Falling asleep is SO Cool with the new Moona Pillow

Research indicates that body temperature is one of most significant factors when determining how well you sleep. That’s why we writhe around kicking off the covers or pulling them back on as we drift restlessly through the night.

Although scientists have now disproved the long-standing myth that most of our body heat is lost through our head, there are a number of significant blood vessels passing through our ear, nose, cheeks and neck which contribute to controlling body temperature.  That’s why it’s such a pleasure and relief to dunk your head in a bucket of cold water on a scorching hot day or why it is such a shock to run a cold shower over your head, whatever the temperature.

It’s this key physical characteristic that the inventors of Moona are exploiting though a clever piece of tech that helps you fall asleep quicker and sleep better once you are there. It also helps wake you up gently in the morning.

Moona Pillow

The Moona Pillow

There are 3 elements to Moona’s magic. The first is a discrete pillow pad that you slip on top of your existing pillow but inside the pillow case. It is a slim memory foam pillow pad which includes a thin layer which allows liquid to circulate around.  The pad is covered in a breathable cotton cover which can be removed for washing.

The pillow is umbilically connected to the Moona Device. It also contains sensors to detect temperature in the pillow and monitor your sleep pattern.

Moona Device

Moona DeviceThe device sits on your bedside table. It’s about the same size as a small bedside lamp. This is where the magic is controlled. It cools or warms the water and pumps it around the pillow pad. It also contains sensors to monitor ambient light levels, humidity and room temperature. It will need refilling with fresh water every 3 months. It whispers quietly to itself as it goes about the business of making sure you get a good night’s sleep.

Moona App

Moona AppEvery hi-tech device these days is controlled by an app. Moona is no exception. The app is used to set up the device in the first place, then captures performance data as you sleep so that it has an effective outline of your normal sleep pattern. After the first few days, the device settles down to track your sleep patterns from the movement and temperature sensors. Each night you tell the app what time you want to wake up in the morning.

How does Moona work?

As you settle down to sleep, Moona slowly fills the pillow pad with cooling water. This has the effect of tricking your body into believing you always have a fresh pillow. None of the heat generated by your body is absorbed in to the pillow pad. Any excess heat is gently leached away. It’s as if you always have a fresh un-spoiled pillow under your head. Your body temperature is soothingly controlled.

As the night goes on and you snooze towards your wake-up call, Moona starts to warm the liquid very gently. This has the effect of preparing your body for the end of your sleep pattern. Meaning you won’t be shocked into wakefulness.

There is solid science to the principles behind Moona. Regulating body temperature is a key part of achieving restful sleep. The makers have pulled together an interesting mix of technologies that help you fall asleep quicker and wake refreshed and ready to go.

What would improve Moona? Could the device be made smaller? Could it work without the water flow? Could everything be a little quieter? Maybe, with time. But this is a very creative modern solution to an age-old problem.

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