Coop Home Goods Pillow

Coop Home Goods Pillow Review – The Original and Eden

Coop Home Goods features locally crafted premium bedding products that come with a guarantee of longevity. The use of brand new memory foam that has gone through multiple tests to achieve certification, ensures not only the high quality of resulting bedding products, but also ensures the delivery of environmentally friendly and healthy to use products.

Coop Pillow Review

The company has gone through years of research and development, to come up with an adjustable pillow design that is suitable for all sleeping positions. The Coop pillows are therefore designed around you, providing you the ability to customize them according to your particular requirements.

Coop Home Goods Original Review

With its unique fill adjustment properties, the Coop Home Goods Original pillow is probably one of the most well-known and appreciated pillows of all times.

Since it offers the ability to adjust its fill according to your preference, the pillow generally becomes ideal for all sleeping positions and therefore is readily usable by all. It has a rather spongy yet somewhat firm feel to it, enabled through the shredded memory foam filling. This makes The Original pillow top the list of pillows that can help you in alleviating neck and shoulder pain while you sleep.

The Original Pillow


The Coop Home Goods Original pillow features a generous amount of shredded viscoelastic memory foam filling. Using the shredded memory foam instead of a solid block within the pillow enables the loft to become customizable, making it easy for you to adjust the pillow’s firmness as per your need. The pillow comes with an extra ½ lb bag of filling allowing you to add more filling if needed in case you like a firmer pillow.

The inner case of the pillow, that holds the filling, is made of interlock fiber, which is tightly knit to prevent the memory foam filling from leaving through the covers. The outer removable cover is made of Lultra fabric, which features a blend of polyester and bamboo in the 3: 2 ratio. This a good quality pillow that won’t go flat easily.

Feel and Support

The Coop Home Goods Original pillow is famous for its spongy yet firm support. You shall be fairly surprised to find the shredded foam pieces acting as a single unit instead of forming clumps over the period of time. This provides you with a consistent support throughout the length of the pillow, while preserving its extra soft and huggable properties. The supportive memory foam enables the pillow to adjust its shape to contour your neck and spinal alignment, making it ideal for individuals with neck pain.

The shredded memory foam pieces allow for air circulation through the pillow, making your Coop pillow highly breathable. Additionally, the Lultra fabric used for the outer cover is in itself highly breathable and is designed to regulate your body temperature, enabling you to sleep cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Who is The Original Pillow Good For?

Best for people who tend to toss or turn around a lot, The Original pillow can be used by most individuals whatever position they sleep in. Attributed to its adjustable filling, whether you are a stomach, back or side sleeper, the pillow can work ideally for you once you remove or add filling to achieve the desirable loft.

Since the pillow has a characteristic soft and plushy feel to it, it can easily replace your soft pillow. However, the resilience of shredded memory foam in itself provides a highly supportive surface to rest on, which contours your head and neck to alleviate symptoms of neck and shoulder pain. This makes the Coop Home Goods Original pillow an ideal choice for those suffering from neck pain.

Coop Home Goods Eden Review

When it comes to finding the ultimate pillow that can offer a plush support to induce a comfortable sleeping experience, the Coop Home Goods Eden pillow easily outranks the competitors. It is equipped with the highest quality of cooling gel memory foam and microfiber filling and therefore possesses an easy maintenance and machine friendly nature. This ensures that the pillow maintains its loft and lasts for a longer while.

The Eden Pillow


The Coop Home Goods Eden pillow is filled with a blend of cross cut, gel infused memory foam, and microfibers. This unique blend enables the pillow to provide a soothing cooling effect in addition to its superior softness. The filling used is certified by CertiPUR-US® and GREENGUARD Gold to uphold the environmental safety standards, which guarantees its premium quality and harmless use.

The filling inside the pillow is made accessible for easy adjustment through the zipped pillow liner, the stretch-ability of which enables the pillow to change its shape while you sleep. In addition to that, the Eden pillow also has an outer case made of premium Lultra fabric, with gussets on the edges to promote better airflow.

Feel and Support

This ultra soft pillow that competes with the fluffiness of down and feather pillows, is famous for providing you a sleeping-on-the-cloud kind of experience. In addition to its extra soft and plushy feel, the cross cut memory foam when blended with microfibers provides superior support to cradle your head and neck while you sleep. Since the foam is infused with a cooling gel, you sleep fitfully during the night without feeling hot or clammy.

Meanwhile, the gusset surrounding the edges of the Eden pillow’s cover helps to provide a consistent density and firmness throughout the pillow. The Lultra fabric with its extra smooth surface and the stretchable inner cover holding the filling in place makes the Coop Home Goods Eden pillow ideal for a perfect night’s sleep.

