and over $100 as $$$. Happy shopping!

Best Classic Star Wars Comforter Set

millenium falcon comforter on bed in room with working desk next to bed

The Star Wars Classic Twin/Full Comforter Set by Jay Franco on Amazon has a 4.8 rating, making it a force to be reckoned with when it comes to comforters. Available in a twin/full size, it is an ideal choice for your emerging teen’s bedroom or an adult’s dream come true. At a $ price point, it’s a steal and well worth it.


  • 100% polyester reversible comforter
  • Fully washable
  • Soft gray and white high-quality print of the Millennium Falcon design
  • Brushed microfiber polyester shell
  • Comes with two white pillow shams
  • Large size could be used for a queen-size bed
  • Thin layer of polyester batting as inner
  • Suitable for warm weather 


  • Some reviewers complained about a smell upon arrival, but nothing a good wash wouldn’t cure
  • Need extra blanket for warmth in cooler weather 

Most Popular Star Wars Kids Comforter Set

storm trooper illustration star wars comforter on bed

If you’re looking for the coolest kids Star Wars-themed comforter set, then the Disney Star Wars Storm Trooper Black & White 4Piece Toddler Bed Set is the best.

The awesome design, which places your sleeping toddler inside the stormtrooper uniform, and an amazing rating of 4.8 based on over 14,000 reviews landed it as one of our top picks. Additionally, it won’t break the bank either at just over the $$ mark. 


  • Bed-in-a-bag design, this set includes the epic comforter, reversible pillowcase, and fitted sheet and top sheet too
  • Stylish black, white, and gray design
  • Lightweight and suitable for cooler weather
  • High-quality material
  • Kids love this Star Wars design and comfortable fabric


  • Thinner than some consumers wanted, but suitable for summer use
  • The set’s sheets are warm and were uncomfortable to some of the children

Best Camo Color Star Wars Comforter Set

camo star wars comforter on bed

Star Wars Comforter Sets Kids Duvet Cover Set Star Wars Movie Printed Bedding Cover Sets for Boys Girls 3Pieces King Quilt Comforter Sets by yagnsssu on Etsy is a real 4.5-star winner. The stylish camo colors and design fit well with popular colors like brown, green, and white in any bedroom. Prices start under the $$ mark, so it is a real steal. 


  • Made from 100% polyester microfiber material
  • High thread count for better tensile strength 
  • Soft-touch 
  • Tear-resistant 
  • Easy care: cold water machine wash, tumble dry at low heat, avoid bleach
  • Two-month guarantee


  • Some shipping issues, though the company is very supportive and organizes quickly to address any issues

Most Adorable Reversible Kids Star Wars Comforter

mandalorian illustration patterned comforter on bed

If you love the baby Yoda, then this Star Wars, The Mandalorian, The Child 5 Piece Full Bed Set will blow you away. It is ideal for any kid’s room and even some teens who love the adorable character of the baby Yoda.

With a 4.8 rating, it is a definite favorite with Star Wars fans. At a price point of less than $$, this is a firm contestant for our Best Overall Comforter spot. 


  • Made from a quality polyester blend
  • Full set with comforter, two matching pillowcases, one fitted sheet, and one flat sheet
  • Softness of brushed microfiber polyester
  • Additional bedding and décor items are available to match
  • Comforter is fully reversible
  • Well-made comforter with high-quality stitching


  • Customers wished there were matching shams included in the set 

Greatest Graphic Style Cartoon Star Wars Comforter Pick

colorful star wars pop art comforter on bed

Kids love graphic arts, cartoons, and illustrations, and the Amazon Basics Star Wars Galactic Grid Comforter is a great pick to consider. The comforter is soft and stylish, offering great accent colors to pick up in matching drapes and bedding. At a 4.8 rating, this set is ideal and is fairly priced at a price point of way less than $, you can’t go wrong. 


  • 100% polyester
  • Soft-touch
  • Fully washable 
  • Microfiber exterior shell
  • Fluffy inner filling
  • Wrinkle-free with less need to iron
  • Fade-resistant colors 


  • Bed sheets can be a bit hot in warm weather
  • Doesn’t retain heat well, though this is ideal for summer

The Final Force and Verdict

I have really grown to love Star Wars, who doesn’t! And while I adore the cute baby Yoda, and I do have a small throw pillow with him on it, I decided to opt for the Star Wars Classic Twin/Full Comforter Set by Jay Franco on Amazon.

This was the most sensible set, and being a bit of a design geek, I really appreciated the attention to detail that went into this design. The reversible comforter is ideal and allows me to give the giant Millennium Falcon print a break every so often and opt for the blue-print side instead. 

The set is well-made, offers high quality, durability, has a soft lining, and is fully washable. There really were no boxes that weren’t being ticked by this classic design comforter.

I love that I can place the light gray side on top, telling my partner that I’ve gone over to the light, and flip it over to the darker side every so often, hinting that I had joined the Empire. 

Which Star Wars comforter is your favorite? May the Force be with you as you head to la-la land tonight when you dive under your stylish Star Wars comforter. 

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