Chiroflow Pillow Vs Mediflow Pillow


If you are in the market for a quality water pillow, you might have already come across the two famous brands by now – Chiroflow and Mediflow. Clinical testing and trials have shown time and again that pillows with water base can significantly reduce neck pain and enhance sleep quality.

However, finding the right water pillow can be a lot more challenging than it seems, especially with every other waterbase pillow manufacturer on the market claiming to be the very best.

As top brands, the Chiroflow and Mediflow water pillows are hard to miss. They offer sleepers a variety of health benefits. With notable difference in their construction and feel, this comparison guide will help you find out which one suits your needs better.

Chiroflow Pillow vs Mediflow Pillow Comparison

Chiroflow and Mediflow are both water pillow brands but differ in construction and especially in covering the water base. Both consist of impressive high quality memory foam that works effectively well alongside the water base and gracefully supports the sleeper’s neck.

Both brands exude unrivaled comfort and work exceptionally well against persistent headaches and neck pain. However, the noticeable differences between the two may also influence your choice, depending on your sleeping preferences.

Pillow Construction

The Chiroflow water base pillow is constructed using a fully hypoallergenic Dacron stalest fiberfill with a polyester 300 thread count. This rests over the pillow’s water base layer which is also encapsulated by a thermal insulation material. This incredibly innovative pillow comes equipped with a small blue water nozzle that allows you to add water to the special water base.

The water level depends entirely on the sleeper’s preferred firmness level. Its sophisticated rubber-cased water chamber acts as a thermal insulator, which helps maintain the water temperature.

Mediflow pillow is also made with completely hypoallergenic materials, however the consumer has the choice between fiber or memory foam filling for their waterbase pillow. Depending on personal preference, you can pick either of the filling types.

The Mediflow pillow consists of a 100% cotton cover, with a sealed and secure insulated water pouch safeguarded with a polyester fiber layer on top that protects against chances of water leakage. Exceptionally comfortable to sleep on, Mediflow water pillow is quite similar to the Chiroflow pillow, but allows the user to customize the filling material as per their liking.

Neck Pain Relief

The Chiroflow water pillow is recommended by chiropractors and medical specialists for its unique ability to relieve neck pain, back pain, and even migraine attacks. The brilliant water base offers pain relief by allowing the pillow to contour to the exact curvature of the neck. In doing so, the water automatically provides ample support and fills in the space of your neck curve. Additionally, it comes with a special layer of memory foam inside its chamber for additional support and its ability to aid in reducing neck pain and improving overall sleep quality.

Similar to the Chiroflow pillow, the Mediflow pillow is a widely recommended water pillow that enhances the sleep experience and offers neck pain relief.  This pillow is also a good investment for those who find it difficult to sleep with shoulder pain and headaches throughout the night. The Mediflow pillow includes a unique and adjustable water base which, according to a John Hopkins study, has been clinically proven to provide responsive support for the neck, thereby reducing strain and pressure.

30% of Mediflow pillow users claim that they noticed a significant reduction in pain levels around the neck, shoulder, and head region. Its professionally engineered water base keeps the neck from rolling to the side in an awkward position, causing the misalignment of the spine and resulting in discomfort.


The water based technology in pillows has been applauded by experts and sleepers all around the world for its ability to promote deep, restful sleep and the Chiroflow pillow is no different. Thanks to its adjustable water base, the pillow rids the sleeper of back and neck pain, allowing uninterrupted sleep. Its fiber padding further boosts its comfort. The Chiroflow pillows offer support and comfort unlike any other waterbase pillow and you will wake up feeling fresh and pain-free.

The water chamber in a water based pillow cradles the head in a secure embrace, keeping it from rolling to the side and contorting in an uncomfortable angle. The Mediflow waterbase pillow uses similar technology and provides unparalleled comfort and support for all sleeping positions. The choice between fiber and memory foam filling is up to the sleeper, but both provide rich comfort and elevate the sleep quality.


