11 Black Sheets Ideas For A Minimalist Bedroom [2022]

Do you want to be the envy of your friends? Do you like the idea of having a bed that is so luxurious and comfortable, it feels like you are living in a resort? Well, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to take advantage of all the deals on black sheets.

The best part about shopping for black sheets is that they go with any color scheme or style. They can even help tie together an entire room.

If you’re looking for black bedding sets that are stylish and comfortable, we’ve got some great ideas. From luxurious silk sheets to richly textured cotton blends, there is something here to fit every budget and taste. Read on to understand which black sheets are the best. We’ve reviewed them according to durability, versatility, and comfortability.

Black Sheets Ideas: Our Top Picks

Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set

folded black sheet set

Your bed is one of your most essential investments. That’s why Amazon basics microfiber black sheets will be your best friend every night, no matter the weather. The durable polyester microfiber material has an OEKO-TEX certified factory that ensures their textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. 

Your new set includes (1) 66 x 96-inch flat sheet, (1) 38 x 74 x 14 inch fitted sheet, and (1) 20 x 30 inch Standard pillowcase for all seasons, so you’ll always stay warm. These irresistibly soft sheets will also give you peace of mind knowing they are both snag-resistant and stain repellent to keep them looking fresh for years without ironing or dry cleaning.

They dry quickly, so you don’t have to wait long for mattress protection smooth as a freshly pressed suit. So say goodbye to stiff cotton sheets—meet these Amazon basics lightweight, super soft, easy-care microfiber black bed sheet set. You’ll love how these sheets feel after just one night’s sleep.


  • They are very durable
  • They are environmentally friendly
  • They are easy to care for
  • They are soft and comfortable


  • Some customers have complained that the sheets are thin

Mellanni Queen Black Sheet Set

black sheet set folded

Appealing to the modern, chic community, you will love this luxurious knit throw. With its seductive, ultrasoft texture and a selection of smooth patterns, you’ll find yourself wishing for chilly nights so that you can wrap yourself in it while luxuriating on your cozy sofa.

Mellanni’s signature detail–deep pockets– allows these 100 % polyester fitted sheets to fit mattresses up to 16″ with extra room around bulky quilts or mattress pads. They also offer elastic all around, not just the corners, so there is no bending of sheets when lifting corners. These fitted sheets won’t come loose from your mattress seams either. 

This easy-care machine washable and dryable sheets can be used on any bed in any room of your house. No matter if it’s the queen or full size, kid’s bedroom or RV, summer vacation home, or fall cozy- the Mellanni black sheet set will not disappoint.


  • They are easy to care for
  • They are lightweight
  • They match easily with other bedroom decors
  • They are super soft and comfortable


  • Some customers have complained that the sheets are hot

Queen Size Black Sheet Set – 4 Piece Set 

satin black sheets on bed

You deserve to sleep like royalty. ThisQueen size black sheet set is the perfect way to make your bedroom feel luxurious and inviting. The flat sheets are designed with deep pockets up to 16 inches, so no matter how deep your mattress gets, these sheets will fit snugly and perfectly on any bed. They’re breathable in the summer months and cool in the winter months for a cozy night’s slumber – all while being super silky soft. 

These black microfiber sheets have a more pleasing touch than Egyptian cotton or organic cotton sheets. This makes them softer in every way, from their hand feeling the quality when you rub them together between your fingers to wrapping yourself up luxuriously at the end of a long day. 

From affordable flat sheets on deep luxurious mattresses or spare rooms with pre-made beds for guests – its unique fabric is best used anywhere! And even though these are great for everyday wear, their black color can add some balance and class to a big fancy bedroom.


  • They are durable
  • They are made from exceedingly soft fabrics
  • They are versatile
  • They are very comfortable


  • Some customers have complained of these sheets being see-through and thin

SONORO KATE Black Bed Sheet Set Super Soft Microfiber

mattress with microfiber black sheet set

Welcoming your guests with a set of impeccably crafted black sheets is the best look – and these SONORO KATE black sheets will do just that. Maintaining your decor as you change the colors in your bedroom as often as you want, this sheet set is woven from durable fabric to last for years. 

