How Does Boll & Branch Compare Against Parachute?

Shopping for bedding no longer involves spending hours tramping through home goods stores comparing thread counts, perusing prices, and agonizing over materials. If you want high-quality sheets and bedding, you simply have to go online.

Over the past few years, direct-to-consumer bedding companies like Boll & Branch and Parachute have taken the Internet by storm. Offering premium materials, thoughtful designs, and quality construction, these companies are well worth a look if you’re in the market for new bedding. But with so many options out there, how do you decide?

We’ve taken the time to explore the top bedding companies on the market to help you wade through the hype and determine whether they’re really worth it. In this guide, we’ll directly compare Boll and Branch vs Parachute so you can decide which option is right for you.

Boll & Branch Overview

Boll & Branch was founded in 2013 by the Tannens, Scott and Missy, as an organic bedding company. Not only are the Tannens committed to providing quality bedding for consumers, but they care about where and how their materials are sourced. Using only 100% organic, Fair Trade cotton, Boll & Branch helps keep farmers out of debt and helps factory workers sustain living wages.

Boll and Branch currently offers five different product lines when it comes to their sheet sets. These lines are divided into the following five materials:

  •         Signature
  •         Percale
  •         Flannel
  •         Luxe
  •         Chambray

The Signature line includes Boll & Branch’s best-selling sheets made from a lightweight, super-soft cotton with a sateen weave. Cool, crisp percale is perfect for hot sleepers and features a smooth, structured feel. For those who sleep cool, their soft and cozy flannel fabric might be a good choice.

The chambray line offers four-seasonal comfort, delivering the ideal balance of softness and structure. For consumers who want a touch of luxury, the Luxe line of sheets is ultra-refined. Using the finest organic cotton available, this product line offers a silken feel with timeless finishes.

Parachute Overview

Founded a year after Boll & Branch in 2014, Parachute was developed by Ariel Kaye. With her background in advertising and brand development, Kaye brought Parachute to market as an online-only business but has since expanded into several brick-and-mortar stores.

Parachute seeks to provide consumers with competitively priced bedding that delivers uncompromising quality. Every product is thoughtfully designed for a clean, modern aesthetic and all materials are OEKO-Tex Certified. Parachute products are designed and produced by Portuguese craftspeople and a fourth-generation American mattress maker.

When it comes to their products, Parachute offers a wide array of sheet sets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and even loungewear. Their sheets are available in the following materials:

  •         Percale
  •         Sateen
  •         Linen
  •         Brushed cotton

If you’re seeking a cool and comfortable sleep experience, Parachute’s percale material is perfect. It’s lightweight but durable and gets softer with every wash. Sateen also sleeps fairly cool but offers a smooth, satiny feel along with Parachute’s signature double stitch tipping for a touch of luxury.

Those who seek a timeless aesthetic in the bedroom might appreciate Parachute’s linen sheets. They’re light and airy to create a casual feel with just a hint of elegance and they’re perfect for year-round use. Finally, Parachute’s brushed cotton sheets are comfy and cozy, similar to flannel.

How Do They Compare?

Both Boll & Brand and Parachute claim to offer premium-quality bedding but what you really need to know is whether that’s true. You’ll be glad to know that both brands use OEKO-Tex Certified materials which means they’ve been tested for over 100 potentially harmful substances.

Boll & Branch uses only organic cotton largely sourced from Orissa, India, though the cotton for their flannel line comes from Turkey. While Parachute doesn’t use organically certified materials, they adhere to the same OEKO-Tex Certifications as Boll & Branch. Neither company uses artificial softening practices which means their bedding will soften over time with each wash.

The Materials

One of the differences you’ll notice between the two brands involves their materials. Boll & Branch offers five different fabrics while Parachute only offers four. Both have lightweight options for hot sleepers and warmer options for cool sleepers, but Boll & Branch offers a top-of-the-line product in their “ultra-refined” Luxe line of bedding.

Comfort and Feel

Boll & Branch really focuses on the aesthetics of their designs. Each sheet set is finished thoughtfully with details like hand-finished eyelet hems and deep-fitted sheets for a stay-put fit. While Boll & Branch may have the luxury appeal some sleepers seek, Parachute may have a leg up in terms of feel. Most Parachute sheets have a soft, buttery texture and they only get softer with washing.

Variety and Value

Parachute’s color options are a little more limited than Boll & Branch. They’re primarily neutral colors and classics like white, cream, gray, and ochre. Boll & Branch offers classic colors as well as some more flamboyant prints and their flannel sheets come in stripes, checks, and plaids.

A key difference worth noting about Boll and Branch vs Parachute is how they sell their bedding. Boll & Branch sells sheet sets as well as separates. Their sets include a top sheet, fitted sheet, and either one or two pillowcases. Parachute, however, only sells their sheets separately. They do offer some bedding sets and bedroom bundles, but they do not include a top sheet. Parachute is a little pricier than Boll & Branch on the whole, especially considering this key difference.

Which Brand is Right for You?

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at Boll and Branch vs Parachute, you should have a better idea which one suits your style and preferences. Because both bedding companies sell directly to the consumer you can conveniently shop online. Both also offer free returns for a certain period of time. Parachute’s return period is a little longer at 60 days compared to Boll & Branch’s 30-day period.

Boll & Branch Might Be Right for You If…

  •         You tend to sleep cool – most materials are warm but breathable.
  •         You seek a luxurious look and feel at a competitive price point.
  •         You want a complete sheet set (top sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcases).
  •         You’re not too worried about making returns or exchanges.

Parachute Might Be Right for You If…

  •         You prefer a minimalistic look with classic colors in your bedding.
  •         You are a cool sleeper who likes warm but breathable fabrics.
  •         You want to mix and match products to create a custom set.
  •         You don’t mind that the products aren’t made from organic cotton.
  •         You prioritize comfort over luxury and don’t mind paying a premium for it.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose Boll & Branch or Parachute, you’re sure to come home with a set of high-quality bed sheets. If you want to bring a touch of luxury to the bedroom, Boll & Branch’s organic cotton materials and hand-finished details may be more appealing. But if you’re seeking comfort over aesthetics and you’re willing to pay a premium for it, Parachute may be the way to go.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re looking for in your bedding. Think about whether you sleep cool or hot, what aesthetic you want to create in the bedroom, and whether you’re working within a particular budget. The answers to these questions paired with the information above should help you come to a decision. 

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