Who is The Eden Pillow Good For?

The Coop Home Goods Eden pillow is good for stomach, back and side sleepers alike. This is attributed to the ability of the pillow to enable you to adjust its loft in order to cater to the needs of various individuals.

If you tend to toss and turn around during the night, this ultra-soft and resilient pillow will work ideally to help you reach your comfort zone. Moreover, the Coop Home Goods pillow is the best option for those who tend to sleep cold, thanks to its gel-infused memory foam that creates a soothing effect during the night. Since the memory foam used is certified for its hypoallergenic nature, those who tend to develop allergies can use it without any health concerns.

The World’s Most Adjustable Pillow

It’s time you take action and start sleeping on a pillow that’s actually made for YOU.

What is the Difference Between Original and Eden?

The Eden pillow is more on the soft side while the Original pillow has medium firmness with its memory foam and microfiber filling blend. The Original pillow therefore tends to be genuinely stiffer than the Eden pillow, which has down-like softness adding to its popularity. Those who prefer a resilient support from their pillows should opt for the Original pillow.

The Eden pillow with its gel-infused memory foam tends to favor individuals who prefer to sleep cool. This is due to its enhanced breathability that beats The Original pillow, which is relatively warmer to sleep on. The Eden pillow also features an added gusset which prevents the cross cut memory foam from shifting to the edges when pressure is applied and maintains even density of filling by providing adequate support. The same however cannot be said about The Original pillow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wash the Coop Home Goods pillow?

The Coop Home Goods Pillow is machine washable however it does demand adequate care while doing so.

In order to wash the pillow, take out the inner stretchable cover holding the filling. Before putting the pillow in the washer, make sure you have secured the pillow’s zipper with pins to ensure that no amount of filling is allowed to spill out of its covers.

Once secured, put the pillow in the washing machine containing cold water and set it up for a delicate cycle. Any amount of fabric softeners or bleach can ruin the pillow filling, so make sure to avoid them. You can then tumble dry the pillow on low heat.

Why does my coop pillow smell?

Since the Coop pillows utilize memory foam filling, they often give a characteristic smell, due to off-gassing which results when the volatile compounds in the memory foam break down. It is however pertinent to know that off-gassing has not been linked to causing any sort of health concerns to those using these pillows.

Even though the smell is genuinely unpleasant, it will go away within three days of the inauguration of your pillow. You can get rid of the smell sooner by airing the pillow and placing it out in the sun to freshen it up. You can even utilize the aroma of essential oils or use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to rid your pillow of the undesirable odor.

How do you adjust a coop pillow?

The Coop Pillow consists of an inner stretchable lining that holds the filling inside. This cover contains a zipper that can be opened to access the filling inside.

In order to adjust the filling, all you need to do is open the zip and take some filling out or add some more filling, depending on the kind of density and firmness you need to achieve that shall suit your sleeping position. If you need a firmer pillow, add more filling, whereas remove some if you prefer a less firm pillow with a lower loft. The Coop pillows come with an additional bag of 1/2 lbs filling, enabling you to fully adjust the pillow’s firmness.

How do you fluff a coop pillow?

You should generally fluff the pillow with your hands, every week or two to redistribute the filling. However you should also tumble dry it monthly to revitalize its loft.

All you need to do is put your Coop pillow in your dryer. You can additionally add a pair of tennis balls tied up in a sock, or wool balls within the dryer along with your pillow. Then set your dryer on a low heat setting or ideally, air setting, to make sure that the extra heat does not damage the memory foam filling nor the liner. Ideally by the end of the cycle, your pillow will be visibly fluffier than before.

How long do Coop pillows last?

The Coop pillows come with a five year warranty and are generally witnessed to last even longer than that. This is due to the high quality of filling that is utilized for the construction of the pillow. This American made pillow is known for the integrity of their pillow fillings which uses brand new memory foam fillings rather than mixing scrap fillings alongside.

Moreover, the Coop pillows are fully washable and therefore easier to maintain. Since they can be fluffed up every few months by being tumble dried, the chances of them wearing down and flattening any sooner are quite low.

Are coop pillows worth it?

The Coop pillows are undoubtedly worth the value for your money. In fact being significantly cheaper than most other options with similar features, these pillows offer a long-lasting support and comfort that too in a budget friendly manner. Their superior support and ultimate softness makes them a preferred choice, while their adjustable loft gives them a unique advantage over most other pillows. For those who require a fitful night’s sleep, the Coop pillows are definitely worth a shot.

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