With an easily removable cover that can either be chucked in the machine or hand washed, the Chiroflow pillow is as easy and effortless to maintain as any standard pillow. Aside from its cover, the pillow’s water chamber may require a gentle wipe on the rubber surface occasionally so any chances of mold and mildew growth are eliminated. You only need to change the water once a year.

The Mediflow pillow also comes equipped with a machine washable pillowcase. You can also toss it in the dryer without fear of damage. In case you are worried about any water leakages, the pillow’s water chamber is tightly sealed and is not easily accessible by external contaminants. However, unlike the Chiroflow water pillow, the Mediflow pillow’s water base is not very easy to clean and may require more care.

Despite small differences, both Chiroflow and Mediflow pillows are similar in their maintenance and you will be enjoying a clean sleeping surface in no time. With either option, you will not find yourself stuck in an overly complicated cleaning procedure that requires professional care often.

Pillow Life

One great aspect of a water pillow is that they do not need replacement so often. As long as proper care protocols are followed and your pillow is cleaned and properly maintained, you will not have to replace it for 12 to 18 months. This is true for both Chiroflow and Mediflow water pillows. You don’t have to replace them as long as you’re able to clean it properly.

However, you may notice that after some time and usage, the polyfiber component of the water pillow may flatter or clump.  Approximately 3% of Chiroflow and Mediflow pillow users have reported water leakage over time. On the positive side however, since the pillow has a water base, it will maintain its support level and will not sag or compress unlike standard pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash a Chiroflow pillow?

The best technique for washing your Chiroflow waterbase pillow is to first remove all the water from its inner chamber. Using warm water and a gentle cycle, tumble dry the pillow on a low heat and delicate setting. Alternatively, you can also leave it to air-dry. Should you choose the air drying method, it is important to ensure that your pillow is completely dry before usage as the inside of the pillow’s chamber may require longer periods of time to completely dry.

In case of the original fiberfill Chiroflow pillow, you should remove the water from the pillow and replace the cap before washing. For this option, we recommend hand washing only. Use the ‘no heat/air dry’ setting on your dryer and toss it in for a gentle cycle.

For Chiroflow pillows with a memory foam fill, empty the water from the pillow and replace its cap. Then unzip the pillow and make sure that all its foam core is properly removed. Only wash the removable pillow cover in the washing machine and the temperature should not exceed 105 degrees. Using the ‘no heat/air dry’ setting on your dryer, let the pillow completely dry through. Once this process is completed and your pillow has dried, you can insert back the foam core into the casing and re-zip it.

How much water goes in a Chiroflow pillow?

The amount of water that goes in your Chiroflow pillow entirely depends on your firmness level preference. The more water you add, the more firm and supportive it becomes. It is recommended to fill your pillow with approximately 2 liters/quarts of water for a soft support and less firmness level, 3 liters/quarts for a medium support and firmness, and 4-5 litres/quarts for higher support and firmness levels. It is important to check which type supports your head and sleeping style the most before you decide on the amount of water to be added to your Chiroflow pillow.

Which Mediflow pillow is the best?

One of the most sought after Mediflow pillows is the Mediflow Fiber pillow. It is the first original water pillow which has also been clinically proven to eliminate neck, shoulder, and head pains and improve sleep quality significantly. Additionally, this Mediflow pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions including side sleepers and stomach sleepers as the water in its base chamber moves with your head and neck and you will not have to fluff it during the night to ensure proper support.

The Mediflow Fiber pillow can also be customized to the sleeper’s support and firmness level preferences. You can adjust the water level to make your pillow soft, medium, or firm. Constructed with a superior, fully sealed and insulated water pouch, it also consists of a secure polyester fiber on top of the water chamber. This unique Mediflow pillow is encased in a 100% hypoallergenic cotton cover which provides plush comfort and satin silk softness.

With a 3 year warranty and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, the Mediflow pillow stands out from its rival water pillows and remains a recommended choice for sleepers who desire ultimate support.

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