Different Queen-Size Air Mattress Dimensions: The Ultimate Guide

Air mattresses are the perfect solution to your bed problems. They come in different sizes and types, ranging from basic to super deluxe to suit your diverse needs. Similar to traditional beds, you can choose from an array of standard bed sizes, including queen-size. 

Queen-size air mattresses often come in different dimensions, unlike standard-size mattresses, and sizes usually differ by brand. This article will help you understand the different queen-size air mattress dimensions currently available. 

queen size air mattress dimensions

Queen Size Air Mattress Dimensions

The queen-size air mattress is a luxury air mattress designed for maximum comfort and long-term use.

The product dimensions of a typical queen air mattress are between 70-80 inches long and 60 inches wide, with its thickness ranging between 7-9 inches and the height as much as 25 inches. 

Air mattresses are mostly used for large outdoor events, as a temporary bed option during house moves or for quick sleeping arrangements on camping trips. They also fit well in guest rooms, as they can support as much as 600 pounds. 

In general, this air mattress size will only fit in camping tents larger than 10×10. This means that a double-tall queen air mattress won’t be suitable for your truck or car camping plans. 

Queen-size air mattresses are also very comfortable to sleep on and can conveniently hold two bodies.

Choosing the right type of queen-size air mattress to use is dependent on your intended use for the air mattress. Because these air mattresses vary in thickness and height, some designs require padding or foundation, while others can be placed virtually anywhere.

Basic Queen Air Mattress

For a temporary household solution, you may want to choose a basic air mattress. A basic air mattress is typically 80 inches long, 60 inches wide, and 9 inches thick. 

Air mattresses of this size can be inflated within three minutes or less with a high-speed pump. This is a good option for your children’s room since they are lower to the ground, regardless of whether it’s placed on a bed frame or not.

Thick Queen Air Mattress

If you plan to use the air mattress by simply placing them on the floor without foundation, then a thicker air mattress is better. 

Not only does a thicker air mattress provide more comfort and a particular level of firmness, but it also feels similar to a regular bed. 

Despite sharing the same dimensions as a basic air mattress, they can double in height, reaching as high as 20 inches in bed height. However, you will have to spend more time pumping air into the mattress.

Extra Tall Queen Air Mattress

There are queen-sized air mattresses as tall as 24-25 inches. These designs can work as stand-alone beds in the house and can function just like your regular bed. You can even make the air mattress look nice by adding regular bedding.

This strong and bulky mattress can handle 600 pounds in weight. Each mattress includes a special pump that constantly monitors the air pressure and prevents you from worrying about deflation or sleeping uncomfortably.

How To Choose the Right Queen Size Air Mattress Dimensions

There are certain factors you should consider before buying an air mattress. Choosing the right queen-size air mattress for your needs depends on two main factors:


The amount of space you have or intend to fit your air mattress into determines the type of queen-size air mattress you need, as they generally require a larger space.

Weight Capacity

The second determinant is how much weight you expect the air bed to carry. If the air mattress would be for more than two average bodies or larger individuals, then you should choose the extra tall queen-size set, as it has a weight capacity of around 600 pounds.


How much does a queen-size air mattress weigh?

Most people assume that an average air mattress doesn’t weigh much because it’s filled with air. Although air mattresses are generally lighter than a standard mattress, that doesn’t mean they are weightless.

Air mattresses are mostly moved around in their deflated state and weigh as much as 10-20 pounds. Additional built-in features like pumps and cold storage tend to add extra weight.

What type of pump do you need to inflate an air mattress?

How to blow up an air mattress without a pump

Any standard manual pump will work to inflate your air mattress, but you must pay attention to the quality of the pump. 

A good, high-speed manual pump will inflate your queen-size air mattress in around three minutes. Opting for a cheaper manual pump may take you twice as long. 

Other factors to consider include the pump’s attachment compatibility, different nozzle functionality and noise level.

A queen air mattress typically comes with a high-speed or built-in air pump. Other designs may include a built-in pump that can monitor the air control level.

Are air mattress dimensions the same as regular mattress dimensions?

Considering that air mattresses expand and deflate, they can have similar dimensions as a regular mattress. However, this can vary by an inch or two depending on the brand and design. 

In order to choose an air mattress with the right dimensions, make sure that you consult the product’s description and listing to better understand the exact size to expect.

What extra considerations should I have when selecting an air mattress?

Once you decide on the air mattress’s size, you should consider the source material used to produce the mattress. Since air mattresses can seamlessly be used indoors and outdoors, you should aim for tear- and puncture-resistant materials. 

Ensure that the seams are strong enough to avoid air leakage and choose a water-resistant material. 

Some air mattresses include a built-in electric pump, pillow, pillow rest and an external carriage case. Depending on your budget, there are different options and features worth spending extra on.

Can I sleep on an air mattress every night?

Air mattresses are best suited for temporary use. The only problem with using them as a permanent sleeping surface is back and body support. 

Most air mattresses do not provide as much support as your standard mattress. Long-term or constant use of an air mattress can lead to stiffness or back pain.

What is the biggest air mattress size?

The biggest air mattress sizes available are king air mattresses or California King-size air mattresses, which inflate to as high as 25 inches in height. The queen air mattress is similar with a 20-inch height. 

Bottom Line

Air mattresses are a simple and effective way to substitute a standard mattress in your guest bedroom or during outdoor travels.

Understanding the different queen-size air mattress dimensions will help you make the best decision. Regardless of your need for them, there are various designs and sizes to choose from.

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