How to Clean an Air Mattress

Long gone are the days of using air mattresses solely for road trip purposes. They’ve also become a staple in many indoor household settings. No wonder – with easy setup and the huge advantage of portability, it’s ideal to bring them out for overnight guests. If you took out your air mattress last time a guest was over and thought maybe it’s time to learn how to clean an air mattress, we’re here to help. 

It’s easy to forget about air mattresses because you can stick them in a closet and forget about them, but there comes a time when these air mattresses need to be cleaned. Whether it be from outdoor or indoor use, most of them get really dirty, really quickly. Dirt, mold, spills, urine, or general wear and tear all contribute to the fact that your air mattress needs some care and attention, too.

So, how do you clean an air mattress to avoid all those nasty build-ups? It’s a lot easier than you think! Keep reading because we’re going to talk about every cleaning-related issue and show you a step-by-step process to follow for the ultimate air mattress cleaning.

Why should you clean your air mattress?

Before we go any further with the do’s and don’ts of cleaning an air mattress, let’s address the fact of why you should clean your air mattress in the first place. Cleaning the air mattress after every use prolongs its lifespan and keeps it away from all kinds of yucky things, ultimately providing you with restful sleep.

Did you know that cleaning your mattress and bedding regularly can decrease the number of allergens and dust mites that cause allergic reactions and common allergy symptoms? Just like pillowcases or sheets, mattresses also come in contact with our skin. Besides collecting the skin flakes, sweat, and oil you produce, your air mattress is also a place that collects dust mites. Those build-up over time and can only worsen the state of your mattress (not to mention your health).

Also, since most of us don’t have our air mattress on full display all of the time, or because we treat it like a seasonal item, they most likely end up in a basement or garage. That way mold is more likely to creep in, eventually deteriorating the state of your mattress.

By cleaning your air mattress, you’ll ensure it remains fit for someone to sleep on and that it’ll serve you well for years to come.

how to clean an air mattress

Can you wash an air mattress?

When it comes to washing your air mattress, it’s not really recommended to put it in the washing machine. It would be risky getting water inside the mattress, not to mention the physical damage that the machine may inflict. So, if you are not washing the mattress in the machine, there are really two ways you can go about it: deep cleaning and light cleaning.

An air mattress is an inflatable type of mattress. These mattresses are typically made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or textile-reinforced urethane plastic. Having that in mind, it’s advised to use gentle or mild cleaning solutions when cleaning your air mattresses. This will help avoid deteriorating surfaces.

When doing light cleaning, you don’t always have to vacuum or wash down your air mattress after each use, but it’s helpful to clean off any debris. If you’re letting the air out and putting the mattress away, you might as well want to make sure it goes into the box clean. You can use a soft brush or even a handheld vacuum. Be sure to let the material dry completely before you put it back. With this, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of your mattress so that mold and smells don’t take over.

On the other hand, deep cleaning is usually a process that comes down to a five-step solution:

Step 1: Before any cleaning process, it’s best if you unplug your airbed. There are many different types of air mattresses. Some come with a built-in pump, others need to be attached to a power source. If your air mattress has a built-in air pump, it’s best that you remove it. That way you’ll avoid any power-related accidents.

Step 2: Secondly, remove any sheets, pads, or blankets over the air mattress, and chuck them in the washing machine. It’s best if you don’t deflate your air mattress while you clean. That way you’ll be able to clean wrinkles and creases more effectively.

Step 3: If your air mattress has some visible dirt on it, then vacuum it before you break out the water and cleaning solutions. With that, you’re getting rid of any loose debris and trapped dust. The key here is to be gentle. If you scrub too hard, dirt particles are only pushed further into the material, making it harder to remove messes.

Step 4: Now, for the cleaning. You’ll want to create a mild cleaning solution which can mostly be some household items. Mild soap mixed with warm water, a 50/50 vinegar-to-water mixture, or rubbing alcohol diluted in warm water. Take a soft, dampened cloth with your mixture of choice and wipe all surfaces clean. Make sure no liquid or moisture gets into the internals of the air mattress, as this can cause mold and bacteria to form. You should be able to remove a lot of grime and debris.

Step 5: Once everything’s done, you’ll need to give your air mattress some time to dry. In most cases, it’ll take between three to five hours. Drying it outside can help you to get rid of any remaining moisture. We can’t stress enough to double-check and make sure your air mattress is completely dry before you put it away! That’s how you’ll prevent any mold from creeping in.

How to clean urine from an air mattress?

Whether it comes from pets or kids, nobody wants to endure the lingering scent of a pesky pee stain. It’s best to clean it up as quickly as possible to prevent any bacteria from spreading out and causing that funk. Much like deep cleaning your mattress, the urine stains can be cleaned with just a few household cleaning products. You can use distilled white vinegar. Simply pour some in a spray bottle and spray that area. Similarly, you can mix one cup of baking soda with a tablespoon of water to make a paste. Spread the paste over the area, and use a brush to work the paste into the mattress surface. Allow it to dry completely and vacuum it away when it’s dry. If you find the accidental pee as quickly as possible you can also apply regular liquid detergent. Keep in mind that it’s not effective if the stain has been sitting for quite some time.

Go Forth and Sleep

As you can see, cleaning your air mattress isn’t as challenging as you might think, but in turn, offers more versatile results for your bedding game. Whether your air mattress has stains and spills on it, or you just want to clean up a urine accident, getting your mattress clean should be a piece of cake (if you follow the steps above). But, if that doesn’t seem to do the trick, it may be time for a new one! To save you the trouble of looking them up, we’ve taken the time to research the market to bring you a shortlist of the best air mattresses out there. We’re sure you’ll find the right one for you!

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