Frette Sheets Review and Guide: Which Is Best For You? [2022]

The Frette Company really designs sumptuous fabrics for bedding and bath – most notably sheets!

  • The Frette Company started in Grenoble, France, in 1860, when 3 French business partners established it and began selling fine linens from Grenoble. They became traveling salesmen and started to sell their linens in Italy as it was the source of their raw materials and it was a busy export hub.
  • Five years later, they based their manufacturing plant near Monza, Italy and in 1878 they opened their first retail store in Milan. Both locations are still functional to this day!
  • In 1880 they won numerous awards in Italy for the quality of their linens and they were awarded the contract to furnish linens to all the Italian embassies worldwide, as well as becoming the official provider of linens to the Italian Royal Family.

They were commissioned to provide kitchen and bedroom linens for St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, the dining room of the Titanic, and for the Orient Express (which still uses Frette).

Today they offer a complete line of bedding linens, bathroom linens, and a few pieces of nightwear for both men and women.

  • They sell to hundreds of the finest hotels in the world, to individual customers, and to accommodate yachts and private planes.
  • They weave and embroider the ultimate sheet indulgences, and their skilled Italian artisans handcraft creative, original designs with an exceptional feel that makes their products unable to be replicated.
  • Frette even has patents on its unique finishing methods!

The bottom line is that no matter which sheets you choose, you absolutely can not go wrong with the Frette name.  However, I will delve into the details of their various options so that you may choose a truly personalized sheet set.

Frette Hotel Classic Collection 200 Thread Count Egyptian Certified Cotton Percale Sheet Set

white pillowcase and sheets with elegant gold trim

These Frette sheets are part of the Hotel Collection and grace the bedrooms of hundreds of the most splendid hotels around the world.

  • They are made from 100% extra-long-staple cotton and finished into a crisp and incredibly soft percale weave.
  • I love the classic elegance and tailored precision that was crafted into these sheets,  The double border of embroidery will not unravel or fade, and all the seaming is reinforced.
  • This sheet collection features all white sheets with a choice of white, khaki, or gray embroidery.

All Frette sheets are a lifetime investment, and will have your family and guests hoping for their turn with them!

Click to see them at Frette.

Frette Sheets – How to Decide Which Ones to Buy?

Frette sheets have been stitched by master artisans in a perfected process that many times has been handed down generations. There is a patent on their process, so literally, no one stitches like the Frette Company!

  • Using long-staple cotton which has longer, stronger fibers to create a much more smooth weave, every seam is immaculately finished.  The raw edges are folded and sewn inward and this makes each seam almost indestructible.
  • Proprietary methods (used by Frette under exclusive legal rights and protected from competition by patent) are used to finish the items, generating their lasting soft and silky feel. The whole process takes more time and money, but their results are among the most preeminent linens in the world.

Because Frette Sheets are quite an investment (many would say hand-me-down quality), more thought and precision must be given to the care of your sheets. Most are machine washable with like fabrics and colors on a gentle cycle but I would opt to always wash them by themselves in a large mesh bag!

The Frette Hotel Collection of sheets was chosen by the Royal Hotel Danieli in Venice in 1899 to be their purveyor of distinguished, elegant linens that would consistently please even the most discerning of guests.

When talking about Frette sheets, users don’t just refer to them as linens, they refer to them as “an experience of pure pleasure”.

Frette Sheets Fabrics and Weaves


Frette sheets are made with unrivaled raw materials of magnificent quality, and all cotton is long-staple and chosen from the highest quality suppliers. There are several weaves that Frette crafts with cotton which are percale, sateen, and poplin.

Frette Percale

  • A classic, crisp cotton sheet with a matte finish using 100% long-staple cotton.
  • These are a bit likely to have some wrinkles if not taken out of the dryer while still damp.
  • They are durable, easy to care for, cool to the touch, and fresh. The feel is lightweight and smooth, making it great for summer weather and warmer temperature climates.
  • Very breathable due to their weave type, much air can be let through the sheet.
  • Typically considered to be the best choice for people who “sleep hot”. It has a 200 to 240 thread count.

Frette Sateen

  • A totally different feel than Percale, this is also 100% cotton but it goes through an extra finishing process that makes it feel silky smooth and have a buttery texture and sheen.
  • Sateen drapes nicely and is wrinkle-resistant. They are a bit heavier due to the unique weave (usually one yarn under and 3 or 4 yarns over) and tend to trap more heat.
  • A great choice for people who are cold in bed. (When a Sateen weave is made with silk or nylon, it is called Satin).
  • Frette Sateen has a 300 to 500 thread count.

