How the Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring Mattress Compare

Choosing the correct mattress will affect your health and personal comfort. Medical professionals recommend quality sleep for your well-being, as it improves not only physical performance and health but also mental health. Your performance during the day depends on your quality of sleep, starting with the mattress you are sleeping on. So, where do you begin?  With the abundance of options, both the Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring Mattress come with features worth investing in so we dive into the real differences between the bonnell spring vs pocket spring mattress.

bonnell spring vs pocket spring mattress

Bonnell Spring Mattresses

Bonnell Spring is a continuously connected wire coil that creates an hourglass spring system. This mattress is commonly sought after for durability and comfort, and it’s traditional. 

This mattress offers back support and aids in air circulation, as the spring mattress is intrinsically designed for comfort needed for a night of quality sleep. In addition, because the coils provide ventilation, this helps the sleeper feel cool throughout the night, as this mattress does not trap body heat. 

So who should buy this comfortable mattress? The Bonnell Spring is good for back sleepers, stomach sleepers or those with lower back pain, as it is a firmer and secure mattress that can help certain areas feel more supported. 

Spring mattresses are affordable. They have been around for a long time, provide support and are easy to find. 

Here are the top three reasons you should choose a Bonnell Spring:

  1. Durable and affordable
  2. Superior ventilation ensures hygiene
  3. Rotatable 

Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses feature coils that are not wired together and are individually stitched into the mattress, providing more controlled support and comfort. 

A Pocket Spring mattress is a better choice for back pain, as the elasticity offers the spine more support with the pocket springs reacting individually under bodyweight, helping with spine alignment and acting as an aid to manage pain throughout the night. 

This mattress does not trap body heat or strong odors, as it is well ventilated, so hygiene is ensured. In addition, mold, debris and bugs will not thrive in an environment that is well ventilated, and knowing this should put the sleeper at ease. 

Low noise is another great feature. While this is a springy and bouncier-designed mattress, the sleeper will not be woken up with each turn regarding noise interruption. The suspension in the mattress provides comfort, softness and is quite pleasant. Instead of struggling to roll out of bed, this type of mattress allows you to bounce right out of it to start the day.   

Pocket coils are also more resistant to mattress sagging, which is a common concern when it comes to mattresses. 

Top three reasons to choose a Pocket Spring:

  1. You have back pain, and the elasticity and pocket springs offer specific support
  2. Well-ventilated
  3. Pleasant suspension resulting in comfort

Bonnell Spring vs Pocket Spring Mattress Differences

bonnell spring vs pocket spring mattress

The most significant difference between the two mattresses is the quality of support, types of coil and comfort. 

The type of coils that the mattress is made up of will give you an idea of the product’s lifetime. For example, the Bonnell Spring consists of continuous coils that are prone to sagging if you don’t occasionally rotate, as these types of coils do not individually react to pressure like the Pocket Spring does.

The Pocket Spring provides more back support because the individual coils react individually under body weight, providing alignment and comfort. While the Bonnell does provide support for those with back problems, the Pocket Spring is more appropriately designed to benefit those that need the extra comfort. 

A Pocket Spring generally costs more than the Bonnell, and is also softer and has more spring.  

Mattress Weight

The weight of the mattress will depend on the coil count and thickness. The size of the mattress will determine the weight as well.  

Pocket Spring and Bonnell Spring mattresses can weigh anywhere between 100-150 pounds, or even up to 300 pounds, depending on the size and thickness. 

Advantages to Bonnell Spring vs Pocket Spring Mattress

Both beds are durable and rotatable, which can help lengthen their lifetime and quality. The coils also prevent wear and tear while providing excellent air circulation. This means that the sleeper can stay cooler throughout the night, ensuring proper hygiene. 

Instead of the sinking feeling that you may experience with foam mattresses, these mattresses offer a firm yet bouncy sensation that makes it easy to get out of bed. 

The Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring are widely popular and commonly used. Bonnell was one of the earliest mattresses to be designed and brought to market. Both mattresses are affordable and easy to find. 

Bottom Line 

Both mattresses have many appealing features for what’s required for a good night’s sleep. The support and comfort offered are high-quality, and if you suffer from back pain, these mattresses are a great choice, particularly the Pocket Spring. 

Finding the right mattress for you is essential for your physical and mental health, so we hope this guide helped you out! 

FAQs About Spring Mattresses

Are spring mattresses good for daily use?

Yes, these spring mattresses are good for daily use. The Bonnell and Pocket Spring can be used every night and generally last five to ten years. Of course, maintenance plays a part in how long they last. If you rotate them frequently, provide a mattress protector and clean them – they are fantastic to use every day.

How sturdy are spring mattresses?

These mattresses are sturdy and quite firm, however they do have some spring to them. Spring beds tend to be motion-sensitive in the sense that you can feel the person next to you shift or get up out of bed. The Pocket Spring, however, is designed so that it reduces movement.  

Which is better between the two?

When deciding which mattress is the better of the two, it will depend on what you are looking for. For example, if you need more support because you have back pain, or you’re looking for a bed that restricts movement from another person, the Pocket Spring is a better choice. 

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