How to Fix Mattress Indentation (Explained)

How To Fix Dents In Your Mattress

Has your back been hurting lately? Does it feel like no matter how deep or long a sleep you get, it just doesn’t feel like you had enough? It might not be how you are sleeping, or how much blue light from your phone you are taking in. Instead, your mattress may be the culprit and it may be from mattress indentation.

If you’ve used your mattress for a couple of years, it may have lost the firmness you liked when you first purchased it. But no worries! We can help you fix that mattress indentation with a couple of steps. 

How to Fix Your Mattress’ Indentation 

If your mattress is indented and making you sleep poorly, you don’t have to immediately throw it away and buy a new one. There are some tricks that can help your mattress last longer. After all, a good mattress can be expensive. Give these a shot before you head to the mattress store:

  1. Rotate Your Mattress: Not all mattresses are made to be flipped and doing so could damage your mattress. Instead, take your mattress and rotate it 180 degrees so where your head once rested is now where your feet lay. While this is a temporary fix, resting on your mattress in a new location can help. 
  2. Check Out Your Bed Frame: If your bed frame has less than six planks or if they are damaged, it might be a contributing factor to why your mattress has an indent or is sagging. If there are no planks to hold up your mattress, it isn’t going to lay right. Also: don’t forget to check your center support plank!
  3. Grab a Mattress Topper: If the mattress indentation is due to laying in the same spot for nights on end, one way to help soften it is to add a mattress topper. Mattress toppers often have foam or another type of soft material on top that can both keep the bed clean and provide extra support. We recommend this ultra soft plush mattress topper by Mandarin Home that comes in three sizes. 

plush mattress topper

What causes dents in mattresses?

There are two main reasons why your bed’s mattress might have some dents. The first is from repeated use, resulting in the mattress contouring to the shape of your body. The other is from natural wear and tear over time.

How Can I Tell If My Mattress is Sagging or Dented?

Dents will look and feel like they occur every so often along the mattress due to how you lay. This can look like noticing where a road is worn down due to seeing puddles collect when it rains. Mattress sagging, however, looks more like a giant pot hole in the middle of the road. Your mattress will cave in the center. Sagging is noticeable by measuring too: if your mattress is sinking more than two inches, your mattress is sagging and not having an indention. 

Why does my bed have a dip in the middle? 

If your bed has a dip in the middle – and it is not because you sleep in the middle of the mattress – it is probably sagging. This could be for a variety of reasons. It could be because it has been worn down over time and the mattress’ fibers no longer can support itself. It may also be your bed frame, as mentioned before. It’s best to figure out what might be making it sag by following the suggestions above. Take some time to find the cause before buying that expensive new mattress!

How much should a mattress sag? 

To some degree it is normal to have some kind of mattress indentation. If your mattress is new, it will look fluffy and solid. As you begin to sleep on it, don’t be surprised if you find some kind of indenture. Your physical weight sleeps on it all night, making indentations totally normal. If you were to not sleep on it for a few nights, you would see it restoring back to normal shape.

If you start to see sagging in the middle of the mattress, that’s when some red flags should go up. While it is normal to have some slight change, you should not see sagging more than an inch or two. That is the change that will start giving you discomfort as you sleep. 

Should you sink into your mattress?

To a certain extent, it is okay to sink into your mattress. After all, you are applying weight to a mattress and it probably will move down a little. However, if you are sinking deeply into the mattress, it either might be too soft or is sagging. 

As previously stated, it could also be due to your bed frame. A mattress will definitely sink as you sit or lay on it and there is nothing underneath to support it. 

Final Thoughts on Mattress Indentation and Sagging

Sleep does not have to be uncomfortable. Sometimes it isn’t due to what your sleep position is or your bedtime relaxing routine. While we like to focus on how to get the best night’s sleep, it may slip our minds to check the mattress itself! Fortunately, discomfort does not automatically mean a trip to the mattress store. Depending on whether it’s mattress indentation or mattress sagging and what caused it, your tweak may not be very expensive at all. So inspect your mattress and bed frame! You might be able to get a better night’s sleep as early as tonight.

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