14 Best White Comforter Ideas For A Dreamy Bed [2022]

The best white comforter ideas won’t blind you when you walk into your bedroom. You’ll be using comforters that wash easily at home (to avoid unnecessary frustration with white), and they must be versatile enough to have fun decorating your bedroom with other colors and accenting features like metals and silver.

The pureness of white should welcome you to a serene place where you can relax, warm-up, and drift into a dreamy place where anything can happen. White is popular in other rooms, and the bedroom is simply another place you can add that sophisticated feel. It works well for minimalistic vibes, too.

An all-white bedroom might just blind you, especially when the sun strikes the window, but you’re not going to do that. You’re about to see which white comforters look fantastic, and you’ll know how to turn your bedroom into an opulent space without the achromatic color, making you think you’ve time-traveled to a bland future.

The Value of White

There are undoubtedly many drawbacks to having white comforters, such as their ability to get dirty when the wind blows outside, the instant stains that appear from thin air, and the undying ability to make you neurotic about your bed. Still, the color is an opulent, elegant, and awe-inspiring addition to any bed.

You can always learn to deal with the neuroticism you’ll adopt once you have a white comforter, and the advantages of such a graceful color will outweigh it. White is the purest color because it has no pigment and seems natural. We think of it as the beginning, a place before color arrives, but it’s much more.

White symbolizes so many peaceful and positive things. Hospital nurses even wear white to create a sense of calmness and sterility, whereas it also has a sense of hygiene, simplicity, and freshness. It’s an innocent color associated with goodness, spirituality, humility, gentleness, and perfection.

White also has another meaning: surrender and relinquish, meaning you can relinquish your mind and body to your bed to sleep better. White even has psychology behind it. It was ranked the best in a study where different colors evoked serene moods and higher concentration, and it was the number one choice for bedrooms.

The kings of France even used white as a royal color. Some people even believe you can remove prejudice and clear emotional clutter with white gemstones. Now, who couldn’t do with that benefit in the bedroom when trying to sleep? As a bonus, white is the most popular color in interior design.

White reflects light better than any other color, even blinding you if there’s too much of it in the sunlight. It makes a room look bigger, and the best advantage is that it’s the most versatile color, matching nearly every color and decor item. The possibilities with white are countless, outweighing the threat of neuroticism.

Choosing the Winners

Choosing the winning white comforter ideas is challenging because the color is so popular, but I’ve stuck to two reasons for my favorites. The first reason is that the comforter should be easy to wash at home. White comforters will get dirty, even if you wrap your bed in saran wrap all day.

The second reason I chose the best white comforters is that I want them to be as versatile as the color suggests. Some white comforters have patterns that limit your decor in the bedroom, and you don’t want red florals on top of white fabric. If the comforter has a design, it must be as versatile as white, matching most colors.

The Best White Comforter Ideas: The Purest Winner

Drennan Microfiber Reversible Comforter Set in black and white geometic pattern on bed with pillows

The Drennan Microfiber Reversible Comforter Set took the number one spot hands down. I love the embossed pinched, pleat design of this elegant masterpiece. It feels dimensional when you lie under the comforter, almost like it\’s whisking you into another realm, one where anything is possible.

It’s also machine-washable and comes in a two-tone color that includes touches of the second most versatile color in the bedroom: black. It’s eye-catching as the pinched pleat has a geometric motif to capture your attention and steal your mind’s busyness. This gorgeous comforter suits any decor and color arrangements.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber with a pinched pleat
  • Style: Modern, chic, and minimalist
  • Available Sizes: King (which fits any bed if you love that bulky cascading effect as I do)
  • You Get: One amazing comforter, two pillow shams, and two throw pillows
  • Best Feature: It’s reversible if you feel like emphasizing the black side one week and the white side next week
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable and dryer-friendly
  • Potential Matches: It would look even better with a velvet headboard and black sheet

Possible Downside

  • Your heart will shatter if this comforter gets dirty (but it’s fortunately easy to clean)
  • It only comes in one size

13 More of the Best White Comforter Ideas for Your Bedroom

White is one of my favorite colors, making it a challenge to choose my favorites, but I stuck to my guns and chose 11 more exceptionally sophisticated ideas for you. Each one is a close second to my number one comforter, but they all have a unique style and endless opportunities.

Coma Inducer Down Comforter

White unmade bed with cozy white comforter in trendy bedroom

The Coma Inducer Down Comforter is an unusually oversized bed cover with a unique quality: it has fabric designed to make sleeping naked the best thing on earth. The name is clever, and the comforter is a gorgeous plain white quilted beauty that fits into any style or bedroom. The size is fantastic! You can drown in it!

