How to put on a bed skirt?

Are you looking to give your bedroom a little extra style? A bed skirt just might add the pop of fun color or texture that you’re looking for. For those new to bed skirts (or those who have only seen them in hotels), you might wonder: how do you put on a bed skirt without removing the mattress?. Fortunately, we have some tips and tricks that will help you with all of your bed skirt questions and needs. 

First Thing’s First: How to Put on a Bed Skirt 

  1. The easiest solution? Invest in an elastic bed skirt. These do not have the platform top so you can slide it on around the mattress or box mattress like a tutu. 
  2. Investing in a detachable bed skirt is another great solution. If someone can help you put the platform of the mattress on the first time, you’re all set until it needs a wash! 
  3. If you have a regular bed skirt and are not able to move the mattress, have no fear. If you can lift the edge of the mattress just enough to put the side-less side of the bed skirt between your mattress and the box spring at the foot of the bed, you can slowly shimmy it up to the headboard. It may take some time walking back and forth between sides to pull up the bed skirt to the headboard, but you won’t have to lift the mattress up very much at all. 

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Your Bed Skirt Questions, Answered

If you are new to bed skirts, the above may make little to zero sense to you. That is totally fine. We have the answers.

What is a bed skirt? 

To start, if you don’t have a bed skirt one question that might be going through your mind might be: what even is a bed skirt? 

A bed skirt – also known as a dust ruffle – is a piece of cloth that lays underneath your mattress, while three of the four sides hang over your box mattress. They help keep dust from getting under your bed and create a clean, fashionable look. It’s especially great to hide items stored underneath your bed. 

What is the purpose of a bed skirt?

As we previously mentioned, bed skirts are ideal for keeping dust and other particles – I’m looking at you, hairballs – from getting lost underneath your bed. However, if you use your underbed for storage, a bed skirt can help you keep the items from being seen, making your room nice and tidy.

Where can I buy bed skirts?

You can purchase a bed skirt online or at your favorite big box store. However, if you are looking for an elastic bed skirt, they might be easier found with a quick online search. 

Are bed skirts outdated or out of style? 

Bed skirts can be seen as a traditional piece of bed cloth, but they are anything but outdated! Bed skirts can add some pizzazz to any room. Choose a fun color to add a playfulness to the space. It’s really amazing how a small change can revamp your  bedroom’s personality. 

Can you wash a bed skirt?

As time passes, your bed skirt will collect dust, pollen, pet hair, and more. You will definitely want to wash it every so often so these particles won’t bother you or your family. Follow instructions that will be on the bed skirt’s tag. Some will require ironing while others require a gentle tumble cycle.

How do you put a bed skirt on your bed? 

If you have a regular bed skirt and not an elastic one, take the mattress off of the box spring safely with a partner. After unfolding the bed skirt, take the part that does not have a side, (or one of the shorter sides if you have a four-sided skirt), and place it near the headboard. Make sure that the bed skirt is even around the base of the bed before putting the mattress back on top. 

Note: you may need to adjust the bed skirt slightly by pulling on the sides to make it even. 

How do you put on a bed skirt with elastic?

If you have an elastic bed skirt, installation is a breeze. Simply take the elastic part of the skirt and wrap it around your mattress or top of your box spring. It should fluff out towards the bottom. 

How do you secure a bed skirt?

There are a couple of ways you can secure your newly installed bed skirt. 

  1. Bed skirt pins are a great way to keep them in place as they sink into your box spring. 
  2. Mattress gripper pads will also keep your bed skirt locked in place. 
  3. Have some hook-and-loop closure lying around? You can attach the bottom to the box spring and the top to the underside of the bed skirt for easy removal. 
  4. If you own a tagging gun, you can keep your bed skirt secure with a couple of tags. 
  5. Lastly, corner clips can be a simple, yet efficient way to keep your bed skirt secure.

Does a bed skirt go under a mattress? 

Yes, a bed skirt is intended to go under the mattress. If you have a box spring mattress, it goes between it and the mattress. That way it can fall nicely towards the floor and you can cover up the box spring. 

Should your bed skirt touch the floor?

A bed skirt can touch the floor. However you don’t want it too long that it lays too much on the ground. That could cause injury if you stand up on it and slip. 

A bed skirt can also be slightly off the ground as well if you prefer. Most bed skirts say how long their drop length is so just measure from the top of your box spring towards the ground. The most popular length is 15 inches. 

Final Thoughts on Bed Skirts

There are so many different bed skirts available in the retail space. You just need to find the right one that fits your personal style and color scheme. With these helpful tips, you should be able to put a bed skirt on your own!

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