Can Mice Climb into Beds? How to Keep Rats Away From Your Bed

Short answer – YES, mice can climb into beds. We will dig down deeper and talk about why rats climb beds in first place and how we can tackle this.

Rats are small creepy creatures that love to climb and explore different places, and can possibly climb or even jump onto your bed. Moreover, if your bed is a mess and you have leftover food it will make them very happy. Since the bed is mostly made out of wood, it makes it very easy for rats to climb.

But the question arises.

What Would Make A Rat Climb Into Your Bed?

Rats are always in search of food so they might climb on your bed because you have food in your room or on your bed. They like dirty places where there are chances of finding some leftover food. So you may have not cleaned your room in a while. Other than food, rats also search for access to water for their survival so water in your room can also increase the chance of rats climbing your bed.

Rats can easily climb on top of the dressers. Therefore, they certainly can climb on a bed. As they are incredible climbers, they can easily climb on beds, trees, curtains, and rough surfaces. Rats are resourceful creatures and can doubtlessly climb on everything they have a grip onto. The bed frame is likely to be wood, which can be climbed easily. Not only that, the bed sheet may be falling on the floor, giving rats a way to climb up on the bed.

can mice climb into beds

How Can You Keep Mice Out Of Your Bed?

1. Stop snacking in your room

Rats like places that are messy or have leftover food so it is very important that one must not bring food items in the bedroom and keep all food away from the bed. Food particles and leftover food can be an invitation for the rats. Therefore, to keep rats away from your bed you should stop eating in your room or in your bed.

2. Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

If you want to avoid using traps and poison because you don’t want to see the dead bodies of rats all around your house, Electronic pest repellers are your best bet. It works by producing noises using ultrasonic frequencies which scares away those pesky rats. These are non-toxic, use no chemicals and are completely safe for humans and pets alike.

3. Mouse Traps and Rats Poison

How To Prevent Rats From Entering Your House

Mouse traps are the most effective way of capturing and exterminating rats. These traps use food and snacks to attract mice. There are many types of mouse traps, snap traps, glue traps and live-catch traps. Rodenticides are rat poison that kills the rats. The most effective rodenticide is metal phosphides and it is considered a single dose fast-acting poison. Metal phosphides react with the acid in the digestive system and it generates the toxic phosphine gas that immediately kills rats.

4. Cats

using cats to keep rats away from your bed

Another interesting way to keep rats away from your bed is to make your cat sleep in your room. Cats are natural hunters and they are in search of their prey whereas rats can smell their predators and avoid such places, so cats will definitely help keep mice away and save you sleepless nights.

5. Door sweeps

Door sweeps are a way to increase the draft protection of rooms. They are placed at the bottom of the doors to keep rats and other rodents away, basically acting as a physical barrier. They are proved very effective and inexpensive. Rats also sneak into your room through holes in walls so you must check on cracks and holes in your walls and seal them timely.

6. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is known as an effective rat deterrent which can repel rats. It has a very strong scent that prevents mice from making new homes but if you already have rats in your room it won’t help.

How Do Rats Enter The House?

To prevent rats from entering the house one must know the reasons for rats entering the house and the main reason is their search for food, water and shelter. These are the three essentials that rats need and they can find in any house. Mice can easily sneak into houses as they have many tools at their disposal.

They enter your house through plumbing or can climb in through anything they find easy to grip; it can be walls, stone, brick, and even concrete. Their paws help them grab and cling to surfaces. And only through walls or fences they can even climb through trees that are hanging over your house and may have some hidden gateways to the house. Moreover, they can also enter via ceilings, exterior clutters, foundations and pillars.

What Are The Risks Of Having Rats In The House?

How Do Rats Enter The House

Rats can be very dangerous as they have the ability to harm us in several ways.

Health risks

Rats can contaminate the preparation area and food storage and can spread different diseases like plague which infects people and can even kill them. It can also cause Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome which is a serious illness that is caused by the exposure of rat’s urine droplets.

Leptospirosis is another disease that is caused by bacteria and this bacteria is carried by mice. Rat-bite fever is also a bacterial disease that is caused by a rare bite and this disease is fatal. Monkeypox virus can also be transmitted through rats and other rodents. It can cause many more diseases and among those diseases, few can turn out to be fatal.

