The Real Difference Between a King Single and Double Mattress

If you’re considering a new mattress, you must prioritize your individual needs first. Do you share your bed with a partner, or do you sleep alone? How much room do you require to sleep comfortably? Are you growing and require additional length? There are a lot of factors to consider, but, if you’re stuck trying to manage what size is comfortable for sleeping and for space, it’s worth considering the difference between king single and double mattress options.

difference between king single and double mattress

What Is a King Single?

A king single is larger than the standard single bed, but smaller than a double bed in width. It is the same length as a queen size mattress and caters to sleepers of a taller size and who may sleep alone.

If you are tall, don’t need much room in width and are working within a tighter budget, a king single might be the perfect choice for you.

However, if you require a bit more room as you share your bed with someone, a double will probably be more convenient.

Size Dimensions of a King Single and Double

Bed size is important when it comes to your comfort. You want something that’s going to give you an ample amount of room to move around, without having your feet dangling off the ends. A mattress should support your body from head to toe and prevent joint and back pain.

Double mattress dimensions are 138 x 188 centimeters. The length of the bed is 6 feet and 2 inches, and can fit teenagers and average height adults comfortably.

A king single is 107 x 203 centimeters which makes it perfect for taller adults, teenagers, or growing children.

While the double bed might be wider, the king single is still wider and longer than your average single bed.

Differences Between a King Single and Double

The biggest difference between the two mattresses is the length and width. The king single loses width by 38 centimeters, and the double loses length by 15 centimeters.

The double bed is also considered a full standard bed and the king single is not a standard bed.

Advantages of a King Single and Double

difference between king single and double mattressBoth mattresses come in a variety of mattress styles including spring and memory foam. If you sleep alone a king single is a great choice as it gives you extra room length-wise. However, if you do sleep with someone else, a double provides more room and is also known as a full bed resulting in a better option for those requiring these needs.

Both mattresses are affordable and easy to find in your local mattress store or online. If you want a full king sized bed but want the ability to customize it or move it around if you have guests, two single king mattresses make a full king sized bed!

A double bed is quite standard and commonly seen when you work away from home in a camp setting. Double beds are also commonly used in hotel rooms. These beds will generally fit a full sized adult comfortably, and they don’t take up too much space in smaller rooms.

Double and king single mattresses are easy to move around and load when you are moving, with the exception that king singles are a bit longer and may require another person to help carry the bed when relocating.

In addition, double and king single mattresses fit the same duvet and sheet size.


The weight depends on the density, make of the mattress and whether it’s spring or foam.

In general, a king single will weigh about the same as a double from between 20 to 60 pounds.


Since doubles are a standard and full mattress, they can range anywhere between $100 to 2000 dollars or more depending on the material of the mattress.

The king single has similar pricing, but it typically doesn’t get quite as high in price as a double.



Are There Bed Frames Made Specifically for King Single Mattresses?

Yes, there are bed frames that are made specifically for king single mattresses. You can go to any mattress or bedding store, or even online, and look for a frame in the king single dimensions. 

These dimensions are 107 x 203 centimeters. While they are not as popular as the standard double, queen, or king mattress, they can still be found in popular mattress stores or online.

What Size of Bed Should a Child or Teenager Have?

The size of bed that a teenager or child should have is generally a standard double. A double can fit a full sized adult comfortably, but if your teenager is on the taller side you can opt for a king single or a queen. 

However, everyone has their own individual needs and some may require additional space when it comes to mattresses.

Bottom Line

Both mattresses are a great choice if you don’t require an extensive amount of room. If you are taller and need extra foot space, a king single will keep you comfortable.

If you require more width space and don’t need the extra foot room, a double will suit you just fine. What you need to consider before deciding on a mattress is whether you need space for another person and how much mattress space the room can hold. As always, remember to get a mattress that suits your needs and is optimal for you to get a good night’s sleep.

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