5 Best Yellow Sheets Ideas

Yellow!  The sun, happiness, flowers, joy, and enthusiasm! It’s a real attention-getter – being second only to red! It is more than that. However, it symbolizes the intellect, creativity, and the mind.  Not necessarily a relaxing color, like lavender, but it is a striking hue that energizes and stimulates memory and mental awareness.

Top Recommendations for Yellow Sheets



The symbolism and the psychology of color mean two different things.

  • The Psychology of color is subconscious, and it’s an effect we cannot control – it comes from our ancestors.
  • Symbolism in color means many different things and varies depending on cultural contexts.  It is an adjective or trait that has consciously been assigned to the color.

Yellow evokes our brain’s logical, practical, awareness, and communicative features.  The psychology of it comes from the head and not the heart. This would be more in our DNA and of a physical nature from our ancestors millions of years ago.

Associations of Yellow

  • In the last 2000 years, deceit, cowardice, betrayal, and jealousy have become closely associated with yellow.
  • In great contradiction, the Roman Catholics believed that yellow was the color of key to the kingdom of heaven, while in the Bible, Judas is wearing yellow when he betrays Jesus.
  • Germans took yellow and made it into a symbol of hate

All these things are associations, symbolism, and representations of the color. We can still physically feel emotions if we look at yellow and associate it with something.  That is more conscious – no less real – just more of an experienced integration of an association.

Have you ever seen a room painted in all yellow, with yellow ceilings and yellow furniture?  Chances are you have not stood in a room such as that. A drawback of using too much yellow is that it produces anxiety.

Yellow as a Highlight

yellow accent wall in sitting room

The lack of rooms with solid yellow (running over 75% of the space) would explain the decoration tips everywhere that suggest using yellow as a highlighting color, situated on one wall that stands out.

Something to think about before finding yourself staring at a long shelf of sheets – what do you expect of your sheets?  What purpose will they serve?  Do you know what fabrics can best meet your needs?  Do you know how thick your mattress is?

These are just some of the many questions that will be helpful to narrow down your selection – and end up with a sheet set that fits your needs and wants!

We look in this nearly all yellow bedroom, and it doesn’t seem overwhelming to us. In fact, it quite looks inviting to me and speaks to happy experiences.

This is due to the hues and tints of yellow used,  where the yellow is, and the decoration style that has been applied.

The summer haze color is the darkest tint used in the room, and even that is quite light.  It gives the room a richer appearance, and the deepness of the tint gives depth to the walls.

We see colors as light and as matte as Moonstone at the other end of the spectrum.

While just looking at the color by itself may seem boring and even bland, when used in a room surrounded in yellow walls that are rich and lemony (with just a touch of Dijon), it serves to blend perfectly and not steal the show.

The other yellows used tend toward the lighter shades, either blending with the Moonstone or hinting at a subtle variation of Summer Haze.

Lighting Plays a Part in Colors

natural light from window in yellow room

If you have a lot of windows and light in your room, you will not need to choose a very light yellow, as the sun will brighten up the color.

On the other hand, darker rooms beg for a lighter yellow to open them up and give a sense of air and light.

Notice also their pillows and throws don’t deviate very much from the wall colors.  This creates a calm connection that links the two areas and remains comforting energy between the bed and the walls.

The throws, pillows, and scalloping at the edge of the coverlet give the eye depth and places to rest upon.  The scalloping is dainty, delicate, and peaceful, like the ripples in a pond.

The neutrality of the yellow rug blends rather than stands out, letting the other features of the room take precedence.  Pops of green for the plants provide a healthy, living aspect of nature that integrates the theme of the wide-open windows, trees outside, and the sunny day.  Also, in nature, we find yellow butterflies, bees, birds, flowers, and the sun, of course. There is a host of other natural elements that soothe and calm.

The open legs of the side tables and the airy wicker also reinforce the room’s light, providing interesting pieces that accent the yellow room and the hardwood floor.

These tips can be used with any color scheme. Just take the basic elements of colors that blend and don\’t conflict, keep one of the colors a bit darker and richer than the rest to add depth and center, and you have it!

Rugs, pillows, tables, plants, window dressing, paints, throws, sheets, coverlets, layering rugs and coverlets, wall art, sculpture, chair fabrics, and many other things are tools you can use in your bedroom to capture and highlight your yellow sheets (or any color sheeting).

What Type of Fabric Do You Want?

cotton thread and hook on a table

Cotton and Microfiber are the two most widely available and popular fabrics from which to choose a sheet set. For the purposes of this article, I will focus on them.

Fabric choice will drastically affect your quality of sleep. The materials your sheets are made of are the most important feature.

Are You a Hot Sleeper or a Cold Sleeper?