With deep pockets for those thicker mattresses, the elastic edges grip tight while never digging into the skin, thanks to some mixed-in grip and fit material. The softness levels are cranked up almost too high, and they’re guaranteed wrinkle and shrink-free, so even if you spill something on them, the stains will disappear the next time they go through a cold wash cycle. 

Machine washable in cold water and dry on tumble, this is one purchase that’s going to last you way longer than one night.


  • They are wrinkle-free
  • They match easily with other bedroom decors
  • They are built to last


  • Some customers have complained about these sheets not having the said thread count.

Utopia Black Bedding Bed Sheet Set 

mattress with black sheet set

It’s pretty safe to say that transcendent comfort is one of the main features of a Utopia black bedding sheet set. These sheets are all soft thanks to their brushed microfiber texture, which also makes them wrinkle-resistant and strong against fading—all things that go a long way towards ensuring exceptional longevity. 

Additionally, these hypoallergenic cherry blossoms come in different sizes, so there’s something for everyone. This bedding includes one flat sheet measuring 90 by 102 inches with a 2 inches self-hem, one fitted sheet measuring 60 by 80 inches with a 14 inches box, and two pillowcases measuring 20 by 30 inches each with a 4-inch hem. The bed set is made of softened microfiber fabric that has been treated to resist shrinkage and fading.

Now you can have whole nights of sleep without waking up with tangled or sore muscles, thanks to this set providing restful support where it matters most. Don’t forget the added benefit. This summery black will enhance your bedroom décor beautifully as an elegant backdrop for many colors—you’ll never regret purchasing these sheets.


  • They are shrinking and fade resistant
  • They are comfortable and smooth
  • They are long-lasting


  • Some customers have complained about these sheets getting stained

Shilucheng Black Bed Sheets Set

mattress made with black sheets

Wrap yourself in a sheathe of luxury with Shilucheng bedsheets, and the 1800-Thread Count opulent microfiber will have you sleeping soundly and seizing a last, great night’s sleep. You’ll be slipping into superb comfort without any fuss or worry of bed sheets bagging out on you. 

The wrinkle-free sheets are easy to take care of and maintain, so even if your laundry load is getting too heavy, this sturdy fabric will hold up to every week washing while still looking fabulous on that new king-size bed frame. 

These Shiluchen black bed sheets will grip you well enough, so you rise up in no time. You can rest assured these luxe bed sheets are durable and require much less ironing when compared to cotton bedding sets without sacrificing style or taste.


  • They are durable
  • They are super comfortable
  • They are wrinkle-resistant


  • They are not perfect for the summer months because they are much warmer

Bedsure Black Queen Sheets Set 

black sheets on bed with textured trim

Our exclusive Bedsure black queen sheets set is the perfect addition or upgrade for any bedroom to have a happy night’s sleep. 100% brushed microfiber will provide warmth and comfort. At the same time, the lovely ruffles along with both pillowcases and fitted sheets can be used as a barrier between your body and an extra blanket or comforter so you’ll never come home from a stay in a hotel with a bedspread itch. 

Make cozy nights warmer at home with the set of 2 pillowcase sets – one for decoration and one mixed cotton blend sheet set, latex-free to give you peace of mind. With this bedding set, you’ll get the same fluffy cushioning without the weight—plus, you’ll have a 1″ barrier against allergies so your family can sleep soundly. And with the easy-to-clean microfiber fabric, it’s impossible for this set not to be dirt-free in just one wash.

Plus, you no longer have to go through the hassle of waking up several times at night by pulling your sheets back into place; with these fitted sheet gusset clearance layer, your bottoms won’t even feel like they’re sleeping on cold metal ever again. Everything is better with these queen sheets because they provide both comfort and convenience simultaneously.


  • They are  long-lasting
  • They match easily with other home decors
  • They are convenient and comfortable


  • Some customers have complained that the sheets are rough, thin, and transparent.

