Best Velvet Comforter Ideas For The Perfect Slumber [2022]

Velvet is a great fabric for your comforter. However, not a lot of people know where they should start when they consider getting one. If you want the very best comforter, you will soon see that almost every comforter ad says they are the best. So you will need to be able to do some thinking yourself to find a great one. In this guide you are going to learn all there is to know about velvet comforters and comforters in general! 

I am going to start out by explaining what a comforter is, and what kind of fabrics can be used to make velvet. Then I am going to explain all there is to know about comforter fillings, and the pros and the cons. After that, I am going to compare the fabrics that are often used for comforters with velvet, and what their strong and weak points are. At the end of the article, I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions people have about the velvet comforters and comforters as a whole. 

What is a Velvet Comforter? 

Let’s start with what a comforter – no matter velvet or not – is. If we break it down, a comforter is a) a pouch and b) a filling. Both of these are just as important. The pouch is what is going to be made out of velvet (if you pick this fabric), the filling will be made out of something else. Another word for comforter is a duvet. 

The Pouch 

This is the fabric that is going to be touching your skin while you sleep. You can choose from a great variety of fabrics for your duvet blanket. The fabric determines a lot of aspects of the comforter. Besides the feeling, it also determines a lot of the breathability and the insulation of the duvet. Some people use a duvet cover. This is a great idea, it is going to make your comforter last much longer. It is also more hygienic in most cases, and duvet covers are a lot easier to clean than an entire comforter. 

The Filling

There are a couple of fillings that are used for duvets. The two most often used fillings are regular down and classic down. Down is another word for filling, so, not some kind of special material as some people think.

trendy dusty rose velvet comforter on bed with orange pillow

Regular down – Regular down is synthetic filling. These synthetic fibers are often made out of polyester. The down is not as expensive as classic down (which is made out of geese and duck feathers). If you need a filling that traps heat well, without being too warm, then regular down is a great pick. It does not trap as much heat as goose and duck feathers. So it is a popular choice to use in the warmer months of the year. My favorite thing about regular down is how easy it is to clean. Classic down-made from real feathers tends to lose its puffiness if you wash it on a too-high setting or use the wrong cleaning products. The synthetic fibers of regular down just keep their shape. 

The classic down – This is a filling made out of geese and duck feathers. This is down that has been used for centuries. The reason for that is very simple. It keeps you warm much better than almost any other kind of down. The feathers are great to insulate your body, while still keeping your duvet thin and light. The downside of this is they are quite expensive, even more so if you pick feathers from an ethical source. Geese and duck feathers are quite hard to clean. You will need to pay attention to the label while cleaning and use the right products. 

What is Velvet?

There are a couple of fabrics that are suited for velvet. This is for example cotton and polyester. Velvet can also be made from silk. It is made by using a certain way of weaving the strands. The threads are evenly distributed. They are going to be in a short and dense pile with the technique that creates velvet. This gives a very distinct and soft feeling. 

Why is Picking a Great Comforter so Important? 

Most people spend between 6 and 10 hours a day in bed. That is about 40% of the entire day! The average bed is somewhere between 2 and 4 square meters. That is quite a long time to be spending in such a small space. Making this space as soft and comfortable as you can is going to help you a great deal to sleep better. 

dark blue velvet comforter with open book on unmade bed

Having a good night of sleep affects your memory, IQ, muscle recovery, and concentration in a major way. So you need to get a deep sleep. Getting a comforter that is just the perfect size and isn’t too heavy or light. This is going to help you fall asleep faster and you will have a better time in bed too. 

It is also important for your hygiene. If you sweat a lot, and you choose a comforter that is not really breathable, you will start to develop a sweat odor. Another thing that this affects is the growth of bacteria and molds. So make sure you get a comforter that is fit for your body and the way your body sweats and acts. 

Finally, a comforter also has an influence on your allergic reactions. Some organic comforters cause allergic reactions like itching and headaches. Another thing that might happen is bed bugs and other insects getting in the bed and causing an itch. 

What is the Good and the Bad About Velvet Duvets?

Feeling – The most important reason why people use velvet as a comforter is because they want a soft feeling on their skin. The velvet is very soft and is kind of comparable to the silky smoothness of satin. Silk satin is a bit softer, though. Velvet is made out of silk, cotton, or polyester. So if you want a softer version of cotton or polyester for your comforter, having a velvet one is a way to go. 

Breathable – Velvet, even when made from polyester, is very breathable. It is a great fabric if you want to sweat a lot on the warmer days of the year. This makes it a great alternative to many other fabrics that are soft but do not breathe as well. For example, microfiber is also very soft, but velvet is a bit softer. 

Durable – Velvet, despite the delicate feeling, is a very durable material. It can hold color very well even when you leave it in the sun. This is going to make sure you can enjoy the fabric for many years. Velvet, even if made from silk, can last up to 15 years if you take care of it. 

Insulation – The velvet fabric can keep your body insulated during the winter. Even when it is a thin comforter, it will still keep you pretty warm. This is going to make sure you are soft and warm in the winter. However, it may be a bit too hot in the summer. If you like the soft velvet feeling, and you want an alternative for the summer, satin is a great choice. 

Price – It really depends on what the velvet is made out of. You can pick from various different fabrics. The three most common are polyester, cotton, and silk. Polyester is by far the cheapest, cotton is in the middle, and then there is a pretty big margin for the price of a silk velvet comforter. 

How Does a Velvet Comforter Compare to Other Kinds of Popular Comforters?

Velvet Comforters vs Polyester Comforters

Feeling – Velvet and polyester feel very different. Polyester feels much coarser than a comforter that is velvet. Polyester also does not get softer when you use it. You should always use a duvet cover to protect your polyester comforter. Otherwise, your polyester will get sweat stains. Velvet comforters can be used without a cover. 