Key Features

  • Fabric: Microfiber and spandex
  • Style: Contemporary, farmhouse, minimalist, and chic
  • Available Sizes: Full, queen, and king
  • You Get: Only a comforter
  • Best Feature: This comforter promotes nude sleeping (what’s better than that?)
  • Added Benefits: Lightweight, alternative down, super plush, machine washable (cold water)
  • Potential Matches: An olive green sheet with mercury glass metal bedside lamps (elevated opulence)

Possible Downside

  • It’s not an all-season down comforter, and you can only use it in cold weather
  • You have to buy separate pillow shams

Nina Li Embossed Comforter

Nina Li Embossed White Comforter in clean bedroom

The Nina Li Embossed Comforter is a classical beauty with geometrical patterns embedded over a lightweight fabric, perfect for all seasons or summer. This comforter even acts as a down comforter sheet in winter. The style suits traditionally elegant spaces better, and it feels as soft as a cloud kissing your cheeks.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber
  • Style: Countryside, farmhouse, chic, and minimalist
  • Available Sizes: Twin XL, full, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: The textured and embossed pattern is visually indescribable
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable and dryer-friendly
  • Potential Matches: It would look beautiful with a white Boho area rug and an orange tufted ottoman at the foot of the bed

Possible Downside

  • You can only use it in cooler months if you have another blanket under it
  • It’s a midweight comforter (heavier than most)

Hidden Secrets Comforter

White Patterned Bedding set on neatly made bed

The Hidden Secrets Comforter is an incredible piece of bedroom decor because it looks plain and simple until you get close enough to notice the faded geometric patterns, almost shining silver. No one said white comforters have to be boring, and this one is a reminder of how they can be detailed and yet not detailed.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber
  • Style: Chic, contemporary, and minimalist
  • Available Sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter, one accent pillow, two pillowcases, one sheet, two pillow shams, and a dust ruffle (wow!)
  • Best Feature: The subtle pattern means you can match this comforter to anything, especially silver decors
  • Added Benefits: Lightweight/breathable, machine-washable, all-season, and reversible
  • Potential Matches: It would look gorgeous with a silver Grecian mirror over the bed and a gray satin sheet (in summer)

Possible Downside

  • The greatest challenge would be keeping it clean
  • It says all-season, but it has a fill weight of 260 oz. (not suitable for winter without additional bedding)

Tufted Chenille Comforter

Tufted Chenille White Comforter in cozy room

The Tufted Chenille Comforter is a pretty but elegant addition to your bedroom if you love the subtle touch of feminine qualities. It’s another alternative down for colder weather, and the tufted chenille dots set in a jacquard pattern make this comforter feel next-level, while the solid color matches everything in a bedroom.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Microfiber and alternative down
  • Style:  Boho, chic, and contemporary
  • Available Sizes: Queen and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: It promises an anti-clumping fill and simply looks gorgeous
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, dryer-friendly, breathable, and lightweight
  • Potential Matches: It would fit well with a Boho wall hanging and rattan and white nightstands

Possible Downside

  • It comes vacuum-sealed and wrinkled (you need to fluff it in the sun for a few hours first)
  • It would feel awkward in a shared bedroom

Earthy Flavor Comforter

Earthy Flavor Comforter

The Earthy Flavor Comforter is a white and cream bed cover that fits into farmhouse designs with embroidered trimmings and exquisite detail. The cream is so subtle that it fades into the background, but the comforter has multiple dimensions, overflowing with a luxury personality. It almost feels like a Boho compliment as well.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Ultra-soft cotton. polyester, and chenille
  • Style: Boho, Moroccan, chic, and contemporary
  • Available Sizes: King
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: The 100% cotton exterior has a gorgeous tribal jacquard design
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, lightweight, hypoallergenic, and super soft
  • Potential Matches: It would look lovely with handmade Boho throw pillows (darker earthy color) and a Boho sheet with neutral colors like brown, orange, and beige

Possible Downside

  • The light addition of cream makes this comforter fit better with earthy and neutral colors
  • It’s only available in king size

Silver Lining Comforter

white geometric lines design on comfoter on bed

The Silver Lining Comforter is a fantastic choice if you want a white comforter with touches of silver, the best color match for white in elegant bedrooms. The contemporary embroidery displays simple but eye-catching silver lines running down the middle of the comforter, and it would look great with other metals and black.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Microfiber and polyester
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Available Sizes: Queen, king, and California king
  • You Get: One comforter, two pillows shams, and two throw pillows
  • Best Feature: The most prominent feature is that this comforter is made clean (eco-friendly – Oeko-Tex Certified)
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, dryer-friendly, and breathable
  • Potential Matches: You can use a light blue sheet (it emphasizes silver) and a metal wall flower over your bed

