Chilipad Review

Chilidpad Review – Advanced Sleep System with Cooling Mattress Pad

Chilipad was invented by a couple, Todd and Tara who teamed up to find a way to sleep together on the same bed, without getting uncomfortable. Loved by more than 100,000 sleepers, the Chilipad bed cooling system is designed to give you a good night’s sleep by allowing you to regulate the temperature of your bed, from warm to cool, without stress.

After hours of experimenting and learning about different bed cooling systems in the market, we found Chilipad the best. In this unbiased Chilipad review, we are going to look at how Chilipad works, does it really work and whether you should buy it or not.

What is Chilipad?

The Chilipad sleep system by Chili Technology allows you to control the temperature of your bed while enabling you to have the best sleep experience. By using a remote control, you can regulate the temperature of your bed as per your personal preference. With the Chilipad cube by your side, you worry less about how the weather in general affects your sleep.

The Chilipad cube comes with a soft mattress pad that is worn on top of the bare mattress before laying the sheets over, and the main cube which is where all the electrical control takes place. The cube controls the temperature regulation and it is kept beside the bed on the floor.

Chilipad Bed Cooling System

The Chilipad was designed thoughtfully as it comes in two designs. “ME” and “WE” design. The “ME” design was thoughtfully designed for single or solo sleepers. It has one control unit so you can regulate one side of your bed to the temperature you prefer.

The ‘WE’ Design, on the other hand, is designed for couples, allowing them to control the temperature of both sides of the bed to their individual preferences. It has two control units, so you can have one side of the bed warm or hot, and the other side of the bed set to cool at the same time.

Our Experience With The Chilipad

Let’s talk about our experience with the Chilipad cube and things you need to look out for while using it, including its maintenance. If you think the setup might be difficult, then this will help you understand how to get started with the Chilipad.

Easy Setup

We found the Chilipad setup really easy. When you buy a Chilipad, it will come with everything it needs to run properly except distilled water and a mattress protector because they do not come with the Chilipad. You will also need a reliable power source to connect the control unit(s) to, and AAA batteries for the radio frequency remote.

Chilipad setup

You must have observed how the use of distilled water has been mentioned throughout this review. It is important to use distilled water because it is pure and does not have impurities that can clog the tubes or grow bacteria and germs inside the tubes causing health hazards. Although you might consider using normal water, you stand a chance of ruining the tubes or going through the stress of cleaning the cube very often.

The Chilipad setup is straightforward and simple. When you are ready, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Cover your mattress with the mattress protector. This is to ensure safety, protecting your mattress, and make sure your mattress warranty stays intact in case of any mishap.
  2. Fill the cube with distilled water slowly, using your discretion or with proper measurement.
  3. Spread the thin Chilipad mattress pad over the mattress that has already been covered with a mattress protector and lay your sheets over it.
  4. You can now connect the tubes attached to the mattress pad to the control unit.
  5. Connect the control units to a power source and switch it on.

Please note that every Chilipad comes with a user manual that will guide you in getting started. The next step is to synchronize the two remotes to their respective ports if you are using the ‘WE’ design and one remote if you are using the ‘ME’ model.

Temperature Regulation

The heating or cooling may not take effect immediately when you turn the unit on. So it is recommended that you turn the unit on 25 to 30 minutes before you are ready to sleep. This will ensure the perfect sleep temperature by the time you are set for bed. It is not that difficult and you’ll get used to it in time.

With the ‘WE’ design, you can regulate the temperature of one side of the bed to be completely warm or hot according to your preference and set the other side to cold or chill. This feature is the highlight of this Chilipad sleep system.

Temperature regulation is the same for both the ‘ME’ and ‘WE’ designs. The remote is used to adjust the temperature of the bed as per your personal preference. You can also regulate the temperature using the Chilipad control unit, but you may never have to use it since you have the remote control.

girl sleeping on Chilipad mattress pad

Energy Efficiency

The Chilipad needs to be connected to a reliable power source after setup. The latest version, Chilipad 3.0 uses 80 Watts and works with any standard power outlet. If you run a prepaid meter, the Chilipad has an automatic set timer for 10 hours which allows it to automatically shut-off if you ever forget.