Secura Everyday Luxury Queen Black Bed Sheet Set 4 Piece

modern bedroom with black sheets

You’ve been asleep for years, and this is the first time you get to sleep on a miracle. Secura everyday luxury queen black sheets are made of 1800 Series ultra-soft double brushed microfiber fabric that’s softer than silk, more breathable than cotton, and silky soft for a luxurious night’s rest. 

These soft sheets keep you cool in summer and warm in winter while boasting wrinkle-free, stain-resistant, and hypoallergenic material. Deep pockets fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep with elastic all around, providing reach versus other sheets. You won’t want to wake up again after sleeping in such plush luxury.

You’ll be happy to know that these sheets are resistant to wrinkles, stains, and allergens. They’re also hypoallergenic, so you can feel comfortable when putting them cleanly back onto your bed every day.


  • They are more durable and breathable
  • They are stain and wrinkle-resistant
  • They are made from cozy microfiber


  • Some customers have complained that these sheets dye bleeds

Elegant Comfort Egyptian Quality Bedding Black Flat Sheets

black cotton sheets

This set of Egyptian quality bedding black flat sheets is made for those who know quality and what it takes to feel comfortable while sleeping. Retain the same luxurious feeling of 1500 thread count sheets while getting all the durability you desire with this 1400 thread count microfiber sheets with an Elegant Comfort finish. 

This means that these are breathable, cool to the touch, soft, lustrous linens that will look as good as they feel for many months or years with proper care. Durability meets comfort with a weave stronger than most silk fabrics to prevent shrinkage and fade over time, creating lasting luxury. 

Choose from a variety of sizes, including the king, queen, twin XL, etc. Pair them with pillows of varying sizes and patterns to make your bedding experience tailored to your preferences. You can also choose from a standard flat sheet, fitted mattress pad, or heavyweight terry robe – all hypoallergenic. With such quality craftsmanship, these comfortable linens will be the perfect addition to any bedroom ensemble.


  • They are fade resistant
  • They are breathable and comfortable
  • They are durable


  • Some customers have complained of this sheet’s tricky thread count

Titmay 3 Pieces Black Bed Sheet Set

black satin sheets

Introducing the ultimate in luxury, these 100% Egyptian cotton bedding pieces won’t disappoint. TheTitmay three-pieces black bed sheet set features elegantly durable embroidery craftsmanship that will only get better with age. Lay your head on beautifully soft pillowcases and sweetly smooth sheets; let your body take in natural fibers that are easy to wash, breathable, and moisture-absorbing without feeling sticky. 

This three-piece set comes in various sizes, including luxury fitted sheets. It fits mattresses up to 16 inches or 1pc size for children’s beds for safety considerations; whatever you may need – it’s here. The fabric is made from densely woven yarns, giving an even softer feel against the skin than other types of cotton-like Percale.

It will not fade away like other inefficient materials, and you can’t forget how it is strong enough to withstand vigorous twisting and pulling. Whether washing by machine at home or dry cleaning in a professional cleaner’s studio, these dreamy bed sheets will clean up without a hitch. Just don’t throw this sheet set down the drain.


  • They do not fade
  • They are built for longevity
  • They are easy to care for


  • Customers have complained about the general description of the bed sheet set.

Sfoothome Queen Flat Sheet Black Top Sheet

bed with black sheets and white pillows

A high-quality, affordable sheet set is a vital part of any sleep routine. With these sheets from Sfoothome International Incorporated, you can find peace and rest with every night’s goodnight’s sleep. Say goodbye to fond memories of tossing and turning at night plus morning headaches because of scratchy fabric. 

With Sfoothomes queen flat sheet, your mornings will be bright and full of energy for whatever day has in store for you. From the relaxing feeling on your sheets to the excellent temperature control on these cotton-like materials, this unique packaging includes everything needed for a superb bedding experience. Implement this package into your everyday living today.

The perfect sheets make sense with unbeatable prices that will not break the bank after buying new furniture for your castle or palace suite. You can relax knowing that there’s always an option for returning or exchanging what you ordered without worrying about taking anything home before getting approval first — meaning less risk and more relaxation for you.