Frette Poplin

  • Due to the fabric weave of Poplin, it does not wrinkle quickly and washes and irons easily.
  • It tends to mix both the crispness of percale and the smoothness of satin.
  • It has a plain weave structure that is comfortable and has remarkable brightness.
  • It is an all-season fabric
  • Features a very high sheen
  • This has a thread count of 240.


Frette Linen

  • Linen is a natural material in which very fine fibers are carefully taken from flax, spun into yarn, and woven into a durable fabric.
  • Because of its structure, it is capable of absorbing water (20% of its weight!) while not creating any humidity.
  • Frette Linen is an optimal material for anything that comes in close contact with skin, especially sheets and bathrobes.

Frette Bicolore Collection 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

white pillowcase and sheets with thick gold trim

This is elegance with bold glamour. Rich sateen with a contrasting wide border features an “open-stitch” design.

  • This color is heavenly as it shows the sheen with the coppery color adding shine.
  • Actually called “Powder Pink”, it is the standout color of this set, with other borders in blue, tan, gray, and white being much more neutral.
  • I love the wide border, and the stitching you can see.
  • It is an eye-catching statement for your bedroom.
  • When coupled with the opulence of the sateen, it mixes to create a lavish refinement reminiscent of the glory days of Hollywood.
  • You can style from these sheets, using them as a base to collect decor that has this coppery-pink tone.
  • It’s great because these sheets alone can anchor your room with their gleam and quality you can see!

A must-see at Perigold!

Deciding on Sheets with Frette’s “3 Fs”

Frette has come up with a way to narrow down your sheet selection by utilizing 3 words that begin with “F” – Fiber, Finish and Feel. This world-renowned company holds that determining the quality of your sheets comes down to these three traits.

No more will we think that thread count alone will determine how comfortable a night’s sleep we get, or how soft or long-lasting our sheets will be. By using your preferences for the three determinants, you will have easily solved what could have been a big stab in the dark!


The quality of the fiber.  When buying sheets, think about the fibers that are used to weave the fabric.  If your sheets are cotton, know that the quality of the cotton depends on how long, uniform and fine the fibers are. The longer the better. Longer length and uniformity will dictate how resistant and smooth the threads are.


The finish of the fabric. The feel of the fabric is largely due to the finishing process. The quality of the finishing process will determine the quality of the finish (how long your sheets stay soft, crisp, wrinkle-free, etc.). This is a treatment process done to the fabric to increase its durability or shine. Frette has patented its unique finishing process to make the ultimate in strong, lustrous fabrics that are unparalleled.

After the main finishing process, there are additional finishing touches that may include embroidery and lace, among others.


The feel of your sheets.  This refers to the weight and texture of the finished product and will determine a fabric’s most appropriate use.

Finding the most comfortable sheets depends upon your body heat, the weather, and the surroundings (is there a fireplace, or are drafty windows in your bedroom?).

Are you a hot sleeper that prefers the crisp, airy feel of cotton percale? Do you like to be surrounded by soft, silky sheets and a warmer sleeping environment that is provided by cotton sateen?

Another Factor to Consider

Along with Frette’s “3 Fs” for their sheets, there is another factor to keep in mind when buying sheets. Thread count. I know I have been all about the thread count for years when choosing sheets – the higher the better, right?  Well, apparently not so simple, to my surprise.

Thread Count

Thread count is measured by the number of threads in one square inch. Something important to remember is that it doesn’t matter how high your thread count is if the quality of the fibers and finishing process used is poor.

So, on a fundamental level, thread count is only as good as the raw materials used and the finishing process.

  • If long-staple cotton is not used, the fibers will be shorter, probably mismatched due to lesser quality, and even if there is a high thread count, the fabric is subject to fiber breakage, unraveling, and holes.
  • Sometimes manufacturers will use another fiber such as polyester, to compensate for the quality of the cotton.  This will make the fabric stronger than it would have been with just the low-quality cotton, but it will still be less durable, and you will sacrifice other aspects, such as breathability.
  • Thread count is used heavily in marketing to espouse the benefits of buying a certain sheet set.  It would appear to the shopper that the only thing that mattered in finding a good quality sheet set, was the thread count!  Not so, as I discussed above.
  • If you have excellent quality fibers, and a higher thread count, then that is a safe bet your sheets will be durable and soft.  Again, as we found out above, the finish and materials used in the fabric are what determine the softness and texture.