  • Cotton can be great for both – percale weave is lighter and airier. My favorite is a sateen weave. Depending on the thread count, it has a heavier silky drape and is still breathable.  For hundreds of years, cotton has been the choice for bedding due to  natural properties of:
    • Hypoallergenic, breathable, natural
    • Soft, strong and will only get softer with each washing, lasting years and years
    • Absorbent and quick-drying, so no moisture builds up, and the sheets aren\’t damp
    • Sustainable and biodegradable
    • Most recommended for sensitive skin
    • Variety of weaves, which allows choices for feel and breathability

Some drawbacks to cotton can be, that in a cold climate, you will need some heavy wool or down blankets to lock in body heat (in warmer times, this is a good thing). Other things can be massive wrinkling as they come out of the dryer (air dry is better).  Something crucial not to miss is you must have 100% long-staple cotton, or PimaCotton, or even better, Supima Cotton.  This will ensure you are getting all the benefits that you are paying for, and you will have soft, long-lasting, strong, and breathable sheets that don’t pill or rip.

Microfiber is a relatively new alternative material for sheets that has gained traction in the last few years and is best known for dominating the athletic wear business. Microfiber is the most inexpensive choice due to its synthetic nature (mostly made from polyester, which is made from petroleum) and its softness and warmth.

  • It is manufactured with processes to wick away heat and moisture for temperature regulation.
  • It is stronger than cotton
  • It is not biodegradable or sustainable
  • It is not as breathable as cotton
  • Repels water and liquid is not absorbed
  • Keeps sleepers cool and dry

One negative aspect that reviewers and I have noticed is the variation in temperature regulation for microfiber sheets.  Some will leave you sweating and wet, others will not trap enough heat, and the feeling can be slippery and cold, and then others keep you toasty warm.  Always look for a GSM of 100 or above for a good quality sheet set.  Get it from a reputable brand that stands behinds its products.  This should weed out most of the problematic Microfiber sheets.  These sheets will probably last half as long as a good quality cotton sheet set, but the lower price will make it up!

Yellow Sheets – Solid or Pattern?

Pattern bedding yellow

Solid sheets lend an air of stability and foundation in a bedroom, a large canvas from which to imagine any number of colors appearing on your walls, floors, ceilings, tables, chairs, and windows.

There is a timeless elegance about a solid sheet set. It is easy to decorate with it as you can choose patterned duvets or pillows right on the bed or a gigantic modern rug with splashes of purple, gold, cream, green, and blue.

Lights are another area that you can have fun with – matching a patterned base with the color of the sheet or opting for a tall, skinny, 2-foot high metallic pole holding up a beaded lampshade.

Don’t forget all those gorgeous blankets and throws – false fur, sweater cables, linens, pom-poms, wool, cotton, sherpa, flannel, lace, silk, and many more!  Depth, depth, depth!

Opt for a patterned bedspread or comforter with pillows of different colors on top of your solid sheet set to avoid banality and boredom.  This will tone it up a bit, giving the eye something to rest upon rather than scanning the whole room in 2 seconds flat.  Depth will also stop the eye, so opt for a textured throw or two on the bench, chair, or bed.

The more solid colors you have in your bedroom that blend, the more elegant and refined, and formal your bedroom will seem. Don’t be afraid to show your personality with rugs, art, knick-knacks, lamps, curtains, benches, and blankets and throws!

I love to jazz it up and show off lots of personality with my decor, so patterned sheets with loads of solid blankets and false fur throws are things you will find on my bed!

I have several inexpensive quilts/bedspreads in bright, floral patterns that I also use.  I have loads of different sizes and shapes of pillows in solids and patterns that pick up the colors of my sheets and bedding that I use anywhere I can – bed, bench, chair, window seat, etc.

It looks a bit bohemian, but the great thing is that I can change the look by removing throws and pillows and a bedspread and have beautifully patterned sheets with a few pillows with solid or light stripes in a matching color.

After that, I have a more traditional and elegant-looking room!

Having different plants and unique mirrors above the bed, with different styles of nightstands, also brings personality, warmth, and depth to your room.

The Origin of Yellow as an Instrument of Style

Because yellow was abundantly available, it was one of the first colors used in painting. It was first made with arsenic in about 1250 B.C.

A 13th century B.C. Roman paper(papyrus) shows yellow pigments were used in it,  and it is currently in a London museum.

As yellow became made of different substances and its hue became brightened, it was known to be a bold statement when used heavily in a painting. Many luxurious homes had dramatic paintings with yellow.

The allure of yellow comes out in this 1776 painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard painted – “A Young Girl Reading” (La Liseuse).

On the left, this is a later piece of art by Gustav Klimt, “The Kiss,” painted between 1907 and 1908.  Notice how brilliant and drawn the eye is to the yellow.  Yellow is that color that just makes us keep staring at it through the ages.


The Yellow Cloud Sheet Set by Crane and Canopy

Yellow Diamond Quilt Glam by Crane and Canopy

This is my highest recommendation for yellow sheets. 

They are made of 100% Supima cotton – which means they are Pima cotton (extra-long-staple and the strongest cotton fibers in the world) that has gone through extra difficult quality tests at every step of the way. Find these at Crane and Canopy!