Possible Downside

  • The comforter does better in mid-weather like fall and spring
  • It only comes in bigger sizes

Bedsure Shaggy Comforter

Shaggy ultraplush white comfoter on bed in moody bedroom

The Bedsure Shaggy Comforter is an attractive choice if you want something warmer and plush enough to help you into dreamland. The shaggy striped design on this comforter is also finely detailed, not like the regular ones. It fits into most bedrooms, but be careful of matching too many shaggy items to make yours look kitsch.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Faux fur and microfiber
  • Style: Chic and modern
  • Available Sizes: Twin, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: It’s a reversible comforter, which is unusual for shabby designs
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable (in cold water), dryer-friendly (on low temperatures), and luxurious softness
  • Potential Matches: You can intensify the warmth with a light-colored microfleece sheet and a rustic area rug

Possible Downside

  • It’s harder to wash at home than most white comforters, but not impossible if you wash it right
  • It’s pretty warm and fluffy, best suited to cooler months

Emily Texture Comforter

White Rouched Comforter in Farmhouse style bedroom

The Emily Texture Comforter feels like an ode to formal bedrooms with layered window treatments and French furniture. The ruched effect flows down to the bottom of the comforter, being somewhat feminine but highly elegant. Here’s good news: you don’t have to match it to formal furniture and decor, and it’s more flexible.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Style: French, cottage, chic, contemporary, and formal
  • Available Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: The sophisticated ruched design is more flexible than it looks
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, lightweight, and dryer-friendly (on low temperatures)
  • Potential Matches: A faux leather wall panel headboard and eclectic bedside lamps will make it look more modern than formal

Possible Downside

  • It won’t fit into a bedroom with elaborately detailed furniture and decor
  • It’s not very warm and wouldn’t suit winter and fall decor

Eastern Flair Comforter

Eastern Flair Comforter

The Eastern Flair Comforter is perfect for you if you want a white bedroom combined with black touches. The white background remains prominent enough to make my list, but the black jacquard pattern breaks the fear of what happens to white comforters. You can also match this beauty to any of the two colors and their accents.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber
  • Style: Eastern, Morrocan, and contemporary
  • Available Sizes: Queen and king
  • You Get: One comforter, two pillow shams, a sheet, and a dust ruffle
  • Best Feature: It’s less blinding than plain white comforters
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, dryer-friendly, breathable, and lightweight
  • Potential Matches: You can use a burned orange area rug at the foot of the bed and an Egyptian style wall hanging to be a little unique

Possible Downside

  • It’s not very warm and better suited to summer or spring
  • It won’t work with elaborately patterned furniture or decor
  • It’s only available in bigger sizes

Bohemian Fringe Comforter

Bohemian White Comforter with pom pom details

The Bohemian Fringe Comforter is a simple, minimalistic, and pretty comforter for a woman’s bedroom. Not everything Boho has to be in your face. This comforter is a gentle salute to the trending interior decorating style, and it matches most other styles because it’s not too bold like some of the Boho designs.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Microfiber, linen, and cotton
  • Style: Boho, minimalist, contemporary, French, cottage, farmhouse, and chic
  • Available Sizes: Twin, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: It’s one of the most versatile white comforters across numerous decorating styles
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, dryer-friendly, breathable, lightweight, and anti-clumping
  • Potential Matches: You can use an antique or whitewashed dresser and French country bedside lamps to create a French bedroom

Possible Downside

  • It’s not warm enough for fall or winter
  • It feels a bit feminine with those pom pom edges

Rosy White Comforter

Rosy White Comforter

The Rosy White Comforter is a step away from the bold, blinding plain white comforters again. It’s a chic farmhouse design that looks beautiful on a woman’s bed, but it’s also not overly feminine if you match it to the right decor and colors. This comforter would look stunning against light blue walls or furniture.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber
  • Style: Modern farmhouse, countryside, chic, and contemporary
  • Available Sizes: Queen and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: The quilted design prevents clumping and uneven distribution
  • Added Benefits: Lightweight, machine-washable, dryer-friendly, anti-fading, and anti-wrinkling
  • Potential Matches: It would look incredible with a blue wall tree over your bed and a gray area rug at the foot of your bed to make it gender-neutral

Possible Downside

  • It only comes in larger sizes
  • Some men might still think it’s too feminine
  • It’s also lightweight and not suited to cold months

Two-Tone Rustic Comforter

Two Tone Rustic Comforter

The Two-Tone Rustic Comforter is another excellent choice if you don’t want too much white, but you shouldn’t overpower it with a secondary color. It’s blended beautifully with black geometric patterns and lines to make matching it to other decors as simple as you want. The pattern looks like an Aztec design.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester and microfiber
  • Style: Rustic, farmhouse, countryside, cottage, minimalist, and contemporary
  • Available Sizes: Full, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: The rustic Aztec vibes make it a gorgeous option for men getting tired of the feminine choices on my list (most of my favorites are unisex for shared bedrooms, by the way)
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable, dryer-friendly, and lightweight
  • Potential Matches: You can add raw wooden bedside cabinets and a rustic panel headboard if you want that robust style