Material damages

Rats can harm your property such as can chew anything including clothes, wires, furniture, toys and whatever they find. Moreover, they can also make their nests in the electrical appliances. Not only this they can also chew the wires which can lead in short circuits or the risk of fire and can damage your important documents by chewing them and can cause you a lot of financial loss.

How To Prevent Rats From Entering Your House?

Here are a few things you can do to help keep mice away from your house.


Rats are attracted to places where there are food leftovers so one must avoid garbage overflow and regularly clean up the mess. It is very important to fill all the gaps and cracks in your walls. You need to seal them with plaster, steel wool or cement. These all can be used to create a barrier. You need to trim the trees at least four feet away from your house as rats cannot fill that gap. Concrete patching can be used to prevent mice from gaining entry.

Stop feeding them

To maintain cleanliness it is necessary that all garbage cans should be covered. You should clean your garden and regularly pick all fruits and vegetables that fall on the ground. And one must not leave the pet feed lying around for a longer period of time as these all provide them food and to keep them away, you must stop feeding them indirectly.

Professional help

rodent control company

Rats often come from your neighborhood so if you have rats, your neighborhood might also be going through the same problem. To cope up with these problems, all these prevention steps should be taken by both you and your neighbors. If you fail to keep rats away after taking all these measures, then you must call professional rodent control company. The experienced exterminators have all the tools and knowledge to hunt down all rats in your house.


Can rats climb up the drain pipes?

Another way for rats to enter your house is via drain pipes. Rats have flexible vertebrae and rib cages which help them in squeezing into tight places. Since rats get into drain pipes to find food and water, drain pipes provide the perfect environment for this.

How can you stop rats from climbing into drain pipes?

To keep rats away from the drain pipes, do not leave the pipes leaning to the walls for a longer period of time. Place all rubbish in tins with closed lids. And installing a return valve can also help keep rats away. Make sure that there is no food left in containers.

What smells do rats hate?

Rats have a very strong sense of smell so strong scents can help repel them. Although peppermint oil is the best option in this case but if you don’t have it don’t worry, the smell of mothballs, fabric softener sheets, ammonia and cayenne can also make them run.

What makes rats incredible climbers?

Rats can literally crawl on almost everything. They have feet that are provided with paws that can latch onto and cling to even entirely vertical areas. Moreover, rats use their tails for balancing themselves and to roll around objects like wires, etc. They are really very hard to fence out.

Can rats climb bunker beds?

Well, this really depends on the surface material used in the bunker bed. If your bed is made up of wood then there is a high possibility of rats climbing vertically up the bed but if the surface of the bed is smooth and slick then they’ll have a hard time climbing up.

Can mice climb metal beds?

Mice can climb almost anything, whether wood or metal. If you have mess on your bed, like food leftovers, they won’t hesitate climbing up your metal bed to grab that food

Is it easy for rats to jump in my bed?

Rats can jump in your bed but there is a very minimal chance of that. It only happens if your bed is as low as one foot otherwise it’s very difficult for them. Other possibilities of rats jumping onto your bed is that if it jumps from a higher place like a cabinet or a wooden table.

How high can mice jump?

A mouse or rat can jump as high as a foot. It can jump 13 inches from the floor to a smooth surface or a vertical wall. Moreover, when it comes to slopes rats and mice can jump over 4 feet on horizontal or downwards slopes.

Can mice climb walls?

Mice can easily climb up the walls depending on the surface of the wall. It’s difficult for them to climb smooth surfaces such as glass but they easily climb brick, wood, concrete. Moreover, they can also climb up walls with shelves, wires or cables.

Can mice climb stairs?

As mice can easily jump distances of 1 feet or 13 inches therefore, they can conveniently climb up stairs unless they are made up of stainless steel or slick plastic. Otherwise,  wood, tiles and carpet are very easy to climb for them.

Do mice bite you in your sleep?

Mice can bite humans while sleeping but the chances are extremely rare. The only reason for them biting a sleeping person is that they are running over you and are scared of you. Moreover, they only bite the body parts that are not covered such as hands or feet.

So if you have rats in your house there is a high risk of them entering your bedroom and crawling into your bed or climbing the walls of your room. Though they don’t mostly bite humans but still there are chances of them doing that so there are plenty of ways to keep yourself safe.

The easiest way to keep them away is to maintain cleanliness and keep your house uncluttered.

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