Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

Can I wash a bamboo pillow?

You have probably asked this question to yourself many times if you own a bamboo pillow.

No doubt, clean beddings are essential for a good night’s sleep and keep sleep problems at bay. Dirty bedding, on the other hand, can cause skin irritation and other illnesses associated with poor hygiene.

Bamboo pillows are a great choice because of their organic bamboo pillowcase and the memory foam they are filled with, which cushions the head and neck and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience. They also offer great health benefits.

However, keeping them clean may be a bit of a challenge because of their hard exterior and the memory foam filling.

Can You Wash a Bamboo Pillow?

Yes. Bamboo pillows can be washed. However, washing a bamboo pillow is not an easy feat.

Although washing your pillows is recommended for good hygiene, bamboo pillows require extra care to ensure that they last longer. The shredded memory foam used in making these bamboo memory foam pillows is delicate and can deteriorate if washed too often. Frequent washing may also make the foam crumble. Thus, it is advisable to take extra care when washing bamboo pillows.

However, this should not discourage you from getting a bamboo pillow if you desire one. Bamboo pillows are great for sleeping as they provide great support for your neck, shoulders, and head. They require extra effort to maintain, but they are worth buying.

Now, if you’re wondering how to wash your bamboo pillow without damaging it or compromising its quality, you’re in luck as we’ve created this step by step guide for you.

How to Wash a Bamboo Pillow

Washing a bamboo pillow requires expertise and unique skills. You can destroy your pillow’s shape and form if you do not know how to properly wash a bamboo pillow. If your pillow is dirty, here are some washing instructions to help you wash your bamboo pillows and preserve their quality while doing so.

1. Use a mild detergent

When washing bamboo pillows, the type of detergent you use matters. It’s advisable to make use of gentle detergent to preserve the viscous nature of the outer covering. Harsh detergents may affect the quality and texture of the bamboo pillowcase.

2. Do Not Use Bleach

Bleach may be too harsh on your pillow, and you should avoid using it when washing your bamboo pillow. If you need to get rid of tough stains, try soaking the pillow for longer periods and rub on the stains with gentle detergent or soap. This will help you eliminate the stains without using bleach, which may weaken your bamboo pillow’s fabric and foam filling.

3. Do Not Wash the Foam in a Washing Machine

If you want to use a washing machine to wash your pillow, it’s advisable to wash the foam and the bamboo covering separately. This is because they are made with different materials and have a unique texture. Also, the cycling and spinning of the washing machine can destroy the foam and reduce its quality. It may change the shape, and the temperature may make the foam start crumbling.

Thus, it is advisable to always hand wash the foam using warm water. Soak the foam in a bath with mild or gentle detergent and allow it to absorb enough water. Then gently squeeze the foam on the ends to get rid of the dirt. This way, it’s not rough handled. Make sure to use soap and detergent sparingly so that you don’t have to squeeze and rinse the pillow too hard.

Machine wash the bamboo pillowcase on a gentle washing cycle using warm water.

4. Rinse and Squeeze Sparingly

Memory foam is sensitive to touching, holding, molding, squeezing, and other actions. Thus, you have to be mindful of this when washing your memory foam. Do not squeeze too much or squeeze in one direction. Also, allow enough water to run through the pillow to get rid of the soap but do not rinse the pillow and repeatedly squeeze to avoid destroying the foam’s shape. Make sure you only use warm water for rinsing.

5. Air-dry the Pillow

After washing the pillow, make sure to leave the pillow to dry out completely before using it. Keep your pillow and the covering under the sun to dry. Do not use the dryer as it may not dry out the foam completely and destroy the foam. Damp pillows are not good for your health either and can cause a bacterial infection. Thus, ensure that the pillow dries out completely before you use it again.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can bamboo pillow go in the dryer?

While you may wash your bamboo pillow’s outer covering with a washing machine, it is not advisable to dry it with a dryer. It would be best if you air dry your bamboo pillow instead. Memory foam is sensitive to heat and high temperatures. Dryers use high temperature to dry out the foam, which can deteriorate the quality of your bamboo pillow.

Why does my bamboo pillow smell?

There are many reasons why a bamboo pillow would smell. One of the reasons could be that it has not been washed for a long time, which would cause the pillow to smell really bad and make it unbearable to sleep on.

However, if you regularly clean your bamboo pillow, then the most common reason for its smell would be chemicals such as polyurethane, included during the manufacturing process. To avoid this smell, you can simply flip your pillow before going to bed.

How often should you change a bamboo pillow?

If you intend to enjoy the maximum benefit of sleeping with pillows, you need to change your pillows frequently. replacing your pillows ensures that you use the right pillows to provide the needed support for your neck when sleeping. Bamboo pillows are firm and durable, but it is recommended that they be replaced every 12-16 months.

How long do bamboo pillows last?

If you use your bamboo pillow daily and wash it every 3 to 6 months, it should last for 12-18 months before needing a replacement. However, the lifetime of a pillow also depends on its quality. Thus, it would be best if you buy good quality pillows that are durable.

Also, check your pillows often to make sure there are no holes. Repair them right away if you discover any holes. You should also follow the care instructions when washing your bamboo pillow to ensure that they last a long time. However, please do not hesitate to replace your pillow whenever they need to be replaced.

What’s so special about bamboo pillows?

Bamboo pillows are great for people who suffer from allergies. The fiber used in the bamboo pillow is extremely light and delicate which also makes it perfect for use in warm regions. The memory foam stuffing of the bamboo pillow conforms to the shape of your head and neck while helps to eliminate pain in your neck and upper back regions. The fabric of the pillow also absorbs moisture effectively and therefore helps to neutralize unpleasant odors.

Can you wash a bamboo pillow in the washing machine?

Washing a bamboo pillow in a washing machine requires a unique process. While you can wash the pillow cover in a washing machine, it is not advisable to wash the foam in a washing machine. You should preferably hand wash the foam. This is the best way to keep your pillow clean while maintaining its shape. You can wash the foam in a bathtub. However, do not rub too hard and squeeze the foam gently instead to get rid of the dirt.

Do bamboo pillows get dust mites?

Bamboo pillows allergy is a common downside of using pillows, and one of the common causes are dust mites. Dust mites are tiny organisms that love to stay in bedding and linens. They can stay in bamboo pillows and cause discomfort and allergy. However, you can get rid of them by washing your pillows frequently and replacing them when they are due for replacement.

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