A good rule of thumb for thread count is “quality is better than quantity”. The “quality” of the fibers and finishing process will matter more than the “quantity” of threads per inch.

Frette Ornate Medallion 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

white pillowcase and sheets with black brocade trim

I love the creative, unique craftsmanship that this more ornate medallion pattern offers! It comes in three colors of embroidery (sheets all white, as is the signature style of Frette).

The immeasurable attention to detail and painstaking hand stitching is breathtaking! The thread count is 300 with long-staple cotton from Egypt.

The design keeps your eye busy trying to unravel the intricate arabesque embroidery. All designs are created by the artists and craftsmen at Frette and are hand-stitched. I really like the fact that each sheet has its own personality and one-of-kind beauty.

I try to increase the number of things I own that are only made once in a lifetime, and where no two are exactly alike.  That has got to be the meaning of style! This can be found at Perigold!

Before Thread Count Comes Weave and Finishing

To make matters very clear (or complex – depending on your shopping style), one must look at the weave of the fabric, and the finishing process. The thread count considered average for sheets is totally dependent on what type of weave and finish the fabric has.

Frette has such unbelievably high standards for materials, craftspeople, artisans, and their unique finishing process that it allows their sheets to have a lower thread count and still remain the luxury items they are today.


  • The weave is important because, in some weaves, only one thread (one thread consists of one or two fibers) goes over one thread – and on and on, making it one thread deep. Other fabrics have a tighter weave which uses more threads for weaving into each inch.


A “finishing” process is designed for a variety of reasons and purposes including:

  • Improving how a fabric “feels”
  • How long the fabric stays true to its “feeling”
  • To avoid wrinkles
  • To increase durability and strength
  • Maintain the brightness of color
  • Add a special kind of feeling to the fabric – crisp, silky, plush, etc.

Italy boasts many world-renowned fabric mills that are quite coveted for their artistry in fabric construction. The finishing process is so important, and can be done so many different ways, that each mill’s procedures are a secret – and heavily guarded, even patented, so that others may not copy them!

Thread Count Broken Down

silver satin pillowcase with embroidery

Percale sheets are known as having a plain weave pattern, and for this type of sheet, a 200 thread count is an average-quality sheet.

However, because of Frette’s well-kept secrets on their process of making sheets, and the incredible quality and skill with which the sheets are made, they are one of the few companies worldwide that can boast about 200 thread count sheets.  Frette sheets really are royalty-quality.

As noted above in the Frette sheet fabrics descriptions, Sateen sheets have a tighter weave and therefore a higher thread count – just because of the type of fabric it is.

To be called Sateen, it needs to have a higher thread count because that is how a Sateen sheet is constructed!  For this Sateen weave, average-quality sheets have a thread count of 250 to 300.

Again – Frette can boast magnificent quality sheets with 250 – 300 thread count Sateen.

The Sleep Foundation gives us some basic thread counts for different materials:

  • Cotton: 200-400
  • Percale Weave: 200-400
  • Egyptian Cotton: 300-400
  • Sateen Weave: 300-600
  • Bamboo: 300-500
  • Linen: 80-140. Thread count is a less effective indicator for linen sheets. Avoid higher thread counts for linen sheets.

The Sleep Foundation also notes “Keep in mind that certain materials are not measured using thread count.” 

It lists some which I have here:

  • Silk – Measured in momme. Momme is a measure of weight that looks for the number of pounds in a piece of silk that is 45 inches by 100 yards. Look for silk sheets around the 17-22 momme range.
  • Microfiber – Measured in grams per square meter (GSM). Look for microfiber sheets in the 90-120 GSM range.
  • Flannel – Measured in GSM. Durable, heavyweight flannel sheets are in the 170+ GSM range. Lighter flannel sheets will be less durable, but lighter and more breathable.
  • Jersey – Jersey is a type of knit fabric that often uses cotton, but not always. The weight may vary somewhat depending on the material used. Many jersey cotton sheets are around 150 GSM.

Ornate Medallion Lace Sheet Set in Cotton Sateen Jacquard

white pillowcase and sheets with ivory lace

Dainty and delicate, the uncommon jacquard sateen weave features arabesque style lace detailing on the top sheet and a contrasting contemporary lace inset for the pillowcases. Unrivaled by any sheet maker, this pattern and type of stitching is unique to Frette. You will not find the same weave or embroidering pattern anywhere else.