Breathable – Polyester really does not breath well, this makes it a horrible fabric for the summer. You will sweat a lot under the comforter. The polyester comforters are used for the winter when you do not sweat as much. Velvet, even when made out of polyester, is very breathable. So it can be used during warmer days without you developing a sweat smell. 

Durable – Velvet is pretty durable. You can use it for years without it having a lot of wear and tear. Polyester is also very durable. Both of these can last for over 15 years if you take care of them. Polyester is a bit easier to clean, and it can just be thrown into the washing machine. 

Insulation – Polyester, and velvet both insulate the body very well. Since velvet is a bit more breathable it is a better pick on warm days. They are both very good to use in the winter and keep yourself warm. In the summer both are going to be too warm. Polyester will also stain due to sweat, so try to avoid using this material in the summer. 

Price – Velvet is more expensive than regular polyester comforters. Definitely when they are made out of silk. The price can be so far apart that you can pay over 5 times more for a velvet comforter than for a polyester one so take this into account when budgeting. 

fuschia velvet comforter material

Velvet Comforters vs Cotton Comforters

Feeling – Cotton gets a lot softer when you wash it a couple of times. However, it is never going to have the same soft feeling as a velvet comforter has. So if you prefer a soft feeling against your skin, you are going to enjoy a velvet comforter. 

Breathable – A velvet comforter is a bit more breathable than a comforter made out of cotton. So if you do not want to develop the smell of sweat then picking velvet is the best choice you have. Both are not really suitable for very hot summer days, so you might want to look into getting a satin comforter if you live in a hot climate.

Durable – Both velvet comforters and cotton comforters can last quite a long time. If you take care of them, they will last for over 15 years. You do need to make sure that you don’t wash it on the highest setting. This is going to increase the amount of wear and tear you have by quite a lot. 

Insulation – Both of these materials are very good at insulating your body. That is why they are most often used in the winter. While both are okay to use during spring and autumn, they will make you feel too hot during the peak of summer. You should look for a comforter that is not too thick so you don’t insulate as much if you do not want to buy satin. 

Price – Velvet comforters are a bit more expensive than high-quality organic cotton comforters. However, the difference is not that big. So, picking one of the other isn’t going to make a massive difference in the budget you have. It will only be a couple of percentage points. 

Velvet Comforters vs Satin Comforters

Feeling – What has the most pleasant feeling between the two is going to be pretty subjective. I prefer the silky smooth feeling of satin, but a lot of people enjoy the feeling of velvet too. Both are very good picks if you are looking for a very soft comforter.

Breathable – Satin is a better pick than velvet if you are looking for a breathable fabric. It isn’t a major difference but it is definitely noticeable in the summer when you are sweating a lot. That is going to make you feel a lot cooler if you are really warm.

split screen of grey velvet comforter on bed and satin comforter on bed

Durable – Satin is not durable. Even if you take care of your satin comforter by only using handwashing with cold water or use the dry cleaner only, it is still going to last less than 10 years. In comparison with velvet that is quite the difference. Velvet comforters can easily last up to 15 years even if you do not take perfect care of them. 

Insulation – Satin does not insulate the body very well. This makes it a lot more comfortable in the summer. Velvet is a great option for the winter since it insulates much better. If you like a soft comforter on your body, then you are going to enjoy having a velvet comforter for the winter and a satin comforter for the summer. 

Price – Satin is more expensive than Velvet. The only exception is when the velvet is made out of silk. Silk velvet comforters and silk satin comforters are about the same price, so if you have a large budget for your comforter they are going to be about the same cost. 

My 3 Favorite Velvet Comforters

If you do not know what comforter to pick, I have hand-selected a couple of amazing ones. Getting any of these will be a safe buy that you won’t regret. You can of course use this guide to pick the one out of these three that seems to be the most suitable for you. 

Intelligent Design Felicia Luxe Comforter Velvet

pink velvet comforter on bed

What I Like About This Comforter

  • Has a very nice luxury feel to it and soft colors that fit into as good as any interior
  • The Velvet feels very nice and soft, and it insulates the warmth of your body very well
  • Can be washed quite easily in the washing machine on low heat
  • Amazing price for such a high-quality comforter

What I Dislike About This Comforter

  • Is not as durable as it should be, wears and tears quite easily
  • Some people report that it feels scratchy and unpleasant when first using

PHF Luxurious Velvet Duvet Cover Set King Size

pink velvet comforter on bed in trendy moody room

What I Like About This Comforter

  • Has a very romantic feeling to it and gives an elegant impression
  • Is very soft, warm, and feels fluffy, while still being very breathable
  • Very easy to take care of, can simply be washed in the washing machine

What I Dislike About This Comforter

  • Is a bit too thin for my liking, I would have preferred it being at least 50% thicker
  • The odor when unpacking it is awful, it does go away after washing

XeGe Plush Shaggy Duvet 

shaggy grey velvet comforter on bed

What I Like About This Comforter

  • Has a velvet and faux fur cover, which is very nice if you want a change
  • The duvet feels very fluffy and soft, it feels amazing and it is one of the softest comforters you can get
  • Very well-reviewed, people absolutely love this comforter 

What I Dislike About This Comforter

  • It is quite expensive, while the quality is amazing you will need a pretty high budget
  • Kind of hard to take care of, since its velvet and faux fur you need to take into account both when washing

Final Thoughts About Velvet Comforters

Velvet comforters are pretty amazing. They are easy to take care of, feel great on the skin, and are somewhat more affordable than satin while still being as soft. They are more durable than satin and are close to the durability of cotton. They are one of the best comforter fabrics around in my opinion and can be used year-round, but for the hottest days of summer. No wonder, Velvet comforters are becoming more popular. 

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