How Much Does a King Mattress Really Weigh?

If you’re moving to a new address or if you’re worried about the weight-bearing abilities of your bed base, then you might be asking yourself, “How much does a king mattress weigh?” 

The answer can vary quite a lot based on the type of mattress you have.

In this guide, we compare the weight of different types of king-sized mattresses so you’ll know what the exact weight of your bed is. 

Why Mattress Weight Is Important

how much does a king mattress weigh

It’s good to know how much a mattress weighs so you can easily load it onto a trailer when you move. But understanding mattress weights can also help you make smart buying decisions when you’re shopping online.

With online shopping, you have the convenience of getting items delivered to your door, but you can’t touch or feel the mattress until it’s delivered. The weight of the mattress can, however, give you a good idea of whether it’s made of good quality materials or not. 

Heavier mattresses are usually made with higher density foam, are typically more durable and can handle a lot more bodyweight than light mattresses with low-density foam, which tend to create indentations in the mattress over time.

Mattress weight can also affect your delivery cost, since most courier companies charge by parcel weight. 

The weight is also important to know if you love to rearrange furniture or bedrooms, because hauling a heavy mattress up or down a flight of stairs can be very tiresome. 

How Much a King Mattress Weighs By Type

Mattresses are made from a wide variety of materials. These materials offer unique benefits that might make a certain mattress more suitable for certain body types or medical conditions, and they can have different weight limits. 

Here is a quick look at the different types of king mattresses and their weights arranged from lightest to heaviest.

Airbed King Mattress Weight

Airbed mattresses, as the name indicates, are the lightest because they consist mainly of air on the inside, but they are not the most durable and usually don’t offer the most comfort.

These light mattress types are also referred to as inflatable mattresses and are usually recommended for temporary use, and, as such, are best suited for camping or for backup sleeping solutions for overnight guests. 

They can be very comfortable and can bear a weight of up to 700 pounds, which is quite impressive for such a light and compact product. 

The weight of these mattresses usually ranges from 8.5 up to 20 pounds (4 – 9 kilograms), with airbeds averaging around 20 pounds for a king mattress size. 

Those that weigh more are usually designed to offer a little bit more support and can have other materials included that insulate the bed — so you can sleep more comfortably in cold weather climates. 

Hybrid King Mattress Weight

how much does a king mattress weigh

Hybrid mattresses are designed with a combination of innerspring and memory foam or fiber. This combination of materials is ideal for side sleepers because it offers the conforming characteristics of memory foam mattresses, but still has a springy surface that allows you to sleep comfortably on your side. 

This combination of materials makes it one of the heaviest mattresses, but it’s not quite as heavy as a latex mattress. This heavier mattress type usually weighs between 60 and 120 pounds, with king-sized mattresses averaging at about 120 pounds. 

Innerspring King Mattress Weight

Innerspring mattresses are designed with steel coils inside the mattress that support your body weight. These mattresses are often rotatable and usually contain a layer of at least two inches of foam or fiber on either side to protect your body from the hard coils. 

The weight of these mattresses usually depends on the coil materials and the thickness of the coils. Innerspring mattresses can weigh anywhere from 40 up to 130 pounds (18 – 59 kilograms), with king-sized mattresses weighing around 130 pounds.

They are heavier than your typical memory foam mattress, but an innerspring mattress is still a lot lighter than those that are made from latex materials. 

Memory Foam King Mattress Weight

Memory foam beds are designed with many different foam layers. They usually contain a low-density memory foam comfort layer with a high-density foam base.

These mattresses are considered health mattresses because they distribute your weight evenly across the surface and prevent tension on certain joints, like the hips or shoulders. 

They also offer posture correction benefits, and the softer memory foam top is ideal for stimulating healthy blood circulation throughout your body. 

This common mattress type is not the heaviest on the market, but they do weigh more than certain types like spring coil mattresses.

These mattresses can weigh between 50 and 150 pounds (22 – 68 kilograms), with most king-sized mattresses weighing around 150 pounds.  

Latex King Mattress Weight

Latex mattresses are the heaviest mattress type and are designed to conform to your body weight. They function in the same way a memory foam mattress would, but are better for warm climates because they tend to have a cooler surface. 

Latex foam mattresses are some of the heaviest mattresses around, but their weight can differ quite a lot because they can be made with materials of different density levels. The higher density material the mattress contains, the heavier it will be. 

These mattresses usually range from 85 – 185 pounds (38 – 84 kilograms), with king-sized mattresses averaging around 185 pounds. They are also the most durable mattress type since the latex materials can handle a lot of wear and tear. 

High-Profile Mattress Weight

There are many different types of high-profile mattresses, such as the latex mattress, memory foam mattress, hybrid mattress and even airbed mattress types. Hybrid mattresses are some of the most common types that are used to create high-profile mattresses.

High-profile mattresses can be made of all sorts of layers and with all sorts of materials, but they tend to be much thicker than your average mattress. Some of these mattresses are up to 14 inches thick. 

The thicker the mattress is, the heavier it will be. High-profile mattresses that are made from heavier materials like latex are also much heavier than those that are made from light materials like foam. 

Bottom Line

Mattress materials can have a huge impact on the weight of your bed. Here is a quick summary of the difference in weight based on the different mattress types:

  • Airbed king mattresses: Around 20 pounds / 9 kilograms
  • Hybrid king mattresses: Around 120 pounds / 54 kilograms
  • Innerspring king mattresses: Around 130 pounds / 59 kilograms
  • Memory foam king mattresses: Around 150 pounds / 68 kilograms
  • Latex king mattresses: Around 185 pounds / 84 kilograms
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