With high shine and a draping texture, this is smooth and buttery. As always, 100% cotton and made in Italy, it is the ultimate in self-care to extend your sleeping bliss!

This is available at Perigold.

Beware of Super-High Thread Counts

So, we’ve talked about how a higher thread count in sheets does not necessarily equate to a higher quality sheet. Marketers have filled the shopping arena with low-cost high thread count sheets, touting them as being better quality.

Aside from a questionable fiber quality comes another aspect that I wasn’t even aware of until many years into my sheet set sprees.

  • Many times, the reason that the sheets have such a high thread count is because of a tactic where low-quality fibers (therefore low-quality threads) are used for weaving, but since the fibers are of such low quality, the manufacturer twists 2 or 3 of them together to make one thread.
    • This way, instead of actually counting the threads, the manufacturer counts each fiber as a thread, and so sheets that have been made with 200 threads per square inch, can now be counted 2 or 3 times more, marketing the sheets as 400 or 600 thread count.
      • In reality, this “600” thread count sheet set will be of much lesser quality than a 200 thread count long-staple cotton sheet set from a well-known brand.

So, beware of these “900 thread count” sheet sets on sale for $39.99. Chances are, they won’t be as soft or last as long as a well-researched 300 thread count sheet set.

Frette Sheets and Sizing

The sizing of Frette sheets is specifically designed to fit all standard mattress sizes, including thicker ones and ones with pillow-top features.

The sheets can fit mattresses from 9 inches up to 20 inches and are made a bit large to accommodate any shrinking that may occur after the first washing (shrinkage has been measured at 4 – 10 percent due to the all-natural materials they use).

All Frette sheets come in Twin, Queen, King, and Cal King sizes. There are no Double Bed sizes.

The Personality of Frette Sheets

What kind of personality do your sheets have? Not an absurd question when it comes to Frette Sheets. Each type of weave they create is individually reflective of the hard work, long hours, intense creativity, and commitment to quality on which they have built a reputation since 1860.

  • When their sheets say they are Percale – you can bet it is the finest reflection of the smooth, crisp, cool, and lightweight characteristics for which Percale is noted. You immediately know it is percale. You feel the craftsmanship. You feel the air. It is a bright smile on a sunny day.
  • When you get into bed with Frette’s Sateen weave, it is totally different from your “percale” experience! It has a very different personality, one that is sleek, and drapes over you. Heavier than percale but heavier in a “caress of silk” way. This personality looks at you from sleepy eyes.
  • With Poplin, you get less formal energy than a crisp percale but with crispness. Not as much, though, as it is tempered by polish and gloss – and a touch of “creamy”. It mixes both percale and sateen together, with a very light hand. It says hello to you like a friend at a dinner party. Inviting, and friendly, yet you know it has been ironed!

In Conclusion

When you think of purchasing a set of Frette sheets, consider it an investment into the future. These sheets are of exceptional quality and highly durable.

Millions of people have been thrilled with them at A-list hotels around the world, night after night. The Frette name precedes itself, and its use of outstanding materials and procedures continually produce the most sought-after bedding.

  • The price point matches the luxury, but the individual craftsmanship and lifespan of the sheets will temper that cost.
  • If you average it out for a yearly price – over a ten-year span (yes, they last as long as that!), you are spending $50 to upwards of $200 each year on sheets. When you figure that you will probably get more use than that from a set of Frette sheets, the cost becomes even less expensive. For me, that sounds worthwhile.
  • I adore sheets and probably own many more sheet sets than I need, or should! And, I love a good bargain.  While these are not a bargain from a purely financial standpoint – when I think of the fading, rips, unraveling, shrinking, and loss of elasticity of my sheets –  it becomes a bargain to me.
  • I highly recommend these sheets for their endurance – they have stood the test of time from 1860. And stood the test of time in Royal Homes, Embassies, and worldwide five-star hotels that continue to use Frette for their bedding.  What better evidence is there? Not one comment in almost 200 years about how the sheets got holes, or ripped, or faded.

Frette provides resplendence, opulence, heirloom-quality sheets that all have carefully crafted unique embroidery patterns. They all share the trait of being able to blend with and highlight your decor.

Frette is the epitome of timeless elegance, subtle flair, sophistication, and understated taste. These are sheets that have the ability to enhance 1/3 of your life, and extend your sleep. The life inside of these sheets will last you a lifetime with proper care. And that is enough for me to make an investment!

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