How to Make Your Futon More Comfortable to Sleep On

If you own a futon, especially if you settled for a more budget-friendly model, you probably know that comfort while sleeping isn’t guaranteed. Despite how affordable and popular they are, futons are not always the best option for sleeping but we have the tips you need on how to make a futon more comfortable.

A futon is a two-in-one furniture piece that can double as a couch during the day and be converted into a bed at night. This can make a futon uncomfortable as a sleeping bed due to its stiff frame. 

Whether you bought a futon that is high-end or budget-friendly, there are several ways to improve it to offer more support.

Read on for some handy tips on how to make your futon more comfortable.

how to make a futon more comfortable

Add Extra Wooden Slats

A futon mattress starts to sag and sink with frequent use. When this happens, you will sometimes feel the wooden support slats underneath the futon, which can cause some discomfort while sleeping or sitting. 

To fix this, you can add extra wooden slats or a plywood sandwich to the frame of the futon. This will help to keep the mattress locked in place and will provide a studier feel.

You can also double up the mattress on the futon, especially the section meant for sitting. This will add extra support to the futon and reduce sitting pressure on the futon mattress.

Place an Air Mattress On Top of Your Futon 

Air mattresses are known for being very comfortable. They are a simple and lasting solution for making your futon feel more comfortable. 

Futons are commonly known to be closer to the ground because they have thin mattresses. Adding an air mattress on top not only makes a futon a lot more comfortable, but also bumps up the height. 

Air mattresses that are easy to inflate and deflate make for less work. They can easily be your go-to when you have to turn your futon into a comfortable bed. 

Add a Mattress Topper to Your Futon

Mattress toppers can be a big help for mattresses that are on the thin side. The very first step is choosing the right mattress topper. 

This decision is based on your sleeping style. Once you find a topper to suit these needs, you can slip the mattress topper inside the cover of your futon. 

Another method is to lay the topper on top of the futon cover itself. Make sure you use a fitted sheet to cover both the futon mattress and the topper, so as to hold everything together and to keep them from sliding.

Use Memory Foam

Another easy way to make your futon mattress even more comfortable is the use of memory foam. Memory foam mattress toppers can easily be kept in place beneath the sheets on the futon. 

They are also easy to add and remove from your futon, depending on your needs. Memory foam can easily be rolled up and stored out of view when your futon is functioning as a couch.

Change Your Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses are available in different thicknesses, and purchasing a really thick one is based on your budget and price range. Thicker mattresses and mattresses that don’t sag are obviously associated with maximum comfort. 

Research what type of mattress is best for you depending on your intended use. Foam mattresses hold up well and bounce back better than cotton ones. They also take a while before they start to lose shape. 

Examine the mattress material before you purchase it, and make sure you fit it perfectly onto your futon with enough space left for the fold. 

Add a Featherbed to Your Futon

Featherbeds are fluffy enclosures that contain high-quality feathers. They are designed to provide an extra layer of support for your body when you are sleeping or lying down. They are particularly great for the shoulders, back and body pressure points. 

A featherbed can create a warm, cozy layer between your futon bed and your body, making your sleep more comfortable.

Add Extra Comforters or Futon Covers


how to make a futon more comfortable

Adding extra comforters to your futon just before you sleep on it can make up for any dips in your thin mattress. Hypoallergenic comforters are best as they can withstand sensitivities and provide adequate cushioning for your body.

A futon cover is also a cheap option to explore when trying to make your futon comfortable. Designed especially for this purpose, futon covers are available in several colors and styles to suit your preference. 

Pad Your Futon Frame

Most futon users complain of getting poked by their futon frame or of experiencing discomfort when lying down. To avoid this, try to select a futon with thinner arms or a thinner metal frame.

Another option is for you to explore additional padding. You can wrap the uncomfortable frame points with a mattress topper or a soft blanket.

You should also check the entire futon frame for spaces that might swallow up the mattress. Pad up these spaces as well.


Is it healthy to sleep on a futon?

Originally designed in Japan, Japanese futon styles are great for sleeping and are known to help spinal posture and alignment. 

However, Western designs do not follow this trend as much, and might not be as comfortable to sleep on. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make them as comfortable as you can. 

How do I choose the best futon mattress?

There are several steps involved when it comes to choosing a futon mattress that’s perfect for your needs. You have to first consider when and how frequently you use your futon. Frequent use generally requires purchasing one with a thicker mattress. 

Consider if you want to prioritize looks over value. Thin futon frames with thinner mattresses look sleeker, but this doesn’t translate into a comfortable sleeping pad. Coil-filled mattresses also don’t stand the test of time, even if they look better. 

How do I protect my futon?

You can protect your futon by purchasing a futon cover. There are several styles of futon covers made from materials like cotton and microsuede. 

They also offer different protection levels. Some covers are even water-resistant.

Bottom Line

Comfortable mattresses make for the best sleep and naps. Without a comfortable mattress, sleep is no longer refreshing and restorative. The good news is you don’t have to give up great sleep if a futon is all you can afford to sleep on.

With these tips on how to make a futon more comfortable, you can now transform your futon from feeling like just a frame and a pad into more. They’ve been tested and trusted to provide an additional level of comfort and support to the body when it comes to sleeping on a futon.

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