How Often You Should Really Wash a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are extremely popular because they offer many benefits. These pillowcases can improve the look of your skin, reduce acne and reduce hair damage. They also offer a luxurious and smooth feel that can help you feel more comfortable at night. But these extravagant pillowcases tend to be more expensive. If you want to keep this linen accessory in great condition then you need to learn how to and how often to wash silk pillowcase.

What Is a Silk Pillowcase?

how often to wash silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are made from pure silk fabric. Silk fabric is manufactured from a natural protein fiber that silkworms spin. The spun silk is processed, colored, and weaved into a fabric that is soft and breathable.

These types of pillowcases are more expensive than your average type of pillowcase because the silk materials are more expensive to produce and a lot rarer compared to fibers like cotton. 

Despite the extra expense, these are sought-after linen items because they can improve the condition and look of your skin and hair. They are also compatible with most types of pillows.

You should be careful when buying silk because there are some companies that advertise satin pillowcases as silk. Satin can look a lot like silk since it also has a shiny and smooth appearance. But, instead of silk, these fabrics are made of polyester or a combination of silk and polyester. 

Satin tends to be cheaper and more durable, but it does not offer the luxury quality of 100% silk fabric. There are quite a few ways to identify if a material is 100% silk before you go and buy it.

How Often to Wash Silk Pillowcases

Silk pillowcases, like the rest of your bed linen, come in direct contact with your body and skin every night. As you sleep, the pillowcase is exposed to dead skin cells, oils, sweat and dirt on your skin and from the environment. 

Silk has a lower absorption rate compared to other fabrics, like cotton, which means that they naturally absorb fewer beauty products. However, these contaminants can be deposited on the surface of the pillowcase and then get absorbed by the silk materials.

If the pillowcase becomes dirty, it can have a negative effect on the silk since your skin will be exposed to these contaminants every time you sleep. This can trigger skin irritations, acne or it can make your hair look greasy. You will lose the beauty and health benefits that silk naturally provides if you don’t wash the pillowcase often enough.

It is best to wash silk pillowcases regularly. Regular washing will help keep the pillow hygienic, prevent odors and prevent stains from developing on the luxury fabric.

Too much washing, on the other hand, can increase wear and tear and can make your pillowcase deteriorate faster. It is recommended to have at least two sets of silk pillowcases on hand so you can rotate the use of them. Rotation and giving silk a break from constant wear can make the materials last a lot longer. 

It is recommended to wash bed linen and pillowcases once a week or every seven to ten days. Baby silk pillowcases can be washed whenever it becomes soiled or every seven to fourteen days. 

How Long Do Silk Pillowcases Last?

how often to wash silk pillowcase

Silk fabric and linen can last a long time if you take good care of your silk pillowcase. Make sure to use the right care methods and only focus on gentle cleaning products.

There is no need to replace these pillowcases unless they are ripped or damaged. 

100% silk fabric is delicate and usually only lasts about nine to twelve months. For regular users, it is best to replace your silk pillowcase every one to two years.

How to Take Good Care of 100% Silk

Silk fabric is delicate and requires gentle care. Knowing how to wash 100% silk pillowcases can help them last for longer and will prevent dirt deposits so you can get the most benefit from your luxury pillowcase.

Here are a couple of good tips to help you take good care of your pillowcase so it can stay in great shape for longer.

Tips for Washing a Silk Pillowcase

  • Follow the caring instructions offered with your pillowcase carefully. 
  • When you wash silk, you should use less than the recommended detergent. This will keep detergent from building up on your fabric which can make the fabric feel stiff. 
  • Silk should only be washed in cold water. Avoid hot water at all costs.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach on your silk pillowcase. 
  • Only use a gentle detergent like white vinegar or mild soap. 
  • Hand washing is preferable since these fabrics are delicate but you can also put it in a washing machine on a delicate cycle.
  • Use a mixture of aspirin and water to remove stains from your pillowcase and only leave the mixture on for about 10 – 15 minutes at a time. 

Tips on How to Dry a Silk Pillowcase

  • Don’t wring or spin the fabric since the strain can damage the silk fiber. Instead, place the fabric on a towel and blot it to remove any excess water.
  • Don’t place your silk pillowcase in a dryer.
  • Air dry silk in the shade by placing it on a flat surface to prevent wrinkles. 
  • Avoid placing the silk in direct sunlight since this can result in discoloration and fading.
  • Don’t use a hot iron. If the pillowcase is wrinkled, you can steam iron it. 

Bottom Line

Learning how often to wash silk pillowcases is one of the best ways to preserve and ensure the durability of your luxury linen.  We hope that our guide offered some helpful cleaning tips to help you extend the life expectancy of your silk bedding

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