  • They are soft and comfortable
  • They are affordable
  • They match easily with other bedroom decors


  • Customers have complained about these sheets being thin

Factors to Consider When Buying Black Sheets

Thread Count

With modern manufacturing techniques, it is possible to increase the thread count without improving quality. A soft and durable fabric may have a thread count between 300-500. Going above this doesn’t ensure better sheets. Many different factors are involved in determining what makes good bedding material, such as the manufacturer’s construction type or color dyeing process.

To get the best results from your purchase, opt for cotton sourced from factories certified under international standards. There’s also a polyester filling, which helps maintain shape over time.

Consider the Black Sheet’s Print

Some people love the idea of a black bed sheet with flowers on it, but others prefer something plainer. The type and quality of print often come into play when deciding between printed sheets versus those that are not machine-made. In today’s world, where everyone is obsessed with some kind or other style these days, even if it’s just block printing, at least one handcrafted design should be had. 

You can find some lovely floral designs like palm trees alongside booti prints from various stores online nowadays, too – no matter your personal preference, there will always be an option available for all tastes.

Determine if You Want Flat or Fitted Black Sheets

little girl playing on bed with black sheets

Fitted black sheets are constructed to provide your mattress, so they have an elasticated edge that makes it much easier to get them onto the bedding surface. Flat black sheets can be used as a sleeping surface on top of one’s personal space or underneath when sleepers want more warmth during hot summer months.

However, these flat-layered comforters often do not look neat in comparison because there isn’t anything doing up all those little gaps along their edges like fitted ones might accomplish for you.


Bedsheets are a necessity for any bed. A correctly sized and fitted sheet can make or break your sleep, so don’t get caught unaware of the wrong size. Make sure you know what kind of mattress will fit on top (king vs. double), as well as how deep it is to pick out sheets that match both beds perfectly- otherwise, things could quickly go from messy looking to uncomfortable when trying to rest after an evening’s worth of bad dreams.

Consider the Weave Type

Black sheets are often made from different types of weaves. The most common form for these fabrics includes Normal weaving, which results in softness that is not as hard or crisp compared to other more durable forms like Satin weave. 

Twill also provides less risk when it comes to handling wrinkles because there’s more space between each warp strand than what you would find with Jacquard woven fabric; this makes them ideal if the price tag isn’t your top priority. Organic hemp style sheeting may be expensive since they tend not only to look elegant but feel luxurious too, and they are perfect for luxury.

What Best Suits Black Bed Sheets?

A beautiful and stylish bedroom is not complete without the right decorations to make it feel like home. Do you prefer modern, traditional practical designs to go with your bedroom theme? Here are some ideas;


Black bed sheets are a great way to add personality and life to your room. Try different types of fabric for the best result.

Black solid color looks elegant when made from glossy silk or satin fabrics while linen in matte finish can be combined with other colors like white, gray, blue, etc. Otherwise, it may create an atmosphere of mourning which you really do not want.

Color Combinations?

Black and Red

What color provides the most appeal to your bedroom? Black and Red. It’s a classic combo that will never go out of style, with many different patterns or prints available for you in this dynamic combination.

Black and White

Black and white are perfect together because they go well with each other. If you prefer more minimalism in interior design then this is an excellent choice for designing a beautiful space that can be used by people who like simple things or those looking for trendier looks without compromising on style points.

Black with Bright Colors

A black background is a perfect canvas for bold, bright accents. Blue stars or yellow flowers will look amazing against this dark color scheme. You can also work with some purple hearts or golden abstract figures that pair well with dark shades.

trendy bed with black faux fur blanket


We hope this blog post has answered some questions and given you a sense of the variety available if you are looking for black sheets. While there isn’t one perfect sheet that will suit everyone’s needs, we hope these top picks should satisfy your needs in terms of size, texture, or design. 

There may not always be an easy answer when it comes to finding exactly what your heart desires, but with these tips, hopefully, you can find more success than frustration in your search for black sheets.

We recommend the Amazon Basics Lightweight Super Soft Easy Care Microfiber Bed Sheet Set because they are made from exceedingly soft and comfortable fabrics, durable, and match easily with other decors in your bedroom.

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