5 Best Summer Comforter Ideas [2022]

I don’t know about you but curling up under a comforter at the end of a long day is one of those satisfactory feelings that you just can’t beat. Their lightweight, fluffy texture envelops you in a gentle hug and lets you let go of all the stresses of your day. Now, some people might say that comforters are just for the winter, but that’s where they’re wrong! You can drift off into slumber pillowed in cloudy softness every night of the year if you buy the right comforter, and I’m here to help with that!

Today, we will be looking at what makes a comforter great for summer and recommend you a few that might pique your interest to add to your summer interior.

What Makes a Comforter Suitable for Summer

Ok, so I’ve already said that comforters can be used all year if you choose the right one, but how do you know which to choose? Luckily, most comforters are all season (as are all the choices we will be looking at). Still, there are a few factors to consider to ensure that your summer nights are as comfortable as possible.

Firstly, I would recommend looking at the outer material. You want to look for a breathable fabric without any faux fur or faux sheepskin that can get very sweaty as you sleep. Fabrics like cotton, bamboo, and microfiber are ideal for summer. They will feel so comfortable against your skin you will be craving your bed all day!

The second thing to consider would be the fill. A good comforter will be filled with either down or a high-quality down alternative that uses hollow fibers to imitate the effect of real duck feathers. Fills like these aim to trap as much air in them as possible, which gives them their signature fluffy texture. This trapped air helps regulate the temperature underneath the comforter, which means you remain at the perfect temperature all night no matter what’s happening with the weather outside.

These two factors combined are what make these comforters suitable for summer, so if you follow these guides, you are bound to find a great comforter for you.

How to Style a Comforter for Summer

unmade bed with comforter in trendy room

When it comes to styling for summer, I know I tend to gravitate to lighter and brighter colors to really instill that genuine feeling of summer into my spaces. You can do this with the help of a well-chosen summer comforter or even use it as the feature to base the rest of the room design around.

I recommend going for paler shades and white for a more minimal style. Conversely, you can choose to go with a really vibrant color or pattern for a more bold look. Whether your style is modern, contemporary, eclectic, or rustic, there is a way to work in a summer comforter to make your style stand out. Try pairing the comforter with some patterned cushions and maybe even changing out your curtains for something a little more lightweight to bring this feeling throughout the room. I like my summer bedroom interior to balance light and bright and cozy and inviting. The bed is really the feature that can get this feeling across best.

I suggest getting a comforter that evokes the vibe you’re trying to achieve and getting your inspiration from there. Your summer decorating will never be the same, in the best way possible.

Top Picks

There are so many great all-season comforters out there that it’s hard to know where to even start! So, to make it a little easier, I’ve picked out five comforters that are great for summer that all serve a slightly different purpose so you can pick the perfect one for you.

The Basic: Amazon Basics Reversible Comforter

Suppose you’re looking for a starter comforter that doesn’t do too much damage to your wallet. In that case, I think you would like this reversible Amazon Basics comforter.

Now, remember earlier when I said the outer fabric is important? Well, even though this option is on the cheaper end, it is made from Oeko-tex certified microfiber, which is breathable and will feel so good on the skin. So far, so good!

The comforter is not overly thick, so even if it is not the fluffiest option is shouldn’t be too hot to sleep underneath on a sweltering summer night. The design is also reversible with a darker shade on one side and a lighter one on the other, so essentially, get two designs for a very reasonable price. Out of all the options, I would recommend going with their pink or red options because they will be the best to style around for summer.

This one comes in full and queen and is machine washable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any pillowcases.

The Basic Amazon Basics Reversible Comforter





Only available in two sizes

No pillowcases

A Simple Solid Color: Satisomnia Lightweight Comforter

Sometimes keeping it simple is the secret to effortless styling. A nice solid colored basic like this Satisomnia comforter is an excellent anchor point to base your design around. It makes a statement with a blanket of color rather than a complexity of design or pattern, so if you are new to styling a space, you won’t get too overwhelmed by matching complex pieces with one another.

Like many other options, this one is reversible but with some limited, very muted choices when it comes to color selection. However, since each one has a lighter and darker side, you could use the pale side in summer and the dark in winter. Two looks for the price of one? Sounds good to me!

Like the previous comforter, this one is made from Oeko-tex certified microfiber that is very pleasing against the skin. It is also very breathable, so you will be sweat-free no matter what the temperature is. The comforter is quilted in large squares. Each holds a whole piece of microfiber, which helps the fill stay evenly spread across the surface no matter how many times you wash it. This technique gives this option the signature airiness of a good comforter, so it’s bound to be super comfortable.

This is available in twin, queen, and king, but it doesn’t come with any pillowcases. It can be machine washed and tumble dried or air-dried.

Blue Satisomnia Lightweight Comforter



Simple base design


Only five color options

No pillowcases

Bright, Reversible Adaptability: SunStyle Comforter Set

Many comforters may be reversible but, out of all of them, it’s the SunStyle reversible comforter that I like the best. The color combinations are eye-catching, and the variety is so broad that there’s no way you won’t find a color you want in their lineup.