Possible Downside

  • It’s not warm enough for winter or fall
  • You can mainly match it to the colors seen, accent colors for the two tones, or earthy tones

Ruched Chic Comforter

white Comforter on neatly made bed

Okay, guys, don’t hate me for this one, but the Ruched Chic Comforter is the final “feminine touch” on my list. Remember that most of the comforters are unisex, but this one is more girly than all of the feminine ones put together. It’s a beautiful comforter for women (or men) who want that wow factor in their bedrooms.

Key Features

  • Fabric: Polyester
  • Style: Shabby chic (probably the only style it matches)
  • Available Sizes: Twin, full, queen, and king
  • You Get: One comforter and two pillow shams
  • Best Feature: This is the perfect comforter for bold women who want their bedrooms as pretty as their minds
  • Added Benefits: Machine-washable (on a gentle and cold cycle), dryer-friendly (on a low temperature), absolutely soft, delicate, ruffled, all-season, and handcrafted
  • Potential Matches: You can use a Prima cotton sheet for added luxury and an ivory area rug to tone down the chic flair

Possible Downside

  • This comforter is way too feminine for most guys, meaning you can’t use it in shared bedrooms
  • The fabric and design is almost too fragile for home-care
  • You shouldn’t match this to anything detailed, even if you want a shabby chic style

Top Secret for White Linen

White matches with any color, and you can simply match accenting colors to the secondary color if you have a two-toned comforter, but have you ever heard of Feng Shui? It’s an ancient concept used in interior decorating to arrange colors and items in a room to create perfect balance and harmony.

For instance, you’ll always place a bed in the command position of the room, which is inspired by ancient Chinese warriors who took the position to have complete control over a battle. Whether your struggle is about falling asleep or you want to feel like you’re in the power position, your bed must be diagonal to the door.

It can be against any wall diagonally away from the entrance point to the bedroom. Anyway, Feng Shui also uses color placements to balance the energy in a room. White is the metal element in Feng Shui, and using the reflective color with silver, black, and various grays enhances the light energy and sleep induction of the room.

Black, silver, and gray are the ultimate matching colors in your bedroom, but white is fortunately flexible enough to match bright colors like orange, red, blue, green, and yellow. Surround your white bed with Feng Shui color placements. For example, blue, gray, black, and teal should be in the Northern corner of your room.

You’d use cream, beige, and brown in the center of the room, and you’d use green, tan, and lime in the East. Use this color-placement guide to know where you can add decors with accenting colors to enhance your white comforter while creating balance in your bedroom.

Recommended Alternatives to Shake Things Up

white Comforter 1

Honestly, nothing makes an impression like a white comforter, but not everyone can overcome the neurotic panic regarding elegant color ownership. Even I find myself freaking out from time to time, but I look at the beauty of my bedroom design and remember why I own white comforters.

Should you wish to change your color choices but still be able to fit your comforter into specific styles, try these comforters:

  • Farmhouse comforters will blend in with rustic, farmhouse, and countryside styles
  • Lavender comforters can fit into contemporary and chic designs
  • Pink comforters also suit chic and modern styles well (and the lighter shades are as peaceful as white)
  • Teal comforters are a bold statement that fits into contemporary designs
  • Denim comforters are super contemporary
  • Bamboo comforters are rustic and Boho
  • Faux Fur comforters are so chic it’s a modern twist
  • Orange comforters are farmhouse and rustic

Best White Comforter Ideas: Final Thoughts

White comforters are a panic waiting to happen, but they’re also a gateway to elegant bedroom designs with modern touches and peaceful beginnings. Remember that white is the only color comforter you don’t need to fret about when it comes to washing temperature (unless I’ve indicated that you should use cold water).

It might be the messiest color, but it’s also the easiest one to clean. The symbolic meanings of white are also beneficial enough to make you forget about the dirty part. Additionally, it’s the one color you can match to nearly anything, and you’ll be using style matches rather than color matches with white comforters.

The Drennan Microfiber Reversible Comforter Set is my favorite because I love the design. It\’s not simply a white comforter. It has character and attitude, and it fits nicely into my home. I love all the other comforters, sometimes wishing I could own them all. My partner will likely block my account if I do that.

White comforters are so flexible and easy to clean that you shouldn’t allow doubt to prevent you from choosing your favorite now. Don’t wait for white comforters to turn off-white before purchasing one.

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