The Chilipad is energy efficient and helps you save on cooling costs. Think about this: it uses just 80 Watts which is a pinch of one kilowatt. Remember that 1000 watts make one kilowatt and the average price for one kilowatt per hour is 12 cents in the US. So if your Chilipad runs for 8 hours a day, it will cost you around $30 for the whole year to run the Chilipad.

Not to get too technical, but you can see that you’ll be saving a whole lot of energy and money from using a Chilipad. Also considering the fact that sleeping with a Chilipad can reduce your AC usage, further reducing the power bills.

How Does The Chilipad Work?

The Chilipad sleep system has 2 main components; a hydronic mattress pad and a control unit. The water cooled mattress pad is placed on your mattress before placing your sheets over it. The Chilipad mattress pad is made from cotton material and polyester which gives it the extra soft touch and makes it almost tempting to lay down directly on it. There are microtubes inside the Chilipad which are responsible for the continuous circulation of temperature-regulated water.

The Chilipad Cube, also known as a control unit, helps regulate the temperature of your bed. It has an opening where you can add water. Note that distilled water is recommended for use in the cube, but normal water can be used in place of distilled water.

Once the cube is filled with water and connected to an electrical source, the cube using the inbuilt thermostat regulates the temperature from hot to cold depending on your preference. It gives you the option to regulate the temperature between 55-115°F range. The water circulates inside the thin mattress pad keeping the temperature constantly in check throughout its use.

Although there are bed heating and cooling systems that use dry air, the Chilipad uses water because of its efficiency. For effective cooling, the water inside the tubes helps it take effect quickly and the same applies to the heating too. Also if you have ever wondered about the possibility of comfort while sleeping on a water-filled pad, remember that it is really thin and the tubes are really small so that they do not impact your sleep comfort at all. You can rest assured that it’ll feel like sleeping on your regular comfortable mattress.

Trial and Warranty Period

ChiliTechnology offers a 90 Night sleep trial which allows you to try the Chilipad cube and make sure you’re satisfied with it. However, you must use it for at least 30 days before deciding whether you would like to keep it or return. If you decide to return it, there’s no hassle at all! As long as it is not damaged in any way, you can simply return it and ask for a full refund.

The Chilipad also comes with a 2-year warranty. This warranty comes with terms and conditions as is common with every warranty. You need to make sure that Chilipad is set up correctly; avoid running the control unit if there is no water inside it. In most cases, warranty issues stem up from failure to use a mattress protector. Follow the instructions provided in the user manual and your warranty stays intact.

Is Chilipad Loud?

There is a little noise but based on our experience, we didn’t find it annoying. Infact, I already use a white noise machine which has now been replaced by a Chilipad. Various users admit that it makes a soft buzzing noise probably coming from the control unit and the water circulating constantly. In most cases, it doesn’t interrupt sleep but may act as a soothing sound to make you sleep better, although very light sleepers may be bothered by it.

The control unit gives off a light whirring sound which doesn’t interrupt sleep at all. If you cannot handle sleeping with the sound of rustling leaves, it might be a problem for you. But generally, the Chilipad is not loud. Either way, you have 90 days to test after which you can claim a refund if you are not cool with the noise.

Chilipad Cleaning and Maintenance

The Chilipad Cube is easy to clean. The first step to make sure cleaning is not difficult is to stick to a proper maintenance schedule. The instructions that come with the Chilipad should be adhered to. Use distilled water to avoid clogging and worrying about how to clean the tubes. Also, make sure that the water doesn’t run out and is replaced frequently at least every week.

A plus side to the Chilipad is that it goes off automatically when the water is not enough or has reduced too much, so you do not have to worry about the Chilipad going bad because it ran out of water. To clean the tube, you can add any soft cleaning agent and run it through turning the temperature high for about 5 hours or more. This process should be repeated at least every 3 months as recommended by the Chilipad company.

To clean the mattress pad, use a soft detergent, and manually wash it. This can help protect it from wearing out. If you have a front-loading machine, you can throw it in for a wash. Never wash it with a top-loading machine. The best way to dry it out is to simply air-dry it.

Who Is The Chilipad Best For?

The Chilipad is best for people who are tired of sleeping hot and want to experience maximum comfort during their sleep.