All these diamond-stitched comforters have options that have the same color on both sides and versions with a color on one side and light grey on the other. This allows you to fold down the top of the comforter to create a pleasing visual contrast. Out of all these color options, I would recommend the dazzling teal option or the beautifully subtle sage, both of which will let you design a gorgeous summer interior around them really easily.

The outer fabric is made from high-quality 110gsm microfiber with excellent breathability and moisture absorption, making it ideal for summer. An element that makes this comforter really stand out from the rest is the advanced stitching technology that increases the seam strength and makes this comforter really durable. It is also anti-wrinkle and anti-fade, so it will last you years without showing its age.

This easy-to-maintain comforter is machine washable and tumble-dryer friendly. It is available in twin, queen, and king and comes with two matching reversible pillowcases.

Bright Teal Reversible Adaptability SunStyle Comforter Set



Very fluffy

Matching pillowcases


More expensive

Fun Loving Style: Sexy Town Pom Pom Comforter

This Sexy Town comforter has a cute little added design element of teeny tiny little pom-poms that make this perfect for any of you that like a boho style. The design may be subtle, but it’s just the addition you need to make this comforter a little more memorable.

Now, we’ve already seen how much difference just a few little pom-poms can make, but that’s not the only design factor that this comforter is bringing to the table. The top side of the comforter is made from a bright white Seersucker fabric that creates a stunning texture across the surface of the blanket. These two features are a great example of how to play with textures in a monochromatic way to add a dynamic element to your design; you don’t always need to use crazy color to make an impact. This style of cross-stitching is also non-slippery and helps keep the comforter’s filling in place, so it is decorative and functional all at once.

So, while all that design is happening on top, there is a lot of comfort happening underneath. The underside is made from a brushed microfiber that is breathable and soft. Inside it is filled with an ultra-soft microfiber in whole pieces to prevent clumping. From end to end, this entire option is built for comfort with an airy texture and soft-touch feel on the skin, great for hot sleepers.

Unfortunately, this pretty comforter is only available in queen size, but it does come with two pom-pommed pillowcases. While it is still machine washable, the pom-poms make this one a little bit more delicate. To remedy this, all you need to do is wash it in a laundry bag to protect them.

Fun White Pom Pom Comforter


Fun design

Nice texture


More delicate to clean

Only one color option

Only one size option

The Sustainable Choice: Bamboo Bay Comforter

Any eco-warriors out there? Well then, do I have the comforter for you! This Bamboo Bay comforter is made from 100% viscose from bamboo that is silky to the touch and feels great against your skin. Comfy and sustainable? Sign me up!

Even just visually, this is the fluffiest comforter that we have looked at today. This is achieved by overstuffing each quilted square with a premium-grade hollow fiber that is said to be more breathable than natural down. This factor, coupled with the naturally moisture-wicking bamboo viscose on the outside, makes this comforter absolutely perfect for hot sleepers in the summer. It will be like sleeping under a very gentle layer of dandelion flowers.

This is the priciest option of the bunch, so you will need to consider your budget before investing in this one. In my opinion, if it’s within your budget, then this one is a really great choice because of all the added details that have gone into designing this comforter. It will be comfortable and ideal for every season, so your cost per use will be really reasonable at the end of the day.

This is available in queen, king and, oversized king, but it does not come with any matching pillowcases. You will have to consult the tags for cleaning instructions.

Sustainable White Bamboo Bay Comforter


Sustainable fabric

Very breathable

Moisture Wicking



Only available in one color

Best For Adding a Little Extra Spice

Summer is a time for fun and playing with your design a little, so adding a little extra spice with a comforter is a great opportunity. The Sexy Town Pom Pom Comforter is perfect for this job. It is somehow subtle and a statement simultaneously by playing with texture in a monochromatic format. Any comforter with a bit of extra pizzazz like this will add so much to your room design that it is well worth a little extra cash, in my opinion.

Sexy Town Pom Pom Comforter in Light Blue Color

Best Value for Budget

The Amazon Basics Reversible Comforter is a really great basic that will serve you just fine for a very affordable price. This lets you keep it simple but keep it comfy at the same time. This design will also fit those of you that prefer a more minimal aesthetic so you can save money and feel super modern into the bargain.


Whichever style you like, whatever color tickles your fancy, any of these all-season comforters will keep you sleeping in absolute comfort every night. Summer is a great time to play with your design, and with these comforters, you won’t have to sacrifice looks for your comfort.

Honestly, looking at all of these options, the one that I would go for would be the SunStyle Reversible Comforter. Its innovative stitching technology will mean this will last you ages, and the color options will have you spoilt for choice. This fluffy comforter will cushion you in a pillow of softness all night long without leaving you feeling sweaty or tired in the morning. Comfort and beauty; its the best of both worlds.

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