Body Pillow Benefits – What is it Used For?

A body pillow remarkably improves the quality of sleep and offers transformative solutions for health problems such as backaches, sleep apnea and numbness.

Along with additional comfort and support, body pillows offer a sense of security to  battle bubbling anxiety after a long day at work. They are specifically designed to assist with healthy sleeping positions and a restful sleep.

If you are having difficulties enjoying a peaceful sleep at night, perhaps it is time to invest in a body pillow. Whether it is pregnancy related odd pains and aches, troubles with blood flow or increasing pressure and anxiety, hugging a body pillow while sleeping offers relief and comfort that will free you from all these troubles.

Benefits of Sleeping with a Body Pillow

Research strongly suggests that body pillow assists in relieving aches around the neck, back, shoulder and hip areas. A body pillow provides an extra layer of comfort that extinguish dull aches around the body giving you a peaceful, calming sensation resulting in a good night’s sleep.

The health benefits of body pillows are what make it more than just a bedding accessory. Here are some of the main benefits you can enjoy by using a body pillow:

Relieve joint pressure

Many people enjoy the warmth and soothing comfort of adding an extra pillow under or between their legs when sleeping at night. Not only does it feel secure, but it relieves all kinds of pressure on your knees and ankles and reduces soreness.

Body pillows are shaped to relieve your pressure points by easing the stress on your joints. You can place one end of the body pillow under your sore knees or ankle to help cushion and provide support.

If you are a side sleeper, you can rest your knee on the body pillow, and it will significantly remove any added pressure on sore hip joints and lower back.

In case you have had a recent hip or knee replacement surgery, using a body pillow may help with quicker recovery as it eliminates pressure on your joints.

Most body pillows will come in different shapes and sizes. You can get straight, C-shaped, cylindrical, or candy cane shaped body pillows depending on your needs and comfort levels. Each has the ability to cradle your body and allow for weight distribution where needed.

Improved body alignment

Most sleepers will face aches and pain when sleeping on the side or in odd positions. Side sleepers have the weight of their body actively pushing on their hips which may cause searing pain or dull aches. In this position, your leg glides forward, which then causes your torso to twist and add pressure to your back. Body pillows can help you realign your body and posture to relax sore muscles.

Placing a body pillow between your knees as your sleep will keep your body from twisting in odd postures as your weight is evenly distributed. Sometimes if you are sleeping on a hard mattress, especially if you’re a side sleeper, your hips may not be properly supported. Your body then engages in changing sleep positions and you may end up on your stomach in a straight arrow formation.

This can cause significant damage to your spine alignment. It may even cause waves of dull pain all day! Improper spine alignment and strong pressure on your arm is widely common among people with wider shoulders as they tend to turn and twist more often, leaning their shoulders forward.

All these problems can be laid to rest with a body pillow by your side. The flexible, elongated shape of the pillow helps in keeping proper spine alignment when placed between the knees. It keeps the body from stretching or twisting into uncomfortable positions that adds pressure to the hips.

Back pain relief

There are a variety of reasons why you may be suffering from persistent back aches. It may be a stressful job that keeps you up at odd hours, or it could be heavy labor work. However, sometimes it may be more serious than that.

No matter what the reason is, body pillows offer full body support which helps to keep your back perfectly supported and aligned at all times when sleeping at night. This in turn helps you sleep pain-free.

Back pain is associated with conditions such as arthritis, improper spinal alignment, osteoporosis, or ligament strain. Other skeletal irregularities may also contribute to excessive back pains.

Identifying the cause of these aches and seeking the right treatment is fundamental for recovery, but along with these come certain lifestyle changes that may help with pain relief. Alterations in your activity, the way you stand and sit and especially the way you sleep may be of great benefit.

Some people experience back pain due to an uncomfortable sleeping position. For example, sleeping on your stomach is the worst position to sleep in. Though, many people tend to make a habit of it over time and it can be tough to get rid of. This is where a body pillow can make all the difference.

U-shaped body pillow offers balanced support on both sides and keep the body from lying on the stomach. The longer side of the pillow offers support to the back and spine and the other shorter side keeps the legs in the right position to prevent any added pressure on the spine.

When you sleep with a U shape body pillow, simply place one knee under the pillow and one over it as you lie in the middle. Pull your knees slightly to your chest and you will feel the difference immediately. This position supports both your legs, as well as cushions your spine allowing a deeper, blissful sleep.

Instead of sleeping with your regular head pillow, you can use a C-shaped body pillow to get rid of back pain at night. The upper end of the C-shaped pillow can go under your head and neck while the lower end can go between your legs, offering support for your entire body throughout the night.

Perfect support for pregnant women

pregnant lady enjoying benefits of a body pillow

A woman’s body goes through several changes during pregnancy. An increase in weight, growing belly and swollen limbs are only some of the physical changes a pregnant woman might encounter during the phase.

With an expanding uterus and other complex bodily changes, normal sleep might not be enough to restore your energy. While regular body pillows may help sleep comfortably at night, it is better to invest in a body pillow specifically designed for the pregnancy period.

U-shaped body pillows are quite popular among pregnant women as they offer excellent support for their belly and lower back. This ensures that there is no added pressure or stress on your belly during the night.

If you are expecting and have decided to invest in a special pregnancy body pillow, then try lying on your side as your belly rests snugly towards the belly contour. Adjust the other side of the pillow to support your back and ensure that your neck rests comfortably.

Body pillow specifically designed for the pregnancy phase ensures that your torso’s weight does not push down on your spine. It allows for weight distribution and saves you from persistent backaches and pressures on your neck and shoulder which exacerbate when you sleep in an uncomfortable position.

Improved blood circulation

Sleeping with a body pillow the right way relieves pressure from limbs that are pressed or squeezed for the most part of the night. This pressure relief helps with improved blood flow and allows you to sleep in your preferred sleeping position.

Waking up with pins and needles, sore and cramping muscles and numbness around the body is a clear indication of irregular and bad blood circulation. A supportive body pillow keeps your spine in the right position which enables healthy and improved blood circulation.

Sleepers who keep to a single position all night will face this sleep disturbance more readily and often. Improper alignment of the neck and head may keep the blood from flowing freely, causing frequent numbness, and swelling. Thick, hard pillows may also contribute to the strain in your neck, while thin and flat pillows lack ample support to hold your shoulders and head in a neutral position.

Additionally, gravity pulls down on your blood which can result in it to pool in your lower body, especially if your blood vessels are stressed and compromised. Body pillows allow you to sleep with your legs elevated, allowing the blood to swim back to your core and reversing the process.

Strenuous jobs which require you to stand on your feet all day may aid in excessive leg and back pains but elevating your legs using a body pillow can provide relief and relaxation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are body pillows good for your back?

Body pillows offer superior support for your back. Persistent back aches are most commonly a result of poor sleep positions or unsuitable mattresses. A body pillow offers cushioning for your spine, relieving it off the excess weight of your torso. This keeps the spine aligned properly and reduces searing back aches.

If you suffer from herniated disc or spinal conditions, a body pillow can provide the right buffer for your back against pressure and stress from the weight of your body. It distributes weight and lessens back pains significantly.

Do body pillows help with anxiety?

Body pillows can lower anxiety levels significantly by encouraging the feelings of warmth and security. Oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone, helps to control anxiety and stress levels and monitors certain key aspects of human behavior. It is triggered when hugging a body pillow, resulting in feelings of trust, safety and calmness.

Body pillow has the ability to ease physical aches and calm your nerves, making you feel safe physically and mentally. The feeling of soft, comforting pillow base encasing your frame in a blissful embrace aids in better sleep and helps to make you feel tranquil.

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