How to Keep Pillow Cool

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling a bit too warm and flipping your pillow to find that one special cool spot? It feels fresh, rejuvenating and incredibly relaxing when you can rest your head on a cool pillow on a hot night. However, it does not take long for the coolness to fade.

A lot of people enjoy a cold room when sleeping at night. Even when the air conditioner or bed fans are on and the windows are open, some prefer a cooler surface to rest their heads on. This is because your body temperature goes up when you are sleeping at night and some people experience night sweats because of it. Therefore it is not surprising that our bodies crave a cooler environment at night.

For a better, more relaxing night’s rest, we need to keep our heads cool. It also feels simply amazing to have a cool surface to rest your head on while the rest of your body is snuggled under a fluffy duvet!

5 Ways to Keep Your Pillow Cool at Night

If your nightly rest is occasionally disturbed because your pillow is too warm for you, then there are a couple steps you can take to fix this! Technology has come a long way; from sophisticated cooling gel technology lined in special pillows, to a variety of breathable pillowcases that filter incoming heat, there are a few options that suit your needs and budget.

Tossing and turning non-stop, trying to sleep on a hot and sweaty pillow is not the definition of good night’s rest. So, what is the solution to this problem? We recommend these ideas that will help you keep your pillow cool and relaxing, especially during hot summer nights.

1. Use breathable pillowcase

Good quality sleep is essential for every day functioning and for the support of your immune system. When your nightly rest is disturbed because it gets too hot at night, one great way to relax is by investing in a top-quality breathable pillowcase like this.

Advanced technology has enabled many manufacturers to design pillowcases with breathable technology that works efficiently to filter all incoming heat to keep your pillow cool. It keeps heat from soaking into the pillow. The tiny beads that line the surface of the case absorb the heat and eliminate its uncomfortable buildup as the body’s temperature goes up.

Special pillow covers like cotton or satin pillowcases have the ability to keep a pillow cool. They manage moisture better and keep the pillow dry thanks to their proactive heat management technology. They also promote better air circulation and eliminate any spikes in skin temperature that can cause difficulties in falling asleep. These special pillowcases are far superior to alternative bedding products as they balance temperature and keep the body from producing excess sweat at night, rather than wicking the moisture away.

2. Get a gel ice pack

One of the most effective and popular methods to keep your pillow cool and moisture free at night is by using a gel ice pack. This gel pack is reusable, compact, and incredibly easy to use.

Gel ice packs are also multi-purpose which means that you can use them for a variety of other things such as aches and pains around your body, inflammation, or even to keep things cool for a longer period. You can place these inside your pillowcase and a frozen pack will last for three to four hours depending on the room temperature.

The greatest benefit of cool gel pack is that the gel filling which is usually polymer or cellulose is non-toxic and biodegradable. Simply free your ice gel packs or keep them in the refrigerator for a few hours before placing it under the pillowcase and enjoy sleeping on a cool pillow. You can always freeze the gel pack again in the morning and place it inside the pillow cover just when you are about to sleep.

3. Put your pillowcase in freezer for an hour

keep pillow cool

While it may sound bizarre to most, it is a foolproof and inexpensive method to keep a pillow cool and enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep. If you find that gel ice packs or breathable pillowcases are just too pricey, this genius DIY hack is worth trying.

Simply place your clean pillowcase inside the freezer for a few hours. This works fantastically for those who may not have an air-conditioner. Just when you are about to head to bed, take your pillowcase out and slip it on your pillow to enjoy the icy cool goodness as your skin rests tenderly against it.

On a hot summer night when room temperature is reaching about mid 30s, enjoying a peaceful rest with your soaking, warm pillow is as good as impossible. This brilliant trick can rid you of those restless flips and turns in no time and help you keep your pillow cool all night.

4. Flip your pillow

Here is a trick we have all tested and tried and it works! When you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sweaty and humid, one great way to cool down quickly is by flipping your pillow to the other side.

When sleeping, our heads produce sweat due to rising skin temperatures. One easy way to cool down quickly is to simply flip your pillow for a burst of relief. Though it may be temporary, it fixes the problem quickly and effectively. On nights that may not be as hot as others, this method provides instant relief and puts you back to sleep immediately. You can flip your pillow multiple times to keep your pillow cool throughout the night.

5. When nothing works, get a new cooling pillow

woman sleeping cool in light clothes

Buying a cooling pillow is an investment that offers you numerous benefits and lasts for a long time. Unlike a plain gel ice pack, a cooling pillow is specially designed with gel pads laced inside. This technology allows excess heat to be trapped inside the pillow effectively.

Ordinary pillows quickly become warm with only minutes of use and you flip to the cooler side instead. Rather than flipping your pillow over and over again at the cost of peaceful sleep, buying a pillow that stays cool is a better option. This memory foam pillow consists of cooling foam which is made of a combination of memory foam and cooling gel pads. The foam component provides excellent cloud-like softness, while the gel acts as a cooling agent.

Hot weather can make it difficult to sleep peacefully without constantly tossing and turning and being consumed in a flipping battle with your pillow. Cooling pillows allow a soft, cool surface for the head and keeps all traces of sweat and skin oils away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cooling gel pillows really work?

Absolutely, cooling pillows perfectly serve the purpose. A cooling pillow is specifically designed to keep your skin temperature cool. The gel beads inside act as a cooling component, creating room for ventilation, breathability, and circulation. This keeps saliva, sweat, skin oils, or cosmetic products from packing onto and inside the surface of the pillow. The moisture buildup can otherwise increase humidity and discomfort.

Cooling pillows coupled with a cool bedroom can keep the temperature around the head, shoulders, and neck low so you can fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper sleep.

Why do I like cold pillows?

Most people, especially hot sleepers, like their pillow cold because it relieves them of the rising skin temperature during the night. The head becomes hotter than all other parts of the body at night when you are asleep. This is accompanied by sweat and skin oil that increase feelings of humidity and discomfort. Naturally, these night sweats disturb the sleep cycle, and you may wake up groggy and dazed, flipping your pillow for some relief.

Keeping your head cool also helps the body keep the core temperature regulated. A cold pillow absorbs excess heat, and our bodies remain cool, allowing for a blissful night’s sleep.

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