  • They are a 300 Thread Count Sateen weave, which is ideal for extremely durable and long-lasting sheets with just a bit of extra drape and silkiness to provide warmth yet be exceptionally breathable.
  • Machine wash cold, and air dry or low heat tumble.
  • I love that they have full-surround elastic!!  
  • The only drawback is that the deep pockets are only 16-inches, which would be a tight fit on my 18-inch mattress.
  • The Crane and Canopy Company is truly an understated treasure chest of the highest quality sheets you can find.  They don’t flaunt the high-quality features of their items, but rather you can find them in the descriptions, which is a nice surprise.

Other Excellent Yellow Sheet Recommendations

Myla Floral Sheet Set in Yellow Multi at Urban Outfitters

yellow sheet shopping screenshot

I recommend this rare gorgeous pattern sheet set from Urban Outfitters because of its ability to hold the eye to take in every detail and color hue of the sheets.

This is not just a sheet set. It is a fashion statement and a delicate but bold focal point that makes it easy to pick up different colors and use different styles.

It is a mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and is OEKO-TEX certified.

The great style of these makes it easy to bring in ferns and other plants that are year-round to pick up the greens while still having cream-colored furniture or walls that pick up that color from the sheets.

The deep red could be a rug or even just a blanket in that color!

Find these at Urban Outfitters!

Chinoiserie Sheets – Bird And Bees by nouveau_bohemian – Butter Yellow 100% Cotton Sateen

yellow bird sheets

This pattern is amazing, and it has accessories to match, as well as items for your home such as cloth napkins, pillow shams, drapes, table cloths, and more!  Must-see at Etsy!

I recommend this because:

  • It supports small businesses since it is from Etsy, and I love that it comes from a small mill in the United States!
  • I just adore these yellow print sheets in a Chinese motif  (chinoiserie)-type pattern.  The birds are so beautiful and bring in some lovely colors that you can also pick up around the room.
  • These sheets are 100% cotton and are woven into a silky sateen fabric, which is my preference for the smooth, soft drape.
  • All these designs are crafted by individual designers working with Etsy businesses.
  • Another thing to love is the all-around elastic of the bottom mattress!  No more pop-offs and ill-fitting sheets!
  • The cons of this sheet set are that it only fits mattresses up to 14″, and the thread count is never mentioned, which is a bit concerning for a 100% cotton sheet set.

100% Long Staple Cotton 400 Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set in Mellow Yellow

Pizuna yellow sheet

Another huge thumbs up is for this great set of sheets in Mellow Yellow by Pizuna!

It is recommended for its 100% long-staple cotton fabric woven into a 400 thread count lustrous and velvety smooth weave.

  • It is breathable and moisture-wicking, while at the same time staying true to its sateen origins of trapping more warmth than percale.
  • A special extra-strong elastic ensures the bottom sheets fit perfectly for years.
  • A four-inch hemline stitching elegantly details these sheets. It gives them a stopping point for the eye to appreciate the quality.
  • OEKO-TEX standard certified and AZO-FREE certified to ensure they are environmentally friendly!
  • There are over 60 colors to choose from!!!  A must-see at Pizuna!

1.5″ Stripe 100% Supima Cotton 550 Thread Count Sheet Set In Lemonade Yellow – Created for Macy’s

yellow pillowcases and sheets shopping

You can find my second all-time favorite choice for sheets at Macy’s.  Why are they my 2nd? Because:

  • 100% Supima Cotton tells me it is guaranteed to be the best cotton in the world and is specifically tracked from farm to checkout counter to ensure it’s true Pima Cotton.
  • 550 Thread Count is real – because I am certain the raw materials are real and 100% of the item.
  • Sateen Weave at 550 thread count is luxurious, to say the least – this will be one heavenly, silky, substantially draping sheet – being warmer than percale, yet still retaining cotton natural incredibly high breathability.
  • This is OEKO-TEX and MADE IN GREEN certified.
  • Fits mattresses up to 18 inches, Machine Washable

The Final Verdict on Yellow Sheets

yellow bedding

My ultimate choice for Yellow Sheet Sets is actually 2 choices because I can’t decide on just one!  (Yes, I order two desserts at restaurants as well!).  My first is CRANE AND CANOPY 100% LONG-STAPLE COTTON YELLOW SATEEN CLOUD SHEET SET, for all the reasons listed above in the description.

My second would be 100% SUPIMA COTTON 550 THREAD COUNT DAMASK SHEET SET IN LEMONADE YELLOW BY CHARTER CLUB FOR MACY’S, for all the reasons listed above in the description!

With Supima Cotton, you always know exactly what you are getting. Your sheets are going to get softer and more durable after each washing. They are naturally breathable for any climate and sleeper, no harsh chemicals were used, they are heavenly soft, and the THREAD COUNT actually will mean something here because you have guaranteed raw materials!

Percale weave thread counts are great at 200 and 300, and Sateen (my favorite) is great from 400-600.

You are paying more, but if you consider the years you will have them and the great quality of sleep you will get with them, a $200 sheet set will cost you about $10 – $15 a year.  Or less.

As always, happy and healthy shopping!

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