It is also suitable for couples who have varying sleep preferences. The “WE” design, that is made for couples, allows one to set the temperature of their mattress pad to their personal preference. And even while sleeping next to a partner who does not really care about the temperature of the bed while they sleep, the ‘ME’ design can also come in handy.

Based on Chilipad reviews, it’ll be safe to say that Chilipad dual-zone has saved many marriages over the past few years by allowing partners to sleep together in the same bed with different sleeping temperatures.

Some women have also reported a reduction in menopausal night sweats after they started using Chilipad. Generally, the Chilipad is designed to make sleeping conditions better while saving energy and cost.

Most Advanced Bed Cooling System

Modern sleep system with patented cooling and warming water technology to help you enjoy a restful sleep throughout the night.

Pros & Cons of The Chilipad

There are certain factors you need to consider before buying a Chilipad. Individuals have different preferences and budgets so we will look at some Chilipad complaints and advantages.


Chilipad is designed thoughtfully to accommodate both singles and couples. The ‘WE’ design really stands out because you can have two different temperatures on the same bed offering maximum comfort.

The setup and operation is very simple. After looking at the setup instructions written in the user manual, you’ll observe how simple it is. The set up can be done within 10 minutes and it goes off automatically when it runs out of water.

Cleaning the control unit and mattress pad is really easy. Rather than going through the stress of washing it manually, the mattress pad can be washed in a front-load machine. Just make sure you fasten the tubes to prevent them from rapid movement during the wash and getting damaged.

You also get to try the Chilipad out for over 90 days and if you do not like it, you can return it and request a refund. The 2-year warranty period is also decent considering the amount you are paying for it.


There isn’t really much negative about it but since you are going to make a decision, we believe you should know this.

Chilipad takes anywhere between 30-40 minutes to warm or cool your bed, based on your preference. However, this wait time can be easily eliminated by turning the control unit on ahead of your bedtime to make sure that your bed is comfortable when you hit the hay.

Though I personally didn’t have any problem with the noise, very light sleepers might complain that the soft whirring or buzzing from the Chilipad cube interrupts their sleep. If you are one of them, it might irritate you as well.

Also, not really a disadvantage, but  items like distilled water, mattress protector and AAA batteries for remote may not be included in the package. So you have to buy these items separately.

Chilipad Sizes and Pricing

Chili Technology introduced Chilipad in 2 different variants: Single zone and dual zone. Each variant is available in 3 different sizes: Queen, King and California King. The prices start from $499 for Single Zone Half Queen size and goes up to $1199 for a Dual Zone California King size. The company also offers financing options which makes it easy for you to purchase your Chilipad sleep system. For latest prices, visit official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Chilipad work?

The Chilipad is very effective and it works like a charm. It is designed to regulate the temperature of the bed to suit individual preferences. The setup is quite easy and user friendly.

Once the cube is filled with water and connected to an electrical source, the cube using the inbuilt thermostat regulates the temperature depending on your preference. It gives the option to regulate the temperature between 55-115°F (13-46°C) allowing you to sleep fitfully. The water circulates inside the thin mattress pad keeping the temperature constantly in check.

How long does it take the Chilipad to cool?

You have to wait anywhere between 30-40 minutes before it gets to the temperature you desire. The heating or cooling may not take effect immediately when you put it on. This is the first thing you want to do in order for your bed to be ready by the time you are set for sleep.

It is not that difficult and you’ll get used to it in some time.

What temperature should I set my Chilipad?

The Chilipad allows temperature regulation between 55-115°F. So you should consider setting it up and getting in bed, then try experimenting with varying temperatures until you get your preference as individual preferences vary. If it is the ‘WE’ design, you might consider experimenting with your partner, using the remote control until you get the best temperatures for both of you.

How much water does a Chilipad need?

The amount of water is regulated by the control unit. An indicator shows when the water level is enough. You do not have to put in water every day, rather it is recommended that you add at least a cup of distilled water every week.

When the water level is low, the Chilipad turns off automatically. But for proper usage, and to avoid evaporation, always check and replace lost water on time.

How do you drain water from a Chilipad?

The Chilipad mattress pad and control unit have openings to drain water. The cross end is used to drain water from the mattress pad. If you need to drain the Chilipad Cube, use the hollow end. There are indications on the control unit showing how to slant or elevate the unit to ease drainage. If you still find this difficult, you can always refer